Rapper spotted “courting” Cayman model

| 03/09/2010

(Rap-Up.com): Fresh from a split from Amber Rose, Kanye West is back on the romantic playing field. Yeezy cozied up next to Nick Cannon’s ex-fiancé and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Selita Ebanks in a suite inside Arthur Ashe Stadium yesterday (Sept. 1) to watch Andy Roddick play at the U.S. Open in Queens, New York City. The pair, rumoured to have been dating in the past, was all smiles as they sipped lime-spritzed club soda drinks, watching from seats positioned in front of “Gossip Girl” stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, who shared a laugh with the happy couple.

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  1. Anyonymous says:

     "Who Jah Bless No Man Curse"

  2. anonymous says:

    Selita is one of us, and we should be exceptionally proud of her – once she is satisfied with what life brings her, just love her more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    More bridge-builders wanted. Open-minded, tolerant and intelligent persons of any nationality apply. Bigoted views not welcome.

  4. more veggies please says:

    1) Something relevant to the article —> oh bloody mary… Run, Selita, RUN!

    2) Something relevant to the string of stupid comments —> some of ya’ll jus too idle man… get out from in front of the computer & go walk a dog at the Humane Society. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    To the "expat" whose open letter to Caymanians is posted, thank you for your open-minded and accurate view that, sadly, most of the negative sentiments and experiences impacting our life in Cayman is perpertrated by the minority and may I add, generally the less educated minority. Unfortunately, not unlike many other places, the views of the minority are often more news-worthy, thus coming across as if they represent the general view. 

    As a Caymanian, I have experienced much of the same treatment by my own, and it’s not related to nationality but to mentality. Caymanians experience the same rudeness and inefficiency in many public service departments, often more hoops and run-around at Immigration (albeit for different purposes – try getting a work permit for an expat) and most certainly the "crabs-in-a-barrel" envy of those Caymanian underachievers who hate to see a compatriot better themselves.  

    The expats who might experience those attitudes might not realize that it’s not always about the fact that they are foreigners. Mind you, it must be recognized that some foreigners come here with their own attitudes against Caymanians and attract negativity for the start. However, I would like to think that they are also the minority amongst expats. 

    So, thanks for differentiating and apologies on behalf of those who know no better.


    • Micky says:

      What the dog gone heck these comments have to do with the picture of the two persons above, DAHHHHH! Stick to the topic man!

      • Anonymous says:

        Browness. And thanks for the positive post. 

      • Anonymous says:

        So when Selita marries Kayne West, he and their kids will be welcomed home as Caymanians. Why don’t you see the connection?

        • Anonymous says:

          A man and woman are seen out together, so they are now getting married, having kids already and will be coming back to Cayman….?????  Wow! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you. Lets both keep building this bridge. It is important that both minorities learn their negative views will not be tolerated.   

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we should have Mac call her and get him to come and do the Jazzfest for free as we have no money.

  7. Man says:

    Kanye you lucky dog!!!

    • BORN FREE says:

      Selita is Caymanian, she is A CAYMANIAN superstar, & we Caymanians are proud of her, & YES we are very interested in whatever she does, including who she dates & which other stars she mingles with. Thank you CNS for publishing this very interesting story about our very ownCAYMANIAN superstar. Obviously the poster who questioned why you wrote a story on Selita being in Kanye’s company is not Caymanian & therefore not interestd in what a Caymanian superstar does. But that writer was obviously interested enough to open the story & read it so as to be able to comment on it. What a hypocrite. Thanks again CNS, keep those stories of Cayman’s success stories coming, because true Caymanians are very interested. CNS, please ignore the hate by the jealous few.

      • Anonymous says:

        born free,

        why would you ever think all caymanians had unusual interest in ‘superstars’ lives just because you do.  There are billions of well adjusted people around the world that haven’t a clue as to why they should be interested in a total strangers mating habits, just because they were born on the same piece of dirt.  Why? 

        • Anonymous says:

          ….and why would you think it is ok for an expat to question CNS about doing a story about one of Cayman’s success stories? Why?

        • BORN FREE says:

          @ Anon 19:34, are you serious? Caymanians are very interested in the successes of other Caymanians, & we are proud of Caymanians who have become successful, & yes, we are very interested in hearing about their lives once it is positive. I read about superstars of other nationalities everyday & who they are seeing & what they are doing (& not all of it is positive). So why do you have a major problem with CNS reporting on our very own Selita & what she is doing? If you do not like it then do not read it, & if you prefer to read about the life stories of superstars from your country (if there are any) then simply log on to another website, or even better, go back there. Oh, & yes, Selita is a Victoria Secrets "supermodel" & is therefore a "SUPERSTAR" so please do not let the petty jealousy & envy eat you up! Selita is OUR superstar, Selita is Cayman’s very own supermodel, & we are proud of her, but you wouldn’t understand that, would you?

      • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous says:

          I really do not understand some of you strange people. This site is Cayman News Service, as in CAYMAN, get it? This site covers stories about Cayman, stories that affect Cayman, and stories of interest to Cayman and Caymanians. Why is it that a few of you bigots have an issue with Cayman News Service reporting on a Caymanian? Get over it already. If you would like to read reports about your country or persons from your country please do the appropriate thing. We Caymanians are eternally grateful to Cayman News Service for providing us this service and giving us news as it happens in Cayman, and about Caymanians both in Cayman and abroad. Any Caymanians who are not interested in news about Cayman or Caymanians unfortunately do not love their country (but they are few and far between). Please, please hush unna mouth now, and go to another site if unna do not want to read about our country or our people. GO AWAY!  

          • Anonymous says:

            Grow up! Take the stars out of your eyes, they belong in the sky! 

  8. Joe Average says:

    Selita is cheating on me?!!!  Why am I the last to know????  What a way to find out!!!!  CNS this is heart-breaking!!!  What has he got besides fame and fortune???  And a big house and diamonds and fast cars and yachts.

    I knew it wouldn’t work…me working here and her travelling the world.

    I’m getting drunk

  9. A Shoddy Idea.... says:

    Last time I checked she didn’t tell you how to live your life….

    Why tell her how to live hers?

    I didn’t know she needed the Cayman Islands "Okay" to date or go hang out with someone…


  10. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why this article had to boil to the Caymanian vs Expat drama. Can’t we comment relevantly to the issue? and so what if CNS Post this about Selita, it is news and it is what they are in business to do. Some of you are just full of it and if you don’t have nothing good to say just shut it.

  11. NHB says:

    Just found this in Men’s Health interesting about the same young lady she is really been a standing up for the islands and giving us alot of free marketing. 



    • Anonymous says:

      finally, someone with some marketing sense.  Why didn’t CITA come up with promoting nude swimming here!? 

    • Anonymous says:

       ” “Turtling is our culture. We eat their meat (it tastes like beef), we use their shells, and we use their skins to make shoes.”   Great marketing for the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        I gotta get me some of those shoes 

      • Anonymous says:

         So 5 people thinks it’s great to tell a major magazine that we use " the skin of turtles to make shoes?"

        1.  It’s very bad marketing for the Cayman Islands.

        2. I thought it was illegal which means she needs to know more about her heritage and culture.

        As for Kanye West, he’s a nut.  I hope they are just friends.

        P.S. I know the person below is just joking.  

  12. whodatis says:

    Well, Elio is already married isn’t he?

    Guess she had to go for the next best (same) thing!


  13. Anonymous says:

    no offense shouldn’t you guys post something more important than who is talking to Selita..Big deal let her do as she please

    CNS: And you clicked on the article just to tell us that?

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS:  Thank you for posting something other than murder and robbery.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good response CNS.

      I wondered the same thing – 13:01 clicked on to read the story so that person was interested in your headline now is complaining that you reported this story.

      I wonder if the poster 13:01 is the Dictator as they react very similar.

      Keep it up CNS, thanks.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Omg! Who cares about him or her!!

    • anonymous says:

      Someone need to coach Selita about dating Amercian men. they think you’re silly, stupid or easy if you laugh and grin too much. a strong lady must project some sterness at the same time a little grace. It makes them valuable and respected.

      • Anonymous says:

        Selita is obviously a very strong woman to have become such a success story in the highly competitive modeling field. She is comfortable in her own skin and I am sure she could care less about what idiotic postings make their way on here or elsewhere.

        I am very proud of Selita Ebanks and applaud her, notonly for her career, but also for the good works that she does to benefit the less fortunate around the world and here at home in the Cayman Islands. Thank you Selita for being such a wonderful ambassador for the place of your birth, the Cayman Islands. We love you and applaud you as a good example to Caymanian youth demonstrating that from hardwork and perserverence emerges success.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh please, coach her on dating American men???? Would it be better if she dated a Caymanian? LMAO

      • more veggies please says:

        Have you ever dated an American man? Because I can tell you from firsthand experience that what you described it the stereotype of a Caribbean man, not an American one.

  15. Anonymous says:

    CNS is this really newsworthy?

  16. Anonymous says:

    To all the Haters!  

    Stop taking it so personal, that she is where she is and your just there sitting in front of the computer lashing at a SUCCESSFUL young caymanian!  Its NOT her fault that you’re where you are!    =)

  17. My2cents says:

    Oh jeeze……really….who cares?

  18. Me says:

    Selita, beautiful as always!

    Get a grip people just because they are at the game together doesnt automatically mean they are "courting".  Its not impossible that they are friends.  The media was also reporting she was dating the singer Maxwell.  Who knows?  Looks like she is enjoying herself so let her be.


  19. Anon says:

    Selita- Stay away from his limelight our he’ll go all Kanye on you.

  20. au revoir says:

    kanye west?  and i thought selita had some brains…she can do far better than that short, irritating, little punk!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why did you suppose she had brains?

      • Anonymous says:

        ALL Caymanians have brains!!!!!!!!! Duh!!!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          I have to wonder, Are you a foreigner who is here and dislikes Caymanians so much you have to resort to this?……you might be a Caymanian being sarcastic and pointing out the obvious but my gut instinct says otherwise, so if you had to leave your people and country because of what Cayman has to offer, try to be more grateful. Yes, we all have brains, how they function is another issue and if other supermodels were seen with him, yes it would make headlines……….and it wasnt a Caymanian reporter that published this in the first instance. But as soon as we respect our fellow Caymanians it is used negatively by people who are here because they could not do as well in their own countries and simply want to create trouble and be divisive.

          It’s the weekend…relax yourself dear and there are many beautiful Caymanians, even if not famous!

          • Anonymous says:


            Can someone please explain why everything has to come down to Caymanian versus Expat bashing BS?

            I am a Caymanian married to an expat. Where does that leave my children? Do you understand that there is a large segment of our population that is being affected by this crap? Let’s face the facts people we are a small community and WE need outside help to have the life style we have grown accustom to or would you prefer to go back to the days of making thatch rope? It is time to putan end to this. We are or at least we were known for our hospitability, it can’t all be gone can it?

            • Anonymous says:

              Going back to thatch rope sounds like a good idea actually, however, I get your point and agree with you. Unfortunately, this is where we are now.  Please note though that many times these types of divisive comments come from foreigners which then causes some Caymanians to react. The animosity is on both sides and it needs to stop.

            • Anonymous says:

              Dear Caymanian,

              I’m an "expat". When I tell people what I’ve been through, they think I live in the backwaters of the 1950’s. I always get asked "Why do you live where human rights are virtually non-existent." "What kind of place is that?" My response is that it is a beautiful place with mostly beautiful people, that only a few cause the trouble. The minorities’ weapon of choice is – Immigration. Although its an offence for expat to lie to Immigration, it certainly is not for a Caymanian. Many, many problems for people start here. It typically ends with departure, influence, or a court date. Having said that, I’m happy they use Immigration instead of a gun, or a knife, as haters in other countries would. Interestingly, I also deflect the attention from myself by saying "If you think they (Immigration and friends) treat expats badly, you should see how they treat their own." Most in Immigration act is if they are "Ultra Caymanian" – NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE FROM.  I have countless stories of Caymanians who can’t get their kids this or that. THEIR KIDS! All this stems from the destructive hatred that exists and it hurts EVERYONE and the islands. I sympathize with your comment as I have many friends and family in the similar situations. We, as a people, need to learn the only way the only way to regain the sense of coummunity – which we have lost – is to love everyone. It is impossible to love one set of people and hate others. Its never worked in the history of mankind and this is the THE reason Cayman is on the decline. Indeed, Cayman is a melting pot, most people are brown, which is the way it should be – look at Selita. Just immagine Immigration and friends think they can undo the browness which God created. Then again, haters were never intelligent people.

            • Anonymous says:

              Long gone.  At least for me.  Came to Cayman to help during the hurricane.  Robbed 4 times at different homes, police a joke, rude and disrespectful people everywhere.  Now its worse!  The problem is the lack of respect shown by the people and especially the leadership.  Caymans going down!

          • Anonymous says:

            You’re gut instinct is wrong …………. LOL Have a great weekend!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop hating.

      • au revoir says:

        stop hating???  i’m merely pointing out that she should know better than to hang out withthat self-absorbed, irritating punk!  get it?