Thugs try to put chef in trunk

| 11/06/2010

(CNS): Two armed men attacked an employee of the Grand Old House Restaurant last night and tried to put him in the trunk of his own car. Police say one of the men was armed with a shotgun and the other with a handgun; their faces were covered and they were wearing gloves. During the incident, which occurred around 10:00pm outside the restaurant on South Sound Road, the 31-year-old victim was struck twice around the face with a firearm and was taken to the George Town Hospital where he is being treated for head injuries. The two robbers stole the victim’s car and, according to sources, his wallet as well.

Police say the victim is in serious condition and cannot give a full report of what happened. Therefore, details of the incident are sketchy at this time.

The attack was the seventh violent crime in as many days and came hours after the RCIPS month long amnesty on firearms ended.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why hasn’t the public IMMEDIATELY been given a description of the car, for crying out loud? Comment from the RCIP, please (like, now).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok they said they got the man car .How long will it take police to share the info with the public like the Color of car ….the Make of car  …..the Lic plate… we the public on the road just as much as police we can help .But NO they will wait 3 and 4 weeks and months then have a road block that they famous for doing and hold up traffic asking dumb questions of the past.. Do they really want help from the public??????????????????????? 

  3. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Not trying to state the obvious or have another rant but……

    robbery with hood……robbery with club……with knife or machette…..with gun no shots fired……with gun shots fired no one hurt…….with gun shots fired patron or staff shot or killed…….

    The train keeps rolling and The Government in power needs to do something…… 

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      The police in most cases can only attend a crime scene after a report has been made.  You want me to continue?

  4. Fed UP! says:

    If the powers that be can not put an end to this, then please allow our honest citizens to arm themselves.  If a person(s) arrives at my home or business to take my property, after the lights are off and to intimidate or harm me and my family, why should I be denied the right to protect my property and life?  We like American TV, food, clothing, vacations so why not the American rights of self preservation and being able to protect my self and family with a gun?

    What good is an unarmed security guard at a bank or business? Nothing more than a useless joke and excuse for security

    Can we all affored high tech security systems and hired help to keep watch over us.  I think not. Our salaries have been cut and we are been robbed nightly by scum.

    Poor food servers are being bashed over the head for a less than $300 at Burger King and outside Grand Old House for secondhand car?  Not to mention what is the car going to be use for? Another bank robbery or drive by shooting of a gang member or may be another innocent child?

    I do not believe for one second these people are jobless, starving, good people just trying to stay alive and are "forced" to into theft in order to survive. They are scum and should be treated as such.  

    We have home invasions, daylight armed robberies, nightly gun violence, people are afraid to go to a gas station and now a 5 star restaurant.  How long is it going to take before we are afraid to go anywhere that has cash present? A store, office, place of entertainment or worship…. If you stay home you are at risk, if you go out you are at risk.  I suspect the only safe place to avoid criminals these days is the district police stations.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Grand Cayman is becoming like the wild wild west. Kill or be killed, Rob and /or be robbed. Personally I think its just a wee two bit island,trying too ridiculously hard to be what its not, and will never be. Therefore its  downhill from here for that place. Thank God Im here in the Boondocks ( CBrac ) hoping that someday we can get the right connections to  totally disconnect  from that place and be  just an idyllic  beautiful island just called Brac. Forget the Cayman. it sucks. We could  also rename Little Cayman  something more interesting like Little Brac and totally become what Grand Cayman was supposed to be.


  6. caymanian overseas says:

    I’m getting scared to come home with my family….

    There are fewer violent crime incidents in the American town I live in.  It’s such and terrible shame.

    I have nothing positive to say…so sorry *hangs head*

    • Anonymous says:

      Also getting nervous about coming down there anddebating whether to cancel reservations/airfare etc.

      The other thought is that one could just stay at the hotel and pretend it is an AI and not travel about?!?  Crime is becoming an every day/night event and hitting places tourists would go…..gas stations, restaurants, West Bay Rd. purse snatchings. Not good and very uncomfortable.

      • CESAR AN SARAH says:

        Where the hell are you living. in theSky?   There is crime every where, so top trying to make Cayman Islands look like it is  worse than any place else. Stop now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The situation is that the current events will play out until either the robbers are caught and jailed or killed. They are not going to stop. They have no morals, no principles and to them it is okay to rob people. They were probably raised without discipline and were never taught to respect other people. They were probably taught to fight and intimidate people, so the reality is that they are now playing the same role out, but on an extreme level now. They cared nothing for school when they were young and are unwilling to be trained now. To change this will take immediate steps to instill discipline and respect for others into the little three year olds in Pre-School right up to those 16 year olds in High School. Standards have to be set and they must be taught and consistently maintained. You cannot bend the trunk of a 10 year old Mango tree. If you didn’t shape it when it was young, you sure won’t shape it 10 years later. I say to deal with this problem now, train and arm Security Guards so that they can defend themselves and the people who hire them. When they low lifes are properly dealt with, and the young are taught respect and standards, then Cayman will eventually return to where we want it to be. Politicians can influence that by setting the standards and showing respect for others and ensuring that discipline is maintained in school. To the good parents who try, there is no need to say it to you. To the parents who don’t live the example, that is where Gov’t needs to step in. If your child has behavioral problems, then both the child and the parents need intervention and perhaps they should both be removed from their environment to a place where they can both be trained and monitored on a daily basis until they get the hang of it.

  8. Furthermore Andre says:

    When is the Immigration and the Premier going to begin to introduce the finger printing.  Call up the whole Cayman Islands to be finger printed.  Make it happen in each district like voting day.

    Mr Premire why are you ignoring the request of the people.   WAR IS GOING TO BREAK OUT.

    • Eye Opener says:

      Yes I totally agree with you Andre.   Government need to hurry  up with the censor, and please dont put expatriates to do the censor, no matter where they are from.  Find responsible Caymanians to do this job.  Each emloyer must be held responsible for the wareabouts of their employe.  Let them find them and bring them in within three days or fine dem 10.000.00 and the employee 10,000.00.  Fingerprint everybody who is over 16 years of age.   Then input a file with picture and your fingerprint on the Immigration/goverment website, seclusive to Immigration police and specific government CEO.  none other.   If government dont know how to set this up, then get outside help fom some place that knows.   Mr Premier, it  is time you moveon this ASAP like tomorrow.   If a police officer was shot doing their job last night,  I can assure you there was going to be a war.   I heard people from the community planning this.

    • Jab-Jab says:

      Probably because it woudl make no difference to criminals wearing gloves? Fingerprinting everyone would simply be a waste of resources. – And yes, I choose privacy over security, at least at that level.

  9. LETTER 2 MCKEEVA BUSH!!! says:

    Here we go again!!

    I just don’t understand government and those who are in parliament … why won’t use money on educational centers to help people who aren’t that well educated …. I mean for heavens sake they will spend our money on foolishness that isn’t really a benefit to our own country.

    Open a educational center for kids,teens and  young adults to learn the basics ( Maths,Reading and Spelling etc ) .

    Gosh if they had something that they could go to and could get some sorta qualifications that they can get some kind of job to bring in mone for themselves it could help with the sky high crime rate that is occuring in our islands.

    Recreational Center: for kids and the young teens this would help from them going into : Gangs,Having Sex getting pregnant/stds at such a tender age.

    Government doesn’t do a darn thing for it’s people besides leave them to suffer and before you know it all hell will break loose because they aren’t getting the assistance like they should . 

     We are tired of  the constant : Murders, Young children going down the wrong path in their lives.

    We don’t want no one to suffer especially a born caymanian female/male … by all means we should assist them educate them …. watch them succeed in life and make it to the big and better life styles …. make other caymanians proud of there homeland and also be inspired by positive things in life.

    Government brings shame and embrassment to our islands to know they have all that money but yet you have caymanians that are : unemployed,uneducated,homeless,going down the wrong paths in life.

    Honestly government needs to step up to the plate and stop spending our money on foolishness that isn’t a benefit to our country in the end …. because all now cayman doesn’t have recreational center cayman is boring, dull and hot yes i know you can’t do anything about the  wheather or what ever but I do  know you CAN & SHOULD! do something about they children being bored … because clearly you all took on the jobs you wanna collect the big pay checks … but don’t wanna do your jobs … come on now really are we paying for you to live nice and boasy …. but you can’t do anything for your own people?   Really are you serious???

    GET UP!!!!! …. build something for the kids and young teens waterparks would be the best because we do live on a island and it’s really hot but all I’m tryna get across is JUST DO SOMETHING ALREADY TO BENEFIT YOUR PEOPLE FOR ONCE AND STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF ALONE!




    Enough is enough. My preagnent wife left the very same place at the same time. 10:18 to be exact. I am not claiming to be a tough guy but I invite these same thugs to respond and try that same cowardness with me. There would be no need for police if this would have been my wife that i can guarantee. I am sick of you cowards destroying  a place my family has called home for 8 generations. As a people we need to stand up and fight back. YOU GUN WIELDING COWARDS ARE WELCOME TO COMMENT AND MEET ME ANYTIME!!!!!!



  11. Anonymous says:

    I’ts pretty sad but the girlfriend and I were sitting around last night placing bets on which business was going to be the next to get robbed.  Not five minutes later we hear police sirens and today I read this article.  We both lost our bet and this island is continuing to loose as a whole.   Won’t be long before things around here are like some of the worser areas in the states where employees are behind bullet proof glass and you can no longer buy anything from a gas station that will not fit through the little slot in the window.  I can’t say I’d blame the owners and if I was giving advice that would be one of my first suggestions.

    These thugs are nothing more than cowards who would never be "man enough" to attempt these antics if they were not hiding behind their guns/weapons.  I wish I could understand how so many boys and girls look up to this lifestyle.  badman does not equal big man!

    • Tracy from Swamp says:

      I think it is time that gas stations only serve through a slotted bullt proof window.

      We will definately have to grill up the front and back door, and serve through small windows.   Get advice fom somone who knows how to set this.   I am sure we have travelled an see how it operates.

  12. King4life says:

    I hope this is enough of "a pattern" for the Commissioner to realize what will happen next now that they got the man’s car.

  13. Anonymous says:

    " … details of the incident are sketchy at this time"  

    You can say that again!

  14. Voice of Reason says:

     Anyone care to place a bet as to where tomorrow’s crime is going to be?

    Grand Cayman clearly represents some easy pickings. Why aren;t these people being rolled over?

    "Game Over" Cayman………?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Was this the same two that held up the guys down point four street last week? They also had a shotgun and hand gun between them.

    Obviously the attack on the chef at Grand Old House was not a random attack, so maybe if the poilce can get the man talking when he has recovered we could be solving two crimes in one.

    I know it sounds a bit idealistic thinking we can solve two crimes at once but it is the same small group of thugs responsible for most serious crimes on the island. The police know who they are but the Caymanian community is protecting them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dispite what the police may "SAY"

      In actuality the know next to nothing about these criminals. Use your head as well as your ears. If they did they would be covertly watching them and catch them in the act.

      Don’t believe everything you see and even less of what you hear

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wha a mess!  So, do we now see we have the Keystone Cops here!  They can’t figure out who the 3 teenage girls are how in the hell are they going to get these thugs????  They should be totally embarrassed by their lack of response and so should our Premier who is hiding behind his wall!!  Shame on all of you!  Get your acts together and DO SOMETHING AND DO IT NOW!  IT’S NOT GOING TO BE SOLVED BY A PRAYER MEETING EITHER.  Just sayin……

    • Tracy from Swamp says:

      Are you sure they were teen aged girls.   Guess  again.

      • Anonymous says:

         Tracy from the swamp: Sounds like you know who it was. maybe you should be talking to the police.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Burger King and Dominoes must have become tiresome.

    "We will start off with the escargot, move onto the pheasant under glass and finish it off with all the cash in your till thank you"

  18. Pending says:

    " Police say the victim is in serious condition and cannot give a full report of  what happened. Therefore, details of the incident are sketchy at this time."

    So that is great to know, especially if you are the culprit.

    How would that stand in court if you are arrested for something and the description was given by someone who is high at the time? Oh and has been pistol whipped, could that also be possible concussion? The guy will have no memory of it if concussed and again this will go unpunished.

    What is the running total now… 12 / 12 and we have a long weekend, fanbloodytastic.


  19. Anonymous says:

    OK – the people that own this restaurant are people that Mac might possibly listen to when he will not listen to ordinary Caymanians. This restaurant is also frequented by people well up the food chain, some of them further up the food chain than the police Commissioner. Maybe some of them just might suggest that the Premier spends just enough time out of the first class lounges to bring in the reforms to the laws that we need to get these thugs off our streets and keep them off our streets. I know that it is ridiculous to expect the Premier to do anything that does not involve frequent flier miles but we can always hope.

    • Anonymous says:

      Changing Laws or new Laws don’t work to stop the Lawless who obviously could care less. What is needed is better enforcement by the Police and for our citizens to take more responsibility for what goes on in this country. This is OUR home lets stop depending on some one else to fix the problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is OUR home, but unfortunately OUR useless politicians have failed to change the parole system so that violent criminals even if convicted are out in a very short time. Minimum sentences are too soft and need to be at least doubled. The prison needs to be reformed. At the moment, people not committing these violent crimes but who have information that would assist the police are free to withhold it – that needs to change. Refusing to provide information regarding these violent crimes ought to be an offence. These are not things that we can do ourselves. We need our OVERPAID but Uselss politicians to get off their backsides and change the laws.

        • Anonymous says:

          It was only just a few years ago that the Police budget was vastly increased by Government, minimum sentences were increased for illegal firearms to 10 years, a helicopter was bought, new boats were bought. After all this violent crime continues to increase. The tactics are not working to stop crime.

          How long will we continue to do the same things and expect different results. We need to get a new attitude in dealing with violent criminals. could careless how many laws they are breaking or what the amount of time in jail will be if they get caught – Because the Police are not going to catch them

          Now the police want CCTV cameras – Did those cameras help them catch the men who robbed Margaritaville or Burger King. History has proven that throwing money at a problem will not necessarily fix the problem. New Laws won’t stop the Lawless.

          Despite what they might try to tell you’ the Police CAN NOT protect you. They can only try to find the criminal after the fact. Their success at this will determine their usefulness at being a deterrence.

          People need take responsibility of protecting themselves and be allowed to do so. This includes being aware of your surroundings, getting self defense training and if you are at a high risk, being armed in some way.

          The laws that need changing are those that prevent Law abiding citizens from defending themselves. Make pepper spray and other defensive items legal, even if you have to be licensed to carry it.

          We have to wake up. Criminals don’t care if on paper they are not allowed to have something  –  they are criminals. They don’t play by the rules, if they did they would not be criminals.

  20. Anonymous says:

    enough is enough. Whatever you hear the Commissioner say about citizens not arming themselves please don’t be too alarmed. People, arm yourself or you will be the next victim.

    • Sheerluck Holmes says:

      Actually don’t!  Apart from risking jail (quite rightly), studies in the US indicate that those who keep arms in a home for defensive use are 4 times more likely to be seriously injured or killed as a result of gunshot wounds.

      Guns don’t kill people, bullets kill people.  Oh yes, that is the same as saying guns kill people, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE DESIGNED FOR!