Saxon is biggest loser

| 19/01/2010

(CNS): Following dms Organisation’s collective efforts to get fit, which started back in November, the Cayman Islands-based business conglomerate said that Saxon Administration Ltd was the company within the group which emerged as the biggest loser. Teams were formed based on companies and departments, and Saxon lost a combined 102 lbs. Bringing international television sensation Biggest Loser  into the local workplace, dms played its own version of the popular hit show, enticing employees to kick off 2010  in healthier shape.

The winners were treated to a complimentary 15-minute back massages as a reward for their loss after the staff rose to the challenge and dropped between 2.5 lbs and 29 lbs each. “We congratulate the Saxon team on their phenomenal success – they each demonstrated admirable determination and were triumphant in their endeavours. We are grateful to all of the competitors for their participation and commitment to the challenge," said dms manager Sarah Lacey.

Saxon Finance Manager, Sharon Pegg, said it was fun to work as a team, encouraging each other regularly and ensuring that they stayed on track. “Winning the competition was dually rewarding as we not only received massages, but also improved overall health. It also allowed us to indulge a little bit more over the holiday season with less guilt, and now we are ready to jump back on the bandwagon of healthy living,” she added.

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