Man shot dead in West Bay

| 24/03/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news, Cayman crime(CNS): 

Updated 1:20pm Thursday:  —  Police have now confirmed that the man gunned down in broad daylight in West Bay on Wednesday afternoon (24 March) was 25-year-old Alrick Peddie from the West Bay. Police launched the murder investigation following the shooting, which took place at around 3:15 outside a residence in Willie Farrington Drive, West Bay, near Batabano Plaza. Emergency services arrived on the scene to find the man had received multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. The man was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town where he was formally pronounced dead.  (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Detectives remained on the scene on Wednesday evening undertaking what they described as extensive forensic examinations. Officers from the RCIPS were also conducting door-to-door enquiries in the area throughout the afternoon and evening to try and establish exactly what happened at the location.

Peddie, also known as ‘Bling’, was formerly employed as a security guard at the Next LevelNight Club.

Police did say that no arrests have yet been made and despite the implication would not confirm if this was a gang related killing. A family liaison officer has been appointed by the RCIPS to assist the victim’s next of kin. The murder enquiry team, led by Detective Inspector Collins Oremule, will be based at West Bay police station.

Road blocks on both side of the West Bay Roads caused massive delays to commuters Wednesday evening as police locked down the West Bay area.

This latest murder is Cayman’s fourth so far this year and all four victims were shot dead.

Anyone who was in the area of Willie Farrington Drive at the time of the shooting, or who has any information which could assist police, is asked to call West Bay police station on 949-3999 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have anyone of you sat by and seen unlawful things happening (our children mis-behaving, our parents hitting one-another, hitting their children, someone hiding something and you did not stop to investagate, selling something and you did not stop to ask what, steal something and you did not say, put it back) and did not report it to someone, anyone, be it police, neighbour, paster, mom, dad, brother, sister and the list goes on – then we might just as well have committed the crime as well.

    It’s time for Caymanians to stop pointing fingers at others and ask themselves what have I failed to do – look at the man in the mirror, you might be surprised what you will see.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We can all complain about the rise in crime as much as we want but it wont change the out come.

    People the government is not at fault alone for what happens in our islands. We need to stop pointing fingers and help the matter at hand. The situation will not stop because we let it happen. We all at one point saw something and never said anything for whatever the reason maybe.

    If we opened our eyes to what is really happening here we will see where it all starts.

    Young people are fasinacted by the violence at hand. They never see the danger of a gun until someone close is gone.

    We have friends that do crimes or we see friends with a gun and never report anything. He’s your friend so you dont want to inform or he is your boyfriend so you dont want to inform. whatever the reason may be right there is where we all go wrong. The point at matter is sif we stopped it from there we may se ethe difference in the act.

    The killing is fun to one person and sad for the other. You dont care until it affects you. But why do we wait for that moment to sing out to the government or the RCIP for help. Change starts with us.

    So the next time someone is around and you know of something, make a report it will make a big difference. Another family may not lose a child, sibling, father if we make a real stand to help.

    All these killings may not have even occured if someone had a conscience and if security was tight enough to not let someone be killed in a club where you may have felt safe. One big circle of violence.

    Therefore one blood shed will continue to lead to many more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How can the Government really be blamed?

    The only ones to blame is the people who are family to these killers and who associate with them and remain silent.  You can not blame Government for someone who has his mind made up to take another person life.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We have lost the cayman islands to the law of the gun. full stop. Its no good all of us talking about Cayman getting like other islands,,we are like other islands. full stop.

    So what can we do?

    Lock down the island, bring in the British Police to take back control of the streets, bring in the British Prison officers to take control of the prison and make it a prison not a holiday camp and yes bring in the British Navy to take control of Cayman waters.

    Along with that get some fresh people, yes British, to take the jobs of those in authority like the Chief Justice, the Attorney General, Chief Immigration Officer and consider other positions that have been stale over the years as Cayman has turned into a living hell.

    The point being we have to be tough and very tough.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully some politicians, the RCIPS or even the Governor read the CNS threads to get an understanding what some of the public think of the current levels of crime within the country.

    Speaking with a friend tonight he made an interesting point. He said that the RCIPS were so riddled with informants that everyone knew their plans before they ever did anything.

    He said when was the last time you ever heard of a raid?

    The leader of the RCIPS stated that he has identified the 15 chief leaders of the criminal element in the country. If those criminals are known then why are not raids conducted on their houses, cars or where ever they reside to search for guns, drugs or whatever illegal materials could be seized thus perhaps saving lives.

  6. Abandon ship! (Formerly Sir Henry Morgan) says:

    Have no fear!!!! Our leader has come up with a solution!! Wait for it……

    Yeah, he thinks we can pray these violent crimes away!

    I wonder what his god was doing when 4 year old Jeramiah was being shot in the face?


    • anonymous says:

      Wendy can you confirm if the governor and the politicians read the CNS threads, I am certain they do but please tell us.

      • frank rizzo says:

        No, she cannot and she should not, and she has told us that she will not. You will have to ask the governor and the politicians yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      keep your rude comments to yourslef…. if you dont believe in God, you should keep it to yourslef, dont try to brainwash other believers u nimrod… MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU…. have a nice day.

  7. ........Not relevant! says:

    Ok can someone, anyone please explain to me how can the government can stop the stupidness(violence) that is going in cayman today. I heard so many times that the government isnt doing anything to stop this, but never heard what they could do to stop it. I agree that the government hasn’t shown that they care about what is happening in cayman but it is also not there fault for the murders that are being unsolve, i dont know if the police gets help from overseas but if they dont i certinly think they should.  I know that before the police didnt have so many murders in a year i see it they are probaly not use to this. People are saying we need to come together and put a stop to this, but how i see it is that it is far out the polices hands, we had a stride against violence once as far as i know and it was nice to see that we had some caring people for once in Cayman but violence has not change from last year but Cayman has changed completely right. Killers are still walking the streets smiling with their cold hearts when most caymanians are scared to  even come out of their houses now, Cayman is so small and i think if some people even saw somthing of any of the murders they should speak because it looks like except from Jesus thats the only hope.

    Point Blank Cayman Needs Jesus!!!!!!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Here is another scenario on how the guns could be coming in here.  Who is checking the fishing boats and all the fish caught?  Check out those big fish caught and see if the weapons and drugs are not inside those fish. There are probably dealers in our waters selling these fish to our local fishermen and some of them are probably stuffed with drugs and weapons.  Police, Customs try checking this scenario out.  Remember the criminals are always one step ahead of the authorities, so we got to start thinking like the criminals.

    • FUZZY says:

      To Anonymous THu..17:46 Excellent post.At the same time xray all that frozen seafood that we receive.I  seem to remember a case a few years ago when cocaine was found in frozen fish arriving from Honduras.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok so answer this question if the drugs and guns are
      coming by boats through the fish then why is the fish being
      Sold to the restarants as soon as the guys come in.
      Nobody want to buy stale fish.

    • anonymous says:



      Observe what is happening on the cruise ships, and the small boats around them!!!!  you need BINOCULARS!  They may be dropping the illegal weapons and drugs off  way before they pull up closer to anchor!

      RCIP You are no match for these organized criminals you need those British War ships to guard and patrol our boarders to keep out these illegal drugs and guns.

  9. Anonymous says:

    lets all face it  talking isnt getting anything done, you think the big one in power has time for people who really care, he only worrying about his family and himself…people of the cayman islands i know it is sad but please as a fellow caymanian lets not waste our breath, we have been talking for years action speak louder than words…

  10. Anonymous says:

    When are we going to stop this madness?

    The west bay area property value and rental value is dropping.

    Come on Premier and govarnament. What are you waiting for?

    We are not safe anymore in our own streets.

    Do something!!!


    • anonymous says:



      What a brilliant Recommendation made by Ms. Florence.Goring-Nozza she has the right idea how to go about this. Its so simple.

      Yes, Governor Taylor think about your own safety and Bring in the Military Let the British Military forces "Round up these scumbags that are killing people and then Put them in School and To Work. What I like best about this recommendation to government is that no one is being criticized, but this is just a sincere urgent request  for a solution to the problem. That’s the way to do it, Have ideas that help, not just criticize.

      The resolution is simple.

      1. British Military forces round them all up.

      2. Ankle Bracelet them all.

      3.Mandatory – Must attend School or Must work a Job  5 days a week.

      4.No other options available to  each one of them

      5. Keep the military presence here till the country is stabilized again and our RCIP reinforced and trained to Military level.

      6. Just pass the Legislation within 24 hours and get this  resolution on the road. Come on now, Lets do it.

      What you all think about that our Elected Officials? We made it easy for you, just go ahead and put the Bill o the table. GET ‘ER DONE!

      Better yet, You Governor Taylor can write an Executive Order and get this done yourself!

      Absolutely Brilliant.



      • Anonymous says:

        Put murderers in school and give them ankle bracelets – you have to be smoking some heavy stuff…

        • Punishment says:

          They should also be forced to listen to the Premier’s rambling for six hours per day.

        • anonymous says:


          17:59 You Dummy!

          You have taken this out of context because you are shortsighted and you are part of the problem.School and ankle bracelet was only two of the recommendations you choose to mention to discredit brilliant thinking . If you only have a 5th grade education and limited ability to read and understand what you think you see written in these forums then I suggest you join them too and jump on the bus when it pulls up to take these hooligans to work and School.  Go back and read the recommendation. You obviously don’t have the ability to make one positive recommendation, why waste our time?

          What about the Military assisting RCIP TO ROUND THEM UP?  and the training of our RCIP to  military level to combat you and these hooligans.

          I too agree that the Governor, Mr. Taylor should maintain military presence here to clean up the crime and remain here until the country is stabilized again. You got a problem with stopping crime? Our Tourism and financial future is being affected, the governor has to do do something or these hooligans may take the country away from him too, the man is not stupid, he is about to make a drastic move.

          Since you’re a critical person or an obvious dummy, Education of our Young people is the key to Employment, job security and the pathway to building wealth in a right, and meaningful way that establishes the value of an individual in any democratic society.

          Did you learn anything today?

          They  should work 5 days a week and be monitored on week ends. But they must not continue to be FREE  runing our street killing and terrorizing innocent victims in our communities. They eed to learn a new approach on how to settle differences as gang members, and not by the mighty gun.

          I agree with the recommendation that when they are not working a job, they should be in a TECHNICAL SCHOOL DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE JUST HOOLIGANS OF THIS DANGEROUS NATURE. In other words the hooligans and home grown terrorists would be the only ones who attend this kind of Technical Schooling. They need to be heavily guarded to make sure they are there for the required amount of hours as well.

          At lease we would feel better Governot Taylor that you are trying to deo somthing rather than nothin to protect yourself and Caymanians.


          • Anonymous says:

            Ok Dummy…Since I served in the military and have dealt with murderers and violence first hand, let me educate you a bit…The local work program created for criminals "to educate them" allowed one of these criminals to escape "a secure" environment and murder his girlfriend not so long ago…So now you want to allow them to work and get schooled…The purpose of a prison is to house and keep the people that are not fit to be in a civil society off the street, as judged by a Jury of their peers…

            So far Cayman has demonstrated that the prison is a joke, The prisoners have cell phones, they order take out….they get free cable TV …Prison is prison do the time, prison should be a deterrent…One prisoner assaulted a Tourist just so he could go back to his Hotel (Prison) because he needed medical treatment…Free dental, Medical, and you get paid while in prison…

            "Round up these scumbags that are killing people and then Put them in School and To Work"

            I suggest you go back to school and get an education – these are your words not mine and they are not open to any other interpretation other than you want to round up murderers and give them an ankle bracelet and put them back into society…

            Sorry man your error not mine…

            And I have posted many positive recommendations on this and other forums that have received universal acceptance (thumbs up) …

            The only thing you got right is education is the key…But you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, effective change starts with the youth and holding parents responsible for good parenting and educators responsible for actually teaching, instead of passing kids just because they arrived at school…

            I do agree on the Military option, however using emergency powers should not be taken lightly, as this is a slippery slope…

            I would rather put together a special unit of expats with no affiliations locally – DEA or similar…I have it on first hand authority from Caymanian Police men that they do not want to get involved in these drug related violent crimes and take them on because they do not want to get shot…The police know that the Drug Dealers know them , their family where they live etc…

            Instead of being critical of me, be critical of Educators, Politicians Policeman and Caymanians who will not stand up to these Cowboys…





          • Anonymous says:

            You accuse me of being critical about one aspect of a post that is unrealistic to say the least…In your reply you have insulted me and criticized me 9 times…

            I wonder who is short sighted and critical…Your brilliant idea would be shot down by any educated and experienced Military or Police person that has Violent crime experience…Just ask the lady that got killed out east end by a prisoner on a monitored work program?

            Very short sighted to not be able to handle criticism , a democratic society is founded on the ability to be critical without bringing personal feelings into it…

            So you want the police to be trained to military level to deal with me…Oh I broke the sacred law of blogging and criticized a naive comment…

            I should ask the Governor when I should be arrested for the crime of stating the obvious truth…

            Because I harbor no ill – I forgive you for your hate and your threats…





  11. Anonymous says:

    Police need to stop playing blind eye to serious situations because they do not want to work or they are more scared than us civilians!  We know when you do it so do not be fooled into thinking you are fooling us.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be honest, who cares if we catch these guys? there will be more to follow. What we need to do is get these firearms off the streets, without these guns there wouldn’t be any shootings. You know what is scary is that apporx 70% of you who read CNS know how to get a gun within 3 phone calls and you do noting about it, yes you the accountant, you the banker and guess what it doesn’t matter your nationality. You call a friend , who in turns calls another friend and after the third call KAZZAM this person has a gun. You guys are all mouth, you really don’t want to help.

     The police don’t need the guys (well ok they do) but they do need the guns so they can connect the dots. Do you civic duty and let’s get these guns off the streets.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this personal experience? Is that how you got your gun? Why dont you do the talk you talk?

    • anonymous says:


      What do you mean you dumb a*s the Police don’t need the guys"

      How stupid can you be. Keep your ignorance to yourself.


      Thinking soberly, we need the Guns and these Bastards as well because if you take away what they have now they will bring in more. SO The ROOT OF THE PROBLEM IS THE INDIVIDUAL WHO NEEDS TO CHANGE. THE RIP NEEDS TO GET THEIR HANDS ON THE INDIVIDUALS AND THEY NEED TO REMAIN IN CUSTODY OF SOME KIND AWAY FROM THE REST OF US.

      WE NEED A SYSTEM THAT WIThey are taking up to much of our time right now everyone is afraid and upset. Gov. Taylor we can not function like this,  BRING IN THE MILITARY

  13. Anonymous says:


    I must say our little island has really changed over the last year and nothing seems to be getting done about it.
    I see a number of persons writing in and blaming the RCIPS and our MLA especially Mr. Bush. I have written in the past and will write again today, stop blaming them, there are Three person we should be blaming as they are the ones who can change this (will go into them shortly).
    Mr. Bush and his colleagues draft laws (even Mr. Miller has stated this in the last few weeks); they have no power of the civil service.
    RCIPS, everyone wants to blame them, let us go over what has happened just over the last few weeks, shooting, murders, robberies, kidnapping, burglaries and that’s what we now know about. Does anyone know who investigates these sorts of crimes? The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), I know my figures are probably wrong but I will put money on it that there are approximately 20-25 persons in this department, who all work shifts. I would think that these officers are completely over worked, stressed and all the hours they must be working has to effect their family relationships. We also have the USG (armed response unit) who deals with all firearm related offenses; again there maybe 20 of them working shifts, the same must apply to this unit. I personally would like to thank all the officers for all the hard work they are doing and wish them all to be safe.
    Now let us discuss the persons whom are in control of our national security because it is not  the UDP or PPM it isthe Governor, deputy Governor Mr. Ebanks, Deputy Chief Secretary Mr. Manderson and his assistant Mr. Bush, these are the ones in charge of all Law enforcement… At this time I am not willing to put any blame on the Governor as he is still getting his feet wet ( I do think he should address the public at least letting us know he has a plan). Unfortunately he has 3 persons who are advising him and in my humble opinion they aren’t doing a thing and again if they are they should be speaking to us, after all they are our employees, we pay their salaries and we should not forget that.
    That’s enough ranting on about whom I blame, we need solutions and fast otherwise we will lose our island if we already haven’t.  Apparently this coming Saturday the RCIPS are appealing to the public for persons to come forward and volunteer their time a Special Constable, I ask all of you who are extremely concerned and wish to assist solving these crimes to consider joining, this doesn’t mean you are going to carry a gun or be on the streets, you may have to cover the front desk, cells, directing traffic, but what you are doing is freeing up police officers who will now be able to concentrate on these serious crimes.
    For those of you who are going to criticize me, I want you to know, I am Caymanian and a former police officer, I am as well seriously considering re joining as special.
    • Pending says:

      Blame can be put on the MLA’s, you know why?

      Because to date they have not said a word about the crime wave that has swept these islands..not a word to address the situation at hand. Instead all they do is bash each other over the budget that is also happens to be a complete mess, beacuse of them I might add and no one else.

      Perhaps if they even acknowledged the situation, instead of turning a blind eye and saying absolutely nothing at all, maybe then, maybe, people, who by the way  are the ones that elected these clowns, might stop the bashing.

      Perhaps if they ALL manned up and said SOMETHING or DID SOMETHING, we might stop. And I can tell you that they are the laughing stalk, along with the RCIPS to these thugs who are terrorisiing this nation…FACT

      Its the PREMIERS district where the majority of all of this is occurring and has he said anything..has he f%^&. He needs to pull hs head out his A^& and DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dennis says:

      Come on 12;31 at least get your facts straight – according to the Glass House the Post of Deputy Chief Secretary was abolished 4 months ago- in order words you can’t have a Deputy if there is no Chief. If you are a former police officer why are you still "former" get back in the fight and stop blaming others- the police officers that left the force a few years ago when there was a spike in crime must be held to account.


  14. Concerned resident says:

    I would like to organize a "club" for all residents, whether Caymanian , Jaimaican, American, etc. who want to get together and try to dicuss reasonable realistics ways to solve the growing crime in Grand Cayman.  Please contact me by responding.  

    If there are any government officals reading this. Who makes the laws? How can we get coast guards patroling our waters?  How can the MLA’s really make an impact?  How are guns coming into the island? We need to carefully watch the Port Authority and Customs.  Are our workers turning a blind eye for $$$ ?? We need to investigate.  PEOPLE, we HAVE to make things better.

    CNS: You could also start a forum conversation. Click here

  15. Anonymous says:

    OBJECTIVE: effectively handle violent crime in Cayman, with particular focus on prevention and successful prosecution

    PROBLEM: lack of expertise and experience

    SOLUTION: develop short and long term plans and ACT IMMEDIATELY, using expert assistance in all areas. 

    • Rorschach says:

      Not for nothing, but everytime one of these new "wonders" comes from the UK he is touted as an "expert" in some field or another…One has to wonder why nothing is getting done until one considers the true defintion of an "expert"…
        expert:(a) a person who knows more and more about about less and less until he knows everything about nothing…

      Once you understand that…everything else makes perfect sense….

  16. Kaptain Kayman says:

    Would an organised march down West Bay Rd., or better yet, along the beach in front of all the sunning tourists, decrying the ineffective crime prevention tactics and unacceptable results be of interest to anyone?

    • Anonymous says:

       Maybe as mass exodus of frightened tourists fleeing to any available plane out will wake us up and force us to deal with our cancer.

  17. Anonymous says:

    These Islands need JESUS… Government, Police and Social Services can’t fix problem, because 1. Government is so busy trying to sell out everything like Jamaica. 2. Police afraid to lockup criminals, why? Because they are friends and school mates, but no one is above the law; right is right and wrong is wrong. 3. Mr. & Mrs. Social Services telling me I can’t beat my child for its child abuse come to my house and tell me that, for the BLOOD of JESUS is against you. The Bible tells me The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame Gun man and gun boys will not change until the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST reach their hearth.

     Wake up Cayman Islands, man can’t fix these problems, this Island need JESUS

    • anon says:

      Yes well done, we can all interpret the bible anyway we want, but i think if you’re beating children, Jesus left you a long time ago.

      Jesus and the bible is not what this island needs (Jamaica has plenty of both and look how well it is doing for them). This island needs a proper prison, strong arm law enforcement and a community to come together to fight this scurge.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s all around us.  It just so happens we got the freedom of choice…to do whatever we want.  Now, everyone blames the government or the police butare you implying we should we blame God for giving us that right? As the old adage goes, "guns don’t kill people. people kill people."  And you’d be amazed that these criminals probably are 10 times more religious than the expats who move here, make money, spend money, maybe say a few ignorant comments here and there and yet they’re the ones we gang up on.  Now I’m not saying they’re above Caymanians by any means (even though some think that they are) but they’re keeping the financial sector and a whole lot more to our society together…and a lot of them do it without Jesus.

    • Pending says:

      Clearly Jesus has done alot in the world to stop all the wars, rapings, killings, murders etc etc that occur in every country around the globe…perhaps it is too big a job for Jesus..or then again maybe he doesn’t care…or maybe its  because he doesn’t exist…now theres a thought.

    • Roadblogger says:

      Jesus may be busy in Palestine trying to prevent Israelis from starving people, denying them medical aid, bulldozing their homes, and blowing up the headquarters of relief organizations.  All the punishments Jews were subjected to.  And building walls around them… very much like what was done in the WARSAW GHETTO.

      Someone said history repeats itself.  Again and again.

      And Jesus is fed-up.

      • Anonymous says:

        sounds like what the palestinians are always doing, killing innocent civilians! The palestinians are to blame for all the troubles that you (Anon 17:08) are talking about! But what has that got to do with Cayman?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Three armed hold-ups and a shooting murder the following day??

    I am just waiting for ‘Commissioner’ Baines to again reassure us that he has gun crime under control again… this guy is a joke.

    Just by listening to his mumbling whispered speeches one can tell he is not up to this job, and I wonder how long will he continue to try to kid us that he is until he departs under some cloud.

    We don’t need any more BS, we need results and arrests!!!


  19. from left field says:

    Here is one from left field.

    I recently read the book The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It was very interesting and I think the last chapter (The Jamaica Story) sums up a lot of Cayman’s history as to who is successful and who isn’t. Gladwell’s personal story was illuminating. 


    I think this book would be useful as part of the curriculum in Cayman schools and will help some realize the advantage/ or disadvantage they were dealt by their parents. And then school counselors should get involved and help those who are born into a disadvantaged line.

    Finally, it would be ideal for someone, perhaps Roy Bodden, or CNS, to review Cayman and the families and document them in the same way as Gladwell did in the final chapter. The small population size of Caymanians would make it most interesting.

    Enjoy the book! 

    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:

      19:30 What did they do with your comment?

      I agree with you 100% we do need the presence of the British Armed Forces to round up these dangerous hooligans and scumbags that have the this country of the Cayman Islands "Under Siege!" This is serious. And we’re not taking it anymore!

      The gunmen are in the faces of the RCIP and the commissioner exercising their syndicated right to kill at their own whim, their own pleasure, their leisure, and on their terms! This is no more to be tolerated by the people of the Cayman Islands. We demand action at the level of military intervention and anything less is unacceptable. This is not the time to make speeches about how this will look in the eyes of the tourists, they are interested in safe destinations and their own safety the same as our citizens and residents, our reputation is on the line, and action must be taken Today, not tomorrow.

      I recommend that when all these hooligans are rounded up that a system is put in place to ankle bracelet them so that we know where they are 24 hrs. a day.

      In addition it is Imperative that all of them are placed in immediate Rehablilitation in the form of Educational Training of some sort. Technical Training, Mechanical, Electrical, Farming, anything that keeps them busy and accounted for.Let them take some basic math, and English, another Language.

      It must be ‘THE LAW OF THE LAND" that all of these trouble makers if they are not working during the day then they MUST BE IN SCHOOL" receiving an education on an ongoing basis. There are no options, its One or the Other. Some of them will thank us later on in life hopefully.

      I am personally holding government responsible for keeping these people occupied by Educating them, and liase for their employment. While waiting for employment THEY MUST BE ‘OFF THE STREETS’ IN TECHNICAL SCHOOL getting an education, and learning a better way of life to live, become self sufficient and develop dignity and integrity.

      Transportation must be provided to pick them up for classes and drop them off back home. Voluntary attendance is not an option. This will be the law, therefore they must show up or bear the consequences. When the govt. bus driver arrive at their residence to pick them up they must be present, and a roll call to ensure all are on board on their way to work or school.

      I recommend Technical Training should be implemented first for all of them and secondly job placement. This would be more of a comprehensive plan and yield better results.

      RCIP we know you are working hard with the resources available to you, but that’s not enough. You need a hand. Times are tough, so hold your head up high, we still love you and respect everyone of you, and we ask you to embrace the help of the British Military. We just need them here to help you round them up, and have a of military presence until the country is stabilized. At this time in our history our economic and social fabric is destabilized because of the upsurge in crime, at an uncontrollable rate, so put your pride behind you and accept the fact that this is too serious a situation that is escalating rather than decreasing and we need our country back.

      Its not about the RCIP’s performance its about innocent lives being lost and its time to do something that WE HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE, Bring in the Military.

      If we ignore these facts that are facing the community in each and every district, then we are no better than they are and this can be considered as making a contribution to the problem as well if we sit back and DO NOTHING"

      ITS TIME TO stop making speeches, stop hiring consultants to tell us what our two year olds already know, WE NEED ACTION, AND WE NEED IT NOW.

      I recommend our elected officials to immediately pass this Bill to be enforced immediately. without delay and without unnecessary debate.

      Florence Goring-Nozza

  20. Lala says:

    I’m scared to be out on my back porch at night.  I’m scared to look at someone too long.  I’m scared to get in someone’s way on the street.  I’m scared I’ll be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I keep the alarm on in my house at all times and I’m still scared.  This is no way to live. 

    We need to take a stand and demand change!  My daughter deserves a carefree childhood.  Do your kids deserve the same?  We need to all do our parts to recreate the Cayman that once was paradise. 

    • Rita Myles says:

      Fear no man but God darling…don’t let these criminals stop you from living your life!  Life is too short to be living in fear…instead live and lets live 

  21. Concerned resident says:

    I came across this ad when I googled "Which caribbean island is the safest place to live?"

    BUT… with the recent negative activity I’m sure the answer has changed.  COME ON CAYMAN , lets get it together and become a safe place for our children, elderly, young men and women, residents and visitors.  It breaks my heart, i was living in the USA for the past few years and returned to Cayman last year. But not I am considering going back because I worry about my children’s safety.  AND I AM CAYMANIAN. Imagine that, i fear living in my own country. I have tried to organize a crime watch community here but everyone is to scared to come out. Cayman is too small for this.

    Where is the safest place in the Caribbean to live?

    Scroll down to the answer from quazzywabbitt-ga

  22. Anonymous says:

    advertised the LA jobs, we would get educated people in power, even if they’re expats, ! no standards to run in a election

  23. Anonymous says:

    It needs to be realised that there is only a crime issue becuz there is a drug issue. i mean not all crimes are linked to drugs like the small robberies but for the number of murders it usually links bak 2 drugs…so at the same time drugs need to be focused on… as for tourist being killed i dunt see that happening unless it is by accident as of wrong place at the rong time….basically all killings in cayman r for some reason!!! it hasnt gotten to state point r other countries where people jus do it for "fun"….. cayman really need sto come bak togethor… i miss the old days…i am a young caymanian and remember many a nights @ 2 in the morning just in the streets playing….and my child will never get to live that life….

  24. Unknown Gal says:

    same thing i was saying we need foregin here in the cayman islands to be are MLA. if we leave it to the ones now cayman will be going down. we going be worst than Jamaica and if thats the case i rather live there instead.

  25. MonkeySee says:


    It was very depressing yesterday to have to drive by the latest shooting spot on my way home from work, with my young kids in the car. Theyget caught up in the rubber-necking just like adults do and then I  have to come up with yet another reason why this is happening to present to them in a way that won’t traumatize them, give them nightmares, etc. Yes-as a parent we have to deal with the unpleasant things as well as the fun, so I won’t complain about having to do so. Bu I will complain that these young fools are making this a recurring conversation in my otherwise peaceful home!
    It is so hard to explain why bad people do bad things and then turn around and expect the children to see the good in other people. How can I faithfully tell my kids to stand up for themselves against bullies in school when it seems the primary age kids are already ‘lil gangsters’?
    We all said that when an innocent victim got shot we would see a change. Well, Jeremiah (RIP) is buried and things are still getting worse. What are the politicians doing? UDP is not visibly doing anything and we all should pray that they are doing things behind closed doors to effect a change. PPM is worried about other things as well. Where I once had faith that individual members of either party could be counted on, now I realise that no matter which party, they were all blowing hot air! 
    And for our community at large, why do we have to wait on government? Why aren’t we harnessing the power of the people into action in every community? It doesn’t take a new law for the people to create citizen watch in your neighbourhood…it doesn’t take UDP or PPM holding our hands to effect a change!!!
    There are so many reasons people give as excuses for inaction. Too Busy. Not my problem. Too Scared. Well…then stop complaining! Sit by and watch as the USA issue a traveller’s advisory and warning to the cruise ships about the ever increasing violence in Cayman. Sit by and bury 3, 5, 8 more people this year and think it won’t have an effect on the way you live. The rate we are going, there will not be 1 community left untouched by this violence regardless of the district.
    Pray. Chant. Meditate. Petition. Protest. March. Demonstrate. But please Cayman and ALL who reside here….PLEASE let’s do something! Instead of cursing the politicians, get a group of like minded persons with solutions together and make a change. Every journey begins with 1 step. It takes a village to raise a child. Do unto others as you would have done to you.   Whatever it takes….
  26. Anonymous says:

    It’s simple nothing will be done until WE the people stand TOGETHER and demand action from our Leaders.

    We need to bombard them with calls to action. As long as we get on the blogs make a few comments and continue on with our regular duties NOTHING will be done!!!!

    What does the Commissioner need to have a more effective police force?

    What are our suggestions for stemming this surge in crime?

    Let’s start contributing to a solution instead of the same ole same ole woe is me, everyone else to blame comments please. It is getting pretty old. Let’s start making a difference however small and encouraging back COMMUNITIES and neighbourly values.

    Call your MLA (regardless if you voted for them or not) TODAY!!!!

    CNS: Is it possible to provide a contact list for our elected leaders??

    District of West Bay:

    • Hon W McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP, MLA
    • Mr Rolston M Anglin, MLA
    • Mr Cline A Glidden, Jr, MLA
    • Capt A Eugene Ebanks, JP, MLA

    Districtof George Town:

    • Hon D Kurt Tibbetts, JP, MLA
    • Mr Mike Adam, MLA
    • Mr Alden M McLaughlin, JP, MLA
    • Mr Ellio Solomon, MLA

    District of Bodden Town:

    • Mr Mark Scotland, MLA
    • Mr Anthony S Eden, OBE, JP, MLA
    • Mr Dwayne Seymour, MLA

    District of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman:

    • Mr Moses I Kirkconnell, JP, MLA
    • Mrs Juliana Y O’Connor-Connolly, JP, MLA

    District of North Side:

    • Mr D Ezzard Miller, MLA

    District of East End:

    • Mr V Arden McLean, JP, MLA
    • Anonymous says:

      Come on. You know they all changed their contact numbers the minute they got elected! Unless people march in the street or to the MLA’s offices and homes, they will continue to hide behind a wall of silence.

      Imagine whatwould happen if everyone would gather in front of the assembly one day whilst they are in session, with signs and microphones demanding the MLAs AND Governor to take a stand a put an action plan together (or as the UK for help and bring in some military)

      Those kind of things get attention……..

      • Rorschach says:

        Only McKeeva gets to hide behind a wall…a wall the public paid for…

    • Sir Henry Morgan says:

      Hit them up on facebook! I have had to reject request from a few of them on facebook already.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Cayman, you just don’t get it do you.  Crime is out of control, mark up in the store is near 200%, a government who doensn’t listen to anyone, and you will have some sort of taxation VERY soon.

    There has been no less than one shooting or armed robbery (or the like) each week since the beginning of the New Year and you have not heard ANYTHING from the MLA’s (on either side I might add),other than from the Premier to "pray" our way out.  A true joke this island is, and the world is now watching. 

    I understand one of the major news networks is going to be doing a piece on the rise in crime in the Cayman Islands this year.  Good luck stopping that one Premier!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I just heard the "news" on Rooster which didn’t mention this at all.  They read everything from CNS, but here we are on Thursday morning and they read all of Tuesday’s news and miss this.

    I would love a proper news radio station on this island. 

  29. Anonymous says:

    I think these times- call for tough measures. Here are some ideas:

    1- With IMMEDIATE effect, amend the Penal Code or whatever Law it is to make gun crimes carry a MANDATORY LIFE sentence with NO parole;

    2- The above will include possession of a firearm or ammunition, and any crime committed where a firearm has been branded.

    3- Get the assistance from outside agencies to assist local police with the arrest and capture of the criminals. Agencies such as sharp shooters from the US Secret Service, the FBI, Scotland Yard.

    4- A mandatory curfew at nights (1AM until 6AM) for all persons other than those who are making their way from/to work.

    5- And last but most important- we need to petition the UK to allow us to reinstate the death penalty. If your big and bad enough to do the crime and be a bully about it- then you should be big and bad enough to face the death chamber.

    Tough measures I know, but it appears that the criminals are getting tough on us so the country must retaliate.

    What do you think Cayman?

    • frank rizzo says:

      Does this include Junior and his BB gun?

    • Anonymous says:

      You can increase the penalties for firearm possession but it won’t make any difference if no-one gets arrested. The sentences for murder are pretty stiff but it doesn’t seem to be slowing anyone down.

      In fact, because of the number of violent burglaries and the impotence of RCIPS, I know a number of law-abiding citizens (fathers mainly) that are considering buying an illegal firearm themselves "just in case". Do you want to lock them up for life?

    • Bit of common sense says:

      great positive ideas, congratulations, we need more thinkers like this, less talk and blame and more actionable ideas. However your last point is misguided (point 5). I realise you are frustrated and scared and annoyed but it has been shown time and time again that the dealth penalty is not the deterent a few people still think it is. Not only is it not a deterent, it is actually more expensive for a country to execute people than it is to incaserate people for life, look up the stats in america. And while we are talking about america it should be noted that there is no disernable reduction in violent crime or murder rates in states that have the death penalty then states that do not have the death penalty. Finally a number of people have been executed in the states, which, it has transpired after the fact, that they were innocent of the crime and wronly charged, Cayman would likely have the exact same problems.

      So lets have some more actionable ideas people, death penalty and death squad sharp shootersare not the answer unfortuantley, lovely as it would seem to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      I appreciate the fact that you are trying to offer suggestions but have you stopped to consider the cost associated with some of your ideas.

      Firstly the monetary cost that the government would have to endure housing, feeding, and maintaining these prisoners in jail for a life sentence. The fees associated with this would be astronomical.

      I think that it should also be considered that “weapons” such as paint ball and BB guns are technically considered “firearms” here in Cayman. Do you really think that people caught in the possession of items such as these should have to face a life sentence?

      A curfew? Really now? Do you plan on funding the government with the manpower and money needed to enforce a task such as this? Not to mention the loss in revenue that many of Caymans businesses, such as restaurants, would face by essentially eliminating the majority of their operating business hours. This is beyond uneconomical.

      I would also like to remind you of one of the 10 commandments “Thou Shall Not Kill”. Killing is inhuman and unjust. Personally, I do not think that any mortal has the right to determine who should live and who should die.

      Again suggestions are always great, but please ensure that they are feasible.


  30. El Capitano says:

    Eugene? Who dat be?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Where are our leaders, why are they so silent about this crime wave?

    My God, where is the leadership, Ministers of Government and Religion we call on you for leadership, please say something the silence is deafening. 

    Is our country and young people of lesser value that the selling of government assets and foreign investors and investment?

    Why are we not marching and protesting the surge of crimes that is sweeping our islands?

    Chamber of Commerce, and all the other self appointed demagogues now is your chance, for once stand up humanity and not profits.


    • Anonymous says:

      They are busy trying to get an expat that is doing his job fired for a caymanian that may or may not be qualified for the job, O and the very important issue of why the football picth is not in perfect condition. 


      WAKE UP

      Cayman is closer to a banana republic every day



  32. EastSider says:

    Seems to me the commissioner is a British police officer as are many others in the RCIPS and it hasn’t done any good.   I am sure there is a solution(although I don’t know what it might be) but more British officers won’t solve the problem. The ones we already have need to be more on the ball.  I said it before and I will say it again,  we need a well trained gang unit or how about some foreign undercover officers to maybe infiltrate the gangs thereby giving the RCIPS the information needed to arrest and convict them.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Four murders in less than three months in a land that used to have one every five years.  It speaks for itself and tells a vivid story. How do we combat it? 

    We combat this with INTELLIGENCE and more INTELLIGENCE.  More Police officers,  more legislation,  more traffic stops,  more, more, more of everything is not going to stop this.  More INTELLIGENCE and not  information is going to stop this.

    What the RCIP is seriously lacking is Intelligence.  They need to set up an intelligence unit.  One that can and is capable of infiltrating these gangs and garner information from where it counts.  It’s no good them asking questions like:  Did you see anything and did you hear anything.   It’s time for:  Did you do anything?   If you did not, do you suspect or do you know who did what, when ,where,how and why.  That is what intelligence is all about.

    However, an intelligence unit has to consist of individuals well versed in local knowledge, those who know the criminals, know their families,know their friends, know their enemies, know their background. These are the ones that the criminals, their family;  friends and enimies feel comfortable talking to.   Officers they can trust.

    Within the The RCIP I know at least half a dozen such officers whose abilities are wasted. they are issuing traffic tickets, removing tint, doing unnecessary  paperwork and are bored to death.  These current officers in unity with certain former Police officers can and will make a big difference.

    I am a West Bayer and I can say without any reservations that that the biggest obstacle to Police efficiency and effectiveness in this district is the DISTRICT COMMANDER.  Remove her and West Bay will be a better place. This has been said over and over again and even the last Governor  would not accept it.  IT IS NOW PAST TIME FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO LISTEN PLEASE.  XXXXX

    Finally, The Commissioner of Police needs to engage his brain first before he engages his lips.  He too, since his arrival, has contributed to the escalation of crime.  He is definitely not up to the job.  We need a more PROACTIVE and IMAGINATIVE Commissioner. 

    Lets not forget that every great country such as the USA is such because of it’s high level and deep rooted intelligence.

    Bring the all the specialist from overseas, the technology, the equipment, you name it, crime will only increase and it will cost this Government enormous sums of money it cant afford. 


  34. Anonymous says:

    1. The UK style of Policing does not and cannot work here, especially when we keep getting London based officers since London is fully monitored by cctv and this is not possible here (at least for the time being).

    2. Create a focus group of retired police and prison officers – the ones that used to make us tremble… and that we knew not to play with for fear of being shot!! You all know who I am talking about. Speak to them about how to solve crime, then do what they say.

    3. Create a focus group of young offenders – inclusive of those that are in northward and those that the Police know used to be involved in this stuff but aren’t anymore.  You might also be really surprised at the results if you speak to the ones that are actually still involved in these things.

    4. Stop talking at the youth and talk to them, they are wrapped up in gang culture and machismo, sex culture and more, but they are just as scared as the rest of us, and many of them do not have the support structures they need to navigate away from the path they are on.

    5. Literally if we want to solve this problem, each one of us is going to have to identify a young person and mentor them, probably won’t even take anything more than spending some time with them each week.

    6.  Stop writing so negatively on CNS.  We fight and post nasty things to each other on this service ALOT!  What we do not realize is that we are doing the exact same thing that the young people are doing.  The difference is that we have socially acceptable weapons given to us through education and opportunity.  They on the other hand don’t have the same tools that we have so they express their anger, fear, hatred, frustrations in other ways.  The tools are different, but the spirit is the same.  We can help alleviate the anxiety and tension in the air by remembering to post positively and disagree with common courtesy and respect for other posters.

    7. Respect the rule of law in the country.  The trends of recent years are very disturbing and most people don’t even realize what it happening.  The Constitution has been ignored, the Attorney General wants to mess with the right to remain silent, there is back and fourth on the right to face your accuser, we can’t even sort out the whole car clamping situation – which is illegal and yet allowed to continue.  We say that gambling is illegal yet our leaders know of places where it is allowed out in the open, and I am not talking about bar room domino games, I am talking about more sophisticated set-ups.

    8. Control the growth of the country.  I am probably the millionth person to say that we are growing too fast.  When a child gets too many growth spurts too close together it causes all kinds of problems for the child.  We are now seeing what it does to a country.  We need a development plan, we need to for once take seriously the need for real opportunity for Caymanians and we need to be honest about the number of expats that we really should have in the country in its current size and form.  We are growing the country in order to get more revenue and the end result is that we end up wit more people, more strain on relations and resources, more inefficiency and inequity, more injustice and none of us are happy in this tropical Caribbean country!  I don’t want to start yet another Cayman vs. Expat argument, but the simple fact is we all love this place but some of us are going to have to love it from afar if we are going to save it, otherwise we can all play tug-of-war while the ship sinks. Caymanians need not feel ashamed of saying that they should come first in their country, even at the risk of being accused of having an entitlement mentality… that’s the way it should be in every country.  This doesn’t mean however that everybody else should be treated like garbage!  Respect is due!

    9.  Stop wasting good money on idiotic, biased, inaccurate and obviously agenda-driven reports, put it to youth programs instead.  The last 2 reports commissioned by Cayman Finance and the Government are prime examples of why we need to buckle down and solve our problems ourselves.  There are too many people involved in our affairs (Caymanian and non) that are really at the end of the day only concerned about themselves.  We can’t stop that, but we can stop paying more attention to them than they deserve.  And come on financial sector.  We are all up in arms against the civil service for their cost, but the people who make the most money feel that they should contribute the least and every time anyone tries to ask them for a contribution they threaten to pick up and leave?!  How much money are you all processing annually?? and you can’t take one little community enhancement fee, or per transaction charge of 0.0125%?

    10.  Stop… take a breath…. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, strength and mind.  Love your Neighbor as you love yourself…. even if your neighbor is a CNS poster, a human rights advocate, a civil servant, a politician that you didn’t vote for, a member of the Church, a Caymanian, an expat, a man, a woman, or a young person dressed in a way that you disapprove of.

    • Rorschach says:

      Wow!!!…..all I can say is…WOW!!….This has to be the most intelligent and well thought out and written response on how to deal with this issue that I have seen on this forum in MONTHS….Sir/Madam…whomever you are…My hat is off to you….YOU are the type of person who should be listened isn’t often that I am left speechless, but….WOW…..

    • frank rizzo says:

      I was with you until I got to this: 

      "And come on financial sector.  We are all up in arms against the civil service for their cost, but the people who make the most money feel that they should contribute the least and every time anyone tries to ask them for a contribution they threaten to pick up and leave?!  How much money are you all processing annually?? and you can’t take one little community enhancement fee, or per transaction charge of 0.0125%?"

      Isn’t it the financial sector that contributes upwards of one half of our GDP? The financial services sector is not processing "their" money, they are processing their clients’ money. Clients who will walk if they find a place with less fees.  Focus on the profit the financial service firms make on the transactions, not the gross amount of the transactions.

      What would cruise ship passengers think if they were asked for another dollar as they left the dock, as a "community enhancement fee"?

      But you still get an overall thumbs up.

  35. NinaLucas says:

     Seems God has removed His hand from the Cayman Islands.  You should have turned from your sins after Ivan Cayman!

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have read many of the comments posted and most of them blame someone else and is asking someone else to do something. But this is a problem for all Caymanians paper or born ya. Until we decide to do something about this crime wave, as in assisting the police, things are not going to get better. Some one knows who these criminals are. people in all districts know who is dealing drugs, have guns and committing other crimes. but as usual Caymanians are all talk and no action, waiting for someone else to do something. Take for example that 4 year old that was killed no one has said anything to the police about it and if that dont outrage us into doing something what will???

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. scubado says:

    Wow!! Cayman sounds like Mexico now!! Fix this fast i want to Dive 🙁

  39. Joe Grinder says:

    re; siren fatigue

    I wholeheartedly agree.I was in west bay at the time this happened,driving to town from the turtle farm,I hit the 4way stop and heading down towards Fosters ,heard sirens ,more sirens saw two ambulance come toward me ,after I pulled over at the side of the road , they turned in front of me and  headed towards Batabano .There were 2 police cars blocking the road .(I guess to get the ambulance there on time,I don’t know).After the ambulance made there turn the cops motioned traffic to commence ,then another siren then another ,That went on and on .I am now at the strand  more sirens blazing ,now the time is about 3.45 .I must have counted 10 cop cars ,sirens ablaze going to west bay.Now I’m at the bypass heading towards AL Thompson,another siren in a unmarked car then another with no siren just a Kojak lite in the front .I have now pulled over 5 times in a space of 20 minutes.Is this really necessary?for the last 5 cop cars to do this ?.  The level of response after the crime has been done, Now I’m thinking this is a great  time to rob Cayman National, because all the cop cars are gone to west bay

  40. A West Bayer says:

    Now let me tell unna sumting. I am sick and tired of having WB looked at in such a negative light!

    And I want McKeeva, Rolston, CG and Eugene to call a meeting to ADDRESS this MAJOR problem we are having.

    If we can’t even get the respect of a meeting, then my fellow WBayers I say we protest and get a by-election done. I mean they had more than enough meetings during their campaign days, so having one and ACTING on the suggestions would be helpful, wouldn’t you agree.

    Our MLA’s are incompetent!

    Frankly, I would prefer having a foreigner be an MLA in WB at this time – they would probably show more concern and interest!

    I betcha wha, if one of their family gets killed, then we gunna hear them calling for action.




    • Anonymous says:

      We need people who have the ability to do something.  We complain about those in authority and when we get a chance to correct the situation, we elect them again and again. Something is wrong with this picture.

    • Roadblogger says:

      West Bayer:  the MLAs said all they wanted to say.   before they were elected.

      now they’re resting

      from the campaigns.

      in four years they will be fully rested

      and you’ll hear from them again.

  41. Anonymous says:

    You know its not going to be long before its a tourist and its on international news, McKeeva does not like Cayman getting any negative comments so its time for you to act now and try, at least try to do something that we can all see. Locals and expats I am sure will gladly allow the police todo more if it means catching these muppets doing all the crime. Otherwise once it goes international all fingers will be pointed but by then it will be too late. Its not a recession that will harm Cayman in the long run its the crime !

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s too late. Every crime is now hitting Trip Advisor under the Cayman Islands. Now anyone planning a trip to Cayman Islands is now reading about the crime. Those who have never been to the island will never know all the good. Very sad.

      • Anonymous says:

        Reply to ”It’s too late”

        You are so right!!   I know a family  from C anada who was planning a trip to

        GC. and their  travel agent told them ”they might want to rethink

        that destination” because of a current crime wave!!!  

        If they don’t clear up this situation SOON  it won’t be long and

        Cayman will get the reputation Mexico has.  It’s already started!! 



  42. Anonymous says:

    I am a police officer in the United States and what I recommend may or may not work, as it is of my opinion. I strongly urge all families to install alarm systems within their homes (alarm systems can be found at $30 a piece, or sometimes less) and businesses to set up both CCTV cameras(there are also cheap ones for a minimum price of $70) and alarm systems. If you cannot afford an alarm system use an alternative such as a metal object on your door handle to make noise. This will alert you and you will be able to call the police in time. It is also recommended that when a picture of the suspect is taken from the CCTV cameras for police investigation you keep a copy of your own. That way the police cannot say there wasn’t any evidence(there are corrupt police men every where). As for keeping yourselves safe on the road please keep a cellphone always at hand, DO NOT carry around any weapons as this will make you yourself a criminal (and the person attacking you will find it threatening and may do something in return), and make sure you have gas/your cars are always working properly. I’m not saying Cayman has gotten to the point of any other place that has really high crime rates but it is best to keep yourselves safe.

    God bless  

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your comments and thoughts. Unfortunately whilst the prices of alarms and CCTV systems are very cheap in the USA. Like all other consumer items in Cayman the price is much much higher. Not only do all items get shipped from overseas, the government then charges duty of 22% on top and then the retailer here adds a markup of usually 50-100%, thus making the cost of most items very expensive. The $30 alarm soon becomes a few hundred dollars. Funnily enough one of the adverts on my screen now to the right is advertising an alarm for $799 from a local firm.

      We appreciate that you are trying to assist but a lot of people cannot afford to lay out hundreds of dollars on an alarm, knowing that nobody would come to them if it went off anyway.

      The prime focus has got to be getting people to co-operate with the police. At the moment none of the locals are willing to help the police. It’s a tiny island, most of them know the criminals and won’t turn them in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Call the Police ‘in time’-this is scary. When you call the Police and tell them you see or hear suspicious behaviour and they tell you they will be there as soon as possible but they are swamped and start explaining to you where their cars are at and by the time they get there everything is over and THANK GOD, BY HIS MERCIES, YOU ARE STILL ALIVE!!!

  43. John W. Ebanks says:

     Until the laws in Cayman change, where a man can own and carry a gun to protect himself and his property, crime will never stop.

    John W. Ebanks

    La Ceiba, Honduras.

    • Anonymous says:

      you meanlike in the crime free US, yep worked there

      until Cayman legalises everything, Cayman will have crime

    • Anonymous says:

      Time for a Curfew while Dog the Bounty Hunter make his rounds


      • Twyla Vargas says:

        Curfew Wild Dod,  I wish this could work, but we would be having to curfew  day and night, because crimes are being commited all night and aso in broad daylight.  So what  we do stay home.?  There has to be a solution, but no one is litening and he police is not the fault.

    • Anonymous says:

      Although John I understand where you are coming from, it certainly did not work in Jamaica. The crooks start to come for the guns. The only real solution is proper education in schools, zero tolerance, and everyone in Authority making safety a priority.  Right now the expats are more disliked than the criminals who receive protection.

    • Anonymous says:

      I highly doubt that will help the situation on this island.  Only then will another can of worms be opened up with accidental shootings involving young children etc, etc as seen so often in other countries where it is legal for a civilian to own and carry a gun.  The solution is to get RID of the guns not to add more into the hands of people — that just spells disaster and it’s the LAST thing this island needs.

      • Anonymous says:

        Disagree with that statement. Unfortunately, in other countries the liberal mainstream media (msm) only chooses to report the incidents that involved people getting shot accidentally. What they choose not to report is how many crimes and public shooting sprees are averted due to someone having a gun and neutralizing the threat; over 2 mln crimes have been averted in the US over the last 10 yrs due to the presence of guns. In Switzerland, citizens are armed, and it has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe; not to mention the increase in gun related crime statistics when the Netherlands and The UK banned citizens from being allowed to have guns.

        Its like everything else, in the wrong hands it can cause havoc, and yes there will be accidents, but I strongly agree with citizens being allowed to defend themselves if theychoose to get proper training and meeting licensing requirements. The criminals will get them for sure, so why not me?


        • Anonymous says:

          Leaving aside the fact that correlation does not equal causation, where do you get your statistic about 2 million crimes being averted? What shooting sprees have been stopped by a citizen armed with a gun (I am sure there are some, I just wondered what they are)?

    • Anonymous says:

      So we can have a happy, harmonious, crime-free life like we do in..  uhm…  Honduras? Live by the gun, die by the gun my friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      Says MR Ebanks from La Ceiba Honduras…The youth of Cayman today does not have the social or moral aptitude and responsibility to own and use a gun…Only a law abiding and educated society with total respect for the law can handle guns…

      Fix the education system – the teachers should be on trial and the education minsters for passing students by attendence as opposed to results…That’s the core of the problem…Teachers are paid to educate… in this respect they have failed us miserably…We have kids graduating who can’t write or read properly…

      I blame the parents and education system…Don’t give them guns, an idiot with a 2 year old IQ can pull a trigger…It would be great to allow guns on Cayman…We can then film Caymans wildest police videos and watch the violent crime spiral out of control…People carrying guns only escalates the problem…

      You really want to fix this…put together a special squad trained to take these monkeys out…Fight fire with fire…Also turn the prison into a prison and not a Hotel…People are running there ops from cell phone in there…



    • Twyla Vargas says:

      John do you realize that if this was allowed to hapen we would have people shooting at each other all day and night for the simplest of things?   Sorry I Cant  agree with that one.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Heads will roll until we all get our act together. We as a society have failed when we have watched many of these young men turn to a life of crime instead of trying to assist them in a positive way. Truth be told the vast majority of inmates are returns because we cast them aside once they are got with a joint and instead of having a trade school to help rehabilitate we have instead now made them life long convicts, so sad.

    The politicians, Police Chief, AG, Chief Justice and law enforcement need to get their acts together. This is the 4th murder for 2010 and don’t forget about the other attacks, armed robberies and home invasions and trust me the International Press is already tagging us as the next Ghetto island. I’m from West Bay and I love my district and Cayman yet I think it’s time to get out of here before all hell breaks loose and we have vigilantees doing what they please. The gangs have the Police scared I honestly feel the Police don’t have knowledge and don’t want to ask for outside help.

    I pray that they catch the person(s) who committed this latest murder and start making an example of these heartless punks. Cayman is in a dire staits and we’re facing issues. We need to get the UK Army here and have a naval vessel deployed here ASAP and get back the US Coast Guard at the airport doesn’t make sense why we got rid of it. I hope that we get it sorted soon and blessings to everyone.

  45. Anonymous says:

    This is the work of the generation that we lost.   These are the ones that stole bicycles, stoned individuals,cars ,houses etc. now finally graduated in the form of gangs.  They are still stealing but no longer stoning,  but burglarising,  robbing  and driving the heavily tinted cars.    Now, instead of sticks and stones,   It"s drugs and  guns.

    But what have we got?   They are killing former friends who belong to rival gangs.    Who can stop this?   The Government?  The Police?   The community?  NO.   Sad to say they have to kill each other out (which is what they are doing) before civility can return.  It’s only a matter of time.

    We can only pray for the innocent that God be with us because the generation that we lost is in self destruct mode and no one can stop it,  only the good Lord above.

    Thankfully,  at the rate at which  it’s happening,  it wont be long.                



    • Anonymous says:

      Yes this is the work of the generation that we lost….. but who is being assisted by their relatives. The police, the politicians nor the AG can’t solve these crimes without the help of the public, and I’m not talking about the public in general, I talking about the families who know what their relatives are involved in and refuses to turn them in because they don’t want them to go to prison. What is going to change all of this, is when the rival gang member can’t get at their rival then they will start attacking their relatives, then they will start to realize that it is just not SAFE to protect these THUGS!!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Trouble is, they get new recruits all the time.  There are plenty of kids/young people who have been abused and neglected all their lives.  They are looking for family and the rest of us turn our backs on them because they are not from a "good" home.  We need people with gang experience in the schools, on the streets and especially in the Police Force. 

      Another problem I see is the attitude of some police towards our young people.  They think they can grab the kids up and rough them up just because they are police.  It doesn’t work that way.  You have to earn respect.  Some police take delight in harrassing and roughing up the young men who are not doing anything wrong.  My own son, who is not a gangster, who is only 14 has experienced this from a Canadian officer and I have heard of plenty of others with the same complaint.  Our young men are not trash so those of you who treat them that way, please stop.  Our young people are growing up into a hellish society and the police need to be 100% for those not involved in any crime, instead of provoking them to commit crimes.  To all the good officers, you know this is not meant for you.  To those who are doing this, PLEASE STOP.  You have great power to make a positive impact on this country or a negative.  You have the power to make these kids respect you by your actions please use your power for the good.  I have respect for the Police but I do expect the same treatment from them towards all of the people in the Islands regardless of where they are from.

    • The Good Kids says:

      Teenagers from any era or any place are similar.  They are young and impressionable and their motivators and rationale are very different than those of adults.  This is a very small community with good and bad in close proximity.  There will be some good kids out there that may make an error of judgement, or are more at risk of being victimized or swept up into this problem community.  I would not make a sweeping generalization that an entire generation has been "lost" and alienate the good kids out there who may still be at risk.  Parents need to know their kids.  It’s never too late to show leadership at home to equip them with a value system that will effect the decisions and associations they make.  After providing food, water, and shelter, this is your foremost responsibility. 

  46. Anonymous says:

    Mr. GOVERNOR… The man that is in charge of the RCIP. Why are you so SILENT??!?!?

    How long have you been here now? Say something! Do something!

    • Cayman Boy says:

      "As long as I am safe I am worried about anything or anyone else!"

      This seems to be the idiology of one person who drives around with a Police chaffeur and has a 8ft wall around his premises.

      It is time that we call for a referendum to put someone to run this country that will show ALL of Cayman that they care for us the people, as this man clearly is not competent enough for the task at hand.

      We the people of ALL Cayman needs someone as leader who will protect us and right now no one in Cayman feels protected and in any walk of life, the captain takes the blame, so please safe Cayman from the expense of a referendum and step down, Mr Premier!


      • Anonymous says:

        But he has no power over the police force, the Governor does.  I feel your barking up the wrong tree.  I don’tthink there’s a lot of ‘democratic’ societies in the world where neither the people, nor their elected officials, have a say in such an important part of government.  
        To put it another way, when the police department do a bad job our best bet is to write letters to the governor or the queen, and _hope_ they fix things.  Or change the constitution.

      • Anonymous says:

        What a pity. The very one who let 3000 mostly undesirables in now need an 8 foot wall around his home to protect him from those very undesirables.

        Well if he thinks the 8 foot wall and the Police bodyguard protecting him is all he needs to care about, he better start thinking again. Little do he realize he is a prisoner in his very own home.

    • Anonymous says:

      To 20:26 He (Comish) does say alot but does not really much then just that!!!Soory Guys between the shootings, robberies and now kidnapping nothing is done but talk talk and more talk….we need action! It seems to me that the tugsare smarter and better organised ttan the Law enforcement here! One more year of this and we are like Jamaica are worse! Stop talking get the show on the Road or go back Home!!!

      Have a nice day and enjoy the fun in the sun it will soon stop at the speed we are going with talking and no action !

    • Anonymous says:

      typical caymanian attitude… blame someone else….. this is cayman society problem…take responsibility for it!

      • Anonymous says:

        Obviously you are not a Caymanian, but I take it you are also taking responsibility along with the rest of us as you are also a part of this society!

  47. noname says:

    McKeeva Bush has been the political leader of West Bay for many years now. He has been in the LA for some 30 years!

    If this is the result of his leadership for that district, what hope is there for the Cayman Islands with him at the helm?

    This country really only has just one signficant problem that gives rise to all the others:

    Dumb people repeatedly elect incompetent people.

    CNS, please consider doing a poll asking how many people would like to see direct rule here by the UK.

    CNS: We already have –  Are the Cayman Islands ready for independence?  Only 8% have so far voted for direct rule.


    • Anonymous says:

      How dare you call us dumb!!!! Can you imagine the mess we would really be in now if you DUMB people had gotten who you voted for elected. We would be in a big mess and not even know. Sort of like being on an icy lake and not knowing that we could go under at any minute because we thought we were standing on solid ground. That is what the PPM wanted us to believe or worse yet maybe they themselves didn’t know the mess they had us in!!!

    • Concern Citizen says:

      I think we the people of Cayman must wake up and face the reality of what is going on. We can go ahead and continue to blame everyone else for the crisis. For years we have turned a blind eye to what was in the making. The UDP members from WB did not raise up the young people how are now turning menis to the society. I think if we as parents would let our children know that whenever they do something wrong that they should pay the consequences for it things would be different; however when they get themselves in trouble we tried to cover it like a bad soar waiting to get worse.

      Pointing fingers on everyone else will not solve the problem we need to start looking withing. Parents I know some of you are aware of what your child(ren) is doing and you only come out and speak when it affects you. We need to stop.

  48. Right ya so says:

    Po Po dey laughing at you!!  you can’t catch dem! you can’t convict them when you do catch them!!! 

    No wonder crime is rampant in Cayman!

    McKeeva, Kurt, Alden – why you letting them get away with this???????????



    • Anonymous says:

      I like your post. You are one of the first to include members of both parties. Both leaders were on the radio this week. Did either speak of crime being a priority? (I’m not saying they didn’t, I just don’t know if they did.) If they did, what were their solutions?

  49. whodatis says:

    Tit for tat eh?

    Ok … well, I hope the friends of Mr. Tit and Mr. Tat fully appreciate that they will be featured in the top headlines of CNS before too long … as yet ANOTHER murder victim.

    I swear … these clowns have absolutely no sense.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Another young man has been murdered in West Bay and reading over the contributions to the thread it seems the same statements are being made as were made the last time a life was lost.

    Why was this man murdered?

    Was it gang violence related?

    Did it relate to the Next Level nightclub shooting as was referred in the Channel 27 video interview with Chief Barnes?

    How many family members, friends and neighbors knew of this man’s activities? His job or source of income, his friends and associates?

    As I write this I am listening to Radio Cayman and the member of North Side asking questions about the medical qualifications about the medical director.

    Do you think this is the best use of the government’s time??? Chasing around after the medical director when people are dying in the streets.



  51. Anonymous says:

    This is what happens when a society sweeps it’s social ills under the carpet for decades – domestic violence, child abuse, incest, alcoholism, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, absent fathers – these wrongs have long been present in Cayman – yet nothing has every been done to acknowledge and address the extent of the problem.

    When a society dispenses judgements and punishments more easily than help, guidance and compassion.

    Sadly, our status as a so-called "Christian" country resulted in years of hypocrisy rather than extending a helping hand to those who needed it.

    Cayman is only now reaping what we have sown. The children who needed our help and guidance and compassion 10, 15, 20 years ago and who instead received criticism and punishment are now killing each other.  

    When you are told all your life that you are worthless, how are you going to see the value of someone else’s life?

    Watch the  movie "Grand Canyon" featuring Danny Glover. It is powerful.

    When you feel powerless in your own society, and feel that you are shown no respect – a gun makes people respect your power real fast.



  52. Anonymous says:

    It is time for the UK to step in.               .

    We need the British Armed Forces to round up these hooligans before this escalates into all out anarchy.

    • Anonymous says:

      British Armed Forces heh?  You think you can click your fingers and they will come running?  Well, sorry to inform you, but they’re way too busy fighting real wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect their country and the rest of the world from evil terrorists who want to kill all of us "infidels". 

      What on earth makes you think they will spend their valuable time and millions of pounds worth of UK tax payers money  to come here to sort out a few ignorant, juvenile thugs.  Do you want to become a taxpayer and send some of the revenue back to UK to help pay for it? I expect not, so stop expecting handouts from the UK!  Do you really think you’re that important???

    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:



      I agree with you 100% we do need the presence of the British Armed Forces to round up these dangerous hooligans and homegrown terrorists that have the this country of the Cayman Islands "Under Siege!" This is serious. And we’re not taking it anymore!

      The gunmen are in the faces of the RCIP and the commissioner exercising their syndicated right to kill at their own whim, their own pleasure, their leisure,the location of their choice, and on their terms! This is no more to be tolerated by the people of the Cayman Islands. We demand action at the level of military intervention and anything less is unacceptable. This is not the time to make speeches about how this will look in the eyes of the tourists, they are interested in safe destinations and their own safety the same as our citizens and residents, our reputation is on the line, and action must be taken Today, not tomorrow.

      I recommend that when all these hooligans are rounded up that a system is put in place to ankle bracelet them so that we know where they are 24 hrs. a day.

      In addition it is Imperative that all of them are placed in immediate Rehablilitation in the form of Educational Training of some sort. Technical Training, Mechanical, Electrical, Farming, anything that keeps them busy and accounted for.Let them take some basic math, and English, another Language.

      It must be ‘THE LAW OF THE LAND" that all of these trouble makers if they are not working during the day then they MUST BE IN SCHOOL" receiving an education on an ongoing basis. There are no options, its One or the Other. Some of them will thank us  later on in life hopefully.

      I am personally holding government responsible for keeping these people occupied by Educating them, and liasing for their employment. While waiting for employment THEY MUST BE ‘OFF THE STREETS’  IN TECHNICAL SCHOOL  getting an education, and learning a better way of life to live, become self sufficient and develop dignity and integrity.

      Transportation must be provided to pick them up for classes and drop them off back home. Voluntary attendance is not an option. This will be the law, therefore they must show up or bear the consequences.When the govt. bus driver  arrive at their residence to pick them up they must be present, and a roll call to ensure allare on board on their way to work or school.

      I recommend Technical Training should be implemented first for all of them and secondly job placement.This would be more of a comprehensive plan and yield better results.

      RCIP we know you are working hard with the resources available to you, but that’s not enough. You need a hand. Times are tough, so hold your head up high, we still love you and respect everyone of you, and we ask you to embrace the help of the British Military. We just need them here to help you round them up, and have a of military presence until the country is stabilized. At this time in our history our economic and social fabric is destabilized because of the upsurge in crime, at an uncontrollable rate, so put your pride behind you and accept the fact that this is too serious a situation that is escalating rather than decreasing and we need our country back.

      Its not about the RCIP’s performance its about innocent lives being lost and its time to do something that WE HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE, Bring in the Military.

      If we ignore these facts that are facing the community in each and every district, then we are no better than they are and this can be considered as making a contribution to the problem as well if we  sit back and DO NOTHING"

      ITS TIME TO  stop making speeches, stop hiring consultants to tell us what  our two year old kids already know, WE NEED ACTION, AND WE NEED IT NOW.

      I recommend our elected officials to immediately pass this Bill to be enforced immediately. without delay and without unnecessary debate.

      I move that all the members for West Bay be the first to say "I"

      Florence Goring-Nozza



  53. Roadblogger says:

    I drive to work early in the morning.  Sometimes pick people up.  Watch others waiting for the bus. School children. People out walking, running.  Waving to each other. Smiling. Getting ready for another day.  And dammit I love this place. I like hearing the different languages.  Meeting people from all over. Today someone from Uganda.

    And I feel blessed!  And I am getting so tired, so weary, and so angry that possibly… just a few… are making life so miserable… for so many of the majority.  That’s right….the majority!

    If this is about gangs:  How many gangs are there?  Who is in the gangs?  Where do they hang?  What cars do they drive? Who are their leaders?  In a country this small.  With a population the size of a large town in the U.S. or anywhere for that matter you can’t convince me some.. or all of this… isn’t known.  Or at least suspected by now.

    RCIPS:  If you lack proof act on that suspicion.


    Believe me You won’t find many of Us complaining if You do all of the above and more.  Because Right now WE are the ones being harassed and who’s lives are being made miserable. 

    CNS:  Do we need a poll on this?  Maybe we should have one. What powers are we willing to grant the police?  To deal with gangs?  Or suspected gang members?


    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you, however you are forgetting one thing, which at this time needs to go out the window Human Rights. if the police start doing everything above complaints will come in and they will have to be addressed, which i know alot of you disagree with, but there are some person who will raise the flag and start going on about these persons rights. I personall feel that forget the death penalty, lets just bring waterboarding in and i am sure alot of these so called gang members will talk. OOOOPPSS i typed that. Bring it on you Human Right nutters. My name is Dick Cheney. Bring it on.

  54. Jack says:

    For the first time the crime has made me alter what I do. We are going out for dinner in the seven mile area tonight. I have cash in my wallet to pay for Insurance. I consiously just chose to leave my wallet and cash behind, take just the credit card instead.

    How times have changed…

    • Anonymous says:

      …it’s also very sad that we are too scared to keep my doors and windows open in the daytime during this cool Winter and Spring in case we get robbed, raped or murdered ….. 🙁

  55. CaymanLover says:

    When there’s an incident like this, the first place people say is "oh I leave overseas and I feel safer etc etc"  bear in mindif you are Caymanian living in another country the crimes don’t affect you in the same way as it does for us living here.  We know the criminals and victims personally. 

    I lived in the Uk for several years and trust me crime is rampant there, but it directly affected me less because I didnt know the perpetrators or the victims.  I felt safer but I was still at rsk of being caught in cross fire the same way!

    I say its time for curfew.  9pm and its a wrap.  Not sure how to keep tourism alive because I know I wouldnt want to be on holiday in a country with curfew on.  Drastic times call for…..


  56. Anonymous says:

    How much more is it going to take before the leaders of this country realizes that the RCIP needs help, they cannot handle the crime sitiauton in Cayman. We need to be at this very moment  seeking help from the UK, US, CAD, or wherever to get this under control. Our police force is NOT trained to deal with  the nature of crime that is happening, the intelligence needed is not there. Yes I agree that the public always has information and is never willing to share what they might know, but in my opinion right now it seems that if the police don’t get %100 accurate information from someone they will NEVER be able to solve any crimes ( quite clear as to how many unsolved ones we have). We need professionals, we need fearless law enforcers, we need persons who are able to think like theses criminals, person who will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Cayman Is my home, our home, and right now it’s in really bad shape.


  57. Anonymous says:

    ahh boy can we go a week without a gun crime?…and people are sayin life sentence is against human rights?….lol serves you right UDP

    • Anonymous says:

      "serves you right UDP"……….. what a dumb thing to say,we are in this together and crime affects everbody,if we do not come together eventually others will say"serves you right Cayman"…………… by now your eyes and little bird brain should be open to some understanding!!

  58. Siren Fatigue says:

    Q. To Emergency Services Vehicle Operators:  In regards to the daily code red events, with cop cars and ambulances racing about with sirens ablazing – up the bypass, past the finest hotels and residences of the country during Spring Break – what is your purpose for having the sirens going on an unobstructed two lane highway; and wouldn’t lights be sufficient?

    It’s almost as though the emergency services personel revel in the chaos of broadcasting yet another criminal or fatal event.  Yet it is having an appreciable misophonic effect on residents, tourists, and those employed along this route.  

    For the sake of the tourist dollar (if for no other reason), is it really necessary for 12 cop cars to race in a convoy from GT to West Bay and back again in this manner?  Why not conclude that 80% of this crime is resident in West Bay and expand your RCIP presence there to begin with?  It would save the gas, drama, and anxiety disorders; maybe even prevent a crime.   

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason is rather simple.  It is the law.  Emergency vehicles are required to operate with flashing lights and audible warning device in order to legally utilise the right of way.  Should an ambulance, fire truck, or police car be involved in an accident without the siren on, then they will most likely be at fault.  Besides, there are people on bikes and walking that may not hear the vehicle without the siren going.

      The drivers on this island are bad enough without having an emergency vehicle around.  Most of them don’t give way or pull over when the siren is on.  I would suggest accompanying the police or ambulance for a day or two to see how bad the driver situation really is before you worry about people in ‘the finest hotels and residences’ being bothered by a bit of noise pollution.

      • Anonymous says:

        what (he) said plus…when we read on cns about what happened there are going to be those persons who say, "oh, that’s why there were police all over the place." at least they can say….."well, you heard us. we were there!!"

        back in the day (4 years ago) it was always, oh my gosh sirens!!! car, fire or ambulance?!?! now it’s just a nuisance.  there are still emergencies, though. so no matter the faith we have in our law enforcement and emergency response teams let’s respect the fact that they’re trying…. i think.

      • Siren Fatigue says:

        Can you name that law or EMS protocol?  If the person was DOA, why the need for the dangerous speed and sirens many hours afterwards?

        "Safety concerns have prompted an increasing interest in emergency medical vehicle collisions (EMVCs). A 48-month study of ambulance accidents in New York revealed 1,412 reportable accidents with six fatalities and 1,894 injuries (1). Clawson (2) estimates that up to 12,000 EMVCs annually in the United States and Canada are associated with the use of warning "lights and siren" (L&S). Additionally, when an EMVC occurs using L&S, it is more likely to yield injuries (3). Emergency medical vehicle collisions are the leading cause of liability actions to emergency medical services (EMS) systems and providers, and in some cases, EMVC claims are 23 times more common than are medical liability claims. (Personal communication, Steven A. Forry, EMS Specialist, Glatfelter Insurance Group, January 1994) Considering these risks, emergency vehicle drivers must have reasonable grounds for the use of L&S (4). Many authorities believe that less than 5% of all ambulance calls medically require L&S transport (5). Despite these reasons to avoid the routine use of warning L&S during patient transport, the practice remains common."

      • Anonymous says:

        This is something of a challenge, for sure, but I would have to agree that there does appear to be a lot more "drama" than would appear necessary to us in the public realm. Message to folks with their fingers on the siren switches : please, absolutely no more than necessary. Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to agree with you there.  Only yesterday my co-workers and I were commenting that all we seem to hear is sirens every single day in town, and boy there were a lot and they were making plenty noise I have to agree.  And we also talked about the bad effect of all this was… every siren we hear now its "oh no, keep checking CNS there’s probably been another shooting"… but it aint no joke, its very disheartening.

    • I See you says:

      I once heard a response to this question and the response was "The reason why the Police are blazing their sirens is because they want to make sure the criminals and the guns are gone before they arrive on the scene"


  59. Anonymous says:

    I am of Cayman decent and visit Cayman 3 or 4 times a year.

    I live in MIAMI and feel safer here, this is sad.

    Please stop the violence.

    Government is sleeping or what!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Anon 18:05, the government is sleeping! I have said it before & I will say it again: I blame the UDP government! When the PPM was the government crime was no where as awful as it is now, yet anytime there was a serious crime Mac Bush blamed the PPM & even on one occasion shockingly singled out Kurt Tibbetts for blame in the death of a GT male! SHOCKING! Crime has never ever been worse than in the last 10 months (since the elections!), who is Mac Bush blaming now? If he blamed the PPM for the crime when they were the government, then surely the UDP is to blame for the crime now!
      What is the UDP government doing? SLEEPING! The PPM brought a motion to the House (the L.A.) to tackle crime but the UDP refused to entertain it, WHY? Do they care? Is crime not important to the government? Instead of travelling & living the good "first class" life abroad, Mac Bush should concentrate on issues at home, ESPECIALLY CRIME!
      Can the UDP please tell us what they are doing about crime, apart from sleeping!

      • ThEwOrLdIsGaGaGoNeDoWn says:

        UDP left us in debt and we already see what PPM’s good for :S…In my opinion it doesn’t make any sense to side with any one political party.  Both party’s are crap and neither are reliable to fix the nation…the question is who is? 

      • ThEwOrLdIsGaGaGoNeDoWn says:

        lol they so much alike in their uselessness that I mixed them up … n e wayz sorry about that

        • Joe Average says:

          I thought that was kind of comical too.  You know what?  I’m up to HERE hearing about UDP/PPM.  From what I can see they’re both totally useless.  They’ve milked this country for every dime they can get. And look at it now..and listen to them… It’s the UDP’s fault! It’s the PPM’s fault!  How much longer are people going to put up with it?  Who cares???  Do you??  IT’S BOTH THEIR FAULTS!

          Realizing that. What are you gonna do?  Change the names?  PUD?  MPP?  It’s enough to give anyone PMS.

  60. Anonymous says:

    If only we became the change we want to see,

    If each one of us asked ourselves;

    what can I do to stop this?

    instead of looking right,left and center,

    for a place to lay blame.

    This madness that’ll will eventually affect ALL of us

    would stop.


  61. Jane says:

    Time to get serious!

    How many people need to loose their lives or get seriously injured or now kidnapped? How many families and friends need to loose a loved one before this ugly trend is taken seriously?

    When one can no longer go for an evening walk -it is time to relocate!

  62. Anonymous says:

    These are sad times in the Cayman Islands.

    In the first 6 headlines on this site we have:

    – Shooting in West Bay

    – Armed thieves hit restaurants

    – Bakery robbed at gunpoint

    – Man escapes 2-day abduction

    Someone needs to put together a robust plan to curb this wave of crime.

    Thanks CNS for being on the ball and being so quick to report whats going on.

  63. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to the family of the person killed today.

    My anger is reserved for the violent criminals in our midst and the politicians who refuse to do anything which might take them off the streets. The LA is actually meeting at the moment and some of the politicians seem to have taken a break from their ongoing holidays at our expense and overseeing the building of walls around their private properties, also at ourexpense. 

    There is NO EXCUSE for the elected government’s refusal to get tough with the violent criminals. We need new laws to double the minimum sentences for violent crime. We need new laws to end parole for persons convicted of violent crime. We need new laws to make it very difficult for persons charged with violent crimes to get bail. We need exceedingly tough anti-gang laws that work. We need to reduce the cost to the public of operating the Northward Spa and Resort and create a prison without A/C, take out food on demand, cable TV, cell phones and fancy TV systems in every guest room.


  64. Anonymous says:

    How many more need to loose their lives, family members or friends before this criminal trend is taken seriously?

    When one can no longer go for an evening walk or run -it is time to move!

  65. Anonymous says:

    I come home from work and check CNS… the first 3 headlines are :






    another beautiful day in paradise (or what it once was).

    this is sick ! ! !





    • Anonymous says:

      well what do you expect? check cnn and tell me if the news reports anything positive.  it’s just the fact that cayman was different in this regard that makes it hard to swallow. and….now it’s not any different. SIGH 🙁

  66. Abandon ship! (Formerly Sir Henry Morgan) says:

    CNS now stands for Crime News Service!

    Good job with the quick reports.

    • Anonymous says:

      what are you talking bout quick…the police send press release to every government department and pr person….we know this already…its just distracting already distracted government workers…i’m come on jus put a post up if it is serious….

      come on CNS…my girlfriends dad is reading this and thinkin she can’t stay cause of this….XXXXX lol…

      but fa real dis a serious ting man…

  67. Pit Bull says:

    Britain should come and take control.  The local government cannot cope anymore.

    • Caymanians against stupid blogs says:

      THE BRITISH ARE IN CONTROL OF THE POLICE!!! have you read the constitution?…..what are you talking about. maybe that is the problem!!! planned problem???

      • Anonymous says:

        I wish they were, in practice as opposed to theory.  I’d much rather have some real British police officers fully trained, accredited and accustomed to dealing with terrorists and organized gang crime in London, than continue with whatever it is we seem to have here.

        • Anonymous says:

          here we go again….. only a foreigner can help us. What you think they crime free?

          • EastSider says:

            Do you really believe a local could be undercover in Cayman and be unknown to the gang members ?  Please tell  me how that would work since everyone knows just about everyone else and is related to half the population.

  68. au revoir says:

    …blah blah blah blah blah….The public has seen that justice has been served and that there is a new sheriff in town…blah blah blah blah blah

    …blah blah blah blah blah…. Watch out Mr Wannabe Gangster everyone around you is watching you. You will never know who to trust and you will never know who will go to the police. Your days are numbered. Pick a cell or a plot in the cemetry….blah blah blah blah blah


    really?  seems to me like the new sheriff is as useless as the old sheriff…  does it seem like any gangsters are somehow afraid?  you can’t feel too smart now, can you…

  69. Anonymous says:

    do roadblocks in and out of west bay everyday!

    stop every car with tinted windows and search them and make them remove the tint.. this is thug behaviour…

    • Anonymous says:

      "tinted windows"??? Does that include the extremely dark tinted windows vehicle that has the Cayman flag on the front? I agree, search them all! But how on earth can that vehicle have such dark tinted windows when it is against the law? What is good for the goose is good for the gander, & there should be no exceptions! What kind of example does that set? No wonder people feel they can break the law!

  70. Jack says:

    Yesterday I said it to the wife it had been quiet … the wife said give it till Thursday. Like always, she was right.


  71. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm…I’m thinking I should change my dinner plans for this weekend and skip WB…maybe skip dinner out alltogether!

  72. Anonymous says:

    cayman is getting bad it aint sweet home paradise no more

  73. Anonymous says:

    Are the youths to blame ? or those who did not raise them properly ?


    And the cycle continues…

  74. PaperCaymanian says:

    Welcome to the Republic of West Bay aka THE SHOOTING GALLERY.

    I have lived in WB since Ivan due to losing my home in Prospect.Iwill be leaving WB at the end of my lease in november. It is hard to think of a day in the last few years that I have not heard sirens. The overwhelming majority of people in WB are good folks but there are just too many "marginalized" people here getting away with murder. Literally. When they get tired of shooting each other they may start looking for someone else to shoot. Our home has already been broken into four times along with the usual things going missing from the yard. It is a shame because other than the north east bluff it is the prettiest part of the island. My prayers are with this young mans family.


  75. Anonymous says:

    RCIPS please use the dogs and make a sweep of this Island everyday  and clear the   guns and STOP PLAYING BLIND EYE TO THE GUYS WITH THE GUNS!

    Mr. Commissioner please get serious because we are and we will organize a demonstration about the police inability to recover guns.


  76. Soon to be gone says:

    When I visit another country I have not visited before I always trawl the internet for local hotels, sightseeing, restaurants etc.  Many times I have come across local news services which I find more interesting than the guide sites.  

    Question – if you came across CNS today and saw the first 3 headlines would you visit that country?

    I rest my case!!!

    • Xeno says:

      But what is your case?


      Is it that CNS news service and other media outlets not report crime or other bad things? This is the policy of Big Mac. It is also used by closed and opressive regimes all over the world thought history.

      I hope that you are saying that the news item subjects, not the reporting of it, are causing serious long term damage to the economy.

      • Soon to be gone says:

        I think you have got the wrong end of the stick.

        What I was trying to say was that when I visit another country I haven’t visited before, I always try to find out local information on the internet.  Through this there is usually a link to local news services etc. which give more information about a place than any guide or tourism site (they tend to cover up the negative side).  

        Hence the comment I made that if anyone in the world was thinking about visiting here and happened to browse the internet yesterday and came across CNS  and saw the first three headlines, they would think twice about visiting. 

        My comment was not political in any way or having a dig at CNS (which incidentally is the best unbiased news service on Cayman).  It was unfortunate that yesterday had some negative headlines.

        "My case" is that potential visitors  having read the news reports would think twice about coming here.

        Outcome, drop in tourism.

  77. Chet O.Ebanks. says:

    I am gonna voice my piece on this ever increasing crime and violence on Grand Cayman. This has gone too FAR and if the GOVERNMENT, GOVERNOR and POLICE FORCE can’t see that SHAME ON THEM. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. If they can’t quell this crime spree then the UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT needs to come down to Cayman suspend the consitution and run this country. Bescause it seems that the powers that be are JUST CLUELESS as to what is happening. I am gonna issue a call for all concerned citizens to lets do something about this. We need to get a petition going and let these members of government know we are not gonna take this CRAP happening on our island anyone. We need to take this country back. Cayman was once a peacefull place to live what the heck is going on. Wake up cayman …  

    • Anonymous says:

      It is NOT government or police fault, they NEED you and public to help them by passing information who own guns. The public are protect the criminals who own guns or know what they are up to.  Wake up you guys and girls!

    • A Guy says:

      You start a petition going Chet, I for one will sign it.

  78. pilot says:

    here we go again


  79. zzzz says:

    Was the shooter wearing a clown suit, or perhaps escaped in a flying saucer?  If not, this is not a story.  It’s just another boring Wednesday in West Bay.

    West Bay, now that I think of it, reminds me a bit of Sarajevo which recently underwent the longest siege in modern military history.  The main difference is the amount of gunfire.  There was less in Sarajevo.


  80. Anon says:

    Kudos to CNS for being on top of the news. You rock!

  81. Anonymous says:

    WOW!  I cant believe!  This is getting WORST and WORST!  

  82. Anonymous says:

    What is the relationship betweenour elected officials and the violent criminals? Why does our elected government refuse to introduce any measures which might deter these criminals? When are they going to bring in an anti-gang law that works? After all the only people that can pass laws to go after the gangs, increase minimum sentences and end parole for these violent criminals are the people we elected to the LA and they seem absolutely determined to do nothing which might offend the criminal element. This has nothing to do with the Governor or the Police Commissioner. The only ones to blame for their refusal to get tough with the criminals are the politicians we elected.

    At this stage it is looking like there is more to it than the obvious incompetence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its either incompetence or protection by the powers that be. For the life of me I can’t figure out why so there many unsolved crimes in a such a small place. I’m told the police know right away know who did what, but for one reason or another the police don’t bring things to a conclusion, unless it is an expat committed the crime.  Is there any truth to this?

    • Caymanians against stupid blogs says:

      The Governor and FCO are responsible for the Police..not local politicians!…

      • Anonymous says:

        The politicians create the laws that the police enforce. Our completely inadequate laws which allow the criminals to stay on the streets are the fault of the elected government not the Governor or the police.  Rather than trying to shift blame off the government, why don’t you ask yourself why they appear to be doing everything they can to be soft on the criminals?