UDP declines PPM invitations

| 25/02/2010

(CNS): The premier and leader of the United Democratic Party has said that he will not be attending Charles Clifford’s demonstration next month or entertaining the motions submitted to the Legislative Assembly by other members of the PPM. Having taken to the steps of the courthouse this week to address the criticisms of some of his administration’s policies, McKeeva Bush accused the opposition of throwing up road blocks and causing distractions that would undermine the Cayman Islands’ reputation around the world.

“The PPM are instigating a march against the government, but with the world watching this is no time to show unrest, which will only further damage our reputation,” the premier told those at the UDP public meeting on Tuesday evening. “I will not go out there to meet that bunch of rabble rousers.”

The premier said Clifford could go ahead and get his signatures for the referendum but asked what would happen then as he did not think the people would switch “us for them”.

Clifford has been granted permission by the RCIPS to organise a protest rally on Saturday, 6 March, and says his intention was to publicly show the current government administration that the people of the Cayman Islands oppose its plans to change immigration policy. Clifford says he believes the community has reason to be concerned regarding the facilitation of automatic key employee status for certain posts in the financial services sector, as well as the sale of the new glass house and other government assets.

A former Cabinet member of the last PPM administration and tourism minister, Clifford lost his Bodden Town seat at the last election but has re-entered the political fray recently with his announcement to demonstrate against government policy. If the march on the Glass House does not illicit a response from government to reverse some of the policy decisions, Clifford has said he will seek enough signatures to initiate a people led referendum to oust the government from office.

“We will have copies of the voters list with us and if the government fails to show up or refuses to reverse these very dangerous and irresponsible policies, then right there in front of the Glass House we will begin the process of obtaining the required number of signatures for the country’s first ever People Initiated Referendum in accordance with … the Constitution,” Clifford said at a PPM public meeting in South Sound on Monday evening. “The referendum will call for early general elections to remove this reckless UDP government from power.”

However, the premier has stated categorically that he has no intentions to attend the rally or entertain other motions from the PPM opposition members of the Legislative Assembly. Aside from refusing Clifford’s invitation, Bush also publicly rejected two of the motions submitted by the opposition to the LA at the public meeting on Tuesday before they had reached the chamber for debate.

Criticising Alden McLaughlin’s motion calling for a national crime strategy, Bush asked where the strategy was when they were in office for four years as crime was rising. He said that the National Security Council was meeting next week and there was no need of another committee or national crime co-ordinator. Bush also rejected the leader of the opposition’s proposal’s to reconsider selling government assets and negotiating to spread the country’s deficit over three years with the UK .

“We will not be passing any of their motions,” Bush told the public who had turned out to the courthouse on Tuesday. He said the UDP would tackle the problem of crime despite not having direct responsibility for the police. He pointed to his request to the governor to implement polices which included armed response units in every district, bringing in a specialist task force, technology such as CCTV and X-ray equipment for customs, and the introduction of training for the RCIPS in law and policing methods related to gang crime.

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  1. Caymanian Voice says:

    The comments made by the Premier today are simply indicative of how all powerful he feels at this point.  He sees himself as omnipotent, so he can do anything, say anything, and we are just subjects who must pay obseisance to him no matter what, or he will destroy us !!  No one must ever challenge him is his message to all of us. God help us.

    At this stage it matters not who made the clarion call for this march rather the voices of all of Cayman must be raised in unison that "this is enough" is what matters. Let’s stop beating up on Chucky, PPM any one or group at this point and step out and show up saturday.

    The presence of many Caymanians walking peacefully together down the road says "we are not afraid of anyone, anymore" we want to be heard", "this land is ours" . If  the Premier has no intention to come out to listen to even 5 people express their concerns with his policies and projects then he has no interest in what the people care about. He has no interest in us and what we are concerned about. What else do we want him to say to prove that? He is above listening to the people. So the people need to show up and let him see that they have had enough.  

    What is most insulting is that every time he has opened his mouth in the last 72 hours he has another lame duck variation on each issue as he wiggles around hoping that we are under his control to such an extent that we will believe no matter what he says.

    When will he figure out that most of us have well earned degrees and those that don’t have degrees they have good Caymanian commonsense ??  He speaks on every subject of the government! Ministers dare not speak for fear that they are embarrassed by him minutes later. 

    I  am truly just despondent with where we are today.  McKeeva is carrying us quickly into dire times and every suggestion that PPM has proposed he has shot down. We say we need an opposition which works with the government but that works both ways, the government has to be big enough to understand they don’t own the throne all alone and listen. He has shut down the motions the PPM brought to the House. Why? I would posture that he feels like he should not allow them to get credit for anything, even if the proposals would be good for our country?  

    Next week cannot be business as usual here. We must halt the run away agenda of the current government and start a process towards getting another one! We must do something before it is too late.

    So folks, we are at the end of the line. We stay with this government and we have no future at all, and our children should best go else where to find a way to make a living. This is not about personalities but about our future.

    Let’s get out of the sphere of being with UDP or PPM and into the real world where we face the hard fact that no matter who is leading the government today they are truly irresponsible and they must go. We are being lied to left right and centre, this is not acceptable today or anytime.

    Are we simply followers or are we ever going to stand up for what we believe in? As much as we hate being counted, we had better get over it and be counted.  

    Lets have another election which allows who ever wants to, to put their hat in the ring for running our islands. Let’s get going to take Cayman back.

    If we don’t McKeeva will just destroy it and line his pocket even more so he will be able to go elsewhere to live with his under the table millions and we stay here and perish. That folks is the writing on the wall.

    • Scrooge McDuck says:

      I’m not disagreeing with you 22:23 for I think your assessment is correct but no one would touch this economy with a twenty foot pole.  The reason for that being that neither the UDP nor the PPM have forced an agency to provide a financial report in years. The only news we are receiving is that things are bad and going to get worse. 

      How anyone can attempt to reduce expenditure without knowing the above is beyond comprehension.  Unless they, the UDP and the PPM, already know and prefer to blame each other.  In which case they can go on pretending to us it was a surprise.  Any new political party would be faced with the same either by chance or by choice.

      I suggest what we as people need to do is, forget politics, and hire a reputable accounting firm – I said reputable – to take control of our finances.  The island is crawling with them.  And then give them the mandate to carry out their recommendations.  We do that every day with our own accounts. It seems to me this is more critical because it involves our entire country.

      To continue to expect politicians with their own agendas to fix a problem they created is asking for more of the same and we don’t have time for that.

      Let’s continue our march to an accounting firm and ask for their assistance. And it would boost the idea that Cayman can handle other peoples’ finances as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here’s my two ‘sense’

    1. I cannot in good faith sign a "PPM" petition, as there are clearly only two viable choices. UDP and PPM. I’m definately not a UDP as I cringe everytime I hear McKeeva talk. I was a PPM but as far as I’m concerned they too have also failed us by being reactionary as opposed to proactive. By going overboard with government spending while being fiscally irresponsible by not producing reliable accounts for almost the entire period they were in control, and by being too ambitious with the schools (a little realism would go a long way). Now I’m an independent. Unfortunately there is no party for people of my kind. We desperately need a party who is interested in the good of the people and the country rather than the two we have now who mainly seem interested in undermining each other. One who will at least provide some comfort to us with a plan to combat the rising crime.

    2. People need to keep in mind that selling government assets will aid in our deficit. That is only the deficit for this year. That speaks nothing of our overall debt which we will undoubtedly need to address one of these days. The government needs to look at viable solutions for cutting costs and generating revenue such as

    Not paying the highest price for things that go out to tender.

    Put Caymanian civil servants on term contracts like expats so that they have incentive to do well, and not the assurance that even if the government changes, or they underperform they will continue to be paid for doing nothing until retirement.

    Look at realistic revenue streams. My favourite is a public owned casino, the house never looses and other countries have done well with the publicization of profitable ventures. Even private owned casinos who will have to pay fees to the government for operating will help (don’t worry, we’re not really that christian, we just like to pretend we are. Most of our Christians have drank with the best of em, had children out of wedlock and have hypocritical tendencies that even your biggest atheist cannot compete with).

    Cut the civil service, too many of them get away with murder by doing nothing and underperforming. They would never survive in the private sector with their current work ethic.

    Leading by example, cut the chouffer (sorry for spelling), cut the house keeper, watch the Olympics on TV like everyone else and stop reminding us of Misick.

    • anony says:

      18:38 you are way out of line. Your suggestion to cut the civil servants is absurt and ridiculous.

      one question:

      "Do you have the number of jobs available in the private sector to place all these civil servants in as you propose?  I doubt it.

      You’re just running your big mouth with no money to back it up

      • Shock and Awe says:

        What???  Do you know what you just said???  Let me get this straight.  It is obvious by now the civil service is overloaded but we must still pay for it…. because if we didn’t they’d have to find other work??  Is that what you meant?  Well ain’t that too g*d da*ned bad. 

        So does everyone else have to find a job that way.

        They read the paper all day.  They shouldn’t have a problem.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How this man can even present himself in public, let alone continue to drive around with his chauffeur like some kind of prince.  

    He has just come back from a trip to Canada, first class all the way and at our expense of course, this trip being only the most recent vacation at our expense. Surely he must have known the situation with our budget before he continued with his ridiculous expenditure of OUR MONEY.

    The man has done nothing but spend, spend, spend on himself and his cronies taking almost constant and completely unnecessary trips since the election. And now he reveals that his government is spending far more money than it is bringing in. Well then Mac – STOP SPENDING LIKE A DRUNKEN SAILOR. 

    What about the hundreds of thousands that are being spent on cronie "advisors" and "consultants".  

    Wouldn’t a responsible leader at least try to lead by example? 

    Wouldn’t a responsible leader say something like, "Times are hard so I am taking a cut in pay and will put through legislation to make all the MLA’s do the same." "I will also put my chauffeur back on duty as a police officer, send my personal housekeeper to help maintain government offices, and have my cook work in one of the schools or other government facilities".  

    Why not sell some of the fancy vehicles that government owns that are costing us a fortune to maintain if you want to sell something?

    Wouldn’t a responsible leader tell his cronies that it was time for them to move away from the trough at which so much of the people’s money is being consumed?

    Wouldn’t a responsible leader stop expanding the civil service – has everyone noticed the dozens and dozens of new posts that are being created at the moment?

    I have lost all respect for the man that is our Premier. I have lost all confidence that he is capable of leading this country. It is time for those members of the UDP that love their country to band together and get this man out of control.

    The people are having a terrible time making ends meet and this man lives like he is entitled to take the last piece of bread from our children’s mouths. 

    Many of us are starting to wonder where future meals are going to come from. We are not worried about "Dog ate ya suppa" We are now coming to realise that it is more likely to be that "Mac ate ya suppa"

  4. sam says:


    Both PPM / UDP is causing division in the country. The same people all the time, exaggerating and overstating the truth from both sides.


    We need a party that believes in a small managable government that does not interfere with the "Caymanian Market" in increasing heavy duties and fees upon the private sector in order to make itself fat. Only then will we see prices lowered and jobs maintained.

    I don’t believe in PPM anymore, and never will!  I don’t care if PPM supporters rate me down on this site. I know they will not listen to reason so they will just rate me down without thinking! We need new leadership and a new start!


    One day… just one day…

    • Anonymous says:

      Government spending and the hiking of fees to bring us back to norm – seems like both these parties goals.  Do you think that they (UDP and PPM) would ever try to reduce the size of government operations or privatize certainof its unimportant sectors?


      Hence, within the time-frame the FCO has demanded upon us, tough decisions are to be made; or else, we tax everybody like what Chris Bryant recommended.

      Jesus said, "If you’re right hand offends you, cut it off"

    • Anonymous says:

      The Party System works! If you do not like either of the parties then you are welcome to form your own.

      We now know that every member of the UDP is in favour of selling the new Government Administration Building, selling the Sewage Plant, selling Permanent Residency etc.

      Any member of the UDP not in favour of the above is free to resign and walk over to the opposite side of the LA and take a seat. That is how a Party System works.

      If you are not in agreement with the above policies then you can express that by not voting for them in the next election.

      The PPM were voted out of office at the last election because a lot of people felt that they were not listening to their concerns.

      You may not always get the government that you want, but you will always get the government that you deserve.

      • tamara says:

        Oh please!

        Party-system is what is brewing all this chaos right now!  And it will get worse!

      • anony says:

        A Warning to Mike Adam, Elio solomon Rolston anglin, Cline Glidden, Capt. Eugene, Ezzard Miller, Arden McLean, Mr. Tibbitts and all the rest of you un named, Scotland, 





      • Shock and Awe says:

        Most of us are too busy going to work to start a political party.  Why do you think they call them parties? When we’re never invited?  They only invite themselves to their parties.

        Anyway we don’t need politicians and never did.  They need us.  We need managers and accountants.

        Should we tell them? and break up their party?

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman just needs:

      a party other than the current candidates (PPM, UDP & Independents).  A party led by someone who understands politics, economics and the value of diplomacy and tact, particularly when dealing with other countries and their leaders.  A party who understands that good politicians are humble; civil and diplomatic in all of their dealings (as opposed to back-stabbing, bitching and finger pointing at every opportunity); be accountable for your own actions and fess up when you are wrong; think strategically and give no thought to personal gain; have clear, achievable goals and objectives – don’t try to change the world; research and understand, no overstand the issues pertinent to your country, your people and your position; Listen to others and don’t think you already know or understand it all.  Others may think differently, and you may not agree, but remember in a (‘so-called’) democracy their view counts just as much, if not more than your own; learn how to say ‘no’ kindly and with respect (the planned march comes to mind here) – you might need these people to support you on something else later so try not to go around offending anyone and everyone who disagrees with you; understand the institution that is parliament and the role you play in it – remember: the responsibility of good governance is not just the responsibility of the Governor alone; and please show you respect the experience and views of others (pretty absent with Bush if you ask me).  Learn how to recognise corrupt behaviour and demonstrate that you can be trusted to do something about it and put it right… do not compound it by sweeping it under the rug as so often seems to be the case here. Stand up, make a difference and be accountable. 

      This is the kind of political party we need.  This is the kind of political party that would get the undivided support from all cross-sections of the community and bring the economy back under control.  With prudent budgeting, reduced spending and long overdue cut-backs in the civil service, together with an end to the free ride for civil service employees in terms of pension and healthcare insurance, I am sure this country could still have gotten back on track without the drastic measures that are now being resorted to because of continued bad management of the economy by our current leader who set out by announcing to the world we were ‘broke’ and then went off on a continuous spending spree himself and refusing to make necessary decisions because he doesn’t want to upset certain people.

      You got to be cruel to be kind sometimes.



  5. Anonymous says:

    All I can see on these post is PPM vs UDP. Where is the unity??  keep this up see what happens. we’ll all end up like Somalia!

  6. a west bayer says:

    I could careless about PPM or UDP…. I vote for something different…. Both parties are being paid!!! to better this country… so far i see one trying and making ideas (even if they makes no sense) and the other taking S**t ( not giving ideas or solutions but getting paid more than enough money to eat turtle all day and all night…. Please people… share ideas not hated.  if you cant make ends meet and cant eat turtle… sign the form…for change again. If your one of those sore losing PPM people!!! Dont fuel hated and try to tell the people what they already know, wait for the currenlty govt to try. PPM had their change to screw up!



    • Anonymous says:

      "west bayer" you say you vote for something different? Don’t make us laugh! All west bay can do is keep on voting one way, & that is the wrong way, so don’t try wriggle your way out of it!
      Not only did the PPM have their chance, but so did the UDP (remember 2001-2005?) & yet unna still put them back in government in 2009, so your argument don’t make no sense bayer!
      The person that is fueling the most hate is your politician Bush, who has encouraged Caymanians & expats (especially Jamaicans) to HATE all members of the PPM. Can you imagine a Caymanian encouraging foreigners to hate fellow Caymanians? I say: "Shame on McKeeva Bush." It is Bush & the UDP that have promoted & encouraged hatred amongst the people, NOT the PPM!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mac – you are a joke and an embarassment to this Country! Still bewilders the hell outta me how some so called intelligent people have the stomach to continue hanging on to his shirt tail – unna mean to tell me unna not embarassed every time this man opens his big mouth? Jesus! Is power and greed that important to you all that you allow yourselves to stand by while he shame unna up so much?! Come on now! Unna got to have upset stomachs every day! Looking like real losers hanging on to Mac for sure.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      It is no surprise that I am no supporter of the UDP or the way the country is being run. BUT I have to say that I think whenever I criticize or express my opinions I am not rude. I don’t call people names or make personal comments. I try to stick to my opinion, the facts and maybe a solution.

      "Mac you are a joke"…is not appropriate. We are discussing, debating, criticizing elected members and that is our right. Freedom of speech and expression.

      I believe more and more people will understand and relate to serious opinions and critizm if it is done with decorum and civility. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    "Mac’s " Better Way Forward" has turned out to be the destruction of Cayman. XXX Mac has no answers. He is the world’s only living dinosaur and Ellio is his brother. Ellio, shame on you! Where are your solutions? Every morning on the Rooster, you told Caymanians you had a solution for every problem. You had "a better way forward". Yes, a better way forward for yourself because the MLA salary is the biggest you have earned in your life. Yes, that is your better way forward. My family is suffering because of the UDP government’s incompetence. "

    UDP, I hope your reading these blogs because these are written by the people who voted you in… not one man. 

  9. Anonymous says:


    Note this protest should not be seen as a PPM protest simply because Chuckie has the guts to initiate it.. This is about us Caymanians and our rights and country.. Please let us not look at it from a political perspective.. let us stand up for what is right and do something about it.  I appeal to all Caymanians to please let us make a mark and show MAC that he is ruling a country and not his household and should listen to the people who put in him power. 


  10. No more parties says:

    See? This is why it will NEVER be a good idea to have a party system here in Cayman!

    There are too many family and friends, that even IF they were’nt for a certain party they would naturally vote for their close acquaintance!

    Ezzard is the smartest MAN in the house right now – that’s because he is NOT obligated to NO ONE in the L.A.!!

    Go back to independent canidates – too much "sucking up" in the LA with this one and that one trying to be the other parties head huncho’s right hand!!

    They can’t speak for themselves – how then can they speak for us??

    Makes no sense – and it’s obvious that the country has only gotten WORSE since the introduction of the party system – THANKS ONCE AGAIN FOR A STUPID IDEA MCKEEVA!!!

    Sad days ahead….




    • Anonymous says:

      I think your words would make a perfect slogan for Ezzard at the next election: "He is not obligated to No-one".

  11. Anonymous says:

     Hey guys, I sorta agree with McKeeva… the islands have got to stop borrowing so much from the UK. We’ve got to find our own source of revenue that does not depend on any other country. What PPM wants to do is borrow more. Now how does that help the economy on the island?

    • Anonymous says:

      Where have you heard that we borrowed money from the UK? The UK only had to approve the CI Government to borrow money from LOCAL banks.

  12. Twyla Vargas says:

    A DAY OF RECONNING WILL BE COMMING for all those who have deceived and undermined the people of this country.

    The crime will reach their door steps, walk on their children and grand children and we will throw our hands in the air and cry LORD, LORD.. but will he hear us.

    Cayman is to a point of no return, and my decision is to protect myself and my family at all cost. Cayman listen up. it is every man for himself and GOD for us all.

    Read between the lines and do what you have to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Miss Vargas, do you really know what you said, as you are preaching against your annointed one – be careful!

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        MY ANOINTED ONE !!!!   My friend,  listen up and listen good, My anointment  comes from Jah.  No other. 

        I will drink with certain people, but I will not get drunk with them, and  I am also a very wise woman, and no matter how much I love you,  I will not let you lead me down a path of destruction.   I do hope you are reading between the lines my friend.

        I answer to no man, only to Jah. Try me,

    • Anonymous says:

      Twyla gal, I read you loud and clear! Many Caymanians feel the same way.

  13. PPM=Rhetoric not solutions says:

    I love it when I hear them say its not a PPM protest….well riddle me this batmant but who’s leading the March? oh its Charles Clifford, the last time I checked he was and still is a member of the PPM..I say to all the UDP supporters lets organize a counter protest and show support for our Government.

    • Anonymous says:

      OK fool fool, wait and see who is on this protest and you may get quite a shock, as I know of a large number of your UDP and independents who will be out there.

      If people have approached a member of the PPM to help lead the way and organize the protest, that does not make it a PPM protest, but coming from a pupil of the "spin master" (your leader), I expect nothing different from you people!

  14. Anonymous says:

    why are you guys hating on PPM? do you want to have a country or not, cos right now they’re the only ones that will save us!



    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think these are the usual readers… I have noticed within the past week we picked up several UDP supports. 

      Guess Mac and crew like our blogs too… maybe that’s why he said it was one person posting over and over again!  That’s UDP’s new strategy.   

    • PPM=Rhetoric not solutions says:

      "They are the only ones who will save us"???

      As they did when they were elected in 2005?? then why were they voted out? oh i guess the people were pleased with them….by the way thas called sarcasm.

      • Anonymous says:

        They were voted out because of incompetents like yourself – blindly following the pied piper over the cliff – watch wha Mac and the UDP lackeys give unna!

      • Anonymous says:

        The udp were voted out in 2005, "oh I guess the people were pleased with them….." but did that do us any good? They were re-elected in 2009! So what is your point? Because the PPM were voted out last year, are you suggesting that they simply sit around & keep quiet while the present government destroys our country? If they were to keep quiet in opposition that would be like what the udp did between 2005 & 2009….. by the way that is sarcasm!!
        UDP= SELL OUT!

    • Anonymous says:

      Excuse me Anonymous @ 11:07 did you just state that the PPM are the only ones that can save us? Now honey dont make me poop myself up from laughter,cause i just had some tasty oxtail for lunch and i would like to hold it in a little bit longer.The PPM is planning this march to try and save themselves and you talking bout they the only ones that can save us,sweetheart if i were you i would re-post admitting your mistake and asking other posters for forgivness,honey please do not take it to personal!!!!!!

  15. ur a joker says:

    "We will not be passing any of their motions", Bush told the public who had turned out… Is this because they were not good ideas, or is it simply to be spiteful? He wonders where all these bright ideas were when PPM administration was in office? HELLO I certainly do not believe that things were this bad when PPM was elected. Its only lately that almost every morning that you wake up not surprised to hear of another attack, another shooting, another robbery etc. No way was Cayman this bad back then. "He says that UDP will tackle the problems" HOW? technology such as CCTV and X-ray equipment. WOW. How many shootings/robberies have taken place right under the view of a camera, and how many of those persons have been caught or should I say CHARGED??? I only hope that with the CCTV equipment comes a ‘specialist’ to watch those tapes. Another method to curb crime, he says is to train the RCIPS in law and policing methods related to gang violence. I wonder what kind of training it takes to even get you into the police force; because if they dont already have these types of training then THAT would explain alot… And the X ray equipment for Customs.. do you really think that all the guns are coming in through the airports HAHA.

    I’m really not surprised to hear Mac Mac say that he won’t be attending the march. What leader would? But that doesnt mean that he wont have his spies out there. Maybe they’ll be there handing out little cards again. PEOPLE NOT LET THEM TRICK YOU! lol Gov’t workers- dont be afraid to get out there as well, if anything you can wear your hat and big sunglasses. I’m just saying.

    • ur a joker says:

      Our leader is not one bit concerned about crime. All he stresses about is "Money, money, money" MONEY. In times when this country is most suffering, what’s he doing? Going  here, going there, travelling. Thinking about what ‘assets’ to sell to raise MONEY. Thinking about raising work permit fees, to get MONEY. Thinking about selling off PR’s to get MONEY. Do you see where I’m going with this? People, wake up!  

  16. I will sign says:

    I will sign but does that count as being political or just having my rights to sign

    • ur a joker says:

      Everything is political these days. But you do make a good point. Even UDP supporters dont have to agree with ALL that Mackeeva is doing. Anybody has the right to sign but its whether you agree with the sale of such assets, whether you agree with the imposed immigration policies or whether you’ve had enough and think that its time to Premier to step down! I think.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually there are many UDP members & supporters who have expressed their disgust & concern at what Mr. Bush is doing, & some have even said they will join the march. Let’s wait & see, but for sure there are a lot of unhappy persons, PPM, independents & UDP!

  17. Anonymous says:

    The planned march and demonstration is really not about the people or the Government. It is a plan by the PPM to test their support by the Public. Nothing else.

    They can March and pretend all they want but it wont change anything as far as our financial situation goes. But it will tell Chuckie and the PPM where they stand politically.

    If you are not in it to support the PPM then joining the march would simply be letting the PPM fool you into helping them fool themselves some more.

    Rather than spending their time organising marches and disruptions they should be trying to spend some time thinking about the mess they created for the people of these islands and what they could be doing to help pull us out of it.

  18. banks says:

    I think the Premier should one-on-one address his accusers, and transparently have the media recordhis answers to them. I think that would resolve alot of issues. I don’t think refraining from talking is wise when people are demanding explanations.

  19. Albert Jackson says:

    Albert Jackson It is always good to have opposition but with a clear cut alternative. The PPM leader is weak and is not the man to lead any return to power and if they can’t see it then they are in denial. Voters are tired of changing governments to make the same old mistakes over and over again. The PPM needs younger people to step up but their leader refuses to give up power that he couldn’t handle as well as the $120,000 paycheck. The newly elected government has opened up many issues to be exploited but the opposition did not have a real leader then or now. They fail to understand there is a big difference between a true leader and a mere holder of power. Two things must take place. (1) They must use the referendum weapon to keep this present government in check. (2) Elect a better leader that doesn’t have a credo of “We can only do so much”. People from all walks of life will come on board to bring a better balance to this foreign invasion and selling off our country by a leader that can’t see the Forrest for the trees.

    • anony says:


      Albert, your recital is taken but not entirely. You forgot one thing you never mentioned that this is Cayman has elected a dictatorship regime that has no respect for the constitution, nor the wishes of the people, and is apparently defying any laws that protect the rights of the people to protest his policies and challenge the premier’s recent actions.

      You need to research what happens to countries that sell off government assets, privatize the programs and open the flood gates to immigration.Don’t assume that we at home are all dumb. You got that wrong. We read and study more than you do obviously.

      These countries that have allowed leaders to behave like the recently elected premier have been ruined with corruption.

      Albert, if you’re going to point people in a direction in this forum LEASE

      Make sure at least "POINT THEM IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION"

      You are so wrong. I’m surprised you’re not living in Russia, India, or Venezuela where all the Big Mac proposed government policies you agree with are in place already;and then you will have the opportunity to experience the fear, the plight and the dictatorship rule they are now suffering at the hands of ruthless leaders.Did I mention the executions for opposing the governments?

      Is this what you want for Cayman? You could have fooled me.

      Try again

  20. Anonymous says:

    Well how disrespectful our our premier…no surprises there! People…this is what this man thinks of you…that you’re not worth his time nor effort…do you really want him "leading" your country?

    I will be marching and signing that petition…we got to get rid of this fool dictator!!!!! He refuses to check himself, so lets force him to!!!

    I’m STILL ready to MARCH!!!


  21. Anonymous says:

    PPM is an absolute waste of time. The country is now facing serious challenges mainly because of the irresponsible planning and spending between 2005-2009 by the PPM government.

    Mckeeva Bush has inherited similarly what Barak Obama has inherited in the United States. A past bunch (Republican/PPM) of big spenders with no vision in the economic times, which has caused large deficit’s and a state of dire emergency.

    Thus, Premier Bush now has to take unprecedented steps to keep the country’s head above waters. Mckeeva cannot be blamed for the problems the Cayman Islands finds itself into, he has only been in office for the past (9) nine months and from the first day in office, it’s pure "damage control" that he has been engaged in, to secure jobs, encourage inward investment and reinvend the Cayman Islands. 

    What would happen if "direct taxation" had came about as was suggested by the FCO ?? What would happen if $70 million dollars worth of civil servants (approx 800-1,000 Caymanians) were layed off their jobs to balance the budget. I just hope that those who may be considering to sign this referendum, think carefully about all of this before putting their signature on any piece of paper for PPM. 

    Straight talk is straight talk !!!

    • Barry O says:

      Did you just compare UDP to the US Democratic Party . . . . ?

    • Macman says:

      "Straight talk is straight talk"

      I could not agree with you more    Only problem is that it is the last thing you will ever hear from our Premier. 


      We are in a world economic recession. The so called experts from all over the world failed to see it coming.The PPM planned spending to benefit the country..new schools and roads. What does Mac spend on …..Holidays abroad.

      Where is the voice of the rest of the UDP? The only time we hear from them is when they are paraded out to mouth the words MAC wants them to say. With the exception of one UDP MLA they are all spineless yes men (women) and we know what happened to the exception!!


    • Anonymous says:

      My fear is that if the PPM ever get back into power with their spending habits they will introduce direct taxation to the country.

      See how the Caymanian on the street takes to income tax…

      At least McKeeva understands that direct taxation would kill the Cayman Islands and is doing everything possible to avoid UK pressure to introduce this into the country.

      The PPM seem to ignore or wish to remain ignorant to this reality.

      Their solution is to ask the UK to change the debt ratio laws, get a clue please…

    • Anonymous says:

      The Democrats are the big spenders in the USA. They are the ones who believe in funding all sorts of entitlement programs to encouarge laziness

  22. Anonymous says:

    typical Mackeeva/UDP ignoring what the people have to say, UDP is ignoring the people who placed them in  Govt, Poor Elio begging the country to give them another chance, no worries you guys don’t have to attend  the constitution will speak!

    • Anonymous says:

      Whether they relaize it or not, the marchers are essentially advocating for some or all of the following measures:-

      1.Cutting the civil service

      2.Introducing Income tax

      3.Introducing property tax

      4.Weakening our financial laws

      5. Increasing our borrowings

      6.Increasing our debt


      While I hate the thought of selling and then lease/purchasing back the new Glass House, i cannot agree to the above alternatives.  If the Marchers can give me  provide better options than the above listed, I will be happy to march with them.




  23. Good! says:

    The PPM led us to the edge of ruin.  We need firm unpopular leadership to save us from ourselves.  The PPM were routed in the election.  The Government is entitled to ignore them now.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP were routed in the 2005 election. Were the PPM entitled to ignore them during their term in govt.?

      They are representatives of the people. Kurt Tibbetts was elected with more votes than McKeeva Bush. No one should be ignored. That is just sheer arrogance.   

  24. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t Chuckie know that "throwing up road blocks and causing distractions that would undermine the Cayman Islands’ reputation around the world" is the Premier’s job? 

  25. Rod says:

    I don’t blame him for declining; they making something out of nothing

  26. Concerned Caymanian Citizen says:

    Before William McKeeva Bush was most recently titled with Premier, he was first elected as a district representative for West Bay.
    I do not know the answer,so I ask ‘Does being Premier circumvent the responsibilities of representing the people of your district and as Premier, the people of your country?’

    If there are a high number of participants that appear at this demonstration, I would see it not as “With the world watching us and waiting to spread bad news about us…” But as an opportunity to demonstrate to the world a Premier’s ability to hear different perspectives and despite varying opinions commit and act in the best interest of its islands and our people; no rule states if you listen with your ears you have to talk.

    I do agree that “this is no time to show unrest” and perhaps a great way to show “the world watching us and waiting …” is to respond in a mature manner that could be reflected with 55 years of life experience by confirming a benefit of a democracy is for members of our society to gather and demonstrate?

    But obviously, the better way to show the world that we are united is to name call these individuals as political leader/s seeking support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices and blatantly telling them “I will not go out there and meet that bunch of rabble-rousers…..” and “hold their breath”

    As I travel down memory lane, I recall a politician making a statement like “When the government called this meeting it was intended that an important update is provided by the government to senior civil servants and the private sector. It is also intended to provide the opportunity for you to give your input.” 

    Yet clearly no input was valued by this person whom I could find nowhere on September 2nd or 5th, at the 2005 Education conference, when the objective was to allow all stakeholders concerned with the quality of education to discuss the critical issues and to agree on broad paths forward on the core issues facing the delivery of education in the Cayman Islands; yet this same politician confidently dismissed feedback of what was discussed by members of our community with condescending comments in the Legislative Assembly  reflecting on the results of the report “as a feel good report”. 

    I personally attended the 2005 education conference and appreciated that the community’s education needs were not only heard, but documented; however clearly my views do not count as they were not conceived in the presence of this politician, nor will they count in his eyes on March 6th, after all “What good will it do the country?”

    The quoted statements above illustrate the level of maturity (whether you voted/support him or not) and ability to speak as the Premier of our islands.  I hope that his attitude/response is not something he thinks reflects how this Caymanian wishes to be represented.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Typical of a leader who has absolutely no interest in listening to the people of his own country. These are the rantings of a dictator, an insecure bullying and controling man who can only have his way and consider no other way.

    Look who is talking about de-stabilizing the country. Who opened their big mouth to the world that Cayman was bankrupt. Talk about damage to the country. He is doing nothing abnout crime and nothing about a 110 civil servants per 1000 population Govt which is out of control and he has no guts to do anything about his own house (Govt) Note: Other Govts only have 8-10 civil servants per 1000. and he is employing more civil servants.

    Cayman you voted for a dictator to lead your country to become a banana republic and now you have what you voted for, a man with no education and no previous business experience to lead us into ruin.

    Welcome to the McChavez dictatorship and his world view.

  28. Anonymous says:

     I will sign !!!!!

    Please get the referendum started before we have no country left to save!


    Oh, Mac says "with the world watching this is no time to show unrest, which will only further damage our reputation"

    Like it could get any worse than the damage he has already done (and continues doing).

    Funny, he should only think of those consequences when his people are getting ready to remove his dictatorship XXX from power. Maybe he should of engaged the brain and thought of that before he announced to the world that Cayman was broke and sent our financial sector on a downward spiral ? Or maybe somewhere in the past 8 months while he was spouting off at the mouth and embarrassing the entire country playing these school yard immature blame games.  I don’t know about anyone else but due to the recklessness, arrogance, uncouth, lack of diplomacy of this new government for the first time in my life feel embarrassed be Caymanian!  

    Let’s face it "Manning up" isn’t going to happen with the UDP. That was made clear when Elio begged for another chance.  Boy this isn’t high school. This is our country and lively hoods you people are messing up and the bottom line is " UDP is clueless" as to how to save this economy, everything you have done has sent us spiraling further down! 

    So, let’s get on with it.   

  29. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is that you get what you vote for!  With respect to the current government, I expected nothing to write home about, and they have lived up to my expectations!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Did you all read the report about the disgraced former Prime Minister of Turks & Caicos Michael Misick in the Cayman Compass today, Wed 24?
    If there is anyone who did not read it, please make sure to read it. 
    Also remember that he is a very close friend & associate of Caymans’ Premier & a few of his close friends & colleagues.
    Misick is still being investigated for corruption while he was the T & C Prime Minister. Amongst the corruption charges are allegations that he sold government assets & property. Does this sound familiar? 
    I would not like to see the UK take control of our government, but if that is what it takes to save us from the destruction caused by a runaway dictator, I’m all for it!  Please read the Misick article to understand the similarities between what happened in T & C and what is happening here!

  31. Uncooth says:

    This is a protest by Caymanians who are concerned with the direction Mr. Bush is taking Cayman.

    This is not a PPM protest even though I am sure they will be fully supportive of Mr. Clifford and the other organizers which includes Caymanians from all walks of life, so for Mr. Bush to refer to the people participating in the protest as "hooligans" and "rabble rousers", is very insulting to all Caymanians.

    We have come to expect nothing better from Mr. Bush, but for the sake of Cayman I feel it is time for him to change, but again, we know that will never happen.

    Caymanians should take his insults personnally because I sure have and I beg the Cayman people to ignore his threats and turn out in the thousands to the public protest and show the bully we have had enough!

    • Anonymous says:

      If anyone listened to the opposition on the radio yesterday, the question was asked "if they attemepted to discuss their points with the governement before organising a march" they said no.

      Now demanding that the govenrment meet with them is only political postering, when the bi-partisan thing to have done is approcah the governement with what ever plane they say they have. take note people one can criticise and find faults but while you are doing that you should have soltions, to date the opposition have not put forward any solutions.

      I wonder where would our lovely islands be had the PPM been re-elected.

      God help us all

      • Live Free.... says:

        For your information, the Opposition did not organize any march, so by them answering no, was the right answer to that question, dummy. It was the people that wanted to protest against this Goverment, so the Chuckster raised the torch and the people is getting ready to march, PPM only supported the motion made by the people of the Island, atleast the opposition listens to the people.

      • Anonymous says:

        Would bet my life the Country would not be in the mess it is in today had the PPM been re-elected – give it up! The UDP has done nothing but try to destroy us since May 20th! The UDP is all about Mac, his croonies and what they can get under the table – plain and simple!

  32. BORN FREE says:

    Mr. Bush is worried that "the opposition is causing distractions that would undermine the Cayman Islands’ reputation around the world."
    Mr. Bush has nothing to worry about because if he hasn’t already undermined the Cayman Islands’ reputation around the world then nothing will.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Mack is a good man and good for all,  with some very good ideas, however he is linked with some very lazy cut throats and devious buddies who is only there to line their pockets. They would sell their mothers for their own gain. We pray for you Mack as we know that very soon when at least one of them cant control you that they will turn against you. Keep your eyes open and dont put your trust in no one but God.

    • Live Free.... says:

      How can you support the man that call you a hooligan and a rabble-rouser, you the UDP supporter is clearly deaf, blind or something in between for you not to know any difference between an insult than a compliment from you leader. Shame!!! Next time, listen careful to your leader and take a look at the damage he is doing to the Cayman Islands, before posting.



  34. Anonymous says:

    MacKeeva you are disgusting!  This Country is in dire straits and need every one in a Bi-Partisian way to come together and steer the ship on the right course.  Now the PPM is handing you an Olive leaf of reconciliation and you prefer not to reach out you hand and take it.  You have got to be the most controversal leader the Cayman Islands has ever had.  Why not come together and on a National level and get these motions or whatever pass? Why not put your heads together PPM/UDP and put Country first?  Why do you have to be so bull headed? Yes we know you are the leader of the majority Party, but so is Obama, but he still reached across the aile for help.  Why not MacKeeva?  You STILL believes that PPM put this country alone in this position?  No….We ALL know better, you and the UDP contributed a whole lot too.  Look in the mirror and change your ways MacKeeva.  Remember you are suppose to be a born again Christian.  God is watching YOU!!!

  35. Shock and Awe says:

    Here’s some of the things I learned when I was growing up:

    Around two I guess it was I learned:  I couldn’t always get my own way. I tried tantrums but they didn’t work.  This was a shock to me.

    At four or five I learned:  I couldn’t always blame my siblings.  It was a sad day.

    At seven I learned :  If I spent all my allowance.  I wouldn’t have anything to spend on treats!

    I learned at eight in school:  There were a lot of people smarter than me.  I denied it at first but my report card was proof there was something to it.

    It must have been around twelve.  I learned:  If I just got down to work and stopped goofing off I would do better.  Another huge shock.

    At fourteen I got my first job. I learned: It was hard work mowing lawns. And if I did it properly more people wanted me to do it.  Depressing huh?

    I really wanted it. Right now.

    But…I learned.. if I saved someday I could get that motorcycle and know I’d earned it.

    But it was still hard work.  And I knew I’d never get it by throwing a tantrum. I learned that already. And goofing off wouldn’t work. I learned that. And I couldn’t blame anyone.

    Now my question is:  Did anyone from the UDP or the PPM have a similar childhood and learn anything??  Prove it!!!!



  36. Great-great-great grand son of Celia Long says:

    I nah going switch UDP for dem PPM,no way Jose,UDP all the way we say!!!!!!!!

    • Macman says:

      Thank god this was posted by a none English speaking two year old otherwise we may have something to worry about!

      Did I just insult two year olds….. sorry