Machete attack on the Brac

| 23/09/2010

(CNS): Updated – Police said on Friday afternoon that officers have now charged a 46 year old man with wounding causing GBH and assault causing ABH following a machete attack on Wednesday 22 September on Cayman Brac. A 32-year-old man was admitted to Faith Hospital after the incident that occurred at about 8.20 int the evening. The two men who were reportedly attending a family event in the Watering Place area became involved in an altercation. During the fight one of the men attacked the other with a machete, police said. The injured man suffered lacerations to his body and he is understood to still be in hospital at this time, where his condition is described as stable.

Police have not yet named the individual who has been charged and is still in custody. CNS has been unable to confirm if the man appeared before the courts on Friday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of the comments here, Cayman Brackers have always felt that they were separate from Grand Cayman and chose to refer to themselves as Cayman Brackers or Brackers, not Caymanians. Many of them still brag about it. I lived in the Brac for a large part of my life and think I can accurately say that Brackers pride themselves as being separate from the rest of us so stop behaving as if people in Grand Cayman chose to do that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I met a guy from the Brac who told me that people from Grand Cayman didn’t like people from the Brac. He was a local Caymanian who spoke of this without any prompting on my part.

    As a foreigner in Grand Cayman I enjoy listening to local people discuss their views of Cayman society.

    The real truth of this is unknown to me but I have no doubt that he believed it.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are quite right, no doubt he believed the rubbish he told you. I now live on Grand Cayman but I also lived on Cayman Brac for many years and I can tell you that what the man from Cayman Brac told you is a myth. In fact, if the truth be told, we may find that more people from Cayman Brac (or as they preferred to be called "Brackers") display more prejudice towards people from Grand Cayman than is the case the other way around! Regardless of what he said though, let me assure you that Caymanians are one people, regardless of which Island we live on and you will find some who like some and some who dislike others, the same as is the case anywhere in the world. Please do not pay much attention to such ignorant claims.

  3. Annoyed! says:

    Listen! A Caymanian is a Caymanian! Whether you are from Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac or Little Cayman! Everyone needs to stop being so ignorant and petty and live their lives. I’m from Cayman Brac and I have nothing but love and respect for the people in Grand Cayman and a lot of people over in Grand Cayman feel the same about Cayman Brac. You all need to stop complaining about "foreigners" and "grand caymanians" and "braccas" and work together! Only then will this Country be a better place!

  4. Caymanian says:

    First things first-We are ALL Caymanian, regardless of which island we live on.  However, as far back as I can remember it was the bigots of Grand cayman that started with the singling out and distinction of islands-the Brackers easily accepted that they are better off simply because they were seperate from the crimes etc that transpired on Grand Cayman.  Little Cayman can boast this as well.  Problem, is no island is immune from violent or other crime. 

    The next time you think about calling down on Cayman Brac -Think about the Foster’s, Scott’s, Dilberts, Martin’s and our all time favourite-Kirkconnell’s!  For Little Cayman-think about Theo Bodden.

    Let’s face it…bashing get’s nothing done.  Dale Carnegie said "ANY ONE CAN COMPLAIN, CRITIZE AND CONDEM, AND MOST FOOLS DO!"

    Get on with it!

  5. awlymillykins says:

    Hey…STOP IT!!! Caymanians need all the NATIVE we can get!!! Brac,Little Cayman, Grand Cayman….we better band together!!! The rich foreigners love to see us bashing each other!!! Don’t do it!! We are too small….UNITE NOW!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cayman brac’s population isn’t even over 5,000. Of course Grand Cayman’s Crime rate will be worse. What you naive people fail to realize is that whether you live on cayman brac or grand cayman you’re still a caymanian. Therefore you are only humiliating yourselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice try at reasoning, but have you done the math? If you care to wake from your naive stupor and figure the murders, assaults, rapes, burglaries,  traffic fatalities, robberies, etc,  per capita, you might come to the humiliating admission that Cayman Brac is heaven compared to Grand Cayman.  (They do teach that kind of math in Grand Cayman, don’t they?)

      Which brings us to your failure to realise that crime rate, as you put it, (not gross numbers of crimes) is computed per capita. (Or "per person" if the term "per capita" is unfamiliar to you.)

      Indeed one would not expect the significant difference in per capita crime rate between the two islands, but it is there.

      This Bracker is not terribly impressed with your comprehension skills.

      We might be "Caymanian" but ask us what we are and we will tell you straight: "I am a Bracca and proud of it!"

      • Anonymous says:

         Im from cayman brac. but im PROUD to call myself a caymanian. It is you who is indeed the fool to even try to seperate yourself from your own people. That is pathetic. Teach math in cayman? Are you retarded? or was that supposed to be a joke? You are NO better then other caymanians, so stop trying to act it just because you dont run around killing people. BECAUSE not all caymanians are running around committing crimes, so why do you choose to blame the whole of cayman?? Does cayman brac teach you that kind of math?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Geeze, it’s a good thing we value family values and are a Christian Nation! I mean just when you thoiught it was safe to have a family gathering.

  8. cayman guy says:

    cayman brac the best of us all!!

    no matter what happen over there the people are better!



  9. Mr Smoochie says:

     Where is Sista Julie when we really need her to keep her constituents from killing one another. I guess she is too busy on her Kenyan Safari while we pay the Lions share of this jaunt to deepest Africa. Aaaaaah boy different day same S*&#!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, would Sister Julie have been at this "Family" function then?

    • Anonymous says:

       "we pay the Lions share" Want to bet that we paid the total bill? And don’t forget that we also pay her a large uncut wage as well as her other living expenses. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    Arghh, where’s me cutlass?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Soooo How are we going to blame GCM this time????

  12. Anonymous says:

    What’s this?! Thought Braccas weren’t violent as us "Caymanians" – LOL!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why dont you stop hatin’ on Cayman Brac.  It doesn’t help anything.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ll stop hating on Braccas, when unna stop hating on us. You guys have tried to make yourselves yourown republic for years so why stop now!?

        • Anon says:

          You sound like the disgruntled co-worker that sits across the hall from me and complains all day about Brackers "invading" her island. You people are pathetic! Grow up and concentrate on making your life better instead of wasting energy on stupid stuff.

        • Anonymous says:

          We are all a part of the CAYMAN ISLANDS.  It is people such as yourself that feed such segregration in our wonderful islands.

          So why don’t you stop carrying around that heavy burden and chip on your shoulder….cause "Braccas" as you call them, have never tried to make themselves their own republic. 

          Grow up!

        • Anonymous says:

          I do not know about any Brackers hating Grand Caymanians. I do not hate anyone on Grand Cayman, I just think Grand Cayman is unfit for human habitation, that’s all.

          Now, if you guys are done ranting I can get back to enjoying my beautiful stress-free, low-crime, almost no traffic, not-overbuilt, daily-robber-and-or-assault-free, small island peace and tranquility.

          If there is a murder, assault, burglary, rape, robbery, or traffic fatality in tomorrow’s headlines I kinda doubt it will be about Cayman Brac.

          (Ahhh! The joys of Paradise!)


          • Anonymous says:

            Assault free Brac?  Wasn’t the title of this article relating to a machette attack on the Brac? I guess over there they don’t call it assault or anything like that.

            • Just Replyin' says:

              Silly reply.

              They DO teach reading skills "over there" in Grand Cayman, no?  Maybe you just forgot to put on your glasses.

              No matter the reason: You missed a part of the hyphenated word: the "daily" part. (Perhaps it is the lack of critical reasoning ability (and not illiteracy or dysopia) that cripples your comprehension?)

              The phrase did not imply that the Brac was assault-free, merely "daily" crime free. Besides, it was obviously a tongue-in-cheek remark. (You do know what that means, right?) However, judging by the headlines since my original comment, maybe even you can see that it is not so tongue-in-cheek after all, it is all true.

              Now if you done makin’ a fool of yourself, please…Can I now get back to enjoying my beautiful stress-free, low-crime, almost no traffic, not-overbuilt, daily-robbery-and-or-assault-free, small island peace and tranquility? Or do you have more babbling to do?

              (So….how many crimes have been reported in Grand Cayman since my earlier comment?)

              I guess over there they did not teach you how to read properly or reason clearly or anything like that.

    • Huh? says:

      I am confused….. what is the nationality of Braccas? Are they not Caymanians? In reading history, I thought the population of the Cayman Islands began in the Brac. Aren’t most of your parents and grandparents from there? This separation does not make sense. The Brac is the beginning of your roots – your existence – your heritage – your history!! It should be preserved and loved and supported and honored. They are your people!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    C’mon Cayman Brac, please stay sane……don’t be following our crazy lead!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s not get this out of proportion, how many incidents as bad as this one have happened on the Brac in the last 12 months???.

      • Caymanian says:

        No more than 3 in 12 years-gurantee!


      • Anonymous says:

        I dunno ’bout de lass time sump-um like dat boy gettin’ all chop up made de news ’bout de Brac. But I ken tell unnah I wah on de Bluff in mah grounds some munts back cuttin’ some cassavah sticks and I cut mah tumb real bad trying to sharp-um mah ma-sheet! (Do dat count?)

        An’ I kin tell unna it wah Grahn Caymahn to blame cud’n I bought de dam file from Al Tee place right dey in Caymahn lass trip! Burnard’s wah out-ah files for ma-sheets and de yam season was almos’ dey, so when I go to Caymahn to see Dr. Tomlinson ’bout my pross-straight, I went to Al Tee place an’ look for a file. I pick up a few more tings too.

        An’ de hurtful ting is all de trouble I had t’get dat file. Firss ting when I go so check in in Caymahn, sum Hondur-rainians wid ’bout a thousand pieces of luggage was in de line dey. By de time I mek it to de girl at the counter, dey sey de plane wuh be overweight if dey tek mah sixteen bags and de tyres too, so I muss go stan-by on de jet flight dat night at midnight if I wan my bags an’ tyres to go wit me. I so I sez yes and I waits fuh de nex plane.

        Nex ting de plane wah late! By de time I mek it home wid mah 8 bags and de t’ree tyres, de rooster wah crowin’.

        De coco-tee wah dat dey loss summa my bags and one-ah my tyres and I almos’ miss de whole yam season before de bag wid de damm file meks it to de Brac. I’m still waitin’ for de one tyre!

        Now I hardly use de file and’ its all rusted up and ting.

        Yah hear me good nah: I kin tell unnah, nuttin’ good come from Grahn Caymahn!