Cops offer few details on weekend crimes

| 23/11/2009

(CNS):  Despite the drastic reduction in information being released into the public domain by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, there does not seem to have been a corresponding reduction in the level of crime. Police said that there were a total of 16 arrests over the course of the weekend, including four for assault, two for possession of a prohibited weapon, and one for possession of an offensive weapon. CNS has requested details of the assaults but has been told that there is no more information available.

In response to enquiries regarding the nature of the weapons, the police did confirm that none of the three suspects who were arrested on weapons offences had firearms. No other information has been offered, however, regarding the other nine arrests.

The RCIPS said it was continuing to plough ahead with its no tolerance approach towards crime and has vowed to remain persistent in its fight. The police are warning those that commit offences that they will be arrested and be held accountable and the RCIPS is urging anyone who has information relating to crime taking place in their neighbourhood to contact their local police station. People can also call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. non criminal says:

    Seems like an almost equal number of Criminal types as Non Criminals writing in.  At least they are not afraid of free speech either.

       Maybe your one of those who think criminals can’t or won’t write in? Or if they did they would say good things about the police? 

     I think the police are doing a great job especially considering what they’re up against here.  If they were to double the force it would still be a difficult, and never ending job.  Thank you for still giving it your best. You are appreciated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Crime comes from the community people!  Drug dealers can’t survive long without those who buy and do drugs.  Thieves can’t do well if no one buys or trades what they have takenfrom others. Dealers, thieves, murders, or any criminal can’t surviveif those around them take it upon themselves to make them stop or turn them into the police.  This more than the police or justice system makes a community crime free or not.  Cayman has turned into a "Haven" for criminals.  They live "safe" here.  No one will turn them in.  No one will say anything.  Unless they make a stupid mistake so the police can stop them or link them to a crime they have it easy on Cayman.

    Want to blame the police or someone else because it makes you feel better?  Cool mon its the cultural thing to do here.  Feel like getting out there and doing your part whatever you can do against crime on Cayman?  Now that is the only way Cayman becomes more crime free.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to see how much the RCIPS pays its public relations staff. I mean must be a sweet gig living in Cayman and not talking to the press all day or issuing valid police reports or blotter. The truth is the RCIPS are probably so disorganized that they themselves don’t know how much crime takes place every night. Maybe they do but in free and open societies, which Cayman masquerades as, the media gets an email every morning with the previous days crimes, arrests and calls placed to dispatched. Some newspapers publish this information in its entirety and others do not. The real question is, if we knew how much crime and how many calls were made would Cayman be a more open society? Yes it would and people would at least have some sense of what the RCIPS is doing when its not enforcing road blocks to check on tipsy drivers heading home.

    CNS: As members of the media we can say that the problem is not with the current or past PR staff, but rather an inability by senior staff to understand the importance of keeping the public informed. Direct your criticism at the commissioner who has the ability to change the culture of secrecy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Cops offer few details on weekend crimes”

    Becuase Cayman is now officially crime free!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Transparency when dealing with crime is important as it’s necessary to keep the public informed as we have a right to know. Knowledge = power and insight. Holding back information can sometimes prevent a community from stepping forward to give details and possibly help law enforcement solve crimes.

    Thank you CNS or keeping us informed, and I also love the lad of this article!

    • Anonymous says:

      This from a community where 150 people were in a room with a man who was shot with a gun and killed.  No information.

      Transparency when dealing with crime is important as it’s necessary to keep the person or persons trying to solve the crime informed as they not only have the right but the need to know.  Knowledge=power, insight, and in the right hands justice.  Holding back information can sometimes prevent a community from becoming what Cayman is now.  A place where thieves, and murderers walk free among community hunting for their next prey.

        Criminals and Crime comes from the community.  The police are there to HELP the community fight crime.  They are not there to stop it and there is no way THEY can.  Only the community can.

        The REASON there is so much crime in Cayman is because the community is not only letting it live here,  Its feeding it.  Protecting it.

        If its true that Cayman wants to cut down the crime then first some things in the community must change.  Work and disipline=change.

        My own opinion and it is just that is that for A very large part of The Cayman (not the just the Caymanians) community fighting crime would be like a man kissing another man in Cayman. For them its just not what they would or will ever do.  This is not a fact, just what I see after living here for just 5 years.  Obviously I am from a place where the community is much diffferent and is much safer and for the usual anti expat crowd I am already planning my departure and I will miss the island. Thankyou and good luck

  6. Anonymous says:

    Escuse me bbut the police should have to answer to the people everyday and since they won’t give me the information I am sure as hell glad that CNS is doing it on my behalf.
    I want to know what is going on in my island, I want to knowif the crime is getting better or worse…how can I help the police if an incident occurs, they withhold information from the public and the one detail that it will take to identify the criminals was lost because the public had no idea of the situation!

    Keep up the good work CNS, do not let some people influence you from always seeking the truth and informing the public!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The day EVERYONE on Cayman decides to do thier part in stopping crime on Cayman is the day crime starts to go down. Until then Crime will continue to rise. Blame this Blame that blame the police who are the ONLY ones who are out there fighting crime and catching the crimals. The ONLY ones risking thier lives to do so. What do you call the reason parents don’t know what kids are up to at night? How about the reason people on this island see a crime commited and say nothing? Or the reason so many people drive with no regard for the laws or safety of other people? The reason there are so many unemployed non residents on the island?
    Hint: Lots of criminals= Lots of Crime. How come there is lots of criminals?
    No not the polices fault. Keep guessing. It will come to una.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Step 1 – censorship

    Step 2 – install cameras everywhere

    Step 3 – remove criminals under the darkness of night

    Step 4 – oh sh#t they got me…..nooooo……

    • S Keptic says:

      Step 1 – Denial, Step 2 – the people take their island back, Step 3 – And who are the Royal Cayman Islands Police Farce anyway???

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good job CNS. Hold them accountable. Love the lead on this story!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yep UDP style. This is how they will claim it has been reduced. See?

  11. Hmmmph says:

    I was wondering when the censorship of crime was going to start…. I guess it already has.

    I saw enough police activity myself over the weekend to know that the criminals were fairly active.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is no one happy – you don’t see the police and you complain. You see the police and but don’t know what they are doing, you still complain.  Half the problems with crime on the Island is the criminals having the upper hand.  Let them police get on with it, without answering the press every weekend.