Bush issues message in wake of earth tremor

| 19/01/2010

(CNS): Following confirmation from Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) that no one was hurt and there was no damage to property across Grand Cayman as a result of this morning’s earthquake, the premier has issued a message to the people thanking God but reminded them not to underestimate the need to be prepared. Currently in Miami on personal medical business, McKeeva Bush said he wanted to reassure the people of the Cayman Islands that government is closely monitoring the follow up reports and committed to keeping the public informed of any developments.

“I thank the Almighty God for his mercies that no injuries or apparent structural damage resulting from this morning’s earthquake have been reported and that we can all return to business as usual,” Bush stated. “Our systems for disaster mitigation, under the leadership of HMCI, have once again proven to be invaluable and I want to express my appreciation to them fortheir quick and efficient response.

“While we can resume our normal course of business, we cannot underestimate the need for preparedness and I urge all residents and businesses to take a moment to review their plans in light of today’s events.”

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  1. Anonymous9 says:

    Lach, I am shocked at your spelling on this one..

    Doubt  not dought

    In this context, country’s not countries

     You’re usually better than that


    No comment on what you have said as a whole. I don’t think there is any ‘benefit of the doubt’ left in any of us towards Mac, eh!

    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to Anonymous 01/20/2010.. 10;17

      Woooo…Spell check police on the job….!!!

      Nothing better to do eh!! lol

      • spelin natzi says:

        yup.   dis CNS biznis is fer eydeas, not spelin compitishins.  Demfarkin spelin boo-stairds b picing on folks agin aboot dat.  de spelin natzi gon cum round and cum doun on demfarkin boo-stairds.   day’r askin fer it four shure, pesst mi ohf!  jes lik dat dick shaughneary dood who b pestin EVERYBODY ohf fork in boo-staird. 

        naoo wer b my medicashin fer ol floopy?

  2. things that make you go hmmm says:

    One person fell and broke their arm in 4 places while trying to escape from the death trap that is the Government Administration Building. She has to be flown off Island today for further medical treatment.

    Now this happened in the same building the Premier works, yet he is unaware or he doesn’t consider this to be a injury. hmmmmm

    • Yep says:

      I guess we just need to blame the damn earthquake on Mac too then? the Swine Flu, murders, perhaps even a few drug boats? No wonder the rest of the world feels it can come here and divide and conquer our people, we cant even stick together during a national emergency. We are so quick to tear each other down and stand idly by as others do worse to us. How about being proud of our government for 5 minutes and allowing them to time to address the issues, do you realise they have a workload that would cause the average individual to go into panic mode. And yet they deal with this on a daily basis amidst the constant complaining and ridicule. It makes me wonder why anyone woudl even bother to go into politics to be honest.


      • And the people all said says:

        "makes me wonder why anyone would even bother to go into politics to be honest."


        abundant salary. perks. lots of vacation time. wonderful pension plan.

  3. bayer says:

    "I thank the Almighty God for his mercies that no injuries or apparent structural damage resulting from this morning’s earthquake"


    How insulting must this read to the people of Hiati. The man is clueless, if only he had stayed at school a little longer and not relied so much on his ‘Grannies wit’

    • Anonymous says:

      No reason the people of Haiti should be insulted by us thanking God. That would only occur to the anti-religious mind.

  4. anonymous says:

    “Our systems for disaster mitigation, under the leadership of HMCI, have once again proven to be invaluable and I want to express my appreciation to them for their quick and efficient response"



    • Anonymous says:


      Whether it is vacationing, travelling the world first class & saying it is "business," medical checks & stomach stapling checks, vacationing, or staying in $2000 per night hotel rooms in Dubai vacationing, it is hard to think of many days that our self-serving, hard spending Premier has been on island since the May 2009 election.


      • on island and dealing with it says:

        The premier off island is a good thing for all on island.  Just wish it did not have to cost so much and he could not come back.  O yea and please stop calling home.  Just stay there and enjoy our money.

      • Who you fa says:

        You should know that hate has never benefited anyone…take time to love and be thankful…..

    • Joe Bananas says:

      Translation:  I am as usual cluless but feel the need to speak.

  5. Anonymous says:

    One of the problems with having a one man government – useful rapid responses to important events tend to be non-existent when the one man is not available for whatever reason. 

    This release – which reads like it was cobbled together – was more than "a dollar short and a day late". I doubt that there would be anyone in Cayman who would be "re-assured" and it does not seem to have been written with any thought for the need to deal with international media. 

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       15:13……great point….one man system…..for a moment let us     not     focus on the LOGB or "the one man". Give him the benefit of the dought……

      BUT   what you have brought up is a very important issue. When one man controls and runs a countries Government this leads to negative issues. Is that person on the island, is he in our time zone, can he repsond, are there people on island to do what needs to be done or are they with the decision maker.

      To whoever the decision maker is…….if you are going to lead then set up the system to lead…..


      • Anonymous says:

        "Give him the benefit of the dought"

        Did you mean "doubt" or "dough"?. We have already given him plenty of both.   

    • Anonymous says:

      oh for Pete’s sake you would find problems with Christ..What is wron with him saying what he said..Are you a great speech writer? Maybe you could do his job for him..Stop being Stupid and ugly! It is not needed!

      • Anonymous says:

        Not many of us mistake our Premier with Christ although there appear to be some who will blindly follow as if he was.

        It is relatively easy to tell the difference. One who is King humbled himself, cautioned people on the blind pursuit of wealth, and rode a young donkey on important occasions. The other appears to aspire to be king, demands a private chauffeur, cook and housekeeper…… Hopefully the distinction is clear. Then again there are none so blind as those that will not see.

      • Anonymous says:

        "What is wrong with him saying what he said….."? Are you (Anon 20:07) being serious? Do you have a mental problem?

        Added to everything that people have already pointed out, where does he he get off saying that because of our position geographically "GOD has blessed the Cayman Islands"! Please go back & listen to his words when he called in the Rooster radio show from Miami. He claims to be a born again Christian, but how can he make such an insensitive comment like that, especially in light of the massive disater that has just recently happened in Haiti? Is he saying that GOD has blessed Cayman because of our location, but  because of their location GOD has not blessed other countries that experience natural disasters? How insensitive! If he is a born again Christian as he claims, he should know that does does not bless one country or people more than others. I am a Caymanian but "we are all the same in the eyes of the LORD" even if Mckeeva Bush does not feel so.