MLAs threaten voters’ ruin

| 03/06/2010

(CNS):  Updated 3.45 pm Lawyers representing the two Bodden Town MLAs who were challenged by six voters in their constituency have served those constituents with bankruptcy threats. Mark Scotland, who is now Minister of Health, and Dwayne Seymour, a back bench MLA, failed to comply with Section 19 (1) g of the Cayman Islands Constitution regarding their business interests during the election campaign. Following the UDP MLAs’ election to office, six Bodden Town voters, including an independent candidate, challenged the result. However, as they chose to mount the challenge via a Grand Court Summons instead of an election petition the case was thrown out. Scotland and Seymour have claimed over $70,000 in costs from the challengers.

The Bodden Town challengers were served this week with a bankruptcy notice, which was filed in the courts last month asking the voters for US$70,041.76 to be paid in seven days of the notice being served. The notice warned that if the challengers did not pay up, Scotland and Seymour, members of the current United Democratic Party government, would be taking bankruptcy proceedings against their six constituents, threatening them with financial ruin.

CNS understands, however, that negotiations have taken place between the parties involved and the costs matter has been settled via other undisclosed means. In an official statement the challengers said they were astonished to receive the bankruptcy notices

"It seems that because we sought to uphold the constitution, our two Bodden Town representatives have sought to have us declared bankrupt if we do not immediately pay their costs which were awarded in March of this year.

"We were advised by senior counsel that it was possible to seek tohave the constitution upheld by way of an Originating Summons and that it was also possible to do so by way of an election petition under the Elections Law. We chose the former approach because it was less of a partisan approach to the issue. The majority of us have no party affiliation whatsoever."

The Challenges noted the irony that things would have been different if they had taken a partisan approach and proceeded by way of an election petition the circumstances of their BT representatives would likely be very different.

"We respect the view of the court and the rule of law so their costs will be paid. There was no need to take a heavy handed approach of threatening your own constituents with personal bankruptcy but we have come to expect no more," the challengers said.

Sandra Catron, one of the six challengers, who also stood as an independent candidate in the district, said the bankruptcy notice was extremely unnerving.

“I have been led to understand that this was a very draconian and heavy handed method of trying to recover costs and believe it speaks volumes about the people involved,” said Catron.

”Despite what has been said in the past about this challenge, this was never a personal issue, or even a UDP issue, but it was a matter of principle and we believed that we were doing the right thing. To be threatened with bankruptcy as a result of trying to stand up for democracy sends the wrong message about the system. The message here is that if you do stand up you do so risking everything. This illustrates that we are not an open and free society at all.”

Catron said  lessons had been learned for the whole community about any future queries concerning elections. But she added that it was unfortunate that they had been castigated for trying to do what was right.

The controversial challenge was mounted as a result of both Scotland and Seymour missing the deadline to declare and gazette their business interests and contracts with the Cayman Islands government one month before Election Day, as required under the Constitution.

The two MLAs both insisted that this was an oversight and once it was brought to their attention they had filed the details of their respective contracts and, they said, were no longer in breach of the law. Scotland, whose firm ARCP had a number of contracts with government, said at the time that there was no intent to hide anything as all of the businesses he owned were in the Legislative Assembly’s register of interests and the contracts his business had with government were in the public domain.

Seymour said his security firm’s contract with Cayman Airways was also widely known and he did not realise that he also needed to gazette them. He also questioned whether his contract with CAL was a government contract, despite the fact that government is the only shareholder in the national flag carrier.

Following revelations that the candidates had not gazetted their interests as they were required to do, questions were immediately raised by the opposition, other candidates and voters as to whether the two men were disqualified from the election. However, as they had already been nominated under the Election Law neither the Election Office nor the Governor’s Office challenged the candidates’ right to stand and they continued with their campaigns. Calls came from all corners of the community that the attorney general or the governor should disqualify the candidates, but both Samuel Bulgin and Stuart Jack said it was a political matter and they would not get involved.

Following the election, although the AG was one of those named in the Constitution as having the right to mount a challenge over qualification of the two candidates to take up office, he said he would not do so.

In the end the challenge was mounted by lawyers Samson and McGrath on behalf of Gordon Solomon, Sandra Catron (an independent candidate in the election in Bodden Town), Ronald Ebanks, Jean Ebanks, Roxanne Basham-Ebanks and Michael McLaughlin in June last year. The summons asks the court to determine if the two defendants were disqualified, by virtue of section 19 g of the Constitution, from being elected and if their subsequent election was valid or not.

Despite the breach of the Constitution, in the face of the challenge the two candidates insisted it was a "minor technical thing" and they were never disqualified. However, although they had described it as a minor issue the candidates engaged the services of Lord Pannick QC, one of the UK’s leading constitutional lawyers, to defend the challenge, which the MLAs claimed, ironically, had been filed too late and via the Grand Court as an originating summons instead of an election petition, which should have been brought within 21 days.

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie found in favour of the MLAs and struck out the challenge, which left the six Bodden Town voters with the legal tab, not just for their own costs but those of Seymour and Scotland.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about this team – Chuckie, Kel Thompson, Dane Walton and Lynn Bodden-Smatt

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here’s my pic for BT next election – Chuckie, Deidre, Ossie and Theresa.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you take Theresa out of it I’ll give you a thumbs up…….I promise.

      • Anonymous says:

        Theresa is UDP or are you people really that slow? While she’s waiting on the job with Steve McField I under this govt. is giving her "consultancy" work.

    • Bodden Towner says:

      Try again, no some of them wont do.

  3. Anonymous says:

     who is caroline solomon?

    • Bodden Towner says:

      An intelligent trusting woman who would be the perfect candidate along wth Ozie, Wade DaCosta, chuckie or Gilbert, take your pick.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be HONEST here – we are not looking for educated people to run this country. Otherwise MOST of the ones we have in there NOW would not be! Including some in BT and the GT one that lied about even having an education and the people still voted him in!

    Let me say this (yes, I am a Caymanian born and bred for more than 1 generation also) – Caymanians are not always the brightest and those far outweigh the ones with any sense at all.

    It’s a tough pill to swallow but it sure explains a lot of what goes on here on these islands!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can you say political suicide ….  Bye, bye. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    I say Chuckie, Ossie, Bob Watler and Denise Miller……..remember 4 seats for BT next time people.

    • Tracy from Swamp says:

      Sorry, that is a straight PPM Ticket.  It will not work forget about it.  Call four more.

    • Anonymous says:

      First of all!  LOL!

      Ossie will not be running for politic’s any time soon, he has said taking time away from Politics from to focus on his Family and his business endevors.

      Denise Miller is a EAST ENDER! Although she has ties to Propect, but she was raised in East End and North Side.

      Bob will not be running for politics AT ALL! That is just too much stress for him.

      Who I beleive will be runningin the next election alongside PPM will be Chuckie, Dierdre Seymour and Tony Powell. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    What we want in the next election are people who are educated, honest, have integrity, are successful in their lives and careers, are visionaries and who can tell you up front where they will take Cayman in four years and eight years and how they intend to do it, are secure financially and are not need of an MLA salaryto survive and who would make decisions in the best interest of the country and not special cliches.  Most importantly of all, they must be smart enough to not be led by someone with granny wits.  Thinkers is what we want.  If only we could persuade people like Carlyle McLaughlin, Wayne Panton and Justin Woods to give us eight years of service in Bodden Town.  Bodden Town also has others just like them who too have been successful and who might also want to take the stand.  We got to start searching, as it is only three years to redemption.  Popularity and friend friend stuff ain’t cutting it no more.  Wise choices is the only option we have now.  Please post the names of those who fit the criteria above and get the ball rolling to see if they are interested.  Only three years to redemption.

    Oh, and by the way, that MLA pension criteria is absurd and should be revamped.  It is too liberal and is another drain on the country’s finances.  If they are successful in life, they won’t need that and if things get bad for any former MLA, a provision could always be made for that.

    • Tracy from Swamp says:

      The educated people you need, who is got more than an MLA salary is Wade Dacosta, Carolina Solomon, Charles Clfford Gilbert Mclean, Oborne Bodden and a few others.   Intelligent and trusting    Bodden Town wants to choose from this group, and definately we want a woman. 

    • Anonymous says:

      If you want "people who are educated, honest, have integrity" success and vision etc. then Cayman is going to have to broaden the base of who can run for office here.  Our biggest problem is that so few of the population are permitted to run for office and to vote, and they are therefore not acting in the interests of all.

      • Dred says:

        I’m sorry but no one who is not Caymanian should hold office. They have no stake in doing the best job for the country. They are not thinking "I’m doing this for my children and their children."

        This should never ever happen.

        Our problem is Parties. Nothing more nothing less. We have smart young minds trying to get into the political arena but the problem is they fully realise the oldguard would never let them explore. So they try to go independent. Then they fall flat on their face.

        We simply vote straight too often and sadly enough what we get is what we deserve. PPM overspending (not completely their fault but their fault non the less) and UDP muck up the whole Island sending it to hell in a handbasket.

        Next election all those who split their votes in say BT will vote straight PPM because many realise that by splitting they allowed UDP to actually seat two idiots, I mean clowns, I mean yes men. Hell you know what I mean. McKeeva stoogies. I’m not sure about GT because they are fickle. GT might well become the next WB for all I know.

        I’m sure NS will return Ezzard as he seems to be representing them well and EE seems happy with Arden. The fight will be in GT and BT.

        • O'Really says:

          I agree that anyone running for office should be Caymanian, but how to define Caymanian? Currently paper Caymanians are excluded for running for office. Why?

          To pick 2 easy examples, would you not consider that both Tony Travis and Tim Ridley have shown that they have the best interests of the islands at heart? Have they not contributed consistently over many years? Do you not think they could represent Cayman at least as well as the current MLA crop?

          Yet even if they were interested in running for office, they could not, prevented both by law, but also by the the prevailing attitude of Caymanians who believe that allowing representatives of the ex-pat community to participate in government is inherently wrong for Caymanian interests. 

          There are a lot of expats who have lived in Cayman for a long time and as a body they are not going anywhere. Any chance of better social harmony in the future has to start with Caymanians accepting that having invited expats to work and live in Cayman long enough to obtain status, they must also allow them an opportunity to participate in running what is now their country also, subject to whatever residency requirements etc seem reasonable. And don’t forget, to be successful, any expat candidate would have to gain enough votes to win, no small challenge.

          I look forward to the day when I hear a Caymanian politician advocate changes to the existing prohibition on paper Caymanian’s running for office as a means for achieving, in the longer term, greater integration and harmony for all Cayman’s citizens. I won’t be holding my breath though!



          • Twyla Vargas says:

            If I could vote in George Town I would vote for Tony Travers and Tim Ridley, Mike Adams,  Elio Solomon and Kurt Tibbets.

            • Anonymous says:

              Why would anyone vote for Ellio Solomon after his performance thus far? 

          • islandman says:

            True dat!…I man born ya, and i come from many, many generations of "born caymanians".

            And i for one believe that just because someone is born here does not automatically translate to that someone having Cayman’s best interest at heart. And certainly does not translate to that person having the quifications or aptitude for todays politics.

            Most of the current and many of the past politicians that Cayman has had to suffer because of, are a clear indication of this not working in our (as a country) best interests.

            This policy and/or law is past serving any good purpose. It continues to segregate our society. And allow too shallow a base to selfishly profit, while hindering Cayman as a whole.


          • Anonymous says:

            Tim and Tony need only to be naturalized as BOTCs in order to be eligible to run for office. Only then will they be full citizens.

            There is no insurmountable barrier as you suggest. That is purely a matter for them. I know both of them well and they would both be high on my list of good candidates, although I wouldgive Tim the edge in terms of commitment to these Islands and its people.  

            • O'Really says:

              You are correct, the barriers are not insurmountable. I should have had another look at the Constitution before posting!


            • Dirk says:

              Don’t forget there is one more caveat that O’Really did not touch on… you can’t hold dual citizenship and run for office in the Cayman Islands. I understand the reasoning behind this, but a number of Caymanians (paper or otherwise) living here who could be passionate, intelligent and successful representatives also hold another citizenship and may not be willing to give that up (for various reasons) in order to run for office.

              • Anonymous says:

                The rule is there for a reason. There could well be a conflict of loyalties which is not resolved in our favour if MLAs were allowed to carry another citizenship.  While this is acceptable for an ordinary citizen, this is intolerable for persons who are elected to make decisions that will affect these Islands. However, ‘no other citizenship’ becomes problematic where we distinguish between British Citizens who obtained it under the Overseas Territories Act and any other British Citizens. This is quite different from the legitimate distinction between British Citizens and BOTCs.  

                • Ali Louya says:

                  There cannot be any conflict between theinterests of BOTC citizens and British citiizens as the both owe loyalty to Britain and Britain alone.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think West Bay needs a change!!

      • Anonymous says:

        As you can see by the thumbs down here that there is a great deal of voters who want "their" people over educated, honest, successfull, visionaries who have integrity that can be qualified by their actions.  They must hold their own interest above the interest of all because if they are made to hold to all human rights and laws they will not survive.  This explains the tragic comedy that is Caymans Government.  These kind of people are not indemic to Cayman.  Just look around at some of the closer countries and it is easy to see which ones are ruled the by the same type of self serving government.  It would seem that Cayman must soon choose Dictatorship and loose everything that has made it a financial success in the past or follow in the footsteps of countries like Cuba.  Left to the will of those now in power (people as well as leadership) Cayman will continue its journey to becomeing a place where no "others" will want to go and many Caymanians will want to escape.

    • Anonymous says:

      I say Clifford, Panton and ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is a lowdown disgrace. Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour should be ashamed of themselves.

    What an example our MLAs and Judicial system is setting for our young people and the rest of us. Shame, shame shame.  

  9. Observer says:

    The plantiff should have probably taken a hint from the fact that the AG [and Govenor]  did not make a move to bring a suit and neither did the PPM pursue the matter.  They probably got some sensible legal advice.

    • Dred says:

      Actually no. PPM did not do it because they wanted someone else to do it so it did not look political. That is a fact. They actually were deep behind Sandra on that. Let’s call them what they are. They are cowards. Shamelesscowards but not crooks.

      The Governor was being the Governor. He liked to pursue what he didn’t need to and not pursue what he should pursue. He also was on the ropes about Cealt and all that crap. I mean he even looks confused.

      The AG is another matter all together. I mean most of us know why he did nothing so we need not go there but let’s just say he had his reasons and it was not about whether the law was broken.

      Let’s get something straight here what you are alluding to. It was not that they did not break the law. The final result had nothing to do with whether the case would have been won but about bringing the case late and under the wrong pre-tense.

      If the AG did what he was suppose to have done this would have been an open and shut case. This is why he did nothing because to have found in their favour would have been such an obvious breach of trust it could have gotten him removed. He did what he did because the other option was worse.

      So please don’t go saying there was no case because if brought under the right context and at the right time it would not have been a case at all. After all the candidates admitted it. Their only defense was a stupid statement saying it was only a "minor thing".

      So please go back into teh corner and keep quiet. UDP Mindless Zombie

      And I do so love "MINOR THING". Conflict of Interest is such a minor thing. It’s like asking a company to audit itself. Like asking one of Brasil’s players to ref the game between Brasil and Italy. Huum I’m sure he’ll be fair. 

      • Anonymous says:

        PPM "deep behind Sandra"? Please don’t talk what you don’t know. PPM may have their reasons and God only knows what they were but they DID NOT support these 6 people in any way, shape or form.

        Please do not force Sandra to go onthe record on this because PPM will not be happy. I don’t care what you all say about Sandra Catron but at the end of the day she calls a spade a spade – does not make her popular but somehow I don’t think she really cares!

    • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

      You know, Observer, I’m frequently accused of seeing only in black and white and not seeing the shades of gray and am told that even abroken clock is right twice a day.  That being said I would have to have done the same thing as Catron & Co.  The only difference is that I would also have hired the best litigator I could find who was able to practice on the island.  Your buls**t meter must be at an ’11’ right now.



  10. Anonymous says:

    Nice intimitation tactic! I hope that all you fools who think party politics is the only way to go are waking up and can manage to remember this during the next election.

    When there were more independent candidates than ever around, you all had to pick men like those two, and only one independent has been given a chance.

    Gosh – Caymanians WAKE UP!


    • Tracy from Swamp says:

      You would be surprised to know what really happened.   People in Bodden Town just wanted a change, because the PPM was doing the same thing these guys are doing now.   Besides were promised by these boys that Roll Over  would cease, our famlies could join us, Visas would cease and a long list of changes.    They changed their phone number, that was what I saw them do.

    • IRON CLAD says:

       Folks, don’t forget… there were ALOT of 2003 Status-Grant Jamaican supporters and votes behind the UDP, who by the way are even MORE disappointed in their ‘mis’leader, McKeeva Bush. Oh boy… what a mess!



      • Tracy from Swamp says:

        They deserve what they got. Voting intimidation to gain status, to Stop rollover and Visa.  Think they can turn Belford and Northward into little Tivoli. 

  11. Rabble Rouser says:

    Maybe Mac could pay them back out of his slushie fund.

    • Anonymous says:

      Better yet I think Aldne and Kurt whom has spent the countires money may be able to help them..Nah true … I mean Mac just come so he nah got much…..

      • Anonymous says:

        "He just come so he nah got much….."??????????? Obviously you are new to these islands. He made the most of his many years in politics, XXXX! You do not have to remember back any further than between 2001 & 2005! He just come????

        At least with Alden & Kurt we know where our money went. There was never any inquiries into any deals by Kurt, Alden, Arden or any of the PPM. After the many suspicious activities & contracts according to the last Auditor General, the same cannot be said about Mac & the UDP.

        Where did the millions & millions of the turtle farm money go? And that is not the only project with questionable spending.

        "He just come so he nah got much….."???? Sorry for you!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Attempting to overturn the will of the people of Bodden Town on a technicality was an ill-advised move from the very beginning. The outcome of the original challenge was correct, as was the award of costs to Mark and Dwayne.

    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect… bulls excrement!

    • Anonymous says:

      It was not about turning over the will of the people.  It was the lack of respect for the law and constitution.  If you are going to do something, do it properly, especially when you are supposed to be a servant of the people.  The Bible says that if you can’t be trusted with small things, you won’t be trusted with the big things.  Get it????   If you can’t even be bothered to ensure you comply with the law before you are elected, how can you be trusted to uphold the law for the benefit of the people of these islands after you are elected.  I think there is a huge lack of respect for the position being held by MLA’s.  They need to respectthe fact that it is a privilege to serve the country.  It should be treated with honour and respect, not treated as though it is a right and privilege and as though it gives them the right to bully their people.  If you love your country, you will serve it well.  If you love yourself more, then you will be only in it for what you can get.  The fact that they are being so aggressive about their costs shows spite and a lack of respect for the right of voters to challenge MLA’s when they see them doing wrong.  I have not heard any of the 6 running down the MLA’s or making threats but from day one, the premier threatened them and now it seems the terrible two are following through on the threat.  It takes guts to stand up for what is right.  More MLA’s should try it.  Having integrity and doing the right thing feels good.  YOu can sleep well at night.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see a Bodden Town team in the next election consisting of Mr. Charles Clifford, Mr. Gilbert Mclean, Ms. Catherine Tyson and Mr. Luigi Moxam.


    • Just Sayin says:

      Yeah, I’ll bet they would have the best t-shirts if nothing else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just when you think we can’t get any worse…. why would you want to make the people of BT suffer any more??? Haven’t we suffered enough? Surely we can do better than what you suggest! 

      • Tracy from Swamp says:

        You got any better suggestons?  I dont think so,  or you would have mentioned them,

      • Tracy from Swamp says:

        Well, should I believe you want the same old, same 0ld.

        I am going to bet on Gilbert, Chuckie, Carolina, Dacosta or Ozie.


    • Bodden Towner says:

      Dont gamble on that.  I see Charles Clifford, Gilbert McLean and Carolina Solomon.

      They are the two men and one woman we want.   Watch and see.

    • Grassroot Bodden Town says:

      Want to bet on that.  Its Charles Clifford, Carolina Solomon and Gilbert McLean.

    • Shaggy from Swamp says:

      I will bet on Gilbert Mclean, Charles Clifford, Carolina Solomon and Wayne Dacosta.

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        I will second that emotion.

      • Florence Goring-Nozza says:

        Wayne Dacosta? are you naming your friends or people with guts that will stand up for what is right?

        The people that are standing up now, whether in the house or out of the house are the ones that you should elect!   Take your head out of the sand!

        did you get any out of this training today?

    • Anonymous says:

      What a crying joke… we gone from worse to worser next election…………………..who you say you want to see……….. I cant help bu to laugh at my own people .. we really a bunch fickle minded people.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Chuckster will deal with all of them next time. Just wait until he strikes again !!!

    • Tracy from Swamp says:

      I live in the Bodden Town Swamp, but I will be voting. Please let us get rid of the three stooges.

    • The whole Town says:

      Have We been sleeping? , Has the voting in Bodden Town begun already?

      Darn it, we thought they were waiting for three years more.


      It done. Close the Box.




    • Anonymous says:

      I would support Chuckie for sure, he will stand up for us Caymanians!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Shame on Mark and John John. When one considers that Mark’s company, ARCP, makes between $10 – $12M per year in Government contracts alone, it is blatantly obvious that this is clearly pure UDP vindictiveness.

    Mark and John John I assure both of you that this is the FINAL nail in your political coffins. May you both rest in peace (shouldn’t be difficult since you both clearly lack a conscience.)

    I can’t believe that our Bodden Towners voted these two in over the Honourable Charles Clifford and Mr. Osbourne Bodden or Mr. Gilbert McLean.

    It was a very close election yes……but how could they have made that mistake.

    It won’t be close next time though !!!


    • Bodden Towner says:

      You are darn right about that.

      • Bodden Towner says:

        We want Gilbert, Chuckie, Carolina and Dacosta.  Come on guys, we want a woman in there too.  One that is an intelligent. Bodden Towner, aint doing it for the money, she got that, Aint doing it for the looks, she got that, aint doing it for the presige, she got that she certainly can be trusted.  She got all that it takes and need to be the perfect Candidate.  Along with Dacosta, chuckie and Gilbert we would have the cream of the crop.

        • Tracy from Swamp says:

          Bodden Towner remember it is going to be four seats for Bodden Town next election.  The voting has begun.

          We have already begin to vote for Gilbert, Chuckie, Carolina, an Ozzie.  so get your people together.

  16. Rectus femoris says:

     Well, now we know. When you see politicians do wrong in the Cayman Islands, don’tstick your head up to speak because you will only get whacked. 

    Just keep quiet and take whatever McKeeva and his army of trolls dish out to you. 

  17. Anonymous says:

     It is not clear to me what part the AG and the CJ played in the interest of justice.

    • Dred says:

      That’s just it. They did nothing.

      The AG had the opportunity to bring the matter up at the same time as the people who did. It actually should have been the AG not the voters or PPM to have brought this matter before the courts because of the following:

      1) The law was broken as written within the old and new constitution. This is not contended. Both candidates openly admitted this fact. So the law is broken.

      2) The AG was well aware as was the whole Island what had happened. While prior to election he had no ground to do anything because the law does not say you can not run only that you can not win. So upon winning the elections the AG should have called the matter before the courts IMMEDIATELY. No one should have had to file papers at all. The AG should have done it as it is his JOB to do. He is the head of the legal system. The buck stops with him. This is why he is listed in the constitution.

      Saying that the AG is the one to be held responsible for this whole matter. The Governor could have done something but that’s another story. It should never have gotten to him in the first place. PPM could have filed papers also as they had 3 candidates in BT along with the leader Kurt and his lawyer and major person on his committee.

      Never before have I seen such blatant disregard for the laws of the Cayman Islands and we wonder today why 13-19 year old girls are holding places up. I will tell you why. It’s because no one willrespect a law that is broken by the people who write them and who guard them. What McKeeva and his team has done is to say that they are above the law.

      Let me make this abundantly clear also. I hold PPM personally responsible for this mess also. They had the resources and the right to stop this. They did not have to backdoor Sandra Catron and the rest into this. If they had been MEN not the whimps they were, not the self serving wanting to make sure that in 2012 they get in whimps they were we would have dealt with this matter in a more timely fashion and justice would have been served. As opposed to the stupidity they let go down and now poor Sandra is left holding the bag much the way she did the poouch.

      Sandra I feel for you. PPM cowardice drove you off the perverbial cliff. UDP prooved they could get in at all cost not only attacking the constitution but also the election laws in GT.

      Again and we wonder why criminals feel free to do what they please.

  18. Anonymous says:

     I’m simple enough to believe that the law should be for everyone. I think it is sad that we have a udp AG who failed the country. What kind of lesson are we teaching our children when we allow some people to break the law and then use the same law to try and sue others? The ppm should have acted more responsible and challenged this. XXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Teaching the children that it is ok to go robbing with machetes because those in ‘power’ have no respect for law, order or the Constitution of ‘their’ Islands! 

  19. Truth B Told says:

    These people brought a legal action which failed.  Losers pay in Cayman – it stops pointless cases so we don’t end up like America. 

    • Dred says:

      This is about the fact that they should not have been the ones filing to begin with. If the Attorney General did his job and did not look the otherway this matter would have been resolved without a voter having to come forward.

      In absence of people who should be doing their jobs citizens had to stick their necks out in the name of protecting the constitution. Then on top of that this is what payment they got for it.




      • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

        Dred- the Attorney General didn’t do his job.  What would you have had the citizens do besides get the best legal representation that money can buy?

      • Anonymous says:

        Voting for you Dred!

    • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

      Then it follows that "losers" are the plaintiffs who don’t hire the best attorneys that money can buy.  In this case, was justice served?  Anybody think so?  CNS- why don’t you conduct a poll?

      • Diddly Squat says:

        So why did they not bring the claim under the Election Law process and in time?

  20. Anonymous says:

    It was a very sad day when the voters in Bodden Town elected these 2 men. It was a sad day when they did not step down as they should have. It was also a sad day when the AG and the Governor of the day did not do their respective jobs. Today was yet another sad day!

    However, there was a glimmer of hope when these 6 ordinary people decided to put their names and reputations on the line to stand up on a matter of principle – for what is right!

    Keep the faith and you will go down in the record books as heroes!

  21. au revoir says:

    yawn!!!!!  who really gives a fig?  by tomorrow, all of this will be forgotten until something else pops up in the news – and just like now, there will some people expressing their indignation, but doing absolutely nothing to change the system…when you’re fighting the "system" you fight a lonely battle – lots of cheerleaders on the sideline, but that’s all. 

    • Anonymous says:

      True, so true.

      We all want better government, but let someone else do the work, fight the battles, we are too afraid of the victimization on us and our families, yest that is true.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think it was a disgrace that the Attorney General did not take the stand to defend and uphold the laws of this country as it was clear the law had not been followed.  The same crap happened with the allegations that the election law had been breached by the UDP in George Town.

    This action means Mark & Dwayne are finished politically in Bodden Town.  Them and the UDP are history here.  They, as part of the UDP, used government’s money to pay Matrix bill, but they want to threaten these poor citizens who only sought to uphold the law.  It wasn’t that they were wrong, it was just that technicalities worked against them.

    You guys openan account and Bodden Towners and all those from the Eastern Districts who respect law and order and stand for right will contribute to it until enough is raised to settle the debt. 

    Come next election, UDP can stay in West Bay cause we will not vote for anyone who is even slightly sympathetic with them.  The wolves in sheep clothing we saw last election won’t help them either.  THEY R HISTORY! Not even attending any meetings or functions they hold from this point on. 

    Let us all unite and stand for right! Stand for principle! Let’s support these poor, but honest people who stood for right.

    • Anonymous says:

      It was a deriliction of duty by the attorney general not to have taken the case against the election of the UDP Bodden town candidates, they broke the law, they admitted that they broke the law, the UDP knows that they broke the law, the judges know that they broke the law – that is a facts on a technicality they go free and continue in office – that is not good governing nor is it justice.  Where is the governor in all of this?

    • Anonymous says:

      I could not agree with you more.  However, remember you get what you ask for eventually.  I am now and have always been a staunch PPM supporter.  During the last election, I voted for Gilbert and if he runs again I will vote for him again.  I contacted the Minister from Bodden Town to ask for a street light on a pole in front of my house.  My house sits in the darkest corner of a private road in Bodden Town.  That was almost a year ago and to this date there is no light in our corner.  I guess, we are of no consequence since the 37.50 per month for the light is a lot more than the UDP can afford.  Maybe it will take too much out of the premier’s travels.  Who knows?????????????

  23. Anonymous says:

    In case you missed, BT MLAs, the people of this country are suffering. Not all of us have an extra $70G to spend. As a matter of fact we are finding it hard to even find an extra $70 to spare.

    Want a breakdown? Read the viewpoint by Ms. Ferreira (Money often costs too much).  Then scroll down and read the posting by Survivor, who was inspired enough by what she read to write down her story. Those are the people you should be worrying about.  Those are the people who should be your number one concern. 

    The people are talking loudly and clearly.

  24. islandman says:

    Wow! Mark and Dwayne you have truly sunk to a record low with this move.

    And PPM and the Attorney General are as much to blame.


  25. vocal local says:

    This is a total disgrace. Mark, Dwayne, other UDP, PPM and the Attorney General should all be ashamed of this travesty of justice. And should also realize the poor example this type of attitude sets for our people.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse!

    Sandra and Co should have known better, afterall isn’t she a half trained lawyer. Everyone knew this was stupidity to begin with. The voters put them there and because Sandra didn’t win she mounted this campaign. Not even the PPM would pursue it, why on God’s earth did they think they would ever win? Who was advising them, Slocum?

    In any court of law costs are determined by the judge depending on the circumstances. They filed this motion and they lost! Enough said!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      They did not lose the judge said the manner is which they filed was time barred. The substantive nature of the case was therefore NEVER considered.

      I can’t help but wonder if Sandra’s legal troubles since then are not tied into this fiasco – seems all too convenient for me! UDP supporters pushing civil matters again the girl in court. Figure it out Cayman! When you speak out you will always be hounded by the powers that be! Even though they themselves are some of the biggest criminals in Cayman!


  27. Anon says:

    The two men disgust me! They should be utterly ashamed of themselves! XXXX They are the ones making the big bucks! Let them pay their QC! If they had did things right from the very beginning they wouldn’t have to be bringing more hardship against people who only wanted the law to be upheld! I am so disgusted to be a Caymanian with the caliber of MLAs running this country! Guess Dwayne "John John" Seymour needs this distraction to take the heat away from his soap opera life style!!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is unbelievable & shockingly disgusting! Not only did the 2 BT MLA’s get away with breaking the laws of the Cayman Islands constitution, they are now demanding the innocent people who challenged their creditability pay their court costs. I suppose we should not expect any better from the UDP, but really, this is most shocking. I am ashamed of them. What I would love to say about this cannot be printed on this site. I hope they make the most of their remaining years in power because they will never experience it again. I presume that is why they are refusing the paycuts, they need to collect as much as possible in their remaining years in power.

    • Anonymous says:

      The 2 BT UDP MLAs should be ashamed about this, how low can they go? We must also not forget the udp Attorney General, because it was his weakness or loyalty that started the whole shameful events in the first place.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad that there were a few who were willing to stand up for us and not ‘duck’ the issues for whwt it’s ‘worth’.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I guess you are only as good as your leader!

    • Anonymous says:

      Let us not mix things up here, please do not put good and leader in the same sentence.

      Corrected "They are as bad as their leader"


  30. Anonymous says:

    This story sounds like it was written one sided.  I thought if you go to court against someone and lose then that person has a right to claim back expenses.  Anyway I won’t write anymore because more than likely this won’t get posted!

    • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

      Actually I was curious about this.  Could an attorney please respond here?  In the States legal costs can be recovered in frivolous lawsuits, which this is not.  By what right do these two XXXs seek recuping their legal expenses?

      • durrrr says:

        in Cayman the general rule is that costs follow the event – in layman’s terms, the loser pays the winner’s costs.


        the challengers surely knew that they were out of time when they issued the proceedings, and if so, they gambled and lost. if they didn’t know, they should be making inquiries of their attorney’s insurers, not whining to CNS

  31. Anonymous says:

    Should not the lawyers who advised them in the first place be held accountable? There is a very good editorial today in the Compass. It is worth reading.

  32. anonymous says:

    Mark and Dwayne you guys should be ashame of yourselves!!!   You guys are making so much of the people’s money for doing nothing and you got the galls to send your legal bills to these 6 honest constituents?  Gosh!!  That is a dawnright shame, Shame, Shame!!  We are STILL calling for a bi-election in Bodden Town, because you guys are NOT serving your people, anyhow.  You are officially put in the HALL of SHAME in the Cayman Islands.

  33. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    Is this blackmail or extortion?  I always forget.  Either way they are plumbing the depths of unscrupulous behavior.  I wonder if the UK is following the escapades of the terrible trio. 

  34. IRON CLAD says:

    Oh and one more thing.

    Is there any way that we can find something for Dwayne, Mark, Elio and Eugene to do for the COUNTRY instead of sucking up a big fat salary of public dollars to do NOTHING but to be the Premier’s puppets and support for his ill-doings?



  35. Durrrr says:

    Blah blah blah.


    I have no sympathy for them at all… by all means challenge it, but if the very thing you are complaining about is a failure to comply with a time limit, you have to make sure that you make your complaint within the time limits!


    Indeed, it is plain that Catron & Co have failed to pay the MLAs costs when they were supposed to (or the threat of bankruptcy would not have been made), so it looks like the challengers have missed two time limits!

  36. Incognito says:

     I think this is a warning meant for ofuture objectors more than the initial people involved.


    Just my .02

    • Anon says:

      Bingo!  You’ve got it *incognito*!  Reminds me of the horse head in the bed in the movie "The Godfather"!  Make no mistake this is a message to us all.  I’m sure they don’t need the stinking $70,000.00,  that’s pocket change to them!  Haven’t most of us felt intimidated with every action, outburst or threat directed at whoever crosses the path of this administration? This has become all too common within the last year, no surprise. 

      Look at the few brave souls that have dared to go up against the master tyrant only to have their lives ruined.  How will we ever have any good people with integrity involved in politics, if corrupt politics is the new normal?  Shame on you two for having the gall to do this, I don’t know how you can honestly look yourselves in the mirror! 

      "When the people fear their Government, there is tyranny ; when the Government fears the people, there is liberty"!  Thomas Jefferson


  37. IRON CLAD says:

    Outright Outrageous!!!

    This really shows the gross lack of SHAME by these two, but then again we can say nothing less for the entire UPD clan. On the other hand this shows a weakness in the Constitution as well as the People of this Country as much as I hate to say.

    REMEMBER… McKeeva is to be blamed for this whole atrocity. It was HE who persistently told the people of the Cayman Islands that – these two were ‘good to go’, just "wote"(vote) them in.- In the same matter of blatant Lawlessness, McKeeva essentially told the people of Cayman Islands as well as the world watching – "to hell with the Constitution and Laws, just wote them in". He made sure to tear his way through the Legal System in ensuring these chosen two got through the cracks.

    All the Law-breaking was done to ensure HE had an entourage of Clansmen/the numbers behind him for political support of his ‘planned’ uncurbed ‘rulership’ of our unfortunate country.

    Again the name behind this attrocity was none other than the McKeeva himself.

    Correct me if I’m wrong!



  38. Anonymous says:

    The 6 should sue the AG  for thier costs!!! If he had the (you know what) to do his job then they would not be there.

  39. Anonymous says:

    You are only as good as the company you keep.

    These two hang out with Mac…enough said.

  40. Anonymous says:


    i wish Dan was the Attorney General, he would have fixed them! but we have a AG that doesn’t want to do his job!

    yet Dan did his and he got the boot!

  41. Anonymous says:

    There is a long history of brave individuals who have stood against lawlessness and corruption and paid a price for it.

    I would like to know if there could be a bank account set up to offset any hardship that these voters face as a result of their courageous action. They stood up to be counted as respecting the letter of the law at a time whenthose PAID to ensure the law is upheld decided to look after their own interests instead. If there is such an account I would be happy to contribute to it so that people will continue to be willing to oppose tyranny and the children of this country can have a better future.

  42. Anonymous says:

    There ought to be no surprise when heavy handed bullying tactics appear. Just look at who the politrix mentor is. 


  43. Anonymous says:

    "oversight", "minor technical thing", if this was so why now are they seeking $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, this party is all about the almighty $$$$$$$$$$$$, can’t quite get enough, and only want to give back to their community 2.3%, come on boys do better than that. Went all the way to the UK for representation on such a ‘minor technical thing’ and of course need funds to pay QC.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I find it ridiculous that the challengers are stuck with all the legal costs for both parties, particularly as the MLAs brought in an expensive QC from the UK.  Many other residents were in agreement with the action of the challengers in the interests of fairness and justice, but we didn’t bother to make a challenge.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad these 6 people stood up for what is right!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are so glad now offer to contribute to a fund to help them pay the costs. I for one would assist them if they set up an account.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Is there anything left for these two MLA’s to do for people to be disgusted with them any more than we already are?! Jeeze!! UDP….talk about a damned circus full of first class clowns!

    • Fflorence Goring-Nozza says:



      After assessing the above repeort of threat to the people’s democracy of the Cayman Islands I am forced to make the following statement:-

      That it is now time for Constitutional commissioners and the HRC along with the commissioner for FOI come together, review this matter, make the necessary legal changes in our costitution and our FOI laws, that ensures this travesty never happens again.

      A constitutient whether a candidate  or layman has the right and be able to contest a candidate in a court of law if all evidence proves that he or she has not been duly elected and  is in breach of any kind. Any legal costs incurred by the poor helpless, and jobless constitutients  (if such may be the case)  in turn government must forgive the constituients as it is their constitutional rights  they feel may have been violated and concerned.

      There should be ‘NO EXPENSES" incurred  or billed to those contesting for the exercise of  a citizen’s constitutional right who may have been violated in any way. This should be treated by the courts as a ‘LEGAL AIDE  OR HUMAN RIGHTS  CASE" and Government based on the preponderance of evidence and after making a determination that there has been a breach of the constitution and election laws and that there is reasonable cause for the case to be heard , then the courts should in turn hear the case  on behalf of the citizens, ‘FREE OF ALL COSTS"  It is a disgrace that citizens exercising their constitutional rights have to pay to do so in a democratic society such as this one! are we or not?

      Please note that I am not condoning nor opposing the actions of the plaintiff nor the defendants, I am only concerned about the rights of the people and their freedom of expression to exercise such rights provided  for the people in the Constitution of the Cayman Islands.

      I advise you to immediately again review the constitution  making the necessary amendments to better protect the citizens from the candidates and to ensure this never happens again.

    • Twyla Vargas says:


      Cayman Islands is being ripped apart mentally by Politicians destroying the good faith and peace we have shared for so long.  Every day the hatefulness is eating away at the Good, Bad and Ugly.  It has infiltrated business places, and schools, the low and the high living and the churches.

      Now the people are faced with more scandal of stress.  I do understand very clearly what Mark and John had to say, about it being an oversight on their part, and as a voter in this Bodden Town District,  I too chose to accept that oversight,  and gave them the benefit of the doubt.

      But what I cant understand is this, they knowing, that they had done something wrong,  and wanted the forgiveness of their community, (which I believe they got.) could not have handled this better.   Now on Gods blessed earth can someone tell me why? after they were forgiven by their district for their oversight, that they could not in their hearts find the same forgiveness to do the same to the six Caymanian Bodden Town people and let sleeping dogs lie?.   As far as Iam concerned, that was also an oversight.   Well some may say "Hell No" and there is nothing wrong with your opinion, every man is entitled to their own, but in doing so, it is very wise to remember to be forgiven we must consider to do likewise.  Blessed

  47. Anonymous says:

    No one actually expected this pair to do the right thing did they?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Dwayne probably needs the money to pay his legal bill for his much publicised recent brawl with a visitor from the States!  Such is the exemplary behaviour of our MLA’s *shakes head in shame*

  49. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable and downright disgusting move by these ‘representatives of the people’! Mark and Dwayne, PLEASE step down!  

  50. Anonymous says:

    Regarding Ms. Catron’s comments, there is a cost to freedoom and democracy. Freedom does not mean free.

    They took a stand that they believed to be principled and they must have understood that there was a real possibility that they would lose and therefore be responsible for the costs associated with such an action.  Is it not a principle to pay for a good or service that you receive?

    • Anonymous says:

      Precisely! 06/03/2010 – 13:50.

      PPM should not also not get away unscathed either based on pure principle they should have bought the claim and have the party settle the costs.

      I am truly fed up with all ofthese politicians.



    • Anonymous says:

      Why the thumbs down?

      Millions of people have lost their lives, families, homes, etc just to achieve the freedoms you enjoy today!

      What sacrifice have you all made to improve government or the community?

  51. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely disgusting behaviour (yet again) by our MLA’s.  The law is the law and it was conveniently ‘forgotten’ these two MLA’s should never have taken up office had the Attorney General stepped in as he should have done (but didn’t) prior to the elections to address the procedures that these two MLA’s failed to follow in the allotted time.  So the voters had to step in where the Attorney General failed us and still nothing was done to set the record straight because, as always, the law seems to be ‘bent’ to meet politicians needs.  I said it then, and I still say it now – how on earth can you expect to have law abiding citizens when so many of our policians blatantly disregard the law and frequently act ultra vires; and so many other politicians and high ranking civil servants fail to act or do anything at all.  Even though, strictly speaking, these two shouldn’t even be holding office, the same voters they are suing are the one’s who pay their (ridiculously high) wages.

    And Mark, when are certain BT residents going to see the fill that you promised them last year when their properties were flooded out?  Please don’t deny you made such assurance as I witnessed it.  Was that all talk and no action too?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the problem STOP voting for people based on what you can get and vote based on the facts, intelligent debate ideas etc .

      Until we stop with that non-sense we will continue to elect the same calibre of politicians that we are now STUCK with!


  52. Dred says:

    These guys should not be seated in our LA. They broke the constitution and if they were even half men they would have stepped down.

    Next election they will get their payment in full.

    • Anonymous says:

      As I predicted two weeks ago that when individuals gain anything by deception there is a chain reaction of unpleasant surprises, and events and much more. The UDP is not finished with you voters as yet. 

      First Big Mac threatening the voters and the Media, Now the lawyers for the MLA’s being contested in court served with bankruptcy notices!

      This is dictatorship. I hope that the watch dogs are forwarding this dictatorship government actions to the UK, it is preposterous and a disgrace to a democratic society!

      This is a prime sample of the rest of the sorry bunch you have elected. I am not a PPM supporter so do not throw any such slurs.  I just an individual with the eyes of an eagle that  can see where the UDP is headed.   ‘DOWN DICTATORSHIP LANE!

      Let’s see if the men and women in the Cayman Islands have the guts to get up a petition to get the likes of these out of the LA.   They’re targeting you so you better get them first.! Its you or them!

      This is the 2nd strike, a third strike by any one of them against the people and its time for a Petition to bne signed demanding the UDP’s stepdown and re-election. ":NO CONFIDENCE VOTE"




      • Anonymous says:

        It’s a shame that the "MLAs" broke the law, got away with it and now have the audacity to be vindictive towards their own constituents. This is completely disgraceful and shameful.

        But let’s not forget, this could have been avoided if the Attorney General had enforced the election law rather than sitting on the sidelines. He also bears responsibility for allowing this to occur.