MLA hits out at governor

| 09/10/2009

(CNS): The Independent MLA for North Side has directly criticised the governor and the detrimental impact he has had on the islands during his 4-year tenure. Holding no punches, Ezzard Miller said Stuart Jack had presided over and championed the destruction of the police, reduced confidence in the judiciary, allowed unaudited government accounts for 5 years, depleted the treasury with investigations and had overseen the greatest increase of the civil service despite his claims to uphold good governance.

The outspoken political veteran said in the wake of the governor’s throne speech last week that he wanted to express his “sincerest gratitude and heartfelt joy for the first seven words” in the governor’s address. “And I quote, ‘this will be my last throne speech’ — truly…..words that call for celebration and jubilation in the streets of George Town,” Miller said.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly during the budget debate, Miller went on to say he could not imagine how much more damage the governor could have inflicted on Cayman had he been given another five years. Adding to a growing body of people willing to break the unspoken rule of not criticising the UK’s representative, Miller took aim at the governor’s oft repeated mantra of good governance and exactly what is meant by that phrase given his track record. He asked, too, if the governor’s comment was a veiled threat in light of his comparison of Cayman with Turks and Caicos. He also noted that the same veiled threat had been made in the regional and local media by the next governor (Duncan Taylor) due to arrive in January 2010.  

“Their definition of good governance can set us up to fail….And when we fail they can take over as our new colonial master.” Miller said, adding that the UK could invade Cayman, not with anavy or an army but with their law books in London.

He also lamented the governor’s indication that there would be another review of the civil service, something he said that had been going on for years allegedly to make it more efficient. He said that in 1991 the government brought in two consultants to do time and motions studies to identify reductions in the service. “To the best of my knowledge, now — some 19 years later — those two individuals are still here,” he said, adding he’d not yet seen their report.

The North Side representative also observed how the governor had said the Cabinet Office would be increasing its support of the governor and the premier, and set that against the fact that it had six employees in 2003 but 120 in 2008. With that kind of personnel increase, that they could still find room for increasing support for the governor was hard to believe, he said.

Miller also made an interesting observation in connection with the host of new bodies and commissions being established as part of the new Constitution which he said were flagged by the governor as checks and balances on the powers of elected members.

“I am not aware of any great devolution of authority to elected representatives by the constitution. I know there are a couple of areas where there is some quasi-agreement that the governor may delegate some of these responsibilities, but that which is delegated can be recalled,” he warned, adding that the UK had retained the ultimate authority. “Why is it that we continue to promote and believe that only elected representatives need checks and balances?”

Miller then asked, what about the governor himself? and made it clear that those supported by the people are of equal if not more importance. “Should not the people’s representatives, duly elected, have some veto power in this parliament over some of the H.E’s unilateral decisions?”

In his own speech, the governor did not make a single mention of the now enormous cost of the discredited Operation Tempura investigation, which recently faced its third defeat in the court room, or the detrimental impact it has had on the police and judicial services, as well as the individuals who fell victim to the ill-conceived and costly UK investigation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mr Miller its time we had somebody in there who is truly 4 th people

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kamikaze Jacko Itiniary & Agenda


    Arrival Time:                 Initiation of CI Demise

    Carrier:                          UK Accolades

    Departure Time:            When Mission Accomplished



    Brainwash the People

    Dismantle the Judiciary System

    Erode Moral

    Foster injustice


    Bankrupt the Coffer


    So I guess all that’s left for Jacko and his Ole Buddies to do now is to load her-up and drop the final bomb on us……

    ALL ABOARD!!!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    The flavour of the .?month.?day.?week is Ezzard. Why? Because he said some naughty things about Governor Jack. Oooh, impressive Ezzard! The Americans-whose cowboy boots and fast cars you worship-call this "shooting fish in a barrel" Jack is a hopeless goner. Nothing you can do to kick him when he’s down makes any difference.but you got the neanderthal reaction from the bloggers you are soliciting for your further political ambitions.

    Some of us were replaying recently your TV interview with Oswell ten or so years ago (ah those were the days) when you said Cayman must prepare for independence in 15 years. Tick tock. Can we hear more from you on that?

    And, by the way, can you list-or even begin to list- the 750 jobs you say were  created by the PMFL according to the Compass? It must be a Compass mistake. You could never have your head so far up your fundament as to have said that. Please, tell us it is not so. It was a stupid mistake (of the Compass) wasn’t it?

    • anon1 says:

      Another accountant who wants to hold on to his/her job with Government?

      You appear to hate Ezzard for no other reason than the fact that he is willing to speak his mind, unlike most other Caymanians who are far too polite to do so.

      I am one Caymanian that wished that we had opened the conversation 10 years ago concerning the fact that we will ultimately have to consider independence. Without the conversation and necessary planning we will find ourselves having it forced upon us one of these days when no one is prepared for it.

      Had we at least followed Ezzards example 10 years ago and at least discussed it over the past 10 years I am sure that the new constitution that we now are bringing into force would have made some changes in the direction of internal self government and teh countyr would have the next 10 years to try and iron out the kinks that will inevitably befall us at some time in our future when Great Britain decides it is time to set us adrift.

      If recent actions by the Governor and his Tempura and SPIT investigations that tried to destroy out Policing and Judical institutions is any indication, this time may come sooner and more unexpectedly than we think.

      History tells us that this is the way these independence decisions are made by out mother country. The rash of independence conferred on most of the countries in teh West Indies in the 1950’s and 1960’s came after Great Britain destroyed the economic prosperity by eliminating the entire sugar trade with Europe, if memory serves me right.

      I am with Ezzard, we need to at least talk about independence so that we can be aware if it’s ramifications, good and bad, before someone else rams it down our throats

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ride ’em Cowboy!  Of course they are still here all these years later because when they came here and saw how messed up the system was, they rode it for all it was worth!

    That’s what everyone else did and yet no previous Government ever questioned it!

    Just like everywhere else around here when things are good, don’t mess with it.  It’s not until the s**t hits the fan and lands on your face that questions are asked. 

    All I have to say is "Happy Retirement" to them both because I believe they are now or nearing 60 and will soon be on full paid Government pension! 


    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently, one had retired and is now back in Government as a consultant to put in place all the requirements under the new Constitution.

      Talk about a retirement plan!

      • Anonymous says:

        If a -okay let’s say it- a born Caymanian boss-let me just repeat that in case you missed it a born Caymanian boss-can I just say that again for the slower readers among you, born Caymanian boss– feels this individual is the competent person he/she wants for the job is there something wrong with that? Or are you anonymous posters more brilliant than senior officers in the civil srvice? Or just more racist, bigoted, jealous?

  5. anonymous or else says:

    We Caymanians are self destructing and and are getting very pissed  off at anyone or anything that gets in our way.  So please leave us alone and let us do this our way. Its OUR  island. Everytime you step in to help it just makes our job harder.  You a$$*(&^%#^&***)))*)*&^%$#

    • Anonymous!!! says:

      Yes we are getting tired of the UK brow beating us, that is Governor, police and all the diplomats that seem to think that they are the best in the world.

      What I would like to know is, now that Mr. Dixon has been proven innocent in this Tempura, SPIT operation, Martin Bridgers and co-horts, will he , instead of suing the Cayman Islands government for the injustices done to him, like Justice Henderson, why not sue the UK government, the governor Stuart Jack, Martin Bridgers Samuel etc etc to recoup the cost of the trial and get some of the money that Cayman had to pay out to have this trial  because of false information, each one should have to bear the cost of this atrossity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which one is this, is that you Elio, Mac…..????

      Chill, enjoy it’s Friday!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cayman Islands Cabinet : Please, No "Cayman Status" for Stuart Jack the Cayman Ripper   !!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Honestly i have to agree with Mr. Miller. he didnt govern s**t… he didnt stand for anything we caymanians stand for.. and he needs to be investigated!!!

    • Sweetz says:

      But how???  How do we create a "check and balances" for someone who represents the Queen?

      Do our NEW Constitution provide for this?

      It’s not like we can go independent!  We need the UK to protect us. It is definite:  We can’t make it on our own with just banking and tourism.


      Is negotiate and strengthen our positive ties with the Mother Country. However, we should strive towards SELF-GOVERNANCE!

      Presently, the Governor has the upper hand, because there is little "Self-governing" policies for the Cayman Islands. We have to get with the FCO to review such laws governing our Islands, and this will take judicious negotiations.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I am troubled by Mr Miller’s ultra nationalistic comments where the Cayman Islands politicians pass on responsiblity for the condition of the country to Governor Jack and the UK.

    Politicians are more than ready to take credit for the good but pass on the blame to others, it is important that the voters hold politicians responsible.

    Is Governor Jack now responsible for the excessive capital spending?

    It is my understanding that Mr Miller has a history of these type of inflammatory statements and given is independent party status he can easily point his finger at other people’s faults.



    • Anonymous says:

      You are twisting Mr Miller’s stand to suit your agenda. Mr Miller is not holding Jack responsible for the actions of the elected representatives but his own (or the UK through him) which many here feel have been reprehensible. You may feel that an unelected represetative should never be held accountable- and that is unfortunately how it stands legally (let us not forget that this is a quasi-democratic colony). However, Mr Miller is at least holding the governor’s (UK’s) actions up to the light, and for that we thank him.

      Thanks for making this a "nationalist" argument. I am a British citizen who has lived here for many years and I am horrified by the mess that Stuart Jack has inflicted on these islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        How exactly do you hold Jack responsible for the current problems within the country?

        And what has Jack done to hurt Cayman?

        Many applauded the corruption probe when it started do you think that should not have beed done?

        Do you blame Jack for the growth of the civil service? Should Jack start letting members of the civil service go and who could even suggest that course of action?

        Personally I think the role of Governor is a damned if you do and damned if you don’t role.

        Jack was blamed for not taking the 2 UDP elected members to court for election law violations, should he have done that?

        I am not trying to sound aggressive rather please clarify your position.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not sure where you living but I don’t recall anyone other than Jacko applauding the corruption probe! Other than the UK team of legal bandits Jacko was the only one privy to the investigation details….and he applauded loudly!

          • Anonymous says:

            Interesting that no-one rembers anyone "applauding the corruption probe". Elio and Austin used to often talk about how important it was and it how it shouldn’t stop.  Of course they’ve biooth forgotten now that they ever said it….

            • Anonymous says:

              I used to support the corruption probe – when I thought they were investigating what many perceived as open, blatant corruption (ie certain planning permissions, certain status grants, certain contract awards). Of course I was naive.

              • uffa says:

                 You mean you haven’t heard! None of that stuff (and there is a lot of it) is ever mentioneded because in Grand Cayman its just business.  Thats the way it s allways been right on back to the Pirate (out in the open) days.  Besides if they ever really went after anyone in goverment with that kind of stuff who would be left?  And who would run for their spot?  If one thief tells on another its only a matter of time before it happens to him. There are only so many Caymanians who would want the job of representing the people.

        • anon1 says:

          You go Ezzard.

          I am amased that you wonder why we Caymanians hold Mr. Jack responsible for the waste of $10 million. As a Caymanian I too welcome any investigation that truly looks into corruption alligations, precieved or real, however I, as a citizen was given no choice in this Trmpura or SPIT investigations. No information was forthcoming from the Governors office before the decision was made to bring Bridget to the Cayman Islands. What is worst, no information was forthcoming at any time during this "investigation" that the only thing they had found was that Lindon Martin had allegedly entered Desmond Seales office, that Judge Henderson had supposedly perverted the course of justice and that Rudy Dixon had allegedly let Rudi Evans off on a DUI charge. Hardly the seeds ofwidespread corruption in the Police Force or the Judicery.

          The whole exersise was a "fools game" that the Governor did not have the ability to see had no basis in fact. Thank God for an unbiased Court that set the record straight and thank God for Ezzard Miller for calling a spade a spade.

          As the head of the Civil Service, yes I blame Jack for the civil service. I would be more forgiving if in one of his Throme Speaches he had at least been as straightforward as Mr. Miller and called out the elected cabinet for what was going on with the increase.

          In terms ofthe 2 UDP members mentioned, the courts delt with this case. Mr. Miller made no mention of blaming Jack for not acting ultra virus the Constitution as this matter clearly had to be addressed by the voting public of Bodden Town, so don’t put words in Mr. Millers mouth.

          In closing let me put your question back to you. Upon further reflection, What has Jack done to harm Cayman?

    • Anonymous says:

      Your last sentence  "these types of  inflammatory statements"  aptly describes your own first  statement "ultra nationalistic comments". So what if Mr. Miller is speaking his mind and he has a nationalistic view? Dont people from every country have a bias towards their own country?

      And to answer your question "Is Governor Jack now responsible for the excessive capital spending?" – yep the Governor and FCO has responsibility to oversee spending – as we can see with the current situation.

      And I understand that Mr. Miller most important point was the funds wasted by the series of investigations brought about by the Governor.



    • Anonymous says:

      Well, Governor Jack does preside over Cabinet, and he could have used his enormous constitutional power to do some good there.  We have never heard of any contention at that level over spending.  Did he just sit by and let it happen?  Where was his vast superior knowledge and experience — that we so needed in his person?  That is why the UK appointed him — we are not capable of running our own shop, we need a supervisor.  That was his job!

      And while I may not agree with everything Mr. Miller said, he is certainly correct that the Governor has presided over the most devastating four years that we have had in modern times.

      Every Governor has sought to protect our two most critical elements of law enforcement — the backbone of the society — the police force and the judiciary.  Rather than demonstrate the professionalism and wisdom that we expect of his leadership, he has allowed the tail to wag the dog.

      A little pathetic, I think, and it will be interesting how history depicts this period of our history.

    • Anonymous says:

      I never thought I’d say this, because I have never been a fan of his, however – THANK GOD FOR EZZARD MILLER!

      He is the ONLY politician telling the truth and voicing his support for the Caymanian people. He is the only one giving us a voice in the LA right now.

      The UDP isn’t looking out for our interests, only at how to rake in the tax money while still not making the spending cuts that are required. The PPM (of which I am a FORMER supporter) has become a voiceless, ineffectual shambles. So we need a representative who is not afraid to stand up for his people.

      Thank you Mr Miller, and KEEP IT UP!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lets go Independent and make Ezzard our Governor General for life.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I remember Mr. Charles Clifford said this first very publicly on the Rooster Talk show one morning and publicly called for Governor Jack’s recall to the UK for many of the same reasons outlined by Mr. Miller.

    Unfortunately none of his other PPM colleagues had the courage to back him and the Opposition, purely for political reasons, would not support him.

    Oh how the passage of time can educate and elucidate those who are less perceptive !!!

    • da wa ya get says:

      I remember that too. Mr. Clifford’s usually ahead of the curve.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah none of them could take Chucky calling it like it is……none of them whether its PPM, UDP or Jack A**

        His broad and vast experience as a police officer, senior civil servant and politician coupled with his legal mind always put him ahead of the game with what was needed for this country.

        There is way too much envy and one upmanship in Cayman politics……thats the problem.


        • Anonymous says:

          All these pro-Chucky comments have got to be from family members! I mean really. He was a zero civil servant (ask his ministry staff-or what he let remain there) and bogus politician.

          • da wa ya get says:

            I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m surely not related to Mr. Clifford. I just honestly believe he had some good projects and policies.

            The man exposed so much of Mac’s rubbish and was thanked by being investigated with no investigation into Mac’s corrupt projects and policies.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It is customary that Cabinet on the departure of an outgoing Governor will consider whether or not to grant him Caymanian Status.

    The PPM refused to do this for Governor Dinwiddy so it will be interesting to see if the UDP Cabinet will grant Governor Jack his Caymanian Status.

    Come on Mac you gotta give your friend something for working with you on the "Clifford" obstacle which threatened your return to power.

    Ahhhh……..evil cannot prosper in the end. Have you torn out that page in "Your good book" Mac ??

  12. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t there some sort of avenue of official complaint that can be filed in the UK in respect of the Governor? I mean it is very silly how the UK give Cayman a hard time regarding borrowing, but has nothing to say in regards to the millions that were wasted by the Governor and his special investigations that produced NOTHING!

    Caymanians need to unite and stand up to this foolishness and rather than getting all flustered when the new Governor arrives, make sure you all let him know that you won’t sit back again and take the crap Jack produced.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well said Ezzard!

    But when he Ezzard Miller was the Minister of Health he grew that Ministry by leaps and bounds! He added at lot of Administrative posts, support for his then Ministry just like how the various Governors and the now Premier designate have done over and over.

    So stop calling the kettle black and practice what you teach! 

  14. Buhl Dogg says:

    I am glad we have a strong governor who stands up to the MLA’s whims in the interests of the entire population of the islands.  I am also glad that Mr. Bryant has been so strong in letting the High Commander in Waiting where he is in the pecking order.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Finally someone has the cojones to stand up and speak about this govenor who is totally useless. He has no interest in these Islands and is definitely the worst govenor Cayman has had. His exit is long overdue.

  16. Anonymous says:

     The idea that the UK would want to fully re-colonise Cayman is as delusional and arrogant as it is hilarious. If Britain is so annoying, quit whingeing about it and go for independence. The UK would breathe a sigh of relief to be shot of a country that provides nothing to them but embarrassment. That way when McKeeva presents a back-of-fag-packet budget with no sustainable revenue stream and says can we borrow 350million there will be no-one to say no. Everyone wins.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Interloper, (07:35)

      Britain (I noticed you understandably ommitted the word Great by the way) is not necessarily annoying, it’s the chap running the place that’s annoying! His attempts to regain credibility for his misguided and inept domestic policy is being played out in part on Cayman. My sympathy goes out to the over taxed citizens of your cash strapped nation, as he’s taking them to the brink as is Cayman’s West Bay Hero preparing to do to us as well. I remember when old "Camel Toothed Thatcher" needed funds to help out in the Faulklands war Caymanians scrapped up almost a million dollars to help finance her efforts. 

      Dispite her toothy appearance she was quite a lady and Caymanians enjoyed and respected an amicable relationship with mother. Perhaps if one relishes the idea of Cayman being hacked off at the knees then he should join the crusade back in jolly old England? Or do you enjoy the warmth of Cayman’s sun more so than the shackles of high taxes and the bitter cold?

      There are a lot of well respected and successful Brits in Cayman that call it home! Should they be painted with the same bitter brush you paint with? (I think not)  Our commonality is that we both have desperate and greedy men running the shop. Do you stand for it or against it? Your response will set the tone… 

  17. Anonymous says:

    The sooner we see Stuart Jack get on an airplane the better. I hope we never have to see him again, unless he’s bringing us a cashier’s cheque for about $10,000,000 to cover the loss he’s caused this country with his ill-advised investigations. "On your bike!" as they say in the UK, and, " Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!" And, please, don’t even think of giving him Cayman Status.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If I may use a well know saying …..Never before in the history of Cayman has so much damage been done to so many by one man! Your departure can’t come too soon Jacko. Good riddance when you leave in November.

  19. Anonymous says:


    we need some more people like ezzard. he is not afraid to let the governor know how he feel about him. he is the worst one we has ever had. when novenber come we will all be glad to see him go. i for one hope that he do not even think about coming back.he should be given a good sending off with a plague (good riddence to baD RUBBISH)   YOU HAVE DONE MORE HURT GOOD. if we never see you again it will be too soon

  20. Anonymous says:

    Proud of you Ezzard! That needs to be said and it seems like we are all afraid to say that the Emperor has no clothes – if you know that tale from long ago. Speaking of moral authority at least we know Ezzard is one representative that has it and is willing to stand up for Caymanians.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Well said Ezzard!! I need a copy of the sankey you are singing from, even though I know the song!! Keep it up! It’s about time we hear a voice calling for Caymanians for Cayman (or Cayman for Caymanians)!

    You confirm what I say that we need more independents in the LA and not lackeys wearing the same necktie and nodding like the chorus to the preacher!

    A fresh wind..aahhhh

  22. durrrr says:

    Well said Ezzard!


    Jack is by far the worst governor in the history of the Cayman Islands (if not the world). The day he finally boards the plane should be observed as a national holiday, so we can all celebrate in the streets.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I will meet his plane at Heathrow, JUST to confirm for all of you lovely people that he really is gone.  Nothing is too good for Jack.  Unfortunately, in terms of our relationship with the UK, these do seem to be the days we are in, and I question how much better Taylor will be.  

    Jack seems, above all, to think we are stupid.  I get that allegations don’t just go away.  These, of course, were hardly serious allegations, but actors manipulating his gullibility for personal advantage.  The critical point is this: you don’t improve public confidence in something by investigating it publicly, particularly institutions so closely tied to law & order, and commercial certainty.

    It’s this UK mindset of ‘well, you get a complaint, you tie it up in procedure and you refer it to the proper channel and the independent authority and the statutory commission and Lord Whatever makes a review and all of these people spin their gears running about in taxis and produce an interim Something-Or-Other for final contemplation by the Director of Thinking’ and it all costs a bloody fortune and nothing really results.  Even the USA has more efficient governance.  The UK idea of good governance is one that has what is called plausible deniability.  That we must place our faith in our best procedures, rather than correct results.  On the one hand, they are only too keen to govern in the shadows and alleys where some mainland bank is concerned, or application for compassionate release – they even tried to OK the use of intelligence obtained by torture in foreign countries.  In every other case, it is rigid adherence to ‘good procedure’ regardless of result – ruthless pragmatism, or complete ignorance of the idea.

    The Cabinet Office has 120 PEOPLE?  That is a mind-boggling number.  What the hell are they all doing?  Nothing!

    Somebody pinch me.

  24. Anonymous says:

    It is disappointing that blame trumps responsiblity in Cayman Islands politics.

  25. Anonymous says:

    My admiration and support of the new Ezzard Miller just got another bump up!!!!

    It is high time that somebody said what Ezzard has said and clearly no one else of our elected official has the guts to do so. McKeeva cannot and Kurt will not!!!

    And what better forum to say it  from then the floor of the Legislative Assembly. Brings back memories of the late Ashton Reid, actually. Another big man with guts!!! We don’t seem to have many with both qualities these days, although we still have the big ones.

    November cannot come soon enough for us to say what will hopefully be a final goodbye to England’s Rose, Stuart (Shorty) Jack. But watch out Caymanians!!! Remember that the position of Cayman Representative in London still remains substantially unfilled. And do not be surprised if Big Mac offers that position to PaPa Smurf as another reward for his services. I wonder if he too will be granted Caymanian Status!!! God help us!!!!

    Goodbye, Jacko. Go far and stay long!!!! 


  26. Anonymous says:

    I am glad that Mr. Millar has used the LA to make these statements. Many of us have said these same things to friends and family and have repeated them in fora such as these. 

    I doubt that Mr. Millar’s comments will trigger any change in the approach taken by the UK to Cayman, but such comments may turn out to be a marker in Cayman’s maturation. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    Good on you Ezzard. If any Caymanian still doubts Jack’s plan, look how quickly he posted Canover Watson’s "Entitlement Culture" speak on his personal blog. Anything to propogate the Caymanian’s are useless and lazy.

    Good riddance to you Masa Jack

  28. Anonymous says:

    Well said Mr. Miller, well said.

    In November on his departure at Owen Roberts International Airport, we all need to show up and be united as one and peacefully protest, expressing our "utter disgust" of his past governance in the Cayman Islands.

    Let’s do it Cayman, let do it !!!

    • 007 For Sure says:

      I like this comment very much its a good idea .It should be a PUBLIC HOLIDAY .he has definately been the WORSE govenor we have had since Christopher Columbus found us in 1503 .He should have to pay all the law suits out of his pocket .November cant come too quick.

  29. TruthBtold says:

    Perhaps Cayman should opt for independence….

    • Independance? not so soon, internal self government ahhh.

      Mr.Miller, north side should be proud of what you are trying to acheive by being forth right with your speech  in the L A, they cant seem to hold you down or clip your tongue, thank God there is someone out there that have the common sense and the guts to speak up on the behalf of all of us.

      Enlighten us Mr.Miller, let the world know what the UK is doing to these overseas countries, especially us here in the Cayman Islands . Help the government now to lead with dignity qnd pride of our country and to stop the banttering of "he said,she said,  and move on in running this country.  Again Mr. Miller keep up your good work in your district and assist government where ever you can.

    • Pommie B says:

      I am a hated expat and as such, nothing that I have to offer in terms of sympathy or understanding is worth the paper it’s written on, however, I feel for the people of Cayman and I have no answers to the mess that we now face, suffice to say that expending vast amounts of time on apportioning blame will not in any way correct the problems we all now face.

      As an Island state, perhaps what is now needed is a concerted effort as a collective of many nationalities to all pull together and posetively look at ways whereby we can all contribute to the reconstruction and recovery issues.

      Caymanians, you are not alone, many of us expats have made a huge investment of time, money and effort to make a life here and do not want to see this place fail but we have to address certain fundamental problems which exist here if things are to change for the better.

      Issues such as: Corruption, racism,religious intollerence, environmental destruction, unemployment, education all need our attention if we are to make life here more prosperous and happier, these are issues that affect us all.

      We can do it, many countries are in a far worse state than ours but we have to stop this blame culture and become more positive and hopeful if we are to lift ourselves out of this mire.Lets make a start and try to live like a real community who all care for one another, publically denounce corruption, drugs and violence and realise we are all in the same boat, regardless of what our passports say or what colour our skin is. 

      • da wa ya get says:

        Okay…let me just say that as a Caymanian, the majority of Caymanians I know do NOT hate expats on sight. Usually, and this is from my experience, we respond in kind to the attitude that we receive from an expat, whether the attitude is blatant or perceived as an undercurrent. 

        I say that to say that to say that I think your contribution could have been better received by all if you hadn’t started out with "I  am a hated expat and as such, nothing that I have to offer in terms of sympathy or understanding is worth the paper it’s written on…"

        I do however believe your contribution is very valuable, contrary to what you believe.