Weatherman predicts cloud heading to Canada

| 20/04/2010

(BBC): A change in wind direction by the weekend could help blow Iceland’s volcanic ash cloud away from Europe, a BBC meteorologist says. However, the change could see the cloud move to affect Canadian airspace instead. North-westerly winds over the Atlantic have blown ash from the erupting volcano over the UK and Europe this week. But Matt Taylor warned ash blown away from Europe could cause problems for Canada instead.

 "Weather conditions should be more favourable by the end of the week," Matt Taylor said. "The wind should change to the opposite direction: it could start to disperse some of the stuff that has been blown over from Iceland."

But a respite for the UK and Europe means bad news elsewhere as the prevailing wind is more easterly north of Iceland.  "It means that ash will circulate over north-east Canada and the North Atlantic," Mr Taylor added. However ash will continue to fall on Europe. "It is up there in the atmosphere, and factors like gravitational pull and rainfall will bring it back down."
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