Jamaican police certificates part of fraud investigation

| 02/07/2010

(CNS): A former senior police officer and several other members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) are under investigation by the JCF Anti-Corruption Branch for the suspected misuse of records. According to a report in the Jamaica Observer, the fraud concerns the supply of police records to criminals to enable them to apply for firearms licences and make visa applications. As a result of the probe the United States Embassy and other authorities have had to implement several new security measures. The Jamaican police have admitted that they couldn’t say for certain if people who have been given police certificates are who they say they are.

"Police investigation has highlighted several deficiencies in the integrity of the previous police certificate process where it was possible for criminals, through fraudulent means, use police records of law-abiding citizensto carry out major identify theft, apply for firearms licences and make visa applications," a senior policeman told the Observer.
The probe was confirmed by Les Green, assistant commissioner of police. "In the past, police could not guarantee that the person who we issued the certificate to is the person whose name and detail appeared on that certificate."
The United States Embassy and Jamaican authorities have implemented several new security measures, which includes the splitting of the Automated Finger Identification System (ASIF) database and a requirement by the US Embassy for visa applicants who had applied for police records prior to June to renew the documents, Green explained.
Green said that prior to this there the possibility for criminals to use fraudulent police certificates to apply for firearms, jobs or United States visas.
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  1. Truthseeker says:

    What is the true measure of corruption? A country which hides and protects their corrupt family and friends from public scrutiny or the country which exposes it at every opportunity(despite the onslaught of criticism)? You be the judge.

  2. guyfox says:

    Blah blah blah this is old news been going since time began no worries them 6000 deportees need some place to go this is a stop gap measure for the respective country and for those of you who think the respective countries deporting these bad guys cares who obsorbes them think again They aint in my town who cares.

  3. IRON CLAD says:

    The CI Immigration was tipped off years ago and did absolutely nothing because we had a bunch of SLACK officials XXXXX.

    Soo… about the fraudulent police records and certs, come on people, even without being tipped off, we should all KNOW that with the criminal element that exists in Jamaica and many other impoverished countries that this sort of thing would be a CERTAINTY and that our Immigration should have proactively guarded against this. Obviously and Shamefully, NO ONE in our successive governments (or any of our successive governments) has been CAPABLE or even CARED to do any better with immigration protection or for that matter, operating any other section of the Government with any sense.

    In short, It is hopeless and heart-breaking to watch our pathetic Governments run our country.


    Sadly, IRON CLAD

  4. Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

    I wonder how many are here on the bogus certificates too? or how many are employed within our Govt and private sector with these?

    • Mattew Manyete says:

      Immigration department has been tipped off years about this, but they know why they are not doing their part.