Murder scene nightclub changes hands

| 25/11/2009

(CNS): The nightclub where Carlo Webster was murdered in front of over 150 clubbers in September of this year has been sold. According to a report on News 27, Joe Dephillippo has confirmed that his company, JD Enterprises Limited, has purchased the Next Level Nightclub. The club will now be known as Jet Nightclub and will re-open in mid-December, when the new boss says there will be an emphasis on safety for both customers and staff. 35-year-old Webster was shot in the head by an unknown assassin inside the nightclub on 10 September, and despite the huge number of people who were in the club at the time, no one has been charged with the murder.


Police say that even though there were more than 150 people present when Webster was shot no witnesses have come forward to identify the shooter. Police Commissioner David Baines recently stated that Webster was the victim of a string of tit for tat gang murders that police believe started as a result of a dispute over a girl.

The first victim was 28-year-old Omar Samuels, who died following a gun shot wound to his leg,which severed his femoral artery, at a shooting in McField Lane, George Town, in July. Three men have since been charged with his murder. A matter of days later, 20 year old Marcus Ebanks was gunned down by masked men, who opened fire in the early evening on a street in West Bay. Two other teenagers were also shot at the same time, including 14 year old Adrian Powell, who is now paralyzed as a result of his injuries. No one has been charged in connection with this crime.

Following Webster’s death in Next Level Night Club in September, Fabian Reid was shot and killed by unidentified masked gunmen in October as he was driving a car in the Newlands area of Bodden Town. A female passenger was also shot in the leg at the time of the shooting. Again no arrest or charges have been made in connection with the crime. Reid was the 7th person to be murdered in the Cayman Islands in 2009 and so far police have only brought charges in three of the cases.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What does "Marl Road Gossip" mean?


  2. Joe Average says:

    The saddest part of this is the family of the young man are left to feel their son’s life wasn’t important enough to the people around him to help solve this crime.  I say to those people.  Keep dancing.  And hope the next one isn’t you.

    • Anonymous says:

      The next one will not be me because I am not a criminal actively involved in drugs and violence.  I will keep on dancing, not get involved and hope that at least the "core 15" was reduced by one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    COWARDS fi real!

  4. what a mess says:

    The Police say "no one has come forward". Have the Police come forward? Did they take names and numbers of the 150 people there and then contact them after?

    Given the atmosphere of mistrust and fear it is perfectly understandable that people would feel intimidated to "come forward" at the place/time of the murder, however if/when contacted by an investigator the following day or soon after may have provided results.

    Did the Police mostly just wait for someone to come forward? Seems that is their way of investigating…(wait for someone/evidence to come forward…then excuse themselves when "no one has come forward").

    Is it any wonder the public have little to no confidence in the Police, especially their investigative and confidentiality skills? And of course their constant mantra is "we need more resources"…which generally means more new cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, yachts….and now invisible helicoptors.

    What the Police needs is more professional competence!

  5. John Smith says:

    It is no secret that the peaceful society that Caymanians once enjoyed is now being terrorised by Gunmen.

    I have one question for government officials. Why is Inspector Brady working in Immigration when his strengths is to handle hard core bastards like these gunmen running wild. Inspector Brady has a proven track record to clean up crime getting rid of hese gunmen, he’s not afraid of them, they are afraid of him! and I was shocked  when I heard he was now working in immigration! No wonder the gunmen are taking over. They must be celebrating !  If Inspector Bradey has schosen immigration over the Police Department, that’s his perogative but at least give him the opportunity to train some strong agressive Police detectives to get rid of these varmints out of our society.The British are much too soft to deal with these hard core crijinals, they can’t handle their own in the Uk, they get beaten up all the time.  Something has gone wrong . We need to know who is trading guns in this society, we need to know why the guns are not being confiscated going house to house.

    Where are the monetary awards to turn in those who have guns hidden known to others who can turn them in for money as an incentive?

    why are they still on the street and not in Jail. They should be keeping the streets clean, not with tax payers money with Mr. McKeeva’s Big cleanup campaign, its a joke!. Why are the people so afraid of snitching on these gunmen?, this is something new to Cayman, it seems the people are more afraid of the criminals than they are of respecting even the police. This can only mean one thing. The police must be afraid of the criminals as well. This must change.

    The population of Cayman is only 60,000 a measley  number, but too much for 144 square miles, so becareful who you grant a work permit to you could be imorting drug lords, and organized criminals. Obviously you have. So clean up your mess.

    I often wonder if the importation of so much guns in somehow influenced by politics, party systems or is it just gang rivalry. Whatever it is, there needs to be town hall meetings including the church, the clergy, elected leaders and the commissioner of police and their RCIP officers to talk this out find a solution to work together to combat crime and put these gangsters out of business. There needs to be , I can’t stress it enough, Finger printing, of everyone living and breathing and visiting the Cayman Islands or else police work will always be a big joke in the Cayman Islands.



    What part of that statement do you not understand?

    John Smith,


    • Ping Pong says:


      Brady is retired from Immigration and Law enforcement/CIG. He is now a lawyer within the private sector. I agree thoug to bring back Brady, Paul Anglin, Tony E (some E-Key or to that effect – funny last name) Dave Thompson, Scott Novak, Gohst rider (that tall man from Rock hole with long gray hair….damm he made me shake when i seen him coming around town and other places years ago), Derek Hains and them other boys. The problem is, Caymanians dont connect with the service anymore, not connection, no one talking.

      When something go bad in this country no one talks to the police. it reminds me of past history when the Nazi occupied countries throughout Europe no one said a word when them basterds came looking for jews to kill. But in this case, the lawman is looking for the badman and we bow our heads and say, "I not telling them anything". Am I losing a connecting here?     

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is a down right disgrace that Cayman’s society is made up of a sub-human segment that have no feelings or regard for the life of another human being.

    To think that these witnesses were insensitive to the extent to take photos and videos with their cell phones while the crime was in progress! This is not the Cayman that we once knew. This generation deserves what it gets.

    Now the Commissioner of Police and his whole entire team of Policemen hae no excuse for solving this crime.There should be names ofthose that were present taken, the night club should have by law, a surveilance camera recording traffic in and out and also rcording the entire nights event. If not the government is as worthless as can be and need to enforce this without any so called consultation from the same criminals committing these crimes.  Also the cell phone companies  servicing the phones for all those present should be shaken down huge investigations should take place with the entire telephone records being seized, and the videos and photos being taken by those phones of the people attending the club that night should become the property of the RCIP. Those concealing the crime should be charged, if not there should be a law compelling people to report a crime or be charged as well. That’s what civilized nations do. Also witness protection should be provided. Even if the witness has to report their proof of seeing the crime in progress to a trusted off shore source to prevent breach of secrcy in the cayman islands which always to often is the case, then if so we need to go in that direction But these crimes must be stopped and these bastars need to be fingerprinted !

    Every human being living and breathing in the Cayman Islands need to be fingerprinted. Including the Governor, all MI 5’s, Members of parloiament, the premiere, Commissioner of Police, all Legistators, all govt. officials, the Atty. General, the Chief Justice, the entire Judiciary, the entire Police Force,  and all civilians, church Ministers, members, All Guest Workers, all tourists in need of a Temporary driving permit need to be fingerprinted. There must be no loop holes for crimes to fall through the cracks,  everyone living and working in this crime ridden island needs to be fingerprinted

    CNS: The rest of this comment was deleted because it was written with the caps lock on.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cap Locks means COOL on cruise control…

      CNS: Caps lock mean you’re shouting and it’s annoying to read.

      • Tell'em says:

        Thank you CNS – ignorance and rudeness reign in Cayman today -from $hitty driving to $elfish ignoramo-prix that park in handicap spots because they are too fat and lazy to walk a few feet.  Step up where you can.  If you, me or ANYONE can make a small difference, DO IT – or shut up when it s YOU on the receiving end.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Anybody at the club that night who witnessed the event or who knows who the shooter is a COWARD

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have heard from several people that these were those present at the Next Level at the time of the shooting were taking photos and video with their cell phones.

    There are those in this society that are without feelings totally.

    • Anonymous says:

      At least if people took pictures and videos of the crime in progress

      it should have been " only"  for the purpose of turning it in to the police.

      Sadly looks like that has not happened if thekiller has not been

      caught and charged. I agree some have no feelings and do not know

      the difference between right and wrong!



      • Anonymous says:

        I have heard that cell phone photos have been taken of other crimes as well but it is only marl road gossip so take it with a grain of salt.

        These young people view life and violence like it is a video game.

        The Next Level cell phone photos was gossip as well, I was hopeful that someone who was there would write in and refute it.

        • Mozzie Fodder says:

          I’ve never been in Next Level, nor do I know anyone that has but even I had the misfortune to have the dispicable image or the dead man thrust under my nose whilst at work. Sadly, the photo was taken and many sickos saw fit to forward it on to all their friends.