Perez murder trial stretches towards a fourth week

| 30/09/2009

(CNS): Legal arguments over the scientific nature of footprints has seen defence counsel in the Josue Carillo-Perez query whether someone specializing in foot impressions could truly be considered an expert witness. Anthony Akiwumi made lengthy submissions to the court this week about the validity of foot impressions and whether a socked impression at the scene could be fairly compared to an inked print impression of the defendant’s bare foot. Akiwumi, who earlier in the trial questioned the fallibility of finger prints, has now questioned the idea that footprint analysis should be classed as scientific.

Although the trial of the man charged with the murder of Matthew Gareau in May 2008 was originally expected to end last week, the trial is already well into its third week, with attorneys on the case predicting it may well enter a fourth before the judge hears closing submissions and retires to make his decision.

Perez opted to reject his right to be heard by a jury at the beginning of the trail and it is now in the hands of Justice Roy Anderson. The Crown’s case is based on two latent finger print impressions found on the door of the deceased’s home and a socked foot impression which they say matches the defendant Perez, along with circumstantial evidence.

Defence counsel has argued that the defendant had visited Gareau’s home only a few weeks before the murder as a guest at a BBQ and that the latent prints are innocent contamination.

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