PPM files motion on crime

| 18/02/2010

(CNS): The country’s opposition party has filed a motion in the Legislative Assembly calling on the government to develop a crime prevention strategy that encompasses all the law enforcement agencies, including customs and immigration as well as the police, to combat the unprecedented crime problem at a coordinated, national level. Although the motion was presented to the House the morning after the tragic murder of four-year-old Jeremiah Barnes, who was shot dead by gunmen in West Bay, the PPM said the motion had been planned for several weeks. The death of this child, however, has emphasised the urgency of a properly co-ordinated crime policy, Alden McLaughlin said.

The rising level of crime and the failure of agencies to seemingly work in tandem to prevent the importation of drugs and guns fuelled the recent rise in violent crime, many people believe. McLaughlin told CNS that the People’s Progressive Movement opposition party have been discussing the issue among its membership and the wider public for several weeks and had planned to file a motion in time to be debated during the next session of the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday 24 February.

“We are shocked and deeply saddened by this murder,” said McLaughlin on behalf of the PPM. “It is terrible and hard to conceive of a more innocent victim, but many of us have been saying that it was inevitable, because of the trend, that an innocent victim would soon be caught up in this violence. “

He noted, however, that the motion was not dreamed up by the opposition as a result of this one, albeit tragic, incident but because it was quite apparent that the country’s current means of tackling crime have failed.

“There seems to be a consensus in the wider community that we need to coordinate the strategies for fighting crime with all the law enforcement agencies,” he added. “The present situation is not working, and we are not blaming the new commissioner or the wider RCIPS but there is no coordinated national direction to tackle what is essentially an epidemic.”

McLaughlin said he recognised that there would be a need for further funding, but border control and creating an overall crime fighting policy that encompassed the frontline agencies was critical if Cayman was get to grips with the serious crime problem.

The opposition motion noted the widespread alarm and concern in the local community about safety and security and asks the current government to consider the appointment of a National Crime Prevention Strategy Group to develop a National Crime Prevention Strategy, comprised of a cross-section of business and community leaders, law enforcement and other civil service personnel and legislators from both sides of the House.

The PPM is also calling for the strategy group to present its ideas to the Legislative Assembly within 6 weeks of appointment and for government to appoint a Director of National Security who would report to the National Security Council and implement the overall crime strategy and co-ordination of the crime prevention, investigative and enforcement work of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, the Immigration Department, the Customs Department and their liaison with global and regional counterparts.

McLaughlin told CNS that the crime problem was bigger than the police commissioner and the RCIPS and had to widen its net. The opposition MLA for George Town and former Cabinet minister also noted that the premier’s absence from the country at a time like this was less than ideal.

“Given the issues faced by the country right now, I am wondering if this is the time for him to be on a jaunt to the ski slopes of Whistler,” McLaughlin added. “At a time when government is urging restraint on public spending it is probably not the best decision to spend ten days away with a government delegation to the games.”

The opposition said that they have filed three other motions for debate in the next session of the Legislative Assembly, which starts on Wednesday 24 February.

The PPM is also holding a National Council meeting at South Sound community centre at 7:30pm on Monday 22 February to discuss crime and other key issues.

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  1. Shock and Awe says:

    Mac, Kurt, Arden, Alden, Ezzie, Tony, Chuckie?  I’m not getting this.  Is politics on Cayman so incestuous?  And have these guys been trading places and re-cycling themselves for so long now.  They’re household names? 

    Over the past few years exactly what have any of them done to arrive at solutions?  Or even prevent problems?  Other than running for office by continously blaming each other?  And then go on blaming each other?

    No one is asking for miracles.  But this is like watching a dog chase it’s tail.

    Where are the policies?  Where is the direction? Surely we can do better than this.  Right now.  Praying and counting on each other is all we have available.  Maybe that’s all we really need to solve our problems.


    That would make these people obsolete which is what you do when you re-cycle.  We deserve better than re-cycling the same people through the same offices, time and again.

    Further knowing what to say and when to say it….after the fact….isn’t really leading because the majority of the population are away ahead of that.  Yes we are. That’s merely living in a bubble and at the most showmanship, not good government.  And doesn’t get the country or us anywhere.  But thanks anyway.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The PPM have raised the crime issue at this time as the current government are struggling with getting the school building back up and running. To try to deal with the bloated government and the results of the grand building and spending plan of the PPM.

    Now can someone please tell me with the PPMs long history of concern about the crime issue, just what exactly did the PPM do to handle crime in their term in office?

    I have thought back and can think of nothing but am prepared to be corrected.

    What did they do?

    • Anonymous says:

      I suppose you were not one of those that complained when the PPM answered the RCIPS’s call for $50 million to do what was necessary, INCLUDING TO FIGHT CRIME? Have you conveniently forgotten that the PPM gave the RCIPS $50 million? What more did you want them to do? Did you expect Kurt, Arden, Alden, Tony & Chuckie to put on police uniforms to go & personally fight the criminals? Then I suppose you expected them to put on the Judges wig & gown & sit in court during their trial! Try grow up, & stop making stupid comments. We would be much better off today if the udp would try & do something to fight crime. Can you please tell the Cayman people what exactly it is that the udp have done to fight crime! Oh, how silly, they can’t make a decision without Big Mac’s permission & HE IS NEVER HERE!  

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh I forgot that the PPM believe throwing money is the answer. I guess that 50 million was well spent wasn’t it? As a PPM supporter you must be proud.

        Was the helicopter part of that 50 million?

        As far as I can tell that money went nowhere, perhaps they should do an audit to see just where it went.

        In case you missed my point allow me to clarify it with you.

        The PPM did nothing to improve the crime situation thus their call now. They cannot call to spend more money as they just about bankrupted the country with their spending habits.

        Wake up and smell the coffee. Throwing money at the problem is not the answer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank God someone see the need to draft leglislation to help assist the authorities in battling the crime issues in the Cyman islands.  Finally someone is taking the leadership role that these Islands so badly needs.I was starting to think that the Country was Lawless like in El Paso.

    • the lady says:

      The motion  placed by the Opposition will drive the topic of crime as the main agenda and  hopefully involve, teachers Parents and Civil Society.
      Civil society  in a democratic process drives social  agendas and this is an excellent opportunity for us  to broaden our  caring role and love of country  and entrench our selves  it this  important discussion resulting in concrete action.  The  society is sopowerful that it can navigate parents ito  recognizing that they are the first instrument of peace and discipline. Let us do that.
       My call today,since we collectively  are stronger than any gang  to come together and root them out.
      I await the Trojans of Civil society to come forth then in human form.

      This is our country let us take it back. Let us stand up and be counted

      The Lady

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well done Alden and team!!  We have to take back our country from this criminal element and I’m relieved to finally see you and the other of our elected leader making this a priority.  Hopefully the Premier will get behind on this.  That is..if he can ever stop having these endless vacations out of the public purse.

  5. V for Vendetta says:

    How about eliminating committees, strategy groups, hour long meetings and conferences which achieve zilch, and instead get out there to do something.  But that would mean getting out of your chair…ummh, on second thought, let’s file another motion.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What we need is a motion brought to the house that makes involvement in a gan illegal. Then if there is reason to suspect that someone is involved in a gang it is an arrestable offence and theycan be detained and checked thoroughly – including their vehicles, residence etc. nPut the onus on the criminals to prove they are not involved in a gang.

    Since the Police apparently already knows who are involved in gangs they could have one big all island sweep and lock them all up until they provide evidence that they are not infact involved in a gang. They probably would all just talk on their rivals. Then build a special wing at Northward with no windows and a cooling system but no airconditioner and no visitors and where the lights are kept on 24 hours per day.

    That should bring an end to the gang nonsense.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Just give me one good reason why one should not turn to crime.

    Kill someone or rob a Bank and if you are caught you are treated with Royalty.

    You are incarcerated in a luxury Hotel, and given the best legal minds to defend you at the publics expense.

    At Northward you get all the best food you can eat, air conditioned accommodation, all the drugs you want and you are protected by a bunch of people dressed in white uniforms and all driving expensive SUVs, not to mention they drive on Northward Road during the times the school buses are picking up and dropping off children like they are on a racetrack and the Police is never around to control their nasty driving habits.

    So you see, Crime in the Cayman Islands is encouraged, not discouraged.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Honestly when are the people of this country going to grow up Because i’m quite sure that most of these comments is not coming from our young people/teenagers. People stop this tit for tat crap and lets work together and try and get back our country the time we sit and defend the leader of this country he is off having a hell of a time on our tax paying money somewhere. I know that some of your  worship Mr. Bush  but this is not the time for it. We are loosing this country and its althrough GREED. These Islands are made up of God Fearing people if you are you should no your bible . If it take PPM, Chuckie or even some under minding UPD member to get it  done let do so before its too late.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The PPM have said that this plan was in the works for weeks and it is just a coincidence that the timing occurs just after the recent West Bay murder of the 4 year old child.


    • crazy westbayer says:

      they were, i think it might be a lil impossible to think of a motion between 9 pm the night of the murder to 9 am on Tuesday when the motion was filed.

    • BORN FREE says:

      I do not think that the PPM is turning this into a political issue, I think it is already a political issue! Also, I do believe that it takes more than a couple of days to bring a motion to the house, so it is very obvious that this is a motion that was "in motion" for a couple of weeks, as Mr. Alden Mclaughlin has pointed out!

      However, with a government that is AWOL in this time of crisis, & with a leader that is always off island on vacation in the pretence of doing Cayman’s business, I support the PPM bringing this much needed & important motion. If Mr. Bush & his udp cohorts will do nothing about the increase in crime, then I applaud the PPM in standing up & doing something that is most definitely needed now! I encourage ALL Caymanians to support the march that is being arranged by Mr. Clifford, because this is not a PPM or UDP issue, it is a Cayman issue, & ALL Cayman people who love their country MUST act now, not later. Get out & support the march for the love of country & people!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m voting PPM straight in 2013

    • Anonymous says:

      is it 2012 0r 2013?

    • Anonymous says:

      If there are single-member constituencies, your PPM straight ballot might have one vote on it!

    • Anonymous says:

      When are you people going to realise, that it does not matter who you vote in?

       Our politicians, irrespective of whether they are UDP or PPM, are simply not good enough.

    • Anonymous says:

      AND SO WILL I! I made a mistake in 2009 because I was a fool to listen to empty promises, but I sure as XXXX will not make that mistake again! Give me new schools & roads any day of the year over the XXXX we have now! Oh, how silly of me, we do not have anything now! I pray we do not have to wait ’till 2013

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would you do that?  REALchange in the Cayman Islands will only occur when the Kurt Tibetts/ McKeeva Bush era of politics comes to end.  Cayman must find the courage to break with party politics and vote in a group of indepenant candiates that will work TOGETHER to sole the National ills.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly what do you think this Country will look like in 2013? At this rate second-prize will be 2 premierships.

  11. Waiter, Waiter, theres a fly in my soup says:

    Perhaps one of the Parties should focus on crime and the other on the fly problem. They are equally irritating.

  12. Anonymous says:

     Sounds like a political take on a situation.  Something goes bad, either blame someone else or form a committee to inform another committee that will have a committee who will implement the committee’s undertaking.  Which committee’s work is being undertaken is for us the poor fools to try and figure out.  I thought we had that already.  He is called the Commissioner of Police.  He has I am sure already put in place what he needs to fight crime.  The committee then tasked with ensuring that that particular committee’s (Commissioner of Police) is the Legislative Assembly, and in particular the Cabinet and Governor.  I have no idea what else needs to be said or done.  The only thing missing from this equation is the fact that everyone needs to do what needs to be done. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well done PPM…Crime has to be addressed as a national issue not a political issue. I am happy to see you all are willing to sit around the table and work on solutions to this disease.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Atleast we know where Mac is but where are the other MLA’s?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Finally a proposal that places focus of rising crime on the entire community! Yes itwill take every facet of our society to stop this crime wave- not only the Government agencies, but civil society as well. If it means another Committee or more costs to do so then that is the price of safety! Tougher laws will not in itself deter the types of criminals we are dealing with; they surely have proven that they have no conscience or fear, or morals by shooting into the car with kids in it.

    It is going to take ALL of us folks! So let’s treat this as we should-"OUR problem"- because obviously the fallout from this crime wave is impacting all of us!!


  16. Anonymous says:

    PPM looking to build up votes for 2013…….sorry old buddies it is too late now!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I know one thing that is certain "old buddie" & that is it is too late for the udp, things already gone bad for them! "Old buddie," the udp DONE!! They can pay out all the money they want now or during the next election campaign, it ain’t gonna help them, THE UDP DONE!!! It’s too late for you, old buddie!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Isnt it amazing how politicians are always one step behind! Crime has been a problem for a while now!  Cayman needs proactive politicians who tackle problems, before they become major issues, not reactive politicians, who govern on the next crisis.

  18. Anonymous turtle meat says:

    IT IS TIME   it is time that the opposition is heard in this country. stop the hiding from mckevia. some were asking if we had an oppositin. i want you all to remember how the country was run years ago when UNITY team had no opposition. some time we tend to forget so quickly. now for the premier to be in canadawatching games, i only hope that he paid from his pocket for him and his cronies.  according to him yhe goverment is broke,connot pay thier bills, but he can take the to canada. OPPOSITION I WILL LIKE TO HEAR A MOTION ON OVER SEAS TRAVEL SO FOR .

  19. Anonymous says:

    CNS – would you please investigate the possibility that there is some problem with the provisions in the LA or possibly the ink that is in the paychecks that the MLAs get?

    I never expected Mac and his silent followers to make any sensible statements about solving our horrible crime problem, but now we have the ones that I thought were smart making ridiculous statement about forming more committeesand asking Fire Ready Aim to come up with a strategy.

    The only things that I can identify that Mac and the smart ones have in common is that very occasionally they go to the LA and they get their paychecks from the same source.

    Come to think of it, I bet the ink that is used for the checks that civil servants get is the same as ink used to pay our useless politicians. Something in the ink could explain a lot about why nothing gets done.

  20. Heather says:

    I sure hope that Cayman gets a grip on the crime that is happening.  When I read the paper it is getting very similar to the US.  The US is riddled with crime.  I look forward to coming to an absolutely beautiful island to be away from the crime, negativity, fast paced life for a bit.  I am really starting to second guess coming to visit the island with all of the crime going on.  In order for the police to do their job, they need weapons.  Right now there is no fear in a man holding a gun, against a police officer who has a billy club.  You need to fight this crime immediately or it will spiral out of control.  The children that are reading articles and hearing of crime actually begin thinking of crime.  When children are raised around crime, they begin to think it is a cool thing. Then they begin to commit crimes. They begin small, like grabbing a purse, and then it starts to get bigger.  That is how it works!  Cayman should start reading about how crime spirals out ofcontrol.  It is a shame!  Please correct the problems that you are encountering.  I would guess it is happening because of people from other countries.  Crime rates goup!  If one is not raised like a Caymanian, they come to the island with their own thoughts and beliefs which most of the time could be harmful!

    I pray Cayman begins to get rid of these thugs so your beautiful Island will still be the safest place to visit.  My children love coming to the Island and would love to continue the tradition.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Crime is not a political issue. Not….. PPM…UDP….it is the peoples concern …….regardless of party politrics time for leaders to stand up……

    • Anonymous says:

      Great! A motion will be tabled. Problem solved then, no more crime. I sure hope the criminals get a copy so they will know they have to start behaving  now.

      I wonder what would happen if there was real leadership instead of political points scoring and trying to make it look like it’s all the other lot’s fault?

      Imagine if the PPM went door to door in WB and GT to talk to the community about their responsibilities to help solve the crime problem? What if they led the way by publicly stating that any members who had relevant information about crime and who didn’t share it with RCIPs would be booted out for cowardice?  No, no, no they only work that hard when there’s an election coming.


  21. Anonymous says:

    So are we blaming McKeeva for this as well. If he is off Island or not it surely dont stop the criminals from shooting persons. The Police is on Island constantly and they still commit crime. Alden, You are bring a good motion please dont let it turn to the usual political B.S the country dont need it now.  

  22. Anonymous says:

    Asking Mac’s government to develop a strategy – Is you fool-fool? There is a better chance that a ching-ching will land on this computer keyboard and type out the complete text of Shakespeare’s MacBeth than there is of Mac’s government coming up with a long-term strategy for anything other than putting money in certain peoples’ pockets. 

    Why don’t you spend less time in the establishment down the road from Hurley’s and use the brain God gave you to develop proposals for specific legislation to increase penalties for crime, criminalise membership in gangs and make the prison into a place of punishment. It is no excuse to say that it is not for the Opposition to propose legislation. It is your responsibility to respresent your consituents and we want law and order restored – period.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding?  Another committee? You starting to sound like Mac – no clue what to do even when things are obvious, so you propose a committee. As if a committee will clearly put terror into the hearts of the baby killing thugs running wild in our streets. What are you people thinking? 

    When I saw the headline indicating that the PPM was putting forward a motion on crime I thought, finally someone is going to bring forward tougher laws on violent crime and prison reform. But no, it is only a proposal for another time and money wasting committee.

    Alden, you are supposed to be intelligent. Stop proposing committees tasked with reinventing the wheel. Cayman is not the first country to have problems with young thugs and it will not be the last. First we have to lock up the thugs now on the streets, then we can try to change our education and social programmes to make it less likely that a new batch of thugs will replace them. That is the sequence in which things need to be done.

    Please Alden and the rest of the PPM MLAs – we need new legislation to severely punish crime and to also punish even being part of a gang involved with crime – we need a prison system that criminals fear – and we need to put the criminals in the prison for such a long time that when they get out they will no longer even think of crime.    

    • Anonymous says:

      Boy…you just can’t win with most people! So many out there with all the right answers wonder why they not running the Government?! Must take a hell of a stomach to be a Politician and put up with this crap!  Alden/PPM –  nobody is perfect – you just keep on putting Cayman and the Caymanian people first – you have a lot to be proud of!

  24. Anonymous says:

    "was shot dead by gunmen in West Bay"

    CNS I think it would be more accurate to say "was shot dead by cowards in West Bay"

  25. Anonymous says:

    Alden and other PPM members of the LA – Get with the program please, we don’t need another committee. We need action and we need it NOW.

    The immediate public safety problem isobvious to everyone as is the immediate solution. Yes we need better coordination among various departments, but first of all we need a legislative framework that creates deterrents, increases conviction rates and gets the thugs off the streets – include that as the main element in your motion please.

    Immediate legislative changes needed for effective crime prevention – which the members of the LA can put through any time they want – include:

    1) Double the minimum penalties for all violent crime – If we lock up the violent criminals for a very very long time they won’t be on the street killing innocent children.

    2) End the revolving door parole policy which puts them back on the street in a few hours or days or weeks. There should be no parole for any violent crime. Instead there should be a system under which any persons convicted of any violent crime can have their prison sentence greatly extended for any discipline problems in prison. That way when the come out the public can have some sense that these thugs have learned to behave themselves.

    3) Revise the rules for bail – it should be an exceedingly rare thing for any person accused of a violent crime involving a weapon to get bail if there is any evidence to place before a court that an offence has occurred. As it is – persons arrested are given bail and are out of jail and terrifying witnesses and the rest of the community within hours. That is ridiculous.

    4) Make it mandatory that all assets of these thugs are confiscated once they are convicted unless they can show beyond reasonable doubt that they obtained them through honest work. That might make the higher level thugs who now drive around in expensive cars a bit more cautious.

    5) Bring in US style RICO legislation which makes it a crime to even be part of one of the gangs.

    6)) Make Northward into a place that terrifies the criminals so that they are deterred. That way if we catch one of the little fish he may be more willing to help convict the bigger fish. Please don’t make me believe that the PPM is interested in protecting the bigger fish. There is already another political party that does that.

    7)) Support the proposals coming from the Governor regarding witness protection, and anonymous giving of evidence in court. That should be easy because as I recall your government was responsible for creating these proposals a couple of years ago anyway.

    5) Support the proposals to give substantial rewards for persons coming forward with evidence to help convict these thugs. That should also be a "no brainer".

    After you have done these things then you can have your committee if you want, but please distinguish yourselves from the useless bunch that are now in power by making proposals for immediate concrete action. The people will only support you if you look like you have plans other than setting up another #$*)(&Y# committee to waste time while people are being terrorised in their homes and are dying in the streets.



    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman already has legislation making it an offence to be associated with a criminal gang. The PPM passed that a couple of years ago.  Increasing sentences is not the answer either.  Cayman already has some of the stiffest sentences for violent crime in the western world.

      The big problem we have is successfully investigating and prosecuting serious crimes and getting convictions. Sentences only matter if we get the bad guys convicted.  Criminals involved in violent crime operate with impunity not because sentences are light but because they do not believe they will get convicted.

      One of the serious issues with the present system is the lack of accountablity. We really have to get beyond the point where the government’s response to the constant upsurge in violent crime is for the Premier to deflect responsibility by calling on the Commissioner to bring in a task force.  We must get the National Security Council created by the new constitution operational and establish an Office of National Security to co-ordinate the work of all our law enforcement agencies and implement a national strategy to deal with this scourge.

      While we all want immediate action and for these terrible incidents to cease now, we must realise that without a national strategy we will not stop what is going on.  The present ad hoc measures being employed are not working effectively and it is clear that we cannot simply leave this to the Governor and the Commissioner to resolve.  We must have a plan that has the input and buy-in of a wide cross section of our community.

      We have to accept that some of the measures necessary may well erode some civil rights and may be invasive.  We have to accept that this is bound to involve additional expenditure.  But it must be done if Cayman is not to develop a reputation as "the island crime has got".

      Another key issue is dealing with the lack of confidence in giving the police information and the fear of reprisal that is a major factor in witnesses being unwilling to give evidence.

      Contrary to what some posters appear to think, none of this is simple or straightforward.  And while it is easy to say "Just do it", without a national strategy while we may have the islolated success, the crime situation will continue to spiral out of control.

      • Anonymous says:

        We disagree.

        I don’t care where Cayman is on the global "league tables" of sentences. Whether a sentence of 2 years for gunning down a child in Norway is OK in Norway is irrelevant. Our sentences are too soft. End of story. 

        I will rejoice in each and every "isolated success" as you call them as each one will restore public confidence. Let us have a few dozen "isolated successes" while those who like to devote time and energy to commitee after committee after committee do so at their leisure.

        The public will be more willing to give evidence if they know that a convicted thug and any that associate with him or her will not see the light of day outside of prison walls for the next 50 years – no parole – just hard time. That is confidence building.

        While concepts such as "developing a national strategy", "concensus building" etc have a nice "ring" to them, they are nothing more than vague semantic constructs which will prove to be illusory and painfully time consuming.

        Our existing legislation is completely inadequate.

        The existing legislation dealing with gang membership is completely ineffective and has never been successfully used in any prosecution in Cayman as far as I am aware. US style RICO legislation would be much more effective and it has been shown to be effective in dealing with gangs far more dangerous than our local thugs.

        I agree entirely with those calling for tougher prison sentences, tougher prison conditions, an end to parole for violent criminals. Let all those who want to form committees please do so. Just get out of the way of the majority of us who want action taken NOW.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Alden and other PPM members of the LA – Get with the program please, we don’t need another committee. We need action and we need it NOW".

      Obviously a UDP partisan post. The problem is that there is NO PROGRAM to deal with any of this, just shooting from the hip in all directions. That is not being proactive it is being reckless.  

      There needs to be a short term plan of action as well as a longer term plan. This running the govt. by the seat of your pants from day to day is not going to cut it. This is NOT a better way forward.   

  26. big whopper says:

    I am happy for this move but this is no time for more legislation without enforcement….it’s time to crack these wana be thugs skulls!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Well done, PPM. It’s about time you spoke up. It is clear that they have thought about this one and I hope the govt. listens.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Much too late Alden. You should have done this when you were at the helm instead of wasting non-existent money and time on other not so necessary projects.

    All of you politicians have a stake in what is going on in these islands and as usual it is only after a poor innocent child becomes the victim that you can all cook up quick motions to deal with it.

    What a bunch of jokers you all are.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would say you Mr. Anonymous @ 7:39 sounds like the real Joker here! How dare you suggest it is too late! And how dare you suggest the PPM Government was wasting money on not so necessary projects! I guess you’re one of those who thinks that a school is simply four walls…..so narrow minded are some of my Caymanian people! You just can’t win with the bunch of you real jokers!

  29. Anonymous says:

    If you want a reduction in crime stop hazzard on his Tuesday morning Rooster show from constantly calling for greater divison between the Caymanians and expats. He is fueling hatred.

    • Fuzzy says:

      To poster 06:56 on Thu,02/18/10 Of course your disrespect for Ezzard ,by refusing to use his correct name is not intended to fuel hatred.Gimme a break.Just because a person stands up for his countryman does not make him/her a hateful person.By the way please ,share proof of the connection between Ezzard’s talk show appearance and crimes being committed or admit that you are just a hater yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ezzard is fueling hatred on the Tuesday AM show. He does not demonstrate any form of balance or leadership. Just simple old "Let’s see who we can blame" and then he runs off to have a laugh. Dangerous man.

      • Hazzard County says:

        Hazzard is the Pied Piper of North Side with his followers in the Mafia of the Mediocre he is trying tolead Cayman to economic destruction.  I show the man now respect because he deserves no respect.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Let’s go PPM!!! It’s time for you all to pull this country back on track once again.

  31. whodatis says:

    Ok – this is where I object.

    Clearly this is an attempt to politicize this tragic event.

    Shame on either party for initiating or promoting this agenda.

    I cannot believe that the innocent slaying of young Jeremiah will now result in more infighting amongst Caymanians under the same old "PPM vs. UDP" umbrella!

    Crime has been on the rise, and for the most part IGNORED, over the last 7 – 8 years … a period during which BOTH political parties have rotated the role of government!

    Throughout all this time Caymanians have been beckoning to said rotated government to properly address the matter.

    If anything, Jeremiah’s death is testament to the FAILURE of BOTH the UDP and the PPM in regards to the crime situation in the Cayman Islands!

    No time for politics people – as neither party is in any position to lay blame or play saviour – just sort the mess out!

    • Dred says:

      Well yes and no to this.

      While you look at it as a straight up political move I am okay with it if it lights a fire on someone’s a@@ to get something done.

      I make no gripes I do not like either team but I don’t like UDP more.

      I believe wholeheartedly that Big Mac has exagerated the sky is falling thing to get us to give him power to make all these crazy moves but somehow we weren’t quite as stupid as he thought we would be to say WOOO wait a second what the hell are you trying to sell us on?

      This is not saying we are not in a bad position. I fully realise PPM has made mistakes but we were going to be in problems one way or the other to be honest because the WORLD went into recession not just Cayman so we were going to start to see problems such as these pullouts as businesses review the way they do business as a result of being in a different financial atmosphere. And this is what every business should and do when there are problems. They always look to tweek their business style to maximize profits or minimize losses.

      At this time Big Mac should be here fighting to get something done with the new governor to attack this problem. I personally believe the Police are being reactive instead of PROACTIVE to crime. We already have laws in place to deal with gangs. But these laws probably need serious bite to them.

      The problem we have has many parts to it.

      1) No deterrence – Our prison is a joke. It’s a vacation destination for anyone who has a criminal background. Hell half of their friends are there anyhow. We need a prison people fear. Maybe we need more corporal punishment also.

      2) Laws need more teeth to them. We need minimum sentences for serious crimes like gun related crimes (Burglary/Murder, etc) and rape and sex with a minor. I say anyone using a gun during a crime get’s 10 years minimum and then you tack on. This is no parole no good behaviour. Sex with a minor should be something like 5 years plus 2 years for every year under 16.

      3) Abolish the prorated year thing I am hearing about where 9 months equal 1 year. Last time I checked 12 months in 1 year. In fact it should be 15 months to their years not the other way around.

      4) Better Police Training – Send these guys/gals off to school in the USA.

      5) Better Police Equipment – Equip them to do the job.

      6) Return of Death Penalty for heinous premedetated crimes – Crimes like Estella rape/murder, Courtney (Progressive) murder, Barnes child murder should all go before a board of 5 magistrates for review where it takes 4 magistrates agreeing to death sentence.

      7) More community relations – Creation of watches in each district. Identifying elements in each community such as known criminal elements or locations where crimes are prevalent.

      8) Local Education in criminology. If we are to have Caymanian police doing the job they need to get education and here in Cayman in the environment they will be operating in.

      9) Bring in a specialist to look deeply into our problems and speak with people on culture to see if a REAL plan can be made to attack this problem head on.

      There are even more things that can be done such as seminars with businesses on how to protect their property effectively from criminals such as proper lighting, cameras, etc. Also how to identify the missing aspects of crimes. Things people don’t always look for such as did the robber limp or have a scar or some feature that sets them apart.

      We need our officers harassing these guys and putting them in jail even if overnight on just being in gangs. If they are in a gang that is already against the law why are they not in jail?

      We probably need to strengthen the law as it relates to gangs also such as time you can hold someone on gang related crimes without having to charge them.

      Again if we sit and think about things an just speak off the top of our heads we can come up with ways to deter criminal activity or if not to just be a royal pain to them maybe leading them to making mistakes.

      • Anonymous says:

         I gave your post a "thumbs up". However, I strongly disagree on the death penalty issue – Stats have shown that this is more a about reprisal, rather than a deterrence. Moreover, as a British Overseas Territory we cannot implement the death penalty. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly!! Do you really think a motion gets dreamed up overnight?! A tragic event happens Monday night and you figure off runs Alden and the PPM to jump on it for political gain! Where is your brain?! How long has crime been running rampant in this Country? How long has the public been crying out for something to be done? In recent months our Communities have been infected with criminal activity and it has been ignored by Mac and the UDP! The Public has been begging for someone to do something! And you sit there wasting time suggesting that action now being taken by Alden/PPM was dreamed up overnight for political gain! Dear Jesus who are these people with such thoughts?!!!!

    • Realization says:

      "Clearly an attempt to politicize this tragic event"!

      Get real as you sounding like Mac now.

      Do you really think you can just put together a motion to table to the house in one day. No! This motion has been in the works for a while now as Mr. Alden McLaughlin stated in the press release, but the tragic events of the cowardly shooting of young Jeremiah Barnes just brought this motion to the fore.

      Man, you is real sick if you think that the PPM would use this tragic event as a "political football" and trust me, you sound real "fool fool" like your leader.

      Well done PPM as this is more needed than ever before.

      CNS: Just to note that this was an interview with CNS and not a press release.

    • whodatis says:

      See what I mean about this turning into a UDP vs PPM issue?!

      Look at the comments in reply to mine.

      Almost all of you read the first line of my post and let your fingers run wild.

      Ironically many of you ending up expressing the very same sentiments as I did further on in my post. It also appears that many of you jumped to the conclusion that I am a UDP’er – if you only knew how I feel about McKeeva.

      Both the UDP and PPM have fallen asleep when it comes to the crime issue. (For example, my extended family lost 2 family members during the tenure of the PPM and 1 (so far) under the UDP.)

      I find it highly inappropriate for either of them to be given kudos for any newly offered initiative – just get the damn job done!

      I hate party politics – it truly dumbs down the electorate to a fickle either or either crackpot.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Good move Alden. I am glad to see that real action is being tacken to try and circumvent the crime wave in our islands. Now where do you stand on the selling of permanent residency? What are you and your opposition intending to do about that? Or, will there be another PPM silence as it was with the status grants in 2003?

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually it was the MLA’s who subsequently formed the PPM that brought that issue to the public’s attention back then. So please do not say that they were quiet. If not for them it may never have come to light and, because of the uproar, the previous UDP Govt. were "forced" to include deserving persons to cover up the buddies that the grants were really for.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, you are wrong, it was in fact two of the then ministers in the UDP who wrote lettersopposing the move that brought it to the attention of the public but in the end they all joined in,  PPM and UDP alike, and they all had their buddy lists! So, don’t you try telling me anything about that fiasco because I am still painfully aware of the PPM’s inaction and have a remaining contempt for both parties as a result of that whole fiasco. Had the PPM done what they should have done as a strong opposition and taken a stand, instead of the usual "wait and see, we thinking about it" stance usually taken by them the situation may have been different because the hands of the UDP would have been forced in another direction – people power would have been behind the PPM.