Gas hike will trickle down

| 07/07/2010

Cayman Islands News Grand Cayman Island headline news, gas prices(CNS): Updated 9am — Following the immediate stingat the gas pumps, the public will begin to feel the impact of the 25 cent fuel duty increase in many other areas over the coming months. From CUC bills to groceries, the price hike is likely to have a wide impact on the cost of living. Although government implemented the duty hike from 1 July, the price increase will not hit the pumps until early next week when the latest oil shipment is distributed to local fuel stations. Gas stations told CNS that, despite pleas from the premier, the wholesalers will be passing on the duty to the retailers. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

CUC confirmed on Tuesday that it expected the mark up to appear on customers’ bills in September. “CUC’s fuel costs are passed through to its customers without any mark-up and appear as a separate line item on CUC bills two months in arrears,” a spokesperson said. “Accordingly, consumers can expect to see an increase on the fuel factor portion of their September bills, which will have an overall impact of an approximate 5½% increase on the total bill, based on current fuel prices.”

Although the local supermarkets have said they will not be increasing prices immediately as a result of the hike, in the coming months it was very unlikely that, given all of the other fee increases, there would not be some impact on prices. Thom Guyton of Kirk’s Supermarket said that as the fuel duty hike was not a direct tax on supermarkets customers won’t see immediate price increases at the till but he warned there would be eventual trickle down.

“This will be one more of many expenses that we have not yet passed on this year,” he noted. “There comes a point, however, when the accumulation will creep up on us and, depending on a number of variables, prices are likely to begin increasing over the coming months.”

Guyton pointed out that it was not just a matter of absorbing the store’s fuel bill hikes but also the cost of delivery and the goods they buy from their suppliers that would eventually determine the price increases.

Despite reassurances from the premier in the Legislative Assembly recently that the supermarkets would not increase their prices, both Fosters and Hurley’s said they could not be sure what the future held. “We do not know what else will be coming down the line in the way of more increases,” Woody Foster told CNS last month. “We have all taken on a lot of new increases but we are doing our absolute best to not raise prices by finding more ways to reduce expenses. We have been successful so far in finding ways to reduce expenses but that cannot go on forever if fees are going to continue to go up.”

Randy Merren said that while Hurley’s could absorb its CUC bill, the store had no control over the prices it paid local distributors for goods. He also warned that as all the other components that make up the store’s operations costs increase along with the projected inflation numbers this year, he also expected to see price increases later this year.

Al Thompson, President of A. L. Thompson’s, said that there were no immediate plans to increase prices at the island’s biggest hardware store as a result the fuel duty hike, but he noted that the store has always offered free delivery of goods purchased there and the fuel duty increase could ultimately affect that free service.

CNS also contacted the Water Authority, Consolidated Water, Cayman Airways and a number of other commercial entities to ask them if customers would see an impact on the cost of their respective services as a result of the hike but so far they have not responded.

We also contacted Chevron (Texaco) and ExxonMobil (Esso), the local fuel wholesalers, about the price hike, and although we received no comment yet from Chevron, country manager of Esso, Alan Neesome, confirmed that the duty would be imposed once the old inventorywas used up. "Esso received a ship on 2nd July," he said "Esso is not in a position to hold off passing on the government’s increase in fuel duty and the government is mistaken in thinking Esso’s earnings are excessive — we have a very modest and reasonable return on our investment in the Cayman Islands."

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly last month, McKeeva Bush called on the distributors not to pass on the duty as he said they already made a significant profit and the government’s take on fuel was small by comparison to the rest of the region.  Bush told his legislative colleagues that the duty payable to government as a percentage of wholesale gasoline costs was around 15% in the Cayman Islands while the regional average was close to 26% per cent.

“The price of fuel has increased over the years but the government’s take has decreased,” he said, in justifying the controversial fuel duty hike. The increase was opposed by all of the opposition members and the independent representative for North Side, all of whom said the hike would be inflationary.

Neesome added that government’s assumptions about the profit margins were flawed and while he empathised with the government’s dilemma, Esso Cayman could not finance the government’s decision to increase fuel import duties.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It the bucket has a hole in it, it doesn’t matter how much water you keep putting in, as the water will just continue to leak out.

    Fix the leak!

  2. Stop Moaning says:

    Wow.  What a bunch of moaners.

    You don’t want income tax.  You don’t want land tax.  And you would think the world is ending over a little raise in cheap gas prices.

    Yes cheap!  In the UK a gallon of gas costs CI$6.38.  Much of Europe is around the same price.

    Since the average UK resident is paying 30% of earned income as direct tax, the true equivalent costs of a gallon there is CI$8.30.

    So count yourselves lucky.  Accept that gas prices are very cheap here.  And if you can’t afford to fill up the big flashy truck, well get a little Japanese car.

  3. Anonymous says:

     This is what you get when you elect people like Mac Bush, Miss Julie and Helio. The rest are just extension cords.

  4. Anonymous says:

    After reading a number of post here by a number of UDP and PPM members as well as Caymanians in general, I have come to this conclusion: Caymanians are not eager to take credit for electing the UDP, however, they won fair and square. There is many complaining about the many failures of the UDP and PPM.

    The USA and the world is in an economic meltdown, the USA is not recovering economically, they are experiencing tremendous hardship with loss of jobs, homes, healthcare, enviromental disasters and a failing President who promised far more than he can deliver. As government deficits continue at historic high levels there will be even more pain as local and state governments cut employment and services. All the economic impacts of the BP oil spill in the Gulf region will continue to expand and reverberate and it is doubtful that enough money will come from BP to those in pain soon enough to prevent catastrophes for millions of people.

    Some impacted people may turn to religion as if God has not already shown total disdain for humanity. Some will delude themselves that voting for certain candidates will help. Others will bury themselves in various distractions or choose to believe the political lies of President Obama, the UDP, the PPM and other politicians. XXXX

    But ultimately you are cowards. If you want a glimpse of real reformers with political reform action take a look at the newly elected UK Administration:

    Nick Clegg announced details of planned legislation for fixed term parliaments and a referendum on moving to an alternative vote (AV) system, which will be held on 5 May 2011. Under the proposals, the size of constituencies would also be reviewed to ensure they are of a more equal size and to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600. Ministers believe the cap on the number of MPs will save £12 million a year in pay, pensions and allowances alone. And much more including a recall vote, the announcement of the next General Election as 7 May 2015, the ability for voters to recall elected members, First – traditional powers of no confidence will be put into law, and a vote of no confidence will still require only a simple majority.

    Second – if, after a vote of no confidence, a Government cannot be formed for 14 days, Parliament will be dissolved and a General Election will be held.

    So do your country a favor, be true to your country and stop defending the people who will ultimately cause your demise and start offering constructive suggestions to the problems we have and start demanding that there is a bi-partisan approach to the issues, that the country comes first, seek to force your electedmembers to provide you with a reformed political system that returns the power to the people rather than into the hands of the callous, unfeeling 15.

    • Anonymous says:

      The "gas hike" will not trickle down to Mckeeva Bush because we pay his bills. That is why he does not care about adding on the 25 cents per gallon because he will not feel it. What a disgrace

      • Anonymous says:

        I am surrounded by idiots. Has anybody done the maths, a 25 cent increase will have very little effect on prices and it will be evenly spread across all sectors in Cayman with the rich paying way more than the poor, So shut up pay your stinking 25 cent tax and maybe we can get out of this hole the PPM put us into.

        • Anonymous says:

          Did other passengers come with you? And how is life on Mars these days?

  5. steve says:

    TRICKLE DOWN, ????? Gas prices went up the day after the increase was announced such is the greed in cayman, new prices for older cheaper gas???? another rip off.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why should Esso assume the cost for government failures?

    XXXX McKeeva!! XXXXXXX Jeez’m — there are schools in other countries that have a larger populace — you should have visited one and gotten some form of education!

    Watch out Cayman! There are already way more cars sitting for sale on the side of the roads, housing sales and rentals are dropping, and business is shutting down. Won’t be long till its just tourism but I just read about the plight of the corals. I bet divers are really looking forward to that EXPENSIVE trip to see a lionfish and bleached out reefs!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a million UDP….better way forward my ass!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks a million PPM……don’t stop the progress my ass….if there was any progress then there would be no need for UDP’s better way forward.A bunch of jokers….da wha all a dem is!!!!!

  8. Anon says:

    Tell unna wa!! Run now and buy unna airline tickets because it’s hurricane season and everyting going up in one week and it na ga be cheap to even escape this mess in one week!

  9. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I are both college educated and have worked hard over the last 10 years to move up in our jobs. We are living pay-check to pay-check! We do not drive big expensive cars, we do not own a boat, and we go on one vacation as a family of four once a year. We do not go out for dinner every week, not even every month. I am not getting monthly pedicures etc. What the hell???

  10. anonymous says:

    Post 12:38…..REALLY!!!!!  and its has nothing to do with the wasteage of the UDP and the perks?????  Your UDP only has one solution and that is to tax the poor man of Cayman.  Why don’t you hear anything about Taxing the Rich Man?  Why don’t he tax the Real Estate people?  Why not put tax on home owners that have properties KYD 500,000 and over? Why not tax the Mega Yatch people?  Why MUST us poor Caymanians have to pay the taxes all the time, to benefit McKeeva and his lifestyle.  You can sit there and support this tyrant of a man, while he tax you to death and try to hush you up at the same time. One man is not an Island.  We need to get rid of this man now!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re an absolute dangerous fool.  And the thumbs uppers are just as incredibly void of any common sense and just plain stupid.

      Its amazing to me when I read comments like these, HERE’s WHY

      The "Rich Man" are the JOB CREATORS OF THE WORLD. NOT G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-TS!

      This is an undeniable FACT.

      This is why the policies of the ALL previous administrations has largely been to look to ATTRACTS the "Rich Man" because THEY CREATE JOBS! ***Grow*** the Economy so that the youths in schools can _also_ have good jobs and opportunities when they get out.

      All private sector jobs in Cayman are created by small businesses which feed on larger businesses!  Contrary to some idiotic principles and suggestions, economy and businesses cannot survive on poor people and poverty!!!!  IT CANT.  This nothing that the Rich Man somehow takes from the poor people is not only wrong it is incredibly moronic. 

      Would it be "governments" that provided prosperity down the ladder throughout society, we would not have an unemployment problem!! the Government is as big as it ever was, yet unemployment is at its highest!! how can that be??

      The answer is not punish and make "Pay" the rich man, you idiots.  Do you think the rich people are here to serve your _sorry_ a**es?  No, they have the entire world at their disposal.

      The GOVERNMENT created this financial disaster, not businesses, not the "rich man".    The government over spent, the government over borrowed, over promised, and now the answer is tax the people, and "Take it from the "Rich man"??  all that’s gonna get you is broke and jobless and the "rich Man" takes his/her riches somewhere else.

      Why don’t you try providing a competitive, business friendly, low tax environment where local and offshore businesses can prosper here in Cayman and watch what happens to the economy.  The same thing that has made Cayman one of the leading financial power of the WORLD in less than 3 decades, where its population having highest standard of living on the Caribbean.

      Look at countries on the other hand that have adopted a philosophy if "Tax the Rich Man" and look that THEIR economy.



      South Africa


      France, Most of Europe


      The list goes on..


      Now companies who have been pro "Rich Man", Pro Business…

      Canada (recently)


      New Zealand



      The most dangerous thing for a country is freaking ignorance!  Being led by your emotions and envy, suckers ready to be used and led by self serving politicians.

      Nothing more frustrating than plain stupidity…





    • Here is a thought says:

       To REALLY?!?  I’d like to tell you that the "rich folks" DO pay more in taxes.  They pay more for stamp duty, they pay more for luxury import cars, they pay MORE since they earned more….the key word here is EARNED more.  Why should you punish someone for their hard work, intelligence, risks they took, and the gains they made?

      Sorry, your poor ol Caymanian doesn’t fly here.  

      1.)You have FREE education (and should get families and churches involved to insure your children do their best and get one of the $10 million in local scholarships offered each year!)  

      2.)You HAVE a higher number of civil servants than most countries in this world.  

      3.) You have preferred employment hiring practices, go back to point number one and get a degree that automatically pays well like dentistry, nursing, police, pharmacist, librarian, postal management, tourism, and oh yeah, even a CPA.  

      Go back to point 1.) and get YOURSELF a decent education and you too shall prosper and pay MORE into the economy.

      The little people are not paying more than the wealthy, just their fair share.


  11. ANGEL says:

    i always think that when ever gas go up in USA it would go up her too in CAYMAN ISLAND  as a fact gas in the state are still $2 and change and who said food did not go up the UDP LEADER are killing us and he only have mouth for PPM instead he should just do the right thing and step down and his advisor is no better than him, MAC you should do the right thing by stepping down go on the RADIO and tell all your people that you cannot manage the position that you have put your self in because the position are bigger than you let your people know from now, Because Christmas is coming near and you would not have to buy new appliances, bedroom sets,dinning rooms sets, living room sets and new cars. by telling your people now and stepping down in time they will understand, and will not be expecting those all these things for Christmas as a appreciation for their vote.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Pellegrino water (by the case) from Priced Right, used to cost $14.95 a case……last purchased approximately 3 – 4 weeks ago,  this morning now costs……$19.95….an increase of CI$5.00. 

    Don’t know if this is because of the 25cent fuel duty, but seriously….an increase of CI$5.00?!?


    • chief economist says:

      Dear "Pelligrino Water Sir",

      As I am a qualified economist, and the chief economist and advisor to all my friends, let me explain to you the movement in price you so elegantly articulated.

      First of all, NO, this $5 increase in the spanof less than a month does not represent inflation from the announced fuel tax increase. The increase is yet to take effect and although you may notice further increases in you water supply next month,   it is certainly not behind your suffering.

      You see, the $5.00 increase is actually a different kind of tax – a "stupid tax" which is payable by anybody willing to pay $15 KYD for a case of water.

      In any event, I trust that your interest in consumer behaviour and it’s relationship to pricing is as quenched as your thirst.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      IMHO increasing the cost of living through increased antiquated duties and fees is only a band aid and will not solve the ‘bigger" problem. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know if it was simply that Priced Right was looking for an excuse to go up on prices but I noticed when I shopped last Saturday that evry item I purchased had gone up.  1 gal of Tropicana OJ that I had purchased the week before for $8.95 had become $9.65; maybe that’s where Foster’s will make back the money that they promised the Premier they would not add on in the supermarket.  Burger King’s gone up on just about every combo; KFC gone up too.

      All I know is that it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians this is the "better way forward" that the UDP candidates promised during the elections.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am very anti-UDP and PPM. UDP because of its "leadership" and the PPM for its lack of leadership.

      Here is what I mean by this statement. 

      Though the UDP has good basis for the type fo tax placed on fuel (we compare favourably with our places), it is absolutely the wrong time to be instituting this increase.

      The UDP is hiking the price of gas-an essential-at a time when there is obviously a deep recession AND WE SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR WAYS TO REDUCE THE COST OF LIVING. But at least the UDP shows "leadership" by doing something, ALBEIT THE WRONG THING; and we should expect this based on its history and recent decisions. (THEY MAKE  A DECISION BUT MOSTLY THE WRONG ONE).

      The PPM would not have done this (they voted against it). But the fact of the matter is, they cannot do anything about this because, when they had the opportunity to DO SOMETHING they did not do enough of the correct things.

      Here is what I mean by this last statement.

      When the PPM was in "leadership" of the country, they chose to ignore the warning signs of the inevitable downturn, allowed the insurers and banks to gouge clients and customers with exorbitant rate and fee increases (which are always doomed to faliure) and did nothing to ensure that the burden for needed increased revenue was shared by all in an equitable manner.

      Insurers were allowed to increase their rates by 100% without any Govt. intervention. Banks were allowed to reduce deposit rates and retain loan rates so that the majority of the Caymanian garnered profits were repatriated overseas ONLY TO BE LOST IN THE GREAT STOCK MARKET/FINANCIAL MELTDOWN of 2009.

      Now we must try to raise a few dollars by increasing an essenstial item at a time of deep recession. The PPM should have dealt with the anticipated need for increased revenue long ago by taxing the largest base we have in the country. Banks were/are allowed to charge $10.00 miminum for a bank draft and protest if the Govt. suggest even a 10% ($1.00) fee on that. They were/are allowed to increase their fees without any Govt. intervention or comment. Daily millions of dollars are funnelled through the Cayman Islands financial system, and while Banks get there fees for processing these transcations out-going and in-coming, the Govt. lets this continue (for more than 40 years now-hundreds of millions of dollars for the banks and NOTHING for the Govt./PEOPLE OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS). Instead we are required to take the heat when any of these financial entities fail or do wrong; our reputation soiled and nothing to fund the cost of repairing our reputation-except what the UDP can raise from my 25 cents on a  gallon of gas. Brilliant!

      It is time for us all to realize that we are being used and the "lifestyle" that we think we have is simply a figment of our imagination which ultimately we, our children, and our childrens’ children will pay for in one form or another-financially, socially, or both. If you disgaree with me, tell me how we’re going to fund >$200 million (and increasing?) in "unfunded" pensions. With a 25 cents tax increase each year?

      • Anonymous says:

        You are so right. The insurance companies are digging our eyes out and no one is doing anything! Because I have a mortgage I have to pay theinsurance and if I dont’ have the money the bank tacks it onto the mortgage, which means that all the little money that did go on the principal amount is returned by the insurance. Dandy aint it?! AND, government is doing nothing about either of these types of thieving institutions.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You telling me the fuel suppliers only have one weeks fuel reserves in the holding tanks on South Church Street? Therefore we will feel the increase next week when new oil is delivered to the pumps? Who will protect the public’s interest from the big oil suppliers gouging us unjustifiably?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I cannot get over how deep in debt the PPM has this country. Now we all have to pay more to bail our country out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently your problem wasn’t that the PPM spent too much, but that they didn’t raise taxes.  Or do you believe the UDP is actually lowering the overall budget?

      • Anonymous says:

        No. My problem with the PPM is that they spent and borrowed when they knew the recession was underway to the point where we are forced to increase taxes to service the debt created by the PPM. Poor Leadership. Poor advise from its Executive Party Members. I understand the PPM’s Executive advised them on financial matters, now we all pay the price.

        • Anonymous says:

          The PPM had some great ideas.  They just had the bad luck to get smacked by a world-wide recession… and the bad judgment to keep spending even though the economy was going down the tubes.

          Much like the UDP does now.

    • Ray says:

      Please get your head straight. If the last Government had spent ZERO on capital projects the country’s budget would still be several 10’s of millions in deficit each year. This issue is not waht was spent on much needed infrastructure but on the recurring expenditure of running Government each year. We have been on this collision course for about 30 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      what you fail to remember is htat PPM were only in power for 4 years.  Yes they spent money on essential things like schools. However, the UDP were in power much longer before the PPM and during this time I believe on school was built, Prospect.  When PPM took over, George HIck was bursting at the seams.  Alden then subdivided it into 4 separate schools.  Which, from what I understand, worked much better.  What thsi govt. needs to do is to stop blaming and start doing.  Many people have left and many more are trying to sell their properties and leave because crime is being ignored.  When the UK Police were here, they locked quite a few of the criminals up, as soon as they left, crime started again.  What should tell us?   That we need them back.  Instead, this govt. cuts the pay of the existing Police.  Greate move.  The UDP (Premier) did nothing during hte many years they were inpower but waste our money on idiiotic projects like the turlte farm and the new cruise ship landing area which is unusable half the time because of the weather.  I am not a PPM supporter but they at lest tried to clean up the big mess left to them.  YOu forget how the status grants were given away with no background checks, how help was refused after Ivan, how properties were purchased by Govt. from family members for double the market price. XXXX.  Now to top it off, there is a front page article in "Offshore Alert" making mockery of our Anti-money laundering laws and regulations because someone who has committed endless violations against investors in the USA was weclomed here with open arms. This same person attends private parties of the Premiere and is welcomed with open arms by a law firm which gives "financial advice" to the Premiere.  That looks very bad on us.  Especially since 99% of the financial sector have worked hard to ensure that we don’t accept business unless its 100% above board.  this shows the extent of corruption in Cayman.  What a disgrace. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Wait a minute here, what was the date that the Offshore Alert identified person came to Cayman? During the PPM administration. GHHS? Yes, it worked. However, we also had students on Government scholarships at UCCI under Alden with GPA’s of 1.5 and ongoing funding. Blame? Try the voters who voted against the PPM because of the new schools and education reform. The voting public in rejecting the PPM at the last election gave this UDP Government a mandate to stop all progressive works. The global recession has caused the Government revenues to drop, the PPM debt has to be serviced, taxes have to be implemented. Had the PPM not incurred so much additional debt, assets would be available to leverage rather than raise taxes.

  16. Anonymous says:

    As a government employee I am wondering how this is going to work out for us.  Things are tough now and after a 3.2% pay cut and an increase in fuel costs thereby affecting just about every kind of business I wonder how we will even manage to buy food much less anything else.  I am on the lower pay scale so 3.2% is a big deal for me.  Mortgage, lights, water, food etc. in a single income family.  Looks like the government really has our best interests at heart. (sarcasm)

    • noname says:

      I am curious was it an actual 3.2 % pay cut or did the civil service simply not get a raise this year?

      • Anonymous says:

        Salaries have been reduced… and civil servants (at least those in the lower echelons) will not be getting a pay raise this year.  🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        It is a 3.2% cut and we haven’t had a raise in a few years.  Even the so called cost of living increase we received either last year or the year before still hasn’t brought many of us up to the actual cost of living.

  17. Durrrr says:

    Why is everyone assuming that this new duty going to increase the cost of groceries etc?

    Last time I checked gas was about $4.50 a gallon, so with the increased duty we’re looking at $4.75 or so. I’m sure we were paying over $5 per gallon a few years ago, when the price of a barrell of oil was at its highest, and I’m pretty sure grocery prices didn’t go up then, so why now?

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly..and the mobile car wash guys still had their regular customers each week at $30 per SUV.

    • Durrrr says:

      what’s with the thumbs down? do you want prices to go up?

      Instead of ‘begging’ supermarkets and shops not to increase prices, we should be actively boycotting anyone who does try to make an increase on the back of this duty, as there is absolutely no reason for them to do so!

  18. Anonymous says:

    We as Caymanians complain and end up doing nothing. I guess it’s because we all know how XXXX our "supreme leader" is. I, like a lot of locals I know am struggling to make ends meet and I do not live an extravagant lifestyle; the total opposite to be honest…It’s just sad that the uneducated Leader we have doesn’t even have common sense and what of his other party members? They are all sad, pathetic excuses for representatives!!!

    I mean did McKeeva honestly think that CUC and the gas stations would absorb the increase??????? What world does he live in? McKeeva is a XXXXX Leader. Has he thought of all those who were laid off from jobs and still can’t find new ones? No! Has he thought about those committing crimes to put food on their tables? No! Has he thought about the already high cost of living in Cayman? No! Has he thought that those who are employed will not be getting cost of living increases because of the economy as it stands? No! He hasn’t thought about a XXXX thing but himself! I mean how does he sleep at night? DUH, stupid question. He sleeps really well because ALL HIS BILLS ARE PAID BY US!!!! God Bless Cayman because with him in power we are DOOMED!!!!!

    For all you who are already struggling, I feel your pain.

  19. UDPAreKillingUs! says:

    UDP govt decisions are killing us!

    I’m very ashamed, disappointed and disgusted that I was once a UDP supporter 🙁

    Many of us thought that they had learned their lesson from the change in govt in 2005 however they have made empty promises and have seriously mislead the people of this country.  The Bible says that its not what you eat that defiles a man, its what comes out of our mouths, i.e. words!!  Well, based on this, and the Bible doesn’t lie, right Mac?…..that our present govt XXXXX!!!!

    WHO, in their right mind, would operate a govt with such frivolous, stupid and greedy approach when the global financial economy (Mac, this word means ALL countries in the WORLD) are in a RECESSION (Mac, this word means that each & every country’s economy has stopped growing and is going backwards)? 

    In a recession, WHICH SENSIBLE govt would spend money on capital projects whereby those facilities already exists??? Those existing facilities can service the country whilst we keep our heads above water & riding out the storm.  This is plainly and blantantly stupid!!!

    The only thing that the UDP govt have accomplished since taking up office in May 2009, is the segregation of the class of wealth of the Caymanians. What little amount of middle-class existed prior to May 2009 is very, very quickly being eroded – I’m speaking from personal experience.

    Just take into consideration the fuel increase and the DIRECT IMPACT ON COST OF LIVING.  ALL food & groceries, electrical bill, clothing, hardware, building supplies…..EVERYTHING that we use on a daily basis, right down to the chicken feed, THE COST WILL INCREASE thus we will have to make cut-backs within our present living conditions.  God help us when we start loosing our homes – where will we go?  who will take in the homeless?…..what a frightening, concerning and sad situation!!!  

    WHY do we have an uneducated & incompetent leader running this country,  and leading the other "educated" members of his team??!!??  Wha’ kind of foolishness dat is??!!!  Our Minister of Finance has very very little knowledge of accounting but he surely knows how to spend money!!!

    ALL of us NON-UDP supporters, come-on, lets come together and initiate a Referendum to change this govt!!!   I’m not saying that I want PPM to take over cause they have failed us by the LACK of their leadership.  WHEN was the last time they came back to the Electorate and informed us of the radical and detrimental decisions that the UDP govt are initiated PRIOR to them being passed/approved in the LA??!!  I’m finished with them too!!!

  20. Ex-Caymanian & Not by Choice says:

    What happens now McKeeva to those who ARE unemployed, living below the POVERTY line, were barely making ends meet before this?  What Happens to them, you dont care, because you and the rest of the whole bunch of Govt pirates are not affected, Crime will now escalate to new heights with more frequency, Families are in dire straits and you are only increasing their hardships, you are doing nothing to ease the suffering of your people, you and your advisors are outta here!!!!   

  21. genetic mutation says:

    Hey – I got an idea!!!

    stop asking – why doesnt big mac do like mugabe did in zimbabwe? simply make it against the law for stores to raise prices under threat of prosecution.

    i think they were able to keep inflation to just under 10 million percent last year!!



  22. Joe Bananas says:

    And yet another reason for businesses and workers to leave the Cayman islands for greener pastures for those who can and for those who can’t pay up and shut up!  You are paying for a XXXX incompetent, and very expensive way of Government leadership that will not change by itself and there is no cure that will come from the voters themselves. 

    What does the future hold for the Cayman islands as it spends itself into financial ruin?  Will people like McKeeva Bush still live in Cayman after the fall?  Many other island nations have already claimed bankruptcy and are now paying the bill with their futures.  Cayman islands prepare yourselves for more bad news in the coming future.

    • noname says:

      This is tellling it like it is instead of the usual telling it like it should be.  There is no cure for the virus that has infected Cayman islands.  Remember the good ole days and prepare for a future with no free rides for anyone.  Those with real skill and a hard work ethic will survive. Those who have been living off the Government welfare system will then have to directly live off those that work.  Think about that!

  23. Anonymous says:

    The Premier or anyone in government should expect this. Certainly, most of us "little people" our there knew what would happen. It is rediculous for the government to increas fees and then expect affected businesses not to do the same. No matter how many have come forwarding saying they won’t pass it on, time will tell that they will have to. 

  24. Anonymous says:

    Our Premier like the majority of world leaders are all failing to recognize that the worlds present economic woes is directly related to the cost of fuel and the oil producing countries will simply just increase their prices as they watch the world pass on the cost to their people.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are not’all failing to recognize…’.  They all know very well!  As everything is paid for them, it doesn’t affect them, so they don’t care.  If the Premier ‘fails to recognize’ then why did he ‘ask’ businesses to not pass on the increase to consumers?  Politricks in motion.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I am absolutely stunned that retailers and utilities will not follow (or be able to follow) the Glorious Leader’s request to not pass on his fuel hike to voters.  They must all hate the Cayman Islands!  [sarcasm]