Mac pushes for 6th minister

| 05/08/2010

(CNS): The country’s premier is seeking to change the country’s constitution some eight months after its implementation in order to nominate a sixth cabinet minister. In a letter to the opposition leader, McKeeva Bush asks for the support of the People’s Progressive Movement as he says he has the backing of the UK’s Overseas Territories Minister to make what he calls a “minor change”. The new Constitution provided for the Minister of Finance to be an elected member of government and removed the third official member from Cabinet. Since then there has been one less person in the Cabinet carrying out the government’s workload, which Bush says has “created more strain” but the constitution does not allow for another minster to be appointed until after the next election.

In his letter to Kurt Tibbetts, Bush says that Henry Bellingham will permit the appointment if the legislators are agreed.
Speaking about the recent meeting between Bellingham and Bush, when the two men discussed good governance, the premier says the UK minister was surprised to learn that during constitutional discussions it was agreed to move to a 2/5 majority of non-governmental ministers in the Legislative Assembly but there was a stipulation that no additional ministers could be appointed until after the House was next prorogued.
“After discussions with Mr Hendry (the UK leader on the Constitutional talks) Mr Bellingham has written back confirming his willingness to allow a minor change to the Constitution by Order in Council. In accordance with the agreement he would like to have consensus of the Legislative Assembly before doing so," Bush wrote. “I am hopeful that you will agree that this was an oversight at the time, which can be corrected rather simply in the best interest of the Country.”
At the next election the number of MLAs is expected to increase to 18 in order to increase the size of Cabinet to seven elected ministers and maintain the democratic balance between government and the backbenchers and opposition. The ratio must be 2/5 so that a Cabinet could be overturned by the MLAs without needing the support of any of those ministers.
If Bush is allowed to go ahead with this move he will be able to appoint one of his four backbenchers to a new Cabinet post. At present Bush has the role of Minister of Finance, along with Tourism and Development and Planning, although the Financial Secretary is still in post and remains in Bush’s ministry. It is not clear what departments would be taken from which existing ministries in order to create the new ministry if the appointment is made, but the likely candidates would be Cline Glidden or Elio Solomon. These two back bench government members were recently given councillor titles by the premier who has described then as “junior ministers”.
The PPM said yesterday that, having only just received the letter, the opposition would be considering the request amongthe party’s executive as well as the MLAs. Alden McLaughlin stated that it may be necessary to take this discussion out to the wider community as it is not, as the premier claims, a minor change.
“The Constitution has only been in effect since 6 November after a long and difficult gestation period when lots of issues were discussed,” he noted. “There was plenty of opportunity available to the then opposition to raise questions such as this during the talks but the question of the interim position for ministers was never a subject of discussion or raised by them at that time. It seems the UDP was more focused on derailing the talks than discussing what was in the Constitution.”
He said it was rather ironic that the premier, who had fought so hard against the constitutional change, now wanted to speed up the implementation of its provisions.
McLaughlin stated that the party was not certain of its position and would come to a considered view after extensive consultation this week as changing the constitution in a significant manner so soon after it was in place had to be something that was carefully considered, and the question of the need for a referendum also discussed.
McLaughlin noted that the forthcoming changes to the legislature at the next election would mean there would be an even number of members and the preference would have been for an odd number. But between the cost constraints and the need for a bigger Cabinet of elected members with the removal of voting powers from official members, 18 was the minimum the UK would allow in order to maintain the 2/5 ratio, which is considered to be an important democratic check and balance on government.
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  1. Jonathan says:

    It does not surprise me that the very document that gave MckeevaBush the title he has now is feeling it’s first attack by the same said man.  I for one did not vote for the constitution on the grounds that I did not know enough about it to do so and I did not/do not have very much faith in those who played parts in creating it.  This is simply another chapter in the archive of evidence of the abuse of power to the extreme visited upon us by McKeeva Bush.  He is not worthy of any post of leadership in this country and I find it unbelievable that he was even given the chance given the well documented fiascos he has made this country endure.  It is time for all who write their comments in this forum to put their name where their mouth is and stand up and be counted.  If this forum is any indication of the will of the people, then I do not understand how he got elected in the first place.  My name is Jonathan Adam and I have more to fear from the effect of McKeeva Bush’s dirty politricks on these islands in the sun than I do have to fear from the consequences of speaking out against such a powerful individual.  He/they do not have as much power as they think, and would like to portray.  The only thing necessary for evil to survive is for good men to say nothing.  

    There is a Roman rule of war which says "divide and conquer" and McKeeva Bush has unleashed the very same on his own country in the furtherance of his own purposes, not the country or people of this country.  His latest attempt to engage in gerrymandering the political landscape is for his purposes and that is all.  Maybe he does not realize this is very obvious and then again maybe he does but is simply getting desperate.  When after the damage done by hurricane Michelle McKeeva Bush engaged in the coup that resulted in him taking power, I guess he did not realize or was too pompous to comprehend that the very same may threaten him one day.  We would all be wise to learn this on a personal level.  It is called the golden rule. 

    This country needs leadership without avarice and greed.  He who would set a country against itself for his grasp on power needs to be reckoned with.  Unless we here suffer from amnesia on a national scale then I do believe this to be undeniable.  Although on a somewhat comical scale he does remind me of the nefarious "Boss Hog" on the old TV show "Dukes of Hazard", I have a well founded concern that given the chance he will pull a "Chavez" and name himself leader for life and at the very least do every and anything possible to retain his position of power regardless if the Cayman Islands suffers or not.

    If any elected member of this country has the intestinal fortitude necessary I would suggest that they immediately sever ties with this two party system that is deleterious to this country.  If McKeeva Bush were to have to stand on his own he would probably not even be able to climb the steps to the LA building’s door, figuratively speaking.   While the move for independence from Britain is not a wise proposition at this time due to our constraints as a small country and our natural affinities, each and every elected member should be able to stand on their own two feet and do the job that they have been charged with and do said job with independence from everything except love of country and sense of responsibility for the country and district he/she represents.  When McKeeva Bush staged his coup after Hurricane Michelle I distinctly remember my father, William Adam, being interviewed on the news and he said that what was going on was damaging to the survival of democracy in our country.  In my humble opinion there was no real backlash against the coup because we as Caymanians were and are aware of the relatively small "boat" that we share as a country and to rock it too much would set us all at risk of being drowned so we let it happen.  Now we are stuck with a dictator in the making at the helm of this country.   We are dependant on Britain as it pertains to the Commonwealth but the real independence that is necessary here is within our own house of Legislative Assembly and within our own people.  It is worth it because the results of inaction are not worth it now, if they ever were.  God bless the Cayman Islands, we need it. 

    • Anonymous says:


      Putting our House in order is dependant upon the UK putting their House in order.  It works both ways.  Yes… we need Caymanians who will love their country to the extent of ensuring that the people’s voices here on this small island is heard.

  2. Anonymous says:



    These critics here are using every scare-tactic there is to HUSH-UP the locals!

    : )

    But I will not be HUSHED. If I see something wrong in our Constitution, it is my duty to speak out not only for me and my family, but the future Cayman generation to come!  What will we leave for the next generation if we remained HUSHED???   

  3. Man says:

    Are you all crazy? New Ministry new jobs. People rather than participate in this BS go get your CV’s polished up and ready for submission.

    Everything about this section of the constitution needs to be changed. Mac is right, it is far too much for the limited number of Ministers and the number 18 is also a flaw. Foolish PPM. What if these two parties get 9 each in the next election? Do you all have any idea what they will do to us? What was the PPM answer to benefits of the Officials to be removed? Salary reduction or not?

    However! Here is a great opportunity for these two sets of clowns to stop jumping up and down for ten minutes, sit down at the table and do what’s best for the country. Let’s see what happens.

    • karen says:

      "Everything about this section of the constitution needs to be changed."

      Thank you!

      And until people realize that, they will stop jumping from one party to the next, from Cayman side to UK side.

      This is about human dignity and our democracy as a small country. We have to be heard and represented. We were decieved and misinformed in voting this Constitution into law! And that is Truth!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      "New Ministry new jobs". How can you be so shallow, Man. Did you hear the govt. is running a large deficit and that the primary reason for that deficit is civil service costs? Did you hear that we were trying to trim those costs by reducing civil servants salaries and now we are adding a ministerial salary along the salaries of those top civil servants in the Ministry to the costs? Start thinking, Man.     

  4. anonymous says:


    Are you crazy

    We have Two stenches in the Caribbean already disgracing the very name Caribbean they are Jamaica and Haiti, do you think we want to go that route?


    You are a lunatic out of your mind!

    Independence for small nations like this one is suicidal!

    Did anyone tell you independence costs money? Its the whole country for sale at a whole sale price you can’t afford! It cost billions and trillions of dollars to become an independent nation.

    Haiti and Jamaica are still paying?  Why do you think they’re broke.

    You need to learn political history, then you’;d understand that independence for the isles is a nasty curse word of profanity!

    • Anonymous says:


      Independence (a scare-tactic used) does not mean "standing up for your rights" and speaking out against an unfair government and seeking positive change for the people and by the people!

  5. Q says:

    Perhaps what Cayman needs is a political party (and opposition) made up of professional persons in the community. The country needs to be run like a business, not a charity. Would a well educated and well spoken lawyer or business professional be interested in these positions?

    I wonder……..

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a huge difference between running a business and running a country.  There need to be professionals in both parties advising the elected yokels on the best way forward.  Of course, if the leader of one party refuses to accept any advise except his own, you’ll have problems.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Poor George Town!

    If (or when) Mac puts Cline as Minister, then West Bay will have 3 Ministers in Cabinet and therefore will have more votes/representation in Cabinet than George Town, which other than being the Capital of the Cayman Islands – is a very large district and has only one very weak representative in Cabinet now by way of Mike Adam.

    At least under the PPM George Town had two members in Cabinet.

    Like I said, poor George Town under UDP.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Clinefinally has finished his law degree and is now pressuring Mac for a Cabinet position.

    • Anonymous says:

      Better Cline than Elio.  What the hell kind of qualifications does Elio Solomon have to be a Minister in Cabinet for the Cayman Islands?  Good grief people, the reason we have so many problems is that so many of us have no standards.  Insist on better from your elected representatives and elect only those who you think can do the job!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Arden, Chuckie and Ezzard lets get the third political group going. Its time to take Mac and Kurt out of office along with their extension cords such as Tony, Alden, Mark, CG, Elio, Joke Joke, Capt. Eugene, Mike and Julie.

    Lets do it guys………we are running out of time !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • Anonymousist says:

      Anyone can always say they can do a better job, but only the one’s with a record of relevant performance can actually claim to have the abilities to run the country.  (We believe them every election.)

      We will nodoubt have the same Individuals running for public office the next go around and a few "wanna bees" (new and old)…either standing on their experience, or their lack of experience…but I’m sure none of that will change…the role of the "Nay sayers"…

      2 minutes after the elections results they foundfault, and will no doubt continue to find fault, not part of the solution…just busy…nay..nay..nay…nay.

      God forgive me for this, but perhaps on the day of Judgement after the meek inherit the Earth…there will still be Nay sayer saying "he does not desire it."..

      Stop the bickering …and let people do their jobs !

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hell no! Mac must be under serious pressure from Elio for that Cabinet position he was promised! Hell no!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hiring more incompetent, unmotivated, but politically connected persons to do the job the other ministers can not do because it is to much work for them is not about getting the job DONE!  Its about growing your tribe!  Its about taking care of your power( voter base) and absolutely nothing to do with helping the people of Cayman.

      But.  This is what the people of Cayman have created themselves.  There is an unwritten law here.  It is far better to be Caymanian than to be educated, competent, or moral.   Right?

    • Anonymous says:

      "Hiring more incompetent, unmotivated, but politically connected persons to do the job…"

      LOVE everything you have said here and I am a Caymanian. 

      I have always thought this "It is far better to be Caymanian than to be educated, competent, or moral."  I feel ashamed.

      But every country has their own shame to deal with! This is ours.


    • Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    seriously chuckie need to leave PPM and form his own party  we need new blood for west bay Rivers and Chuckie would make a good team they both are the only ones i see that would stand up to Mac and take back this country.  I am waiting on that day! we need new people in the LA

  12. Anonymous says:


    Everything this dictator does is in his own self interest.

    Fellow Caymanians, you voted for this man so you are ultimately responsible for placing him in this position. Do some thing about it and right your wrongs because another three years of this will mean unrcoverable damages leaving little for your children and future generations.

    Independents and PPM coalition where are you ???

    Concerned Caymanian.


  13. Jan says:

    Already!  Leave McKeeva alone!  We will all become goal-oriented leaders one day; it is not an easy job, you know.  Have you not seen any leader or person today with much power being criticized?  Please… let us focus on the issue at hand!  Sorry, but sick of UDP/PPM rhetoric to score political points

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac and his cronnies/supporters seemed to think it was a very easy job when the PPM had it.  I’m sick of UDP!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just as a matter of interest since the new constitution the executive arm of Government has been reduced by three, before the Chief Secretary, the Attorney General and the Financial Secretary were all voting members of Cabinet and the Legislative Assembly, and now neither of the three are.

    It would appear that it is only reasonable to replace three official members with one elected Minister, and if that is what is seen to be necessary after the next election why shouldn’t the country get that benefit now.

    In regards to some of the ridiculous post that are currently referring to the reason being so Mac can keep his seat as Premier, the only person who will vote for no confidence is Arden, I have been reliably informed that he can’t even get a seconder for the motion from within his own party.

    Do you really think that CG or Ellio is going to vote against Mac whether they are Minister’s or not, they are smarter than that.

    • Dirk says:

      The Deputy Governor, Attorney General and Financial Secretary are still there, receiving the same salaries, utilising the same staff and working the same hours. Just because they don’t vote in Cabinet or the LA anymore doesn’t mean they can’t still do their jobs. We haven’t lost any manpower that would justify immediately increasing the number of Cabinet Ministers based on numbers and workload alone.

      And I’m not just hesitant about the extra money that would have to be found to increase one member’s salary and provide them with the additional perks that Ministers receive. Creating another Ministry requires a shake-up of portfolios, staff, administration, budgets, office space, finances, etc, etc. It would be an administrative nightmare and I think the time, money and stress could be better used to deal with the real problems.

    • The Silent Majority says:

      If you are planning to pull a coup out of your asses, you will have to stand up.

  15. Anonymous says:

    OK now problem here…….. need a 6th minister.  Civil Servants salaries recently received a 3.2% cut to allow for more funds to balance the budget.  Where is he getting this money from to pay another 6 figure salary????   

  16. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps one of the XXXX princes, Elio Solomon or Cline Glidden, have threatened to support Arden Mclean’s cry to replace the Premier and by making them happy he will save his Premiership?

  17. UDPAreKillingUs! says:

    Premier, Why ask such a question?  You NOR your govt, have the powerto change the Constitution!!!  

    This is a document voted into power by the Electorate of the Cayman Islands and can only be changed by the Electorate of the Cayman Islands.

  18. IRON CLAD says:

    Something STINKS here!!!

    "Cline Glidden or Elio Solomon. These two back bench government members were recently given councillor titles by the premier who has described then as “junior ministers”.  Juniors huh, and soon to be ‘Seniors’ with more Parliamentary Power as desired.

    XXX has yetanother plan up his sleeve.

    I would LOVE to see this relentless political T-REX removed from power.



  19. Anonymous says:

    Trust me, he isn’t feeling any strain. If so he wouldn’t had been so greedy making himself minister of Finance, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Planning, West Bay Holiness Minister, Leader of Government Business AND Premier! XXXXX. Anyway, the other ‘ministers’ don’t have a say anyhow. And I challenge any one of his yes men that thinks that he does, to please stand up lol maybe he wants there to be another minister just so he can add to his resume.. smh

    • Truly 100% Caymanian:) says:

      Completely agree with you there… but what i would like to know is with all of those titles under his belt where does he find the time to work on any of it with all the travelling he has been doing?!?? He just got back from another trip probably to leave again in a few days…

      Just wondering. 😐

      They said curiousity killed the cat but they also say he has 9 lives, so i’ll take my chances in posting this… 

  20. anonymous says:

    When the all the debating and Drafting of the Constitution was taking place, Why did McKeeva not try to compromise and assist with it?  Why now after 9 months into the Constitution and taking on TOO MANY Portofilios to manage, that he now decides he needs to make this change?  There was no oversight with the PPM on this, it was decided that way for a reason.  He is ONLY now coming up with this change to railroad Arden’s move to vote him out of Office.  Every move McKeeva does, he do it to benifit HIM and HIM alone.  XXXXX  If I was PPM I would not even respond to him, because he emphatically stated that he wanted nothing to do with them.  He need to take this proposed change of the Constitution to the people and it should be done after 2013.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Why does this little 2X4 Island need more ministers?

    • Anonymous says:

      If they allow this we should call for a new election at the same time!

      2X4 LOL I guess we moving up to 2X6 now.


  22. peter milburn says:

    I have said for some time now that Mac has taken on too many portfolios but having said that why do we need another minister to add to our already overblown Cabinet?Seems like some re-shuffling would be in order.Why is Mike Adams not in charge of CAL?He has far more time spent with that part of the Govt.If another minister is added(and if Mac gets his way,he usually does)then since the workload will be reduced all around then LESS PAY must be introduced to help finance this new posting.How can Mac now even have the nerve to ask for this change when it is laid out in the Constitution that this cannot be done til AFTER the next election.?On another note things were so nice and peaceful while our Premier was off island.It made me think that there will be more bombshells dropped before too long now that he is back.Mr. Premier please get a grip on how bad our finances are before going to this extreme once again.Are you not seeing what is happening?A vote of no confidence may be the least of your worries if you keep coming up with these ideas.Who is giving you all this advice?Maybe its time to call on Moses to come down and do his thing!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed.  Mr. Bush’s ego led him to take on the big three of our lives here in the Cayman Islands:  Finance, Tourism, Development.  And now he’s all but admitted he is NOT UP TO THE TASK.  But rather than delegate to one of his Ministerial lackeys (sorry gentlemen and lady, even though I respect some of you individually, that is what you seem to have become), he’s gonna add more green to the Cabinet which will cost all of us much more green in the end.  We are on a desperate and dangerous course.  No wonder so many people are leaving.

  23. Anonymous says:

    He should make Alden Minister – of just the Schools – and then ask [him] to fix the problem that he created, and make a profit on them before 2013.

    • Ray says:

      For the last time. The schools have not caused the operating deficit position that our Government now finds itself in. Hopefully they will be finished soon. The benefits of these will not be seen for several years and only if the parents/guardians encourage & push their children to achieve. Why don’t you try that instead of making silly comments?

    • Anonymous says:

      There is not enough money now to pay the ministers and staff that we already have.  How this new minister will be paid – and more staff for him – wasn’t there a decision on no more civil servants?  The Financial Secretary is still there, he must be the  chief advisor to the Premier on financial affairs. He must be still working –  and they have enough top paid people in that department.  Maybe Mickey Mouse can find out how much this will cost – it is his money (yes I kno mine too).

    • Jonathan says:

      Mr. Alden was not responsible for the lack of foresight regarding the necessary infrastructure, including education, which Cayman needed/needs with the massive and unfettered growth of these islands over the last few decades and has been woefully lacking among the sludge created by the goldrush mentality.  It is, however, truly beyond me some of the decisions made regarding the contracts for the construction of said houses of education, the implementation, and the costs incurred.  Although the need is massive and pressing the mistake as I see it could have been too much too soon for the coffers to handle, plus the global financial meltdown  Were there those who wanted to see this fail only for there own motives or otherwise too greedy to understand the value and need for these projects?  There is one undeniable truth here;  As this country grew (for better and worse) the job of educating the populace, most specifically Caymanians, has become a stagnant morass of some very unsavory results.  With a healthy dose of gratitude and respect due to those who have made the field of education their life’s work, why is there no real trade school in Cayman to teach the youth of this country gainful, respectable, and needed proffesions which we as a country are constantly importing?  Could it be that you can make more profit from employing an expatriate because they have much less of an ability to demand a living wage?  In reality, in my humble opinion, the only group who really gains from the rollover policy are those who can have a new employee on a beginner’s pay scale and who are once again easy to control because once seniority is gained within said business the seven years are almost up anyway.  None the less, one would think that to kill two birds with one stone would make sense.  The youth, and everyone else, would be better off because an unemployed/unemployable person has consequences far beyond what they experience themself.  To keep the profits of said gainful employment in house would also most certainly benefit the country as a whole.  With that being said the caveat that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink needs to be said.  With all due respect to expatriates, if we do not/cannot/will not take care of our own on a national scale then how in the hell can anyone expect anything different.  If you do not want to work then that is another story.  If you want to be a thief then that is also another story.  The responsibility of the education system is to give real and practical tools to all in the furtherance of their future because once this happens it is not nearly as possible to blame others if one chooses not to use it.  In truth the surroundings where one receives their education is less important than the quality of the teacher, the curriculum, and the system they all find themselves in.  A screened in thatch hut with fans would be fine if the above were all of high quality, but I digress.  The duty to see to the education of consecutive generations within our recent history has been prosecuted poorly by many generations of leaders in this country.  My personal experience was that of an exposure to an insipid elitism both from inside the local community and also from outside, that is not to say that it was all bad by any means. Personally I would call it dereliction of duty, the blame for which is held collectively except for the child in school today.  What I can and will say in support of Alden is that I see that he identified a need and he pursued a solution, maybe if those who came before him had done their job better the need would not have been as great and impending.  As for charity, it is a beautiful thing, but give a man a fish you feed him for a day while if you teach a child to read/write and teach them a profession of their own choosing and give them true protection within the job market then they will feed themselves (and maybe even you) someday.  Hey Cayman, as the lady who tends the till at Mr. Arthur’s told me a few days ago; it all comes out in the wash.  It is true that many Caymanians have been shut out of many professions and oppurtunities, blue or white collar no matter, with the excuses for this both abounding and astounding.  It is also true that there needs to be a paradigm shift within our own ranks, young and old.  It is true that there have been Caymanians who have made it very difficult for those who follow after them.  It is true that to be a successful Caymanian does not necessarily mean one is a banker or a lawyer.  We reap what we sow Cayman, I suggest we start planting in earnest.   

  24. Anonymous says:

    Leave the PPM Chuckie so we can start a grass roots intiative to take this Premier and his puppets out of office before they ruin us forever………time is of the essence !!!

  25. Minnie The Mouse says:

    Just how stupid does he think we are?

    We are broke. Just plain broke. We need fewer MLA’s and Ministers…not more.

    I don’t mind sacrificing for my country but, no more!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Make Ezzard the MInister for Finance – he would get the job done.

    • Q says:

      How can you make anyone without a financial background (or a finance/accounting qualification) the Minister of Finance?

      The country needs to be run like a business with business minded people at the helm.

      • karen says:

        I disagree… the country needs to be run by the people. Thepeople should have all the say and power!  Not some elites or managers who hold most of the power over them. The country is not a business!  It is made up of people and their environment. We need politicians who are humble enough to serve and sacrifice for the people. We have too much business and money-making in our politics!

        • Q says:

          That’s just it! The country is NOT run by the people. Therefore it might as well be run by business-minded people who at least know what a budget is. Perhaps then the country didn’t need to cup its hands and look North. You have no say in what happens. It is all just an illusion. You are told what happens and that’s it. The country is run by a group of hoodlums who have been using the country’s koffers as their personal piggy bank for far too long. Humble? Nothing humble about a man who steals from "the people". Sacrifice? I’d like to see any politician sacrifice some of their "hard earned" salaries for the greater good. It would be a very cold day in Hell.

      • RSTU says:

        Our Premier Designate has a ninth grade education.  All the Minister of Finance needs is a Chinese abacus, a piece of paper and a crayola.

  27. anonymous says:

    This is serious. the UK has no authority over the people’s constitution and their vote at the polls to give big Mac authorization to do this.

    Its a trick.

    Alden, check this out !  he wants more votes when you put the motion on the table !

    Big Mac Must wait till 2013 to do this.

    It is constitutional change and he alone does not have the authority to do this. Is he the Hugo Chavez or what?

    Oh Yeah this man is a dictator! yes he is.



  28. Anonymous says:

    And with what money would Mac pay this minister with given the gov’t doesn’t have any?!

    • Backstroke!! says:

      With what money you say? well,well, macjinadab will find it from his sell out of us,the people of these once beautiful Islands. Lord have mercy on us.

  29. Anonymous says:

     As if a place as small as Cayman was not already over run with overpaid elected officials!  

  30. Anonymous says:

    Since none of the existing Ministers are allowed to make even the most minor of decisions without prior approval from the Premier, the only reason he could be calling for another Minister is to have another vote locked in should Arden go ahead with a no-confidence motion.

    McKeeva is a one-man show and the country is suffering because he does not have the time to pay attention to every single detail that he insists must pass by him. I hope the rest of the Ministers get as much as they can this term because I certainly will not vote for a single one of those spineless creatures again in life.

    • Anonymous says:

       I agree with this post.  Mac is worried since Arden made his pronouncement about getting him out of power.  He needs to ensure that there are enough of them with collective responsibility to avoid such a thing happening and I bet that Elio will get the seat since he is the one that they need to keep satisfied.  He would ‘fly the coop’ if the pickings look better on the other side! What a mess we are in.

  31. Mat says:


    Instead of making small changes, it would be nice if he on BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE, seek through Parliament to amend Part II, Section 33, pertaining to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that “the Governor may act against the advice given to him or her by the Cabinet— if he or she is instructed to do so by Her Majesty through a Secretary of State; or if, in his or her judgment, such advice would adversely affect any of the special responsibilities of the Governor set out in section 55.” Note here that the Cabinet is elected by the Caymanian People. The Governor can disregard who the Caymanian People elect!

    Talk about democracy and representing the Caymanian people. Let us see if the Premier or this government and the UK government truly loves and acknowledge the people fo these Islands to the point of giving that "right" of democracy over their own affairs.

    Yes in Part IX of the said Constitution, Section 125, “There is reserved to Her Majesty full power to make laws for the peace, order and good government of the Cayman Islands.” But you can’t just hold all the "representative power" of the people in check.This is not right! This is a colonialism Constitution! I am sorry but this is my opinion! I am dissatisfied with the passive politicians here who do not stand up for the people’s rights. There is the UN, there is UK Parliament and powerful civil liberties people in England – let us fight for our rights. We should all have a say and security in representing our country.    

    May I say that the major percentage of Caymanians that voted for this Constitution in 2009, did not and COULD NOT have realized the grave implications of how much economic authority they had retained to the Crown or for Her Majesty’s interest. May I further say that our politicians who knew this, did failed us and still fail us today in being complacent with this faulty document. So I hope Mac does more changes than this little one.

    Had the people of Cayman Islands known what "representation" is on their part and what democratic security entails, I am sure many of them would have thought twice before approving the national document.

    Let us see what comes from this!

    • I wonder what Steve Mcfield’s response would be to your comment. I for one did not vote for this Constitution which was discussed behind closed doors with religious leaders and the Governor… and I am proud that I didn’t vote for it. I recall one lady who was PPM voted for the document because it was a PPM’s initative. They cleverly combined the ratification of the document with the general elections – so you had people with a partisan disposition voting for or against the document because of the party affiliation. I saw this from the beginning. The General Election should have been set at a different date. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Firstly, Caymanians are the colonists. They weren’t colonized by Britain – they are descendants of the British settlers.

      Secondly, if you wish to do away with the Governor’s responsibility to the islands, then there is a simple way to achieve it – independence. Britain won’t stand in your way…

      • Or… there is another way as well like "fighting for your rights!" Caymanians should not just sit down and be complacent with this UK system. By the way… I have to correct you, Caymanians were not all descendants from British settlers, but slaves as well. If you are a Caymanian with colored skin, 9 out of 10 times, your descendant came from Africa or West Indian culture.


      • May I also add that the alarm and cries of the "Independence option," is a scare-tactic used to deter Caymanians and natives from standing up to their rights.  Independence or no Independence, our civil liberties should not be taken for granted or left in the hands of certain heads of power, which look out for their own interest instead of the interest of the local people.

    • No Regrets says:

      Thank God I was not blinded by the blarney that the PPM tried to shove down our throats about this lame constitution, I flat refused to vote on it and not only that I voted Independent so I have no regrets. i will vote the same way again and hope that every one make that choice in 2013.

  32. big money maker says:

     More expansion of our government another big ripoff less work more pay for the amount time our legislators sit in government and sleeping during the debate. Talking about all the work they have to do get real, these people seek these positions for two basic reasons more pay and power. Serving the people is a nice after thought. As i heard crosstalk talking about the hard work of our MLA’s i would like to impart this little bit of  knowledge on these so called progressive thinkers. Please remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have. Big Government is a big threat to freedom Cayman.

  33. Anonymous says:

    With all decisions made in this country, one has to always wonder "who benefits from it ?".


  34. Say Aint So says:

    I would agree we need a finance minister. There would be more accountablity to the post.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier is the Minister of Finance. What more accountability do you want than that? Perhaps you mean responsibility, or just plain ability to do the job.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Adding another minister will inevitably lead to another empire within the civil service, more costs, and more wasted money. It would be much cheaper to simply replace the Premier with someone with the knowledge and skills and willingness to stay in Cayman to get the job done.

    • Say some thing helpful says:

      The Premier…every politican for that matter prove their competency over time. And Mr. Bush has enjoyed a very long career.

      He is competent, and is making the choices that are for the good of the Country. Framing your statement the way that you have only shows your state of mind and opinion of Mr. Bush….but the truth is self evident.

      It’s his prerogative to the run the country in the manner in which he see best for these islands….at least for the next 2 years and he will no doubt have influence over the direction the country goes in the foreseeable future.

      "Cheaper to simply replace the premier with the knowledge and skill and willingness to stay in Cayman to get the job done"…Cheap Shot !…


      • Anonymous says:

        every politican for that matter prove their competency over time.

        Some of them also prove their incompetence over and over again. I agree with the suggestion to replace the Premier with someone competent.

  36. Anonymous says:

    More waste. If we had competent ministers there would be no need for more ministers. We need ministers interested in public service not ministers who look for ways to enrich themselves and their cronies. 

  37. Anonymous says:

    What does the Financial Secretary actually do then? Why does the Constitution say there must be one if, as it appears, because he/she is not in Cabinet, there is no real role for them?