Little Cayman restaurant offers sustainable eating

| 16/07/2010

(CNS): When it comes to protection of the marine environment, the choices people make about what seafood they eat are very important, and with Little Cayman Beach Resort becoming the latest restaurant to join the National Trust’s Cayman Sea Sense (CSS) there is one more place where people can help. The Cayman Sea Sense project is a local sustainable seafood education programme dedicated to helping restaurants and their customers make environmentally positive seafood choices. The project assists chefs and restaurant owners to reduce the number of non-sustainable seafood items on their menus.

Catherine Childs and Sharon Adam-Whitmore, the new directors of CSS, said they were delighted to welcome Little Cayman Beach Resort to the list of those restaurants already making good choices about what seafood they serve.

“As the new directors of CSS, we have been encouraged by the support of CITA and the National Trust; we have also created a page on Facebook whose 58 members are committed to education and conservation,” they said. “CSS empowers more diners to confidently identify and choose restaurants that provide environmentally responsible seafood menu items, and provide restaurants with the information and support to continuously improve menus from an environmental sustainability perspective.”

In order to be eligible to carry the Sea Sense logo, restaurants and staff must make a commitment to provide at least one sustainable option on their menu with a commitment for continuous improvement. Full certification comes when all seafood items on the menu are sustainable. For more information about CSS, including how to join or become a volunteer, you can email Catherine or Sharon at or visit the CSS Facebook page.

For a list of participating restaurants, visit the National Trust website.

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  1. Lion eater says:

    Eat Lionfish!  Once cooked properly, they are awesome.  I think this serves well in taking these predators out as well as saving groupers for example.

    • Slowpoke says:

      I am just curious, why would "you/ someone" make this a thumbs down comment?

      Are you a closet Lionfish?