Bush to take local magazine on the road

| 09/11/2009

(CNS): As Cayman’s newly appointed premier goes on the road in the next few weeks to tell the world Cayman is open for business, McKeeva Bush says he will be taking the latest copy of New Resident magazine with him. Bush has made it clear in a number of public speeches recently that he wants Cayman to encourage outside investors not just to put their money here but come and live in the islands as well. Having expanded every year for the last seven years, the publishers said this latest edition is the most comprehensive ever to be printed.

“I very much welcome the latest edition of the New Resident magazine and will be taking it on our international road tour when a delegation from Cayman visits five cities at the beginning of November,” Bush said when he received his copy of the magazine at the Legislative Assembly recently. “We need to encourage outside investors to move to the Cayman Islands to be residents and not just be a nameplate on a door, and if we don’t do this then Caymanians will not prosper.”

He said the quality and information in the magazine is excellent and that it provided the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide available for new people coming to Cayman, as well as those already here.

Charles Grover, Publishing Director at Acorn Publishing, said the complimentary magazine has nearly 270 pages crammed full with useful information to help both new and existing Cayman residents. “It contains a total of 25 chapters on subjects as diverse as preparing to move to Cayman; finding a health specialist; cost of living; pitfalls to avoid when buying or renting a home; schooling options; and it even suggests social groups to join and things to do at the weekend,” he added.

One new chapter has been added this year called “Building a Home”, which describes how to go about building a home in Cayman, including build options and information about selecting the team. This new information together with the information from the entire magazine and more is available online at www.caymannewresident.com.

As well as adding these new chapters, the magazine has been fully updated by a team of researchers and contributors. “This year we have received a massive amount of input from specialists in their field,” Joanna Boxall said. “As a result, we have expanded sections and added completely new information. For example, we have added considerably more information to the Activities for Kids and Adult chapters as well as the Immigration, Heath and Education sections.”

The New Resident is used by virtually all of the large organisations in Cayman, such as government, law firms, hotels and accounting firms, to encourage people to move from their home countries.

Re-emphasizing the benefits of sending a copy of the magazine to people before they move to Cayman, Grover said, “We are constantly told that people who read the New Resident before they arrive in Cayman not only settle in more quickly but also save themselves a lot of money, as the magazine advises people what to bring, and more importantly what not to bring to Cayman.” He urged employers to send their new employees a copy of the magazine in advance of them arriving here and said it would save them a lot of unnecessary expense as well as help persuade them to accept the job offer.

Grover explained that businesses and organisations are using the magazine to introduce their products and services to new arrivals at a time when they will be purchasing items, joining clubs or signing up for services to help them settle into Cayman. New residents to Cayman obviously use the magazine to help them settle in and adjust to the Cayman way of life more quickly and many actually refer to it as their “bible” for the first three to four months of arriving in Cayman.

The New Resident will be distributed at the beginning of November 2009 to over 350 businesses, including schools, government departments, hotels and tourist offices both on and off Cayman, and is ideal for “new hires”, investors, permanent employees, temporary or contract workers, students, retirees and, of course, existing residents.

The magazine will be available, free of charge, at the Airport Post Office, Chamber of Commerce, Government Information Services, Seven Mile Beach Post Office, together with other permanent locations on Grand Cayman.

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  1. big whopper says:

    This is such a joke…..why is this Man doing this to his own people? Does he not realize that one day maybe he will have grand children and great grand children…….or maybe he knows something that rest of Caymans who want a future for our children just can’t figure out. I just don’t get why the people of Cayman continue to allow this man to do this over and over. Is it low self esteem, greed, prejiduce, or we just don’t care????  I can’t blame him either because he told the electors this is was his plan during the elections.  Well good luck to you Mr. Premier. I hope you get your 3,000+ new residencees…I hope that you thank God every night that you live in Cayman.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To blogger  Mon 11/09/2009 – 21:35  .. Don’t be so sarcastic!!  Seven (7) years is quite a while in another’s land. You can make and save several hundred dollars ..maybe more than you can in your own country!  Be grateful and thankful.  We the local population work as hard as anyone else for our own earnings and we grew up here without depending on others for our basic needs so stop degrading Cayman!!!  It’s a good thing some others don’t have your stupid attitude.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes come to cayman… you will be taxed through the nose indirectly to finance the local population… you will have restricted basic rightsand no representation…..and then after 7 years you will be told to get out