Family disappointed over murder trial outcome

| 15/10/2009

(CNS): The acquittal of Josue Carillo Perez for the murder of Canadian National Martin (Marty) Gareau has come as a disappointment to his family, the Canadian Press has reported. In response to the not guilty verdict handed down on Tuesday by Justice Roy Anderson, who said the prosecution had not proved its case, Claudette Radic, Gareau’s cousin, said she was hoping that the police had finally got the fellow. Following the verdict the RCIPS said that the police will be reviewing the evidence in the case but at this time there are no other suspects.

"I just wish them luck. I hope that it doesn’t go (on as an) unsolved case forever and ever," Radic told the media in Canada, saying she was disappointed that the only man accused in her cousin’s death was set free. Radic said she expected Perez would be set free because he repeated throughout the trial that he was Gareau’s close friend.

Gareau’s father told the Canadian media that losing his son "hurts so much" that he didn’t want to comment about the trial’s outcome.

The badly beaten body of Gareau was discovered in his Beach Bay home in May of 2008 by his cousins, Gille and Guy Langlois, who had gone to his home after he failed to turn up for work. Before moving to the Cayman Islands in 2004, the 47 year old Gareau used to live in Prince Albert, Sask.

Perez, who claimed to be a friend of the victim during the trial, was arrested in June 2008 when two finger prints found at the scene came up as a match for the Honduran national. However, Perez’s defence attorney, Anthony Akiwumi, argued that his client’s prints were there as a result of innocent contamination as Perez had been a guest in Gareau’s home for dinner only a few weeks before the murder.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Look! The police as usual did not gather enough evidence, now there could be someone out there that killed that poor man.

    This is very sad, I went thru something like this with a closed family and it is not good when things like this happen. But we cannot judge this man whether he commit the crime or not it was the lack of the police work that made him walk out.

    I hope that they (the police) can live with the fact that a man that was here working, having families back home, who expect him to come home loss his life and they can’t can find the murder. Maybe they will never solve this crime too, as well as many that stays on-solve.

    May God give the family of Marty get some peace!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Does the UK based judicial system have the prohibition against charging an individual twice for the same crime? It is known as double jeopardy.

    • caytriot says:

      no double jeopardy here.


    • Anonymous says:

      Actually double jeopardy involves not being tried for the same offence twice on the same facts.  In the English common law it is known as the autrefois acquit doctrine and can be pleaded by the Defendant against any subsequent trial.  However, it is arguable this does not preclude a new trial if new incriminating evidence came to light, e.g. Mr. Perez’s conscience would give him no rest until he confessed to the crime.