Local man makes plans to “Rescue” Cayman

| 07/04/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island local news(CNS): With the worsening economic recession, Howard Ron Rivers says there are increasing numbers of people in the Cayman Islands that are slipping through society’s safety nets and who are in need in many different ways. As a result, he wants to galvanize peopleinto helping them. Ron believes that members of the community need to come together to offer support and assistance to each other to get people on their feet, a roof over their heads, medical assistance, a much needed car back on the road or even training in a skill to help them find work. Under the umbrella name of “Rescue”, Ron is now trying to establish an official charity that can co-ordinate this support throughout the Cayman Islands.

The goal is not just to raise funds to help people financially but to attract volunteers who can offer their skills — be it a house repair for an elderly member of the community or debt advice to someone about to lose their house. Ron says that the Cayman Islands community needs to be a lot more supportive and he feels there are few if any places for those in need to go to find help.

“Child and family services turn a lot of people away and there are many people here who, with just a little bit of assistance, could turn their lives around,” said Ron, adding that by establishing this new charity he hopes to draw on the wider community’s resources to match volunteers, skills and talents as well as financial resources with the right people. “People are falling through the net but I really believe there are simple ways to help people and that’s what Rescue is all about.”
Although he recognises that he has a daunting task ahead of him, Ron told CNS that by pulling the community together and matching those in need with those who can help he believes more people will have a chance to get back on their feet and eventually help themselves.
In some cases, he explained, it may only be some advice, some hands-on help or a very small loan that someone needs to get their life back on track but at present they do not know where or who to go to, to get that help. Rescue, he says, could be that one-stop shop that will seek to find the help, support or assistance that individuals need to pick themselves back up.
Ron explained that the economic downturn has hit people really hard and spurred him on to make what has been a dream of his for some time a reality and begin recruiting volunteers and raising funds to officially launch Rescue. “This has been in my heart for a long time,” Ron said. “But now it is time to make it happen and encourage people to hold out a helping hand to their neighbours and start to rebuild our community.”
This week, Ron says, he intends to begin publicising his vision for Rescue and to begin recruiting people that can help him establish the charity, which will have a management committee to co-ordinate and match those the can help with those that need it. Ron told CNS that he will be onRadio Cayman’s Talk Today programme on Thursday to talk about Rescue and make the first moves to make it a reality.
Anyone who thinks they maybe able to help can contact Ron on 917 2812 or tune into Talk Today at noon on Thursday 8 April for more details.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    We have enough wealthy residents in Cayman that there should be no poverty in the Cayman Islands.  Billions of dollars flow through this economy.  We are the 5th largest financial center in the world ahead of Monaco and like Monaco we have a very small Native population. 

    Why are there any Native Caymanian in need?   This should be impossible giving our financial position; as the 5th largest financial center in the world.  I know of no native of Monaco who is poor and destitute nor have I seen any ghettos there.  Instead of bragging about how much money we have passing through the country, the government should ensure that the Caymanian population is taken care of  properly and is privy to a lifestyle similar to the people of Monaco before we go about bragging of our 5th largest financial position in the world, while prospectors and developers reap the benefits of this land and the native are relegated to third world status.  We must really look like the number one jokers in the world, with the amount of money that Cayman manages on a daily basis we should have streets of Gold.

    • Clueless says:

      The money only passes through here nominally BECAUSE we don’t touch it. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with this gentleman!   thumbs up!

    C’mon cayman!   Lets come together and help each other.  I think what needs to be done is for the man to give some contact information for people of the community that would like to volunteer and give our name, contact number and what sevices we will be able to assist.   I may be of assistance with plumbing, but need something done electrically and there maybe someone else out there that need assistantance in plumbing with electrical experience, we could assist each other.  And we can voluteer to help each other, rather than giving the chocker palms turned up expecting to lace your fellow caymanian or member of community with hefty fees and calling it a deal!

    I think its pretty simple, create a s/sheet and start taking peoples name, contact number and service they are willing to voluteer.   Just as soon as someone calls saying they need assistance with something, you can go through your directory, contact that individual and book a time to help.  Time is hard and I know everyone is feeling the pinch.

    Look forward to seeing this idea progress, I will be happy to volunteer!

    Helpful Caymanian!   =)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice idea.  Early days I understand, but one fair and obvious question not addressed, is Howard Ron Rivers a wealthy retiree/philanthropist, or is he planning to draw a salary of some sort against the charitable donations?  Who decides the allocation of resources, ie who or what goes where?  Isn’t there already a National Recovery Fund for this very purpose?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great Idea, I think Ivan really knocked the wind out of the sails of this country and we need to stand up and be proud again!

    Lets teach people that hard work gains the best rewards and that cayman doesnt need to turn to crime to survive.

    Stand up stand proud and spread the word!

  5. M says:

    Let’s hope its a charity that is not some Bible-thomping organization that don’t respect the beliefs of others, but expect you to yeild to their faith because they helped you.

    Also, that it is well organized, financially sound, and democratically run, putting the people first.

    Yes, we need a social net, because more and more, people are not looking out for their children, the low-wager, and the elderly folk.

    It is sad, but true!

    CNS Note: This project idea has nothing to do with a church or any religious organisation it is exactly what the article says a local man who wants to try and co-ordinate the community into helping those in need more effectively.

  6. Anonymous says:

     What a GREAT idea.

     HOW   does he plan to get this accomplished ?



  7. EastSider says:

    This is a fantastic idea and best of luck.  All anyone needs to do is open their hearts.