Man avoids life sentence in child molestation case

| 12/04/2010

(Naples News): A 57-year-old Florida man, and father of a Caymanian, has been convicted of molesting two young girls in the US.  Wayne David Smith (left) pleaded to two counts of lewd fondling and was sentenced to two years in a state prison followed by four years of sex-offender probation after entering into a plea agreement. The mother of the two victims denied Smith’s contentions that they filed the charges to get $32 million they believe he has stashed in the Cayman Islands. Smith’s son, David Smith, who is Caymanian, was also previously charged with molesting girls but was acquitted. It was a trial with allegations of sex and millions of dollars.

The prosecution called it a family secret involving sex between relatives, while the defence contended one of the two relatives claimed she’d been molested by the two men up to 14 years ago just to get her hands on $32 million and better her chances at winning her lawsuit against them.

In May, a Collier Circuit jury acquitted David Smith, a father of five, who walked out a free man after facing life in prison on two counts of capital sexual battery.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If I acquired american citizenship, I would consider myself an citizen, not an American.  If I required an birth certificate, I would have to request it from my country of birth.  I wouldn’t consider myself to be and American.  The place of my birth would determine my nationality.

    How can I say I am an American, if I wasn’t born there?  While I am aware of the fact that children born outside of the US to Americans can obtain citizenship through the parents (dual nationality).  I am also aware of a child born to a Caymanian parent in the US, and was living here, who was sent back to the US because of a problem.

    Why are we hoarding our New Caymanians when they commit crimes?  Why don’t we ship them back to from whence they came?  We need answers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me what the difference is between "Caymanian status" and "Caymanian"? I mean is there alegal distinction or is it just prejudice?

    • Anonymous says:

      Just prejudice.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is the difference between "Caymanian Status" and "Caymanian"? The same difference between a "Native American"  and an American Citizen, but let me explain it a little clearer in case you don’t get it.  Take your passport "Caymanian" or other wise, apply for a police record and it should give you the answer.

      "Caymanian Status"  A foreign national given the right to live/work in Cayman without immigration restrictions and can be deported back to his/her country of origin if the need arise.

      "Caymanian" DNA to Terra Firma, means not deportable, long, roots from right here in Cayman. Get it!


    • Anonymous says:

      I would have thought that the answer was well known.

      1. Caymanian status is not a nationality. You can be an American, Jamaican or Frenchman and hold Caymanian status.

      2. Caymanian status does not entitle you to vote or to run for office under the Constitution. In order to vote, one must be naturalized as BOTC by virtue of your connection to Cayman. 

      3. Caymanian status (except where granted by Cabinet) is revocable. Being a Caymanian is not.   

      Generally, Caymanian status holders have a flag of convenience which is very useful for distorting the statistics about how many Caymanians you employ, have promoted etc. They do not consider themselves Caymanian but typically will identify according to their country of origin. Hence a Jamaican taxi driver who holds Caymanian status will tell the tourists that he is Jamaican and not Caymanian.

  3. Ani Delleni says:

    I can’t believe what our island has come to young children  in danger wheither it’s being victims of : Shootings,killings,theft and rape etc.

    I wish this island would go back to it’s older days with lesser bad news and more frequent good news…honestly i’m tired of all of the constant negativity on our island!

    I would also like if the governor,premier and government  would quickly wake smell the coffee and handle these outrageous acts  that our  own people are comminting.


  4. Anonymous says:

    What status do you want them to revoke? The articile does not say that the convicted man is Caymanian it says that he is the father of a Caymanian. Duh!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The denial of Cayman continues to run strong, what about the 2 men who abused the child recently and were not prosecuted, they were certainly not American.

    And they are here and free…

    • anonymus says:

      Does the courts have an explanation  for the rape case of involving these 2 you refer to, why these scum bags were not charged?

      THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW.  Which MLA helped them get off?

      Who were they, where were they from?:

      Lets get this story in the media please put some fire under it, If they were foreigners they should be deported, if they were locals they should be in jail or imprisoned. What happened?

  6. EastSider says:

    Whatever nationality he is, we don’t need him here.

    • Conspiracy Theorist says:

      So why is he not having his status revoked?

      • Anonymous says:

        Where does it say he has Cayman Status.  It says "Father of a Caymanian" not that he has status.

  7. A REALIST says:

    And an American with Caymanian status is a "Caymanian" you fool. get over it. Not sleeping on plantain trash in West Bay won’t change that.

    If you don’t like it go petition to have the Immigration Law changed.

    LMAO at people STILL trying to create different classes of Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Caymanian" is not a nationality. On the other hand the likelihood is that the person is a U.S. citizen. In those circumstances it is ridiculous for a matter which arises in the U.S. and is being reported on in the U.S. to describe them as "Caymanian" in preference to being called American. In Cayman you might have a point; in the U.S. you certainly do not.

  8. LaLa LooLoo says:

    Money, money,money, the root of all evil.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love how the article tries to play up the Cayman angle. i think you will that he is an American with Caymanian status.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Read the article again – it says father of a Caymanian and down in the article it says his son is Caymanian. The son was also accused of child molestation and was acquitted. Nowhere does it state he has Status or is Caymanian himself. Learn to read properly before making not bright comments. Your xenophobic comments show your real mentality.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh please, not the "xenophobic" knee jerk response again. Please learn the meanings of words before you use them. Obviously I was referring to the son. There was no need to say that the individual was the father of a Caymanian especially when he is no doubt really an American.