Gang trouble in North Side

| 22/12/2009

Cayman Islands News, Headline News(CNS): The usual peace and tranquillity of the district of North Side has been disturbed over the last few weeks as a result of gang rivalries between groups living in the Hutland area and those living in Old Man Bay. The disputes between the two sides have been spilling over into the wider community, and on Sunday what appeared to have been a car chase between the gangs resulted in one vehicle overturning near to North Side Primary School after another car was reportedly vandalized outside a local bar.

Ezzard Miller, the district’s independent MLA, told CNS that he has contacted the RCIPS area commander for the eastern districts and asked him to get to the bottom of the issues, which are disrupting the normally peaceful community. Miller said he was unsure of the reasons which had caused what he called the “rattling of sabres" between young men from the two areas of his district, but he said he hoped the police would sort out whatever it was and ensure those up to no good were dealt with and allow the good people of North Side to return to their tranquil lifestyle.

Police have confirmed that a car overturned near North Side Primary on Sunday afternoon (20 December) but said no arrests were made. Two men were hospitalised with head injuries after the Toyota flipped over around 1 pm, but police said they knew nothing of any car chases, contrary to local reports.

In another accident early Sunday evening (20 December), a woman was hit by a car while she was crossing West Bay Road. Police say she was struck by an oncoming vehicle outside Decker’s restaurant just after 6 pm and suffered injuries to her arm.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    no police    these are just a few spoiled boys that has no respect for themselves, thier family, or the community.and the problem is that there has been no police in the district to deal with little punks. from the time that kennedy rankine and davis scott left this district we has never had a dicent police here.  if we had two police like those two gentleman in this district i know all this would not be going on.  another failure of police in the eastern districts.  when ever you asked obout the police,we are told that we have coverage for twenty four hours. when ever you call they have to come from bodden town,some there is one officer to cover east end and north side. what a shame with as many police we have. EZZARD AND ARDEN need to put preasure on govt for better service

  2. Anonymous says:

    By "gang", I think they must be meaning a group of badly behaved poorly raised teenagers.  Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. Anonymous says:

    CNS:  Are these gangs even closely related to what comes to peoples minds? like the crypts, bloods, etc?  I somehow don’t think so. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The "crypts"?  Are they a zombie gang?  They sound dead scary.  Bet they are tougher than the crips.

  4. Anonymous says:

     can i just ask how we expats are to blame for this, as after all we are responsible for everything else that goes wrong in this country – Caymanians can’t even live with themselves let alone anyone else

    • Anonymous says:

       "we are responsible for everything else that goes wrong in this country" – they are?

      • Young Caymanian says:

        Please see comment posted as a reply to "Cayman Taliban" for all those blamin the expats once again. Such a tired, lame excuse to blame other people for the lack of proper parenting from Caymanians. FYI I am not an expat and this situation has nothing to do with expats!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    this is all just foolishness there is no reason for these people to be warin come on now all of this that is happenin is jus makin cayman sound worstand its causin alot of people to get hurt and me personally im gettin sick and tired of hearin about all of these wars that are goin on all this gun shit shootin people for no reason dont people realize that that is takin someones life and ruinin the people’s that loved the person?? this is jus really sad man look at poor Mxxx he didnt deserve what happened all because 2 idiots had a gun dey jus had to show it off and use it right? and xxxx got killed because he was mistakem for somebody else im sick of this now! and im a child myself i attend john gray high skool im only 15 but im really sick of this to me it makes no sense wat so ever its like people jus shoot and kill people for no reason and fight people just to prove that they are bad UNA JUS CANT REALIZE UNA DESTROYIN PEOPLE LIVES!! jus get on with your life stop doin foolishness and forget w.e that person did to you and move on dont take someone’s life for no reason or even if there is a reason make sure it is a very big reason

  6. Anonymous says:

    I listen to much of the Tuesday radio program with the North Side MLA in attendance and was largely disappointed with his solutions or lack thereof. Much of his anger if you want to call it that sounded like the same old blame at the usual targets, the police.

    The Northside MLA didn’t offer much in the way of solutions just blame and reasons why things couldn’t be done, red tape and such. As a voter in his district I wouldn’t have taken much faith away from that interview that anything was going to change anytime soon.

    The MLA seemed puzzled that the police would require evidence and not simply take his word that so & so was a criminal and needed to be arrested.

    Given that the North Side is one of the smallest districts in terms of population if this MLA cannot come up with solutions to this problem then all his feigned anger is meaningless toward solving the budding North Side gang problems.

    He must now realize that it is easier to throw bricks than to actually solve problems.

  7. Anonymous says:

    "Stop,"Please wake up! Enough of this Shame And Disgrace.

    IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE OR WHAT DISTRICT THEY ARE FROM. These kids that we have today are really trying to act as gang members in a fantacy world. Many of these go over seas to visit family for summer vacation. only to return as wanna be thugs. Hearing about this gang or that gang they believe they can mimic them. Watching the news, seeing how they fight ,steal, sell drugs & kill seems to be the life that they want for the Cayman Islands   "Cayman is so Small" What are you fighting for Land? Homes, Cars, Respect, Girlfriend/Boyfriend,Money Earned, Respect" WHAT? What Could It possibly be ? All of the above you earn from working hard to achieve.

    Who are they trying to act like the "Wolf Pack(305)clique,"Myvuela" (the ZOE POUND) , 22 AVE or THE 68st clique just to name a few extremely large gangs in Florida. You Got the Zoo or Boogie Down, MS13, Latin Kings, Latin Disiples plus many more From N.Y. The Vato,The Bloods,The Crips From Cali. Let’s see if they would survive two weeks imitating a gang up there.

    Florida the most visited State in the U.S that Caymanians go. Whether visting family,friends,or shopping or kids go there see the unlavishing styles of dressing, pant saging below there bottoms. Theydo not know where it evolved from. ‘Prison," no think again, Try homosexualailty. the need to learn history. 

    It is not easy. I have learned from experince after 31 years In the states. Incarcerated,and having witness death, death of family members and friends. Running with the O.L Boys. I say Thankyou lord for giving me another chance. I’m One of A FEW  Serviving members who is not incarcerated or dead from a clique of 118. A small gang yes But I am ALIVE and no longer in a gang. Thank you God

    Please wake up !!! Wake up and live!!!!

    Caymanians are a small population & Violence is only decreasing this population at a greater speed than death of natural causes. UNITE,UNITE UNITE, Make love NOT War!!!!!!! men/boys "remember " another man can not take your wife or girlfriend. If she leaves She was just ready to go….Vise verse For the ladies. we came in this world alone and shall leave the same way. we need not kill for this either.

    Please wake up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you really blaming gangs on homosexuality??

      That is a new one and probably the most ridiculous comment I have heard, next to the earth only being a couple thousand years old!

      The biggest problem facing Cayman is the total lack of respect for other people. You can see it in the comments and especially the driving on the roads. If one cannot obey a simple law, than other laws will most surelly be broken as well.

      • Anon says:

        Ummm, that was not my reading of that post, I don’t see a hint of the person suggesting blaming gangs on homosexuality.  I believe the writer was trying to point out to all the youths wearing their pants half way below/below their asses that its really not so cool as they think – as wearing pants in this way is of homosexual origin.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you… for your comment. but please! I am not blaming homosexuality on gangs. Homosexuality were from the thousand of years ago. That i do know. Let me break my statement down………

        Back inthe early 1940’s to the late 1960’s hundreds of both lesbians and homo’s were murdered because of there sexual preference. during these years they had to find a way to disguise themselves as being gay. in order to "advertise" that they were gay. The men who were not as discrete as women,in hiding there sexual preference had came up with the "IDEA" wear your jeans pants/shorts hanging of your waist. along with other disguise. I "DID NOT"  say gangsters are the blame for homosexuality.

        Now as for prisoners" for years prisoners in certian states were give jeans,t-shirts & belt after they move away from the black and white stripe clothing. the prisoner eventually found a better use for their belts." the would either kill other inmates or hang themselves. In other circumstance they use their belts to capture and hold prison gaurds hostage by using the belt as a weapon, to choke them.

        Eventually, the belts were taken away. The jeans to big for many prisoner began to sag hanging below there rear. It then became a prisoners fashion. When many ex-con were released back to the streets they continued this fashion making it a mark on the street. This "MARK" being I was in the big house "prison". I’m a thug, I’m hardcore if you mess with me i’ll hurt you. Many would say this but not in these nice words.So I say for the prisoners it was not a statement of being gay it was a way of life behind bars.

        Today many prisons have adopted the use of coveralls. Some states us Bright colors some use light colors, Ex " Orange coveralss for Dade County,T.G Knight Correctional , West Dade, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tallahasse Florida. Broward County,North lauderdale wear light gray. This has been in place from the 1970’s.

        Again I Thank you for your comment. I see Were my comment misled you.

        Rest In Peace to my fallen friends.

        MIcheal,Percy,and Anthony

        "Correctional Officers"

  8. Peter Milburn says:

    A PS to that last note maybe ALL hotels and Restaurants should post VERY visible signs outside each establishment to forewarn our visitors to be sure to look BOTH ways BEFORE crossing.

  9. Peter Milburn says:

    That accident on the w/bay road re-ephasises(spell?) the need for better lighting all along these areas.Last thing we need is anyone getting killed here or anywhere else for that matter due to poor lighting.On the other hand people should be savy enough to cross at those well lite areas even if it means walking a little further down the road.I also feel that the west road speed limit especially in the built up areas should be reduced to no more than 25-30MPH.But then again we know who will not adhere to that limit.

           In closing may I wish everyone out there a very safe and joyous Xmas time and a very happy and properous New year.PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is so dumb.  Gangs are a sign of ignorance in an effort to gain power and control over others.


    Come on boys (because you are NOT men).  Cayman is a whole 22 miles long.  We are a country with less than 60,000 or 70,000 people.  We should not waste our energy on greed, power, control,  violence, evil, and harming others.  We should be banded together to protect and better our country, not damage it.  I’m a Caymanian, have lived in Cayman all my life and it’s so sad that we have this foolishness going on here. 

    If you want to think life is tough and think this ‘gang’ life mentality is for you, try visiting the areas where life really is tough and you’ll see that Cayman has so much to offer you and all you’re doing is negative, damaging things.  Speak to someone who’s come from a poverty stricken life in the ghettos of NY or LA, or speak to a boy from an African nation who’s proven himself against all odds, where everyday life is a struggle and things aren’t taken for granted.  If you want to live that ‘bad boy’ life, please go somewhere else, but better yet, please open your eyes, become MEN, real men, and realise that whatyou’re doing is senseless, ignorant, and selfish.  We have a country we need to protect and serve.  Or didn’t you realise that?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Better idea, the US need a new torture camp now that Guantanamo is being closed. Lets use the East End. There’s probably more crims there already!

    • EastSider says:

      There are no more criminals in East End than anywhere else in Cayman.  Your discrimination is unwanted and uncalled for.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can’t we just build a wall at Red Bay and keep the Eastenrers down their own end, they are nothing but trouble.

    Maybe if that works we could do it again in West Bay. Just long enough to get the economy back on it’s feet.

    This would cut out crime in the capital and let the financiers and tourists go about their business without the fear of crime to help rebuild the economy.

    • EastSider says:

      Are you really as clueless as your comment sounds.  Do you really believe all the crime commited here is commited by everyone except George Towners.  You have got to be kidding. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Not all the crime, but a majority of it yes. The statistics back me up. Sure there are some yobs in Georgetown, but unless we burn down the slums and move the poor out to the East end, we will have to accept that some among them are crooks.

        There will always be crime on the island, mainly due to an entitlement culture and bad parenting, but we do need to minimise it in tourist and financial areas. We simply cannot afford to drive away tourists and the expats that run the financial services companies that pay for you and your illegitimate children to sit around smokign weed.

        • EastSider says:

          Number one.  Check the statistics as to how much crime happens in East End compared to George Town.  Numbertwo, my children are NOT illegitimate and number three, I don’t even drink much less smoke weed.  Therefore I advise you, JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED and yes I AM shouting at you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    CNS:  Are you certain about the involvement of youth from Gun Bay, East End?  Or could it be that they were from Old Man Bay, North Side?

  14. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    I was on the scene at 1:15.  There was no evidence of collision.  There was a car flipped upside down in the middle of the road.  No car parts.  Firemen extinguishing a fire.  A woman had collapsed along the side of the road and people were weeping.  I asked if anybody required any medical assistance and was told ‘no.’  At least 6 police cars were on the scene.  Where is Sherlock Holmes when you need him?  Duh!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to agree with the above comment in regards to the car chase, there was no car chase, these young men should have been at church or just coimg out of church, but however they chose to be on the roads causing havoc.

      There is no "GANGS" in northside. Its just a few trouble makers walking around with machettes and knuckle dusters terrorising their own neighbourhood, and their own community fears them. I think the parents need to be blamed as they are ones cloakng their children when they are wrong. They need to find work for these boys that are going around lighting fires and beating up people in their community. "The devil finds work for idle hands to do".I have children too and I will not tell my child to go out there and make problems but if someone attacks them defend themselves. As it is being said that Police is afraid of these boys. I would be afraid too because these boys have all sorts of weapons and what does the police have to protect themselves? We need to stop the blame game and come up with solutions to the problem. We need to set up activities within the community for these teenagers to participate in. I was just told on Sunday that one of the boys in the accident said "I want Northside to be like West Bay it is too quiet" he told to a big woman in northside when she asked why they don’t behave themselves. Lets just put or heads together and try to help these youngmen as they need our help. I think if we showed more LOVE and stop HATING one another we would see a big difference in our community. Just for the record myb family and I have been living in North Side for the past 11 years. People always ask why did you decide to go so far, my reply has always been for the peace and quiet.

      • Anonymous says:

        Once Living northside i know how nice it is but i did have to leave because i could see all of the drama happening only being 18 I do believe they need to do something because there is no reason for none of this. The speeding car was coming striaght towards me with my 8 month old baby sleeping in the back seat! They are only thiking of themselves and not who they could be hurting….. They need to be punuished and i hope they do not get away with this. The trouble and violence needs to be stopped… i have been dearly effected by this by also knowing the 2 boys one actually going school with but the truth hurts. You cant hear u feel…!!!

    • I were at the scene at 1pm and yes there was a crash. debi all over in the side of the bushes, so be honest here, how can you say there were no signs. why are you all so evil

  15. Concerned Caymanian says:

    This article is quite disturbing.  Its sad to know that our young people are so naive, that they feel the need to form groups within their own cummunity to make a point.  Don’t they realise that there are consequences with their actions, and the affect it has on the people long term.  As a young parent, I’m disappointed to know that my children will be exposed to this type of mentality within our community.  The individuals involve in this rife are probably childhood friends or even family.  Here is the opportunity for the family to step up and set an example.  At the end of the day, we all suffer from these types of actions.  There is no excuse for stupidity..

  16. Twyla Vargas says:

    I am sorry and very surprised to read that gang voilence is now spreading to North Side, A district which I considered the most peaceful on the Island.  However, I am so pleased to hear the  North Side MLA voice his concern.  You know that is what an MLA is all about, showing concern for what is taking place in his district such as this and any others that is of public concern. 

    Mr Miller I take off my brown cap to you, because you are listed among the best MLA;s we have.  After all they were the people who elected you, and you are doing an exceptional job and the correct thing to ensure the continuing of peace and tranquility in North Side. Walk good

  17. Caymanian says:

    of course they "knew nothing of any car chase" they don’t know nothing about NOTHING! RCIPS is a joke!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I feel this story is full of hear say stories and true details should be found out before posting something of this stature. Witnessing the crash I can say there was no car chase, as the lil boys are just trying to cover for themselves. A car was vandolized as they have caused a number of problems across the district and it needs to be looked into as innocent people could have been injured or killed in that terrible accident all because of stupidity! The community of NorthSide is to humble for all this to be happening and the police need to work with them to stop all of this as the Island is to small for all this….

    • Had enough says:

      A car was vandalised, yes, but as you heard the police did nothing about it. Proof is look at the parking area where the car was parked to see if there is glass,   RCIP-  " Reckless Cunning, Incompetent Police"  .I could do better investigating than they do.  Mr Miller rather than destroy the district by spewing hate and anger try finding something and somewhere  for the young people to do and go. North Side is small and tranquil but they also need to have access to some of the entertainment and clubs that are in the other districts, west bay,george town is not the only areas that need to have this type of access.Have any of you that are spilling out this type of hate ever tried to be a mentor or care giver? This is what I am talking about, hating and calling names and labelling people are too rampant in Cayman.

      I wish for all of you a very safe and happy Christmas with no anger in it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I would have thought that Mr Miller would have also issued a request for his community to assist the police instead of just telling them to get to the bottom of it. No wonder the police have such a hard time resolving these issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      he knows who they are….. maybe too busy on talkshows spewing backward looking cliches about the good ole days…..

  20. Cayman Taliban says:

    These boys should have been home studying their Bible.

    It’s bound to be some expats with their wicked ways leading our youth into the Devils lair.
    • Young Caymanian says:

      Are you serious? I am not an expat and that comment was totally ridiculous. It is our Caymanian boys raised (somewhat) by our Caymanian parents that are out creating hell among the island. When I am in church on a Sunday morning I see more expats and their families in the seats and singing in the choir than I do Caymanians. My church is extrememly mixed with many cultures. Before these young men can study their bibles the parents have to be the role models and do it themselves. Obviously this statement does not apply to all Caymanian parents or families and I had to make that very clear before I get some nasty comments back. There are plenty of Caymanian families who work together to serve the lord. But what most fail to see is the Caymanian laws that have everything closed on a Sunday except the bars and where are the fathers of these young men????? In the bar drinking and playing dominoes instead of being at home and spending some quality time. Just incase you didnt know "Taliban" stands for a non christian islamic group so maybe you should consider a name change before you go making comments about the bible, wicked expats and their devil ways!

      • Anonymous says:

         I think Cayman Taliban may have been making a joke,  too subtle for you maybe?

  21. Anonymous says:

    CNS Can u clear some thing up for us GUN BAY is in the district of East End not North Side and was the gangs all from North Side or North Side and East End

  22. Anonymous says:

    Errr…Gun Bay is in East End….

  23. Anonymous says:


    It’s up to you to sort out this gang/drug fuelled nonsense in your idyllic North Side-the same social disorders you accused Edna of not solving! It’s hilarious, now you are in power it’s the RCIPS to sort it out!! Have one of your district meetings, that will resolve it all! Not. You have no more idea what to do with this than anyone else but the difference is you and your type pretend to know what needs to be done.Get rid of the furriners and get back to Cayman kitchen band basics. Sounds great. If only.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Police are LAW ENFORCEMENT, they are not social workers, they are not here to bring up your children for you, they are not youth workers, they are not teachers, they are not members of the judiciary and so are not in a position to administer punishment for a given crime.

    The sooner people realize that the RCIP do not have a magic wand which they can wave over all the islands problems, the better, as then people can look at the real solutions to the islands problems. These come in the form of :

    Parents who actually bother to bring their children up with morals and values, rather than expecting teachers and the police to do all the hard work for them.

    People who are more than happy to critisize the police for not solving a crime (the murder at the Next Level springs to mind), but then are not willing to pass on information to the police which can assist in the investigation.

    The decline in moral values in Cayman, as a result of poor education, poor parenting, a sense of entitlement, the willingness of people to blame others ofr their problems, so they do not have to accept responsibility for their part in the given issue, and an expectation that all the various government agencies are there to wait on them hand and foot, to do all the things they are too lazy to do.

    All the criminals on Cayman have parents, familly, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wifes, all of who’m know what they are doing, and most of who’m are probably more than happy to blame the police for all the islands woes, but what are they doing themselves about their relatives or friends criminal lifestyle? NOTHING.


    • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

      I would have liked to have seen the police get out of their cars and do some interviewing of witnesses which were abound.  Some traffic directing would have been nice, too.  I would also like to know how these two men sustained head injuries.  The car was avandalized, smashed up, burned out hulk on it’s roof which was obviously not from a car chase or accident.  CNS- Were the police the source for this story?

      • To Strap on a pair,   you evidently didnt see the scene or do your home work, people  witnessed the crash, two people one travelling west one travelling east, yes there was a crash, so stop the stupidity, you are all a bunch of idiotic people who either dont care or knows what the heck is going on, and if you dont stay of the sight.

        • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

          I’ve spent a good part of my life investigating accident scenes.  There were no skidmarks and there  was no debris.  I stand by my statement.  This was no accident.  If it were, any occupants of the vehicle would be 2 feet shorter from the head down…

    • Pale Rider says:

      AMEN BRUDDA!!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Get Ezzard on this, that is why he was elected was to look after the people who voted him into office. Less time on the radio and more time working for the North side might be in order.

    • Anonymous says:

      elio has proven the power of self promoting radio shows….. bring back joey ebanks!….zzzzz