Masked men mug woman

| 28/08/2010

(CNS): A woman was robbed on the street this morning (Saturday) at around 6 o’clock by two armed masked men. Bodden Town detectives are appealing for witnesses to the armed robbery that took place on West Lane in the Pedro Castle area of Savannah. The men, who were armed with a handgun and a knife, approached the victim as she was leaving her place of work. They demanded her handbag, took it from her and removed an undetermined sum of money. Police said they do not know if the robbers left the scene on foot or in a vehicle. One suspect is described as 5’ 6” tall and stocky, the other about 5’ 10” and slim built. They both spoke with a Caymanian accent and were wearing dark clothes. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

No shots were fired and the female victim did not receive any injuries.

Anyone who was in the area at the time and might have witnessed the men leaving the scene are asked to call the Bodden Town CID at 947 2220, George Town police station at 949 4222 or Crime Stoppers at 800 TIPS (8477)
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe that this forum represents a good cross-section of the community. We have the input and and intelligence of some, and the percentage which is large  of people that are in the camp of the Police.  It never seems to amaze me how people can still be so pro-police when we the dredges of society are rapping the moral fiber and our way of life almost daily.

    As an LE Agency the RCIP is almost non existent in regards to crime curbing, crime reduction, etc. They can write several traffic tickets, but according to Mr. Baines that is becoming a question as a lot cannot read or write at an acceptable level. How can such incompetence wear that uniform and be charged with the duties of a law man?  We are in a lot of trouble here, and I am tired of hearing call crime-stoppers and risk my life reporting anything to them or the Police. They asked for the job, they are being paid to do it, not me, or anyone else that is not employed by them. I am not asked to cook at Burger King when I order a Whooper, and to tell you frankly the people charged at cooking my food there are more competent then the RCIP.

    I for one would demand that a whole new set of policies come into place, from the Police being reorganized with new COMPETENT LEADERSHIP by terminating the present management of the RCIP and while they are leaving, they can hold hands and take with them the illiterates that are below them and start fresh.  We do not need to bring back the ones that have left over a few years ago, as they have elevated themselves to crime fighters in the company of fictional hero’s like Batman and Superman and this was not the case, as they set the stage for the crime we see today and were just as incompetent and useless. While they were better then what is working now for sure, it would not be a sunny day to employ them again. No need to throw away spoiled milk to buy milk that tastes a little off I say. I would arm the common citizen that has a true need to carry a firearm like store owners that carry cash etc and anyone that is not a high risk to have a firearm in their home for protection.  You will see a real reduction in crime against property and people in a short time.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem to have wasted a good part of your day writing this rubbish!

  2. anonymous says:

    Get used to the new reality folks.  The police are incompetent, the AG office is too busy chasing innocent people, and the politicians talk, and talk, and talk some more.  In the meantime, the honest, hard-working people of these Islands are losing their shirts as a result of new taxes, robberies, thefts, or increases in costs of living.

  3. peter milburn says:

    Just a quick observation.It seems like everyone has the answers but yet with all that NO ONE will step forward with that VITAL piece of info that would land those persons/person in jail where they belong.Come on people the Police Cannot do this alone.Help them by using that toll free number that will keep the informant safe.Crime Stoppers  800-tips.How hard is that??Then and ONLY then will the crimes start to be brought under control.

          Someone mentioned how quiet our Govt.Ministers have been.Is that because they(the police) come under the Governors control so they figure let him get the blame?This is a CAYMANIAN problem and we ALL MUST contribute in some way no matter how small as our tourism product will suffer immeasurable damage which in turn will take YEARS to repair.Look at some of the other islands who have had the same problems.It took them years to get their tourism back up and running.

            ITS YOUR CALL FOLKS.

    • Anonymous says:

      No one reports vital information, better get your facts straight.  There are people who do give vital information, but then guess what the idiot police can’t protect them.  Crime Stoppers, yes you can call, but at times they need a witness and the police can’t seem to get their act together and solve a crime, sometimes they do, but most of the times they don’t.  So don’t blame the people.  The police are getting paid to do a job, we have more police in cayman per population then some cities in the States, and we have more crime here!!

      TO be fair though, I can’t see how you can send unarmed officers out there when the common criminal is armed, but remember Dr White is stating they are more reasonsable.  Tell me how reasonable are they Dr White, a few years ago, the police were never fired upon while driving…maybe it was just an accident..lmao….

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Mr. Milburn, have you considered that there may not be any witnesses?

      • peter milburn says:


                I am speaking generally for all crimes as with out help the Police will NEVER solve all of them.

        • Lachlan MacTavish says:

           Peter….IMHO the crux of the matter is the division ……Police under control of Governor…..why would crafty politicians want to take on crime IF they can blame it on someone else. Crime…police…will flounder along and everyone will just point fingers as long as no elected official is responsible and that is something that makes me respect our elected officials even less. They , the elected officials, like to say its the UK’s problem, or the constitution says we have to de it this way anything accept take responsibility and do something about it..

  4. whodatis says:

    Cayman isn’t getting bad – its getting normal.

  5. Rorschach says:

    Call Dominos and order a pizza and then call the police and see which one gets there first….

    • Anonymous says:

      Better still, call babylon first, give them a head start, then call Domino’s,  And the pizza would be cold by the time babylon arrived.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Police can be anywhere in this small island. Not hard to cautgh any robber in any area in Grand Cayman. Police in this island is very poor and don’t have any kind of training. Only see than inside police cars with A/C eating donuts, trying to catch any speed car and make the money for the day. I see a lot of countries has police boost every corner with at least 3 policeman, 2 bikes and one car and this should be applied here.

  7. Gig says:

    It is the THING now! 

    Get to work, live your life, and mind your own business!  Sound thealarm!  A financial crisis is here!  Everybody run the race and don’t look back! 

    Don’t waste your time and energy caring for someone’s else son or daughter! Turn a blind eye to those who are in need and financially need your support! You must work, work, work, and keep busy!

    And you all complain about the increased crime in the Cayman Islands! You all blame the government, blame the commissioner, blame the parents, blame the schools, and still can’t see the coldness of your own heart!

    And those who have habitually committed numerous offences, will never turn back again, because they have convinced themselves that there is no one who cares about them. They stand alone with no sense of familial or societal support – hence they have no one else to care for, but themselves. Besides, what do they have to lose! Northward Prison is Hotel Northward! And when you get out, no one wants to employ you. You are an outcast in your own country.

    Cayman is just reaping a lawless society, a society that has been indifferent to its own citizens. There is no one to blame but your failure in doing your part to make a better world! The young people as well, are crying for undivided attention in many households. Everyone is busy, caught with work, caught up with mind-games, and the television and play stations are allowed to preoccupy these youngster’s minds. We are losing our youth, and whose fault is it? The parents need to understand that they can never solve their problems in this short time of life. We are but mere human beings, here today and tomorrow anything can happen to us. Sometimes, it’s best to forget your personal problems and start over again focusing your time and attention on your very health, children, and family values. It doesn’t make sense to allow problems to drive you away from doing what is right. It doesn’t make sense to try to drink your problems away. It is best to take your mind off of them and start over again, paying attention to your children! Your work is not your life!  Your house, car, and what you own, is not your life!  You are so caught up whilst your children go out to play on the streets. And the leaders of government are so caught up running their own parties instead of managing their own country. It is just a shame… and there is no one else to blame, but us!

  8. Patricia X says:

    We need more gated communities with security guards, because I can’t see many of the people who make this economy tick willing to risk their home being invaded by a crackhead local from West Bay.

    Given the description of the accents the CNS excuse mongers can’t blame Jamaicans or status grants so they turn on our police whose main challengeis the behaviour of the local community (did anyone mention Dr. Frank?).  It is time to stop the denials, the crime wave is fuelled by Caymanians.  Take responsibility for your own mess.

    • Anonymous says:

      Patricia, it is our mess and one that a great many have assisted us in creating. Yes, there are some Caymanians who are turning to crime and there are some who are unemployed and are being sidelined for jobs that they could fill, all in the name of cheap labour. If your kids were starving, and you had assistance, you may be surprised at what desperate act you could choose. Of course that does not make it right, but desperate people do desperate things.

      • ex-pat eric says:

        These crimes aren’t about putting food on the table!

        Certainly a Church or food bank could help feed the kids if that were true. Try that and see if the crime stops – doubtful!

      • aurevoir says:

        most of the crime is not as a result of a desperate act to put food on the table.  it is a result of drug and booze habits that need to be fed. 

      • Stop making excuses says:

        I doubt that there are any children "starving" if their parents wanted to work rather than smoke drugs and drink.  So stop being an apologist form violence which is what you are.  There are plenty of jobs for anyone who wants a job.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree completely with the comment that there are plenty of jobs. The problem on Cayman is the school leavers in many cases are "over" qualified for the "actual" jobs that are available. They are told while studying that they will get jobs in Banks, Insurance, Finance or Government posts when the reality is there are not enough of those jobs to go round, but now it’s below them with their qualifications to work in a bar or restaurant. Whil’st I can understand them wanting to work in a nice cool environment, they can’t complain about jobs when it seems all the bar and restaurant staff are American, Irish, Canadian, Filipino and Jamaican.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why isn’t it a crackhead from George Town or Bodden Town or East End, etc.? There are criminals everywhere and quite frankly gated communities won’t do anything to stop crime. Just like security guards don’t protect businesses and/or properties. If you want a gated community, I suggest moving somewhere else and enjoy your isolationist attitude. The answer is in community; not isolating yourself from it. Calling communities names gets you nothing but disdain and disgust. Obviously you have no desire to help your neighbor or community; all you want to do is gate yourself in and pretend you are safe. No wonder the Cayman Islands is in trouble with people like you living here.

      • Ali Louya says:

        Well all know 95% of the criminal element are connected to West Bay.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Should those security guards be armed or unarmed?

    • Anonymous says:

      Gated communities? That’s just another step toward living in a closed off environment. Whats next? Iron bars on all windows and doors? I know one thing, if it gets to that point, I am hauling my ass off Island as I refuse to live behind bars and gates when I have not committed any crimes! Why does the population have to suffer because of an incompetent police force and useless politicians who can not get the crime situation under control.

      Gated communities makes the already small Island even smaller for the majority of the population! I would still like to have the option to ride my bike, walk or go jogging anywhere on the Island.

    • Anonymous says:

      How would a gated community have prevented the woman from being robbed??? How would a gated community help the people who have been mugged along Westbay Road?

    • Common Sense says:

      What evidence do you have that indicates these robbers were from West Bay?  Sounds to me that these were likely inidividuals from the east.  Maybe you should come out of denial and accept that people in every district on this island are committing crime of every kind.

      Perhaps you could enlighten us all on your crack free and crime free district where all the people there are angels! 

      Looking forward to your reply because I’m anxious to by a home there.

      • Patricia X says:

        Everything, as Einstein would say, is relative.  And everywhere else is relatively better than West Bay when it comes to avoiding guns, crack and crime.

    • Pauly Cicero says:

      Gated supermarkets, gas stations, barbershops, my granny’s house, and anywhere else I’d might like to go and not get mugged.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am not a fan of the police, but to expect the police to cover the entire island allday every day would require an enormous amount of officers & a very large budget, the largest of all other budjets for the country as matter of fact.

    It is unfortunate the woman was robbed, but thankfully, she was not injured. The RCIP does not have ‘psychics’ on staff to be able to predict the type, the location, the date and time each and every crime that is going to be committed. Judging from the postings from time to time it seems that it is what most are expecting but we should be realistic and realize it is just not possible.

    The next best step is to gather evidence and leed’s that will cause the perpetrators to be arrested. This can only be done by the victims attempting the get as much information about the perpetrators and the public coming forward with what they know.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry but you give the Police too much credit. They have some good,dedicated, officers, but operations and management is so poor that even when the have been given reliable information on armed robberies they have failed to prevent them, so no one has much faith in the or their investigative skills. How many unsolved robberies and violent crimes have taken place over the last 18 months? Do you think that people are going to put themselves at risk to inform incompetent officers.

      No one expects the police to be everywhere at all times or to be able to protect everyone at all times. However, their lack of success has completely removed them as a deterrent to violent criminals.

      Their was a time when the police were respected by law abiding citizens and feared by criminals, as it should be. That is no longer the case. We have to accept that their is a violent criminal sub-culture that is growing due in part to the lack of deterrence. The RCIP’s intelligence system is obviously not working. This should tell them that it is no longer the usual suspects committing these crimes. As they themselves have said most of their suspects are either incarcerated or dead. That means that their is a new breed of violent criminal on the street that the RCIP can not get a handle on.

      Instead of admitting that they are at a lost and that people have to take more personal responsibility for their own safety. They instead want us to further the criminal culture by being victims, allowing those who are criminal minded but not yet committing violent crimes to see the complete success of other criminals in this regard, and thus make that conscious decision to enact their criminal thoughts.


      you have failed to protect us,

      Failed to prevent violent acts even when forewarned

      Failed to solve the majority of violent crimes,

      Failed to stem the spread of violent crime, to the point where almost everyday one takes place.

      Start holding crime prevention meetings to teach the public awareness of their surroundings and what to look for and do. This would be better than the excuse and BS district meetings that you wasted time and money on.

      Set up a team for home owners and businesses to call for risk assessment.

      Give homeowners who are capable, and low risk individuals, firearm licences for home protection.

      Give business owners who are capable, and high risk individuals, firearm licences to carry for personal protection.

      Your idealism and perfect world view is simply not working. You are putting more and more peoples lives at risk by not accepting the facts in order to hold to your own personal ideology. You have the ability to be armed and protect yourself, the law abiding citizens of this community are not second class citizens and deserve that same privilege, as is allowable under the firearms law.

      Please sir, stop the madness, it is not working.


      • Rorschach says:

        WOW, I am surprised at the number of "Downs" on this post…I think the poster made some very valid points…some of the things that were said were spot on…and glaringly obvious to anyone who has lived here for a few years….I myself gave this poster an "up"…and before you assume..NO I am not the poster…and NO, I do not know the person who is…I really would like to see people who post ‘downs" leave some sort of comment as to why they disagreed with a particular post…maybe if we just learned to communicate better, we could go a long way to solving some of the socioeconomic issues facing this small country…just a thought…

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree with you completely. Unfortunately some people refuse to accept the facts. The continue to do the same things and expect different results.

          The post did state facts and offer constructive ways to address some of the problems. I will assume that most thumbs down were from those who hold to the COP ideology over fact philosophy.

          The Cayman Islands have always had very much controlled licensed firearm ownership without this level of violent crime. The increase in violent crime has not been because of licensed firearm ownership. Obviously, the incidence of violent crime continues to increase with the people not being allowed to arm themselves for personal protection. If this policy is not working why NOT try something different?

          The definition of stupidity is repeating the same action expecting different results. Ideology does not change facts.

          The facts stated by the original poster are 100% accurate.

    • X-Pat says:

      it is not reasonable to expect the police to be omnipresent; but the truth remains they need an "image overhaul". Drastic changes need to occur in public perception, in education level of the police individually, in their ability to receive up-to-date training, etc. as well, if criminals were more fearful of the punishments if caught, and were more wary of being apprehended or tracked down, if they felt there were eyes watching them in every neighborhood, if the "Hotel" Northward was not quite as comfortable- it would be a different, welcoming Cayman.

  10. anonymous says:

    Not good !!! when we have three to four robberies per week with approximately 60% of these unsolved, which in all rights give them the opportunity to hit people and places over and over.   We have a  big task on our hands and does not seem to go away  until we can employ/request  the services of our citizens on the streets to assist in cleaning  this mess.  

    Get tough!!!  use our Immigration Laws,  and "Deport" like the US and other countries are doing – forget about status, residency etc. the crime was committed and no one knows the next move.  This will give us a clearer indication how to deal with the others. 

    Good luck RCIP. 

    • Asbo Zaprudder says:

      Where do you propose to "deport" Caymanians to?

      • Anonymous says:

        the economic blackhole known as cayman brac…….

        • Kung Fu Iguana says:

          Not that is a good idea.  Personally I was thinking we could do a Guantanamo or a Chagos Islands and rent it out to the US for a military base.

        • Anonymous says:

           Can you pleaase leave Cayman Brac out of this?  What we did to you?  That is the problem every other nationality unite but what Caymanians do? Tear down each other.

  11. Anonymous says:

    See my response to 17.13

  12. Anonymous says:

    Robbers seems to be getting up early these days. I guess the early bird gets the worm.

    I really hope this all stops soon. I miss the way Cayman used to be…..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Let’s introduce a phone number that once dialed activates and interrupts every broadcast on every local radio station so that someone can announce that they have been robbed, describe the robbers, their means of escape and direction they are heading in.  Then the whole population can hear what is going on and call in to help direct police to the suspects without having to resort to chasing them.  That will make it more difficult for robbers to rob, burglars to burglarise and criminals to escape justice.  Hopefully the police will be able to respond timely enough and are equipped to deal appropriately with the situation.

    • Pauly Cicero says:

      You almost had me there. Luckily, I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich before I responded.

    • Kent says:

      Yep that is a great idea! So just to get this straight, when I get robbed, I call 926-help (or some catchy number that will be remembered easily and qwerty keyboard freindly because I will be so very with it afet having a gun put in my face, LOL) then I can give a detailed discription like in this article, something like "2 males both between 5’6" and 6’0" dressed in long dark pants, tee shirts and ball caps, that spoke in a cayman/jamacian accent." Yep I honestly believe it will work at least as well as calling the police!

      • A former Cayman resident says:

        what is a caymanian/jamaican accent and where in the article did it mention about jamaicans/jamaican accent? The article mentioned a caymanian accent so you should stick to the fact of the article. Were you present?

        • Anonymous says:

          Ahhh you see, it was two devious Jamaicans disguised as Caymanians. Simple hey? Now everyone is thrown off the trail.

          • Anonymous says:

            Well, we probably need the counterbalance to the cases where it is claimed that the devious Caymanians have assumed Jamaican accents. 

    • Anonymous says:

      An understandable response to an outrageous occurrance. I am really angry that this happened and am considering the need for neighbourhood patrols to confront these morons. Clearly the police are unable to prevent such happenings, let’s be real. When was the last time you saw a policeman on foot patrol? It’s a fantasy. What’s to stop some (unarmed) responsible citizens organising a neighbourhood patrol now and then – is it an arrestable offence? Needs must. Sign me up for a "walk about" any time!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is truly a nutty idea…

    • Anonymous says:

      How about injecting a RFID tag into all Caymanians and track them all continuously? Then if a crime is committed whoever was in the area can be questioned. It would save a lot of police time as it would eliminate most people immediately. It would prove without doubt the accusation that Caymanians are responsible for the crimes as they would have a cast-iron alibi. If you have done nothing wrong, you will have nothing to fear.

      Note: This post is irony. I hate the idea of any form of oppression such as monitoring. There has to be a better way, but future along those lines lays ahead unless a solution is found.
      • Anonymous says:

        Is this what is solving the crime in your country?

        Crime in Cayman has always been committed by Caymanians & foreign nationals.  Some of the most grotesque crimes have also been committed by foreigners.


      • Anonymous says:

        This is my country.  I don’t need to be tagged. We make the decisions. Let’s tag you since we think you are the problem and we know there is too much crime where you were.

        • Kung Fu Iguana says:

          I think you need to be tagged for crimes against sarcasm and for the complete inability to show any ability to comprehend the modalities of written English.

          • Anonymous says:

            Whether you wish to call it sarcasm, irony or whatever, it was a ridiculous comment. Have some respect for Caymanians in their own country.  

      • Anonymous says:

        How about RFID tagging only violent criminals i.e. locals along with status holders, work permit holders with criminal records especially those with fake police records from their country of origin.

        To be honest this is not a good idea, having big brother watching and knowing every move you make did I say ‘Invasion of Privacy’.

      • Kung Fu Iguana says:

        I don’t think it is irony.  I think it is sarcasm.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why would only be injected into "Caymanians"?

    • are you serious? says:

      I would hate the very idea that my radio programme would be interrupted as you suggested. I haven’t heard or seen your suggested model in all my travels around the world. Do you realise we are living in the 21st century? That would be unreasonablle imposition on people’s liberty. It would also not be appreciated by our visitors and tourist and might have the effect of driving them away along with their dollars.

  14. Anonymous says:

     It is too frequent, and brazen, that these criminals are victimizing the people, and the victims are expected to lie down and play dead.  It is time for the populous to stand up and do what they have to do.  I hope that some of us will have enough balls to do just that.

    • Kent says:

      We will if the control mongers will allow us to at least have mace or stunguns!  Something to give us a fighting chance.

      • Sheerluck Holmes says:

        Or we could let you carry these things and statistically the rates of gun and knife use in crime would go up substantially.  

        • Rorschach says:

          Sorry, Sheerluck, but I have to disagree…you see, the criminals ALREADY know we are sitting ducks…they KNOW we don’t have these items…and these guys STILL brought a knife AND a gun…SOOO, I say, if they are going to start bringing weapons with them…then I should, at least be afforded the opportunity to carry some sort of self defense method..

  15. Anonymous says:

    According to the learned Dr. White the criminals are becoming more rational as evidenced once again, one would have to admit they came prepared to do their nefarious deed [a handgun and a knife]. Now according to the Commissioner what we expect to combat this  problem is  "dead wood and illiterate, and incompetent police officers. That’s the sum , people do the math.  Adds up to we are in big doggie doo. If it weren’t so serious it would be ludicrous. But all we will ever get is empty promises from this current administration [ Lip service].

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is it that we never hear a word from McKeeva about the crime on the island?  Why isn’t he at the forefront of a full frontal assault on all these criminals?  He can build all the ports, refineries and hurricane shelters he wants and invite wealthyinvestors to put their money here – but until we get a handle on the crime situation, he’s wasting our money and time.  This island is spiralling out of control…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Interesting question.  I don’t recall him ever addressing the crime situation. 

        • Anonymous says:

          How could he? One of the main pillars of the UDP campaign was how crime had increased under the PPM and the plans they had for addressing it. Nobody in the UDP wants to be reminded of that, so they change the topic very quickly if someone should bring it up.

          • Cat says:

            Actually, you see the reason why the Primier hasn’t addressed the crimes is because he’s protected by guards and driven around in Protocol 1 & 2 suv’s which are probably sound proof and bullet proof, so he has no involvement with the outside world or his country while he is in them, and once nothing is happening to him, to hell with the rest it’s their problem.

            He has never really cared about his country and now he is proving it.

      • Kung Fu Iguana says:

        This is simply untrue.  He organised a well publicised prayer event.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Robberies are now well on the way to start overtaking Burglaries and Thefts in our country. Just as I predicted that would happen from far back as 2005 when we had an administration change, who knew nothing about crime fighting and criminality in the caribbean.

    Despite the large funding over the years to include many new police officers, vehicles, vessels, helicopter etc etc, many hardworking and dedicated police officers whom I know and still keep in regular contact with, who would really want to change this, are literally attempting to fight a war with their hands tied behind their backs.This is so, as a result of the UK so called policing strategies and policies that is 100% incompatible in crime fighting in this territory and have failed the Cayman Islands miserably. 

    It’s high time that the police "Gold Command" change their strategies on the way crime is being fought in this country and loosen their grips on many of the dedicated police officers and let them do their damm job’s without the UK bureaucracy that has been introduced.

    Mr. Gold Command team, your war on fighting crime in the Cayman Islands is somewhat similar to the war the Americans fought in Vietnam, which resulted in a lost battle and a lost cause !!!! 

    • Anonymous says:


      Please elaborate on what change in strategies need to be enacted and what strategies would be successful in the Cayman Islands.

      It would seem impossible that anyone would argue the current policing style has been a success so we are in agreement but need to have more detail as to how people’s hands are tied in the current system.

      Where the heck are the all wise politicians who profess to have all the answers. They seem to ignore this crisis and that means government, opposition and Ezzard. 

    • Anonymous says:


      … "loosen their grips on many of the dedicated police officers and let them do their damm job" …

      Are you advocating vigilantism? Be careful what you ask for.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agree completely, but we must deal with reality, which is a crime control system which is presently clearly incapable of accomplishing its purpose. Be honest now, do you really think the police here are presently capable of protecting you, or even apprehending criminals? If you do you are living – with all due respect – in a fantasy world. When was the last time you were provided with the opportunity to interact with a police officer? When you last saw a police officer passing in a car, where the windows (by any chance) up? (AC full blast.) If you had had the need to shout "Help!" do you think the officer would have heard you? Come on man, this is a joke. I want to see police in heavy presence around this island, walking mainly, forget the cars except for pursuits. I’m talking police on foot patrol all over the place, "keeping an eye on things" and "feeling a few collars"  and transmitting what they observe to a central command. I want observing a police officer on foot patrol to be the norm rather than the exception. I am sick and tired of seeing police cars gliding past me – get out and walk about and start being police officers! Apologies to the many officers doing their best, you understand.

    • Long time resident 40 years says:

      I get a little sick of these wonder boy bloggers and their smart a,,,,, remarks if you are so good why arnt you out there putting things right and contributing instead of just shooting off, anyone can do that!

      • Kent says:

        I would think that he OP is not a professional law inforcement agent. And although he/she make some rather good points, would unfortunately be bypassed in the first round by the HR manager if he/she was to apply for the job.

        Now on to another point, what is your problem with the OP voicing his/her opinion?  this forum is exactly what Cayman needs more of.  So Mr. resident of 40 years, sit back and shut up, as you seem to have nothing to add to the discussion.





      • Anonymous says:

        because the most educated people on this island are not allowed vote or run for government….. and are generally treated like 2nd class citizens by people who would struggle to spell their own names…..

        • are you serious? says:

          Do you want to come here and run the country and to vote? Which country in the world have you ever heard where foreigners run things ? you must be dreaming

  17. Unknown says:

    Itss really frustrating to be hearing these crimes happening all the time. Seems as if all focus is on political affairs these days…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow. And here we go…..once again a victim has been made. Where are the Police? I understand the importance of the hand shaking friend to all Community Constables but me thinks we need someone to combat the crime. Thankfully she was not harmed but for sure is scared out of her witts. Maybe Baines can bring Dr. White to explain to her what she could have done to avoid this and point out to  her the mistakes she has made?  I am sorry, but at this time in the morning, no apprehensions, nothing this is unacceaptable. But so are so many things. 


    I am  sure the Police took a great statement from her, to use, once they arrest someone that may have done it, to take along to court with this person, to have them set free on bail to only rob someone else while they are being watched with an electronic braclet. Well done. but wait I am wrong as so many cannot read or write at the well. Oh well……..

    • mark says:

      I am no fan of the Cayman Islands Police, most are incompetent a rare few are very competent, but come on, the Police can’t be everywhere all the time…..

      • Anonymous says:

        No they can’t be everywhere, but they really are no where!!!



    • Anonymous says:

      Go Dr White, the criminals are becoming more reasonable lmao yep this time they came at a person with a knife and gun!!!!  How much more reasonable is that???????


      Thank goodness she wasn’t harmed physically because she was sure harmed mentally!!!