Police plan crime prevention evening in West Bay

| 22/01/2010

(CNS): West Bay police are joining forces with local security companies and Crime Stoppers to offer tips to the community on crime prevention. Representatives from Security Centre, Island Electronics and Crime Stoppers will be available to demonstrate some cost effective equipment which can be used to assist in securing homes and property. Police officers will be on hand to offer the community, including business owners and condo managers, general tips about how not to tempt crooks and the simple steps they can be taken to keep both people and property safe.

As part of the West Bay neighbourhood policing programme a meeting will be held at the basketball court, John Grey Memorial Church, West Bay next Thursday (28 January 2010). The meeting will be open to everyone including members of the public, business owners and employees, and condominium owners and managers.

The meeting is the first of many crime prevention events planned in the coming weeks and months. These events include crime prevention information booths being set up outside supermarkets, local meetings involving neighbourhood police officers, and one-to-one sessions with condominium owners and managers to discuss lighting and security in their respective complexes.

“This event is essentially a one-stop-shop for security advice and information,” said Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, the officer in charge of organising the event. “No-one wants to become a victim of crime and we should all be playing our part in ensuring that we don’t give thieves a chance. Simple steps like hiding valuables out of sight and locking doors and windows can make all the difference between deterring thieves and becoming a victim.

“However, this event is not just for members of the public who want to find out about securing their homes. We’re keen to involve the people who own and manage condominium complexes in the area. Historically lighting in these complexes has been poor and we want to use this platform as a means to persuade the owners that they need to perhaps rethink their lighting policies.”

Chief Inspector Angelique Howell advised condo owners to take action as soon as possible to keep their tenants safe. “If condo owners don’t come to us we’ll soon be knocking on their doors. The safety of our residents and visitors is far too precious to gamble with and, if we can give advice about cost effective ways to improve safety in the complexes, we will take every opportunity to do so,” she added.

The meeting will take place at the basketball court, John Grey Memorial Church, West Church Street, West Bay between 6.00 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. on Thursday 28 January 2010. For further information contact West Bay police station on 949-3999.

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  1. Protect and serve says:

    How about a check-point at the four-way stop to protect the rest of us from the Bayers?

    • Anonymous says:

      To: Submitted by Protect and serve (not verified) on Mon, 01/25/2010 – 15:23

      How about blocking it so ignorant ones like you don’t enter.  It’s your kind that has ruined it!!

  2. inside job says:

    just tell them instead of these useless workshops pointing out the obvious, they just focus on picking up bullet fragments (evidence) at the scene of a crime.

  3. trudat says:

    What? no anti-RCIPS comments? No anti-gay comments? No anti-Expat comments? No anti-UDP comments? No anti-PPM comments? No ‘God is testing us’ comments? No anti-Jamaican comments? No ‘we’re Caymanian and we want independence!’ comments? No ‘read the bible and thegood lord will tell you how to secure your home against burglary’ comments? No ‘Caymanians have crap grammar’ comments?

    Hmm, I can only assume that there is nothing that no one is not brave enough to say in public regarding this issue… enough nagatives for you?

    good heavens! Is this comment box working CNS?

    • Anonymous says:

      What? no anti-RCIPS comments? No anti-gay comments? ….." unquote

      Yes  grammar comment: spell check nagative .. you mean negative?  lord .. you mean Lord?