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| 11/08/2010

(CNS): The Cayman Islands may be a lot smaller than the UK and the US, where talent shows are never short of willing contestants, but Nolly Brown believes the three Cayman Islands have plenty of  people bursting with talent and intends to prove it. The first ever ‘Cayman’s Got Talent’ competition will start next month and will not only give young and old the chance to show off what they can do, the money raised will be donated to those suffering from diabetes. All Caymanians, residents and work permit holders here for six months and over are welcome to take part in the heats, which will be held in the districts in September before the grand final at the Lions Centre in October, where $4,500 will go to the winner.

Nolly Brown Entertainment in conjunction with the Diabetes Association will be hosting the contest, which costs $5 to enter per contestant with a maximum of $25 for groups with five or more members. All of the funds raised will go towards helping with medication or specialist supplies for those diagnosed with diabetes.
Brown said everyone aged 15 and over is welcome to join the country’s biggest ever talent show with any kind of act, so long as they are clean and decent and good fun.
“Our goal is not only to showcase the talent that these beautiful Islands have to offer, but to also make someone’s lifea little easier,” said Brown. “We want everyone to come out and support the preliminary rounds as well as the final and make this an annual event. This is the first Cayman’s got Talent but we want to make sure it won’t be the last.”
Promising that Cayman’s Got Talent will be a diverse event which will showcase the abundance of talented Caymanians who otherwise are not acknowledged, Brown said that every form of entertainer, from singers and dancers to jugglers, magicians and comedians are welcome. Groups of all kinds are also welcome to take part and those who are currently making a living from their talent are also welcome to join in and take their chances in front of the judges.
The event will be held over a five week period, with preliminary heats starting on 4 September with a launch party on Cayman Brac. The competition will then make its way around the districts on Grand Cayman until 25 September.  Brown and the judges will be in North Side on 11 September at the community centre, and the Bodden Town civic centre on the 18 September, the George Town preliminary will be at the South Sound community centre on 25 September. The team will then complete the heats in West Bay on 2 October.
Organisers are asking competitors to pre-register for the preliminary rounds between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on the day of the heat before the performances start at 6pm.
Once all of the finalists have been selected, the acts will have two weeks to get their performances ready for the pre-final night on 9 October at the Harquail Theatre in George Town, before the grand finale at the Lions Centre on 16 October, when the first ever winner who will take home the $4,500 prize and bragging rights to the title.
For more information e-mail  or call us on (345) 746-8301 for more information or visit


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  1. Leap of Faith says:

    Cool idea!  Nice use of the Harquail, seems like its just been sitting there?!?!  $4500 come sin really helpful especially in these times and I applaud the charitable purpose.  I’m looking forward to seeing this (only seeing as my musical talent should not go further than the shower 😉

    Not to be a killjoy, but the legal eagle in me just can’t help but wonder if the [insert name of country]’s Got Talent is a patented brand name that would require permission to use? 


    • Alan Nivia says:

      Isn’t there a risk that performing for money would be a breach of work pemit conditions too?

      • Mr. Smith says:

        I have been in touch with the Immigration Department in regards to being on a work permit here in the Cayman Islands and performing for money in this competition. I was informed you are allowed to entering the competition for money with out breach of any work permit condition.




        Mr Smith

    • Sexy J. says:

      What is the matter with all you Kill Joy people out there, we have tape clubs out there renting and selling boot leg DVD’S and no one is saying any thing in regards to this, and trust me you may be one of them that rent and pay for these same DVDs. This is also a copy right. Last time I check it could cost you $250,000.00 for breaking the law, so please keep all your kill joy comments to our self’s. And let’s support a great cause.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is awesome! thank god for doing this event here on our island. its time for us to show what we could offer. "TWO THUMBS UP"…

  3. ex-pat Eric says:

    hope they read about the Charitable fee that is going to be introduced by the government.

    • Mr. Smith says:

      Hello Eric,

      Yes we have  read about the Charitable fee that is going to be introduced by the government. 

      How ever am happy to advise that the process of having CIDA registered as a non-profit association is in place and we are happy to hold any found raising on there behalf.




      • Alan Nivia says:

        Which carries with it a CI$1000 foundation fee because Cayman Government likes taxing local charities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to worry the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association is registered.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So will only the winners get a prize?

    What about the other’s?

    I think they should get a little something aswell for their effort…

  5. Anonymous says:

    because you don’t have talent, doesn’t mean you automatically have the right to make negative comments, how about supporting your country, there’s an idea for the many many many negative, ignorant people who unfortunately have to reside here in our home land.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anon, because you don’t have talent, doesn’t mean you can’t be supportive of those that actually do.

  7. Anon says:

    This is going to be embarrassing. 

    • Anonymous says:

      why would it be embarrasing!!!

      As usual there has to be those that are negative, ignorant, unsupportive, and just shouldn’t even open there mouths, as all they do is kill the hopes and dreams of those who actually want to aspire to be somthing other than a bank teller, that drive the last vehicle, visit all the clubs on friday night, get wasted, and high, and still live at home with there mama.

    • Mr. Smith says:

      Am really sorry you feel that way about the up coming event,  However since you feel it’s going to be an embarrassing event,  please feel free to call or email as and and let us know why you feel this way. Or should  you wish to stay Anon we will understand.  Have a great day

      • Anonymous says:

        Dont waste your time, people post negative surly comments on here because they have no life.



    • 10 years says:

      You should be embarrassed writing what you did. I’ve been here 10 years now and can state without a doubt that there is a lot of talent here on the island. Anyone who attends ANY of the shows at the Harquail Theatre will back me up on this. There are some amazing singers, musicians and dancers in Cayman. Get out and support them once in a while. You just might enjoy yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      …if you enter…?  Yes it would be.  Please save yourself another embarrassment and not enter then.  Embarrassing yourself by putting such comments is enough.

      Glad to see such an event and I hope it will be an inspiring and fair one.