Chamber works to promote Brac as conference centre

| 05/10/2010

(CNS): As part of efforts to promote the Sister Islands as a destination for conferences, retreats, and board meetings the Chamber of Commerce and the Sister Islands Tourism Association have come together to organize a Brac Business Weekend. The goal is to connect Grand Cayman residents interested in investment and business opportunities with Cayman Brac business leaders. Over the course of the weekend the potential for a variety of business opportunities on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman will be highlighted.

 Earlier this year chamber council members met with the Sister Islands Tourism Association (SITA) in an effort to establish a consistent and long-term partnership that will help to drive investment to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. According to the council it was decided that with the support of the members, businesses could be encouraged to think of the Sister Islands as a destination for conferences as well as a possible home for outsourcing with internet and communications technologies at a click of a mouse.
In response to these discussions, a Brac Business Weekend which will take place over the weekend of October 29 – 31, was developed. It is hoped it will highlight the economic strengths and innovative possibilities available for local and overseas investors to these Islands.
The Brac has recently seen the refurbishment and rebuilding of much of its hotel accommodation and these will feature as part of the weekend with a Trade Show being held at the Alexander Hotel and a BBQ and receptionat the Brac Reef Resort.
Special tours and dive packages will also be available. The whole weekend will be dedicated to showcasing what both Islands have to offer the would-be investor and visitor.
“The Chamber is pleased to have SITA as a member and we look forward to working with them to promote both the Brac and Little Cayman as a tourism destination and exciting investment opportunity,” the Chamber stated. “The Brac Business Weekend is only the beginning of a number of initiatives that we hope will inform Grand Cayman business owners and other external investors to the possibilities and innovative qualities of economic development in these beautiful Islands.”
 For those Chamber members who are interested in finding out more about this and other Sister Islands growth initiatives contact or call 9498090 ext. 122
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