Deputy premier gets new car

| 14/10/2010

(CNS): The Ministry of District Administration has purchased a new VIP car for Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor Connolly, CNS has learned. Both the Premier’s Office and the Protocol Office have denied involvement with the purchase of the new SUV, which has cost the public purse almost $46,000. The car (left) was bought by the ministry at a time when government departments are being asked to make deep cuts in operational expenses. Chief Officer Kearney Gomez admitted the Ford Expedition was purchased using money from the 2009/10 ministerial budget. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

Prior to this acquisition O’Connor-Connolly was assigned an official vehicle by the Protocol Office but Gomez said this vehicle had since been returned.
"It was considered appropriate to provide the deputy premier with a suitable vehicle which could facilitate transport for her and related ministry transport," Gomez told CNS but did not indicate what was wrong with the protocol car.
The senior civil servant defended the decision to go ahead with the purchase of the new vehicle without the apparent involvement or support of the premier or the Protocol Office. "For the record, it should be noted that all ministries and portfolios of government have their own budgets which does not necessitate having to seek Cabinet’s approval or the support of the premier," he said. "With only two protocol vehicles, the vehicle which was returned will now be available to provide back up for the premier as well as to accommodate visiting dignitaries," said Gomez as he confirmed the $45,730.00 cost of the new Ford.
With this purchase government now has five VIP cars, three on Grand Cayman, one on Cayman Brac and another on Little Cayman. The two protocol cars, registration POO1 and POO2, were being used by the premier and deputy premier respectively and both have police drivers and televisions and other upgrades. It is unclear if the new car will have a police driver as is the case with the POO1 and POO2
The decision to purchase the ministry car was made without the knowledge and support of the Protocol Office. "We are unaware of a third car being purchased for use by this office. This car has not been bought by us we know nothing about it," a spokesperson from the office said when CNS first learned about the arrival of the deputy premier’s new vehicle. McKeeva Bush has also denied contributing to this decision. "The premier was not involved with the purchase the vehicle in any way," the premier’s press secretary told CNS this week.
The protocol changes ushered in by the 2009 Cayman Islands Constitution have been blamed by the premier for the added benefits his and the deputy premier’s offices have both received. However, the premier has been criticised for the increase in benefits he has received since the new Constitution was implemented.
The full array of the benefits received by the premier, the deputy premier and other government ministers are currently the subject of a freedom of information inquiry by CNS.
The request for a breakdown of all set benefits and expense allowances (over and above MLA office allowance) for each Cabinet minister, such as clothing, travel, entertainment, accommodation, and communications, as well as additional expenses each minister has claimed since the last elections was sent to the Cabinet Office 11 August, which forwarded it to each individual ministry.
The Health Ministry responded well within the time allowed by the FOI law on the 30 August and the Education Ministry responded today (13 October), both saying that their ministers had not claimed any expenses. The other three ministries have yet to respond.
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  1. noname says:

     The shock not catch you all yet wait till yo see the H1 a certain person has ordered oops mi mouth slipped. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Government has permission from the UK to borrow $150 million dollars, just the job to buy the rope needed to hang us all with. And what could be more fitting than to get back into the rope business after all these years? The thought of it makes me come over all nostalgic!  

    It’s all panning out so beautifully, with a shining example of "getting on with the programme" demonstrated by the  legislation allowing the Government to raid dormant bank accounts, avoiding all those tedious masks and guns, legislation so skilfully crafted that  the entire financial industry will be damaged at no extra cost. Oh! The genius of our masters! So $46,000 spent on a needless gas guzzler that went out with the Ark, is just perfect for the new Spirit of the the Age.  Oh, by the way, I’m just off to Portugal, so do keep in touch if you can afford the calls.

  3. Anonymous says:

    what a f*&*ing joke !


    This woman should be tarred and feathered !!!


    She is an utter embarrasment !!!

  4. Thinking before speaking... says:

    How often have we heard the Premier, Deputy Premier, other Ministers and Members of government piously proclaim how important it is for them to "…look after the little man…"  – we’ve lost count of the times, haven’t we?  

    Madam Deputy Premier you have lost another golden opportunity to demonstrate how much the welfare of the people of Cayman, especially those in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, mean to you – all you had to do was resist the temptation of being chauffeured around in a fancy new car but instead you could have arranged a schedule with one or more of your local taxis and/or other public transport providers to use their services as and when you needed to travel a few hundred yards or a few miles from point A to point B and/or from your residence to point A or B or the Airport  (It is still mind boggling why it is inappropriate to live at ones own home but appropriate instead to live at the Alexander Hotel – presumably also with full time security guard/bodyguard in close enough proximity to spring to ones rescue in mere seconds should any perceived danger become more than imagination).   Government would have saved money while the little man/transportation provider would be making a bit!   Similar arrangements could be made when the Deputy Premier is in Grand Cayman and why not for those visiting digna\\itaries.

    Sadly, each day it is becoming more and more obvious who are being looked after by those who  swore (or affirmed) that they would diligently, fairly and honestly represent all the people of the Cayman Islands

    Will enough registered voters remember these injustices and poor representation when 2013 rolls around, or will there again be an epidemic of selective amnesia? 


  5. Bling bling says:

     Dearest sister Julie you forgot one thing the SUV needs some Rims now to make it really shine and some fuzzy dice and some pink carpet for the dash board and that illegal extra dark tint, wouldn’t want your flawless skin to burnn now or anyone to know who you transporting up and down. "Snuggle proof" Don’t forget this month’s subscription of the Robb Report some nice turbo prop lear jets for sale or lease. Oh Lord the materialistic desires of this world killing us all?

  6. JuJu little BuBu says:

    One First-Class ticket to Europe $6000 x 3 MLA’s x approx. 10 annual trips = $180,000!!!!

    One "Protocol" vehicle = $50,000

    Driver’s for vehicles assuming they make $2000 monthly x 3 drivers x 12 months for annual salary = $72,000


    Our economy and all hopes of it ever being stable again-PRICELESS!!!

    • Anonymous says:

       "One First-Class ticket to Europe $6000 x 3 MLA’s x approx. 10 annual trips = $180,000!!!!"

      She just went to Kenya with her bodyguard.  That will cost a lot more than $6000.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is so funny it is sad.  I am a government employee who received the pay cut.  Drive a 10 year old vehicle and can’t even afford to license it.  In the past week the gas light came on 3 times and I don’t drive even 10 miles per day but can’t afford gas. Barely making ends meet and forget about grocery shopping. I am lucky if I can find something to cook 2-3 days a week but Ms O’Connor- Conolly merits a  brand new car that cost the equvilant of two years of my salary.  I wonder how they sleep at night living high on the hog while their "constituents" are suffering.

  8. GC or BC? says:

    We all know the Brackers will blindly re-elected her like the sheep they are.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Miss Julie! Have you been to C.B. Hospital lately? The linens have big holes, furniture is falling apart, there is no television service for people confined to bed for days or even weeks. It is beginning to look like a third world hospital in spite of the recent renovations. The decent and Christian thing to do is to give back this luxury and ask that the money be put where it is needed. $46,000.00 will go a long way to improve things at the hospital. The patients there and the old folks at the rest home are not only YOUR people, some are the very people whose votes put you where you are! All are the people whose money got you there and keep you in high style! Take a little time before your next trip and visit these two places to see what I am talking about! It is time now for the leaders of this country to tighten their belts also, even if it hurts their bloated guts!

  10. Shock and Awe says:

    This a lot of comments over a car.  This isn’t a car it’s a symbol of everything we see that’s wrong.  What is of more vital importance is the overall perception this government doesn’t give a damn.  What is more disturbing is… how many are convinced the last one did?  At present they are sitting on their overpaid a$$es pretending to be the loyal opposition.  Biding their time, and trying their damndest to stay awake.  In a couple of years they will reappear as the NEW IMPROVED PPM.  And even if it isn’t true, and they are the same bunch of cronies, we will all be so fed up with UDP that we’ll take the only other option given. The UDP will then sit on their overpaid…. well… you get the picture. 

    What is the solution?  Bitching and moaning is no way to create one.  Other than a revolution and attendant chaos the solution seems to be a new political party.  With new faces, new ideas, in other words… progressive and meaningful.  And based on integrity of purpose.  There are those out there who manifest this…look at the concern and the comments here on CNS.  It’s time for Cayman that they came forward, and as a matter of my opinion it can start right here in these forums.  A new political party can begin with the actual support of the people and governed by consensus.

    True Democracy..  Is that what we desire?

    What are we doing right now than beginning that process??  I can hear you….you can hear me.  We can all hear each other the noise in the background is a government spending money on themselves and floundering around for ideas.

    And it needs to happen sooner rather than later before they, those with the smarts and the integrity much like the rest of us, give up on real change of direction in local politics… isn’t about a car.




  11. DISGRUNTLED Civil Servant says:

    After taking a pay cut that was forced on us by amendments to Laws, this is truly a SLAP IN THE FACE for government employees.

    I trust that government will not come forward with another BS argument that we need to take pay cuts.

    IF this happens- I ask that all Civil Servants band together and protest the best way we can- a massive sick out for 1-2 days.

    • Anonymous says:

      massive sick out??…..doesn’t that happen most days in the civil service anyway???

      • Anonymous says:

         Not for me, if I feel sick one day we have special meetings about mysick day.  Let me tell you how it works, it depends on who you are.  Some people can be sick all year round and others well, if they take one sick day, it’s a major deal.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry on election day Juju will be too happy to drive you Brac voters to the polls in her new ride. Why she and her family will spend all day calling around as usual begging for your vote and offering a ride.

  13. Anonymous says:

    so i wonder where government is going to?


    then turn around and cut pay, i just imagine what next year is going to be like

  14. Yung MissUnderstood. says:

    This Government and its followers are truly unbelievable. At a time when people are suffering and the cost of living isrising they are still able to spend, spend spend. People are forced to take pay cuts, be made redundant and lose their pensions- to name a few. But they still insist to spend, spend, spend. Now tell me- the amount of money that our Premier and his Deputy are raking in, why the hell (excuse my frustration) does the Govenrment have to buy them vehicles, pay bills, pay helper/cook, pay personal driver and pay for family vacations?

    We have never had a person in our L.A. to preach about Christianity any more than these two and I expect better.  But I guess we know who the hyprocites are.

    Duty has gone up, fuel has gone up, food has gone up, work has gone done, education is going down, and our society is deteriorating.

    Don’t think that I am chosing sides here either, because I must say that I am not impressed with the Opposition team. Yeah, I know they say that they are backbenchers and there is so much/ little that they can do. And maybe that is true. But there is no amount of red tape that can hold them back from liasing with people in their communities. And since Mr. Ezzard Miller became the only independent to gain a seat. NO ONE can tell me that you need ‘numbers’ to really get anything done. I am so amazed, yet proud- everythime that man opens his mouth. He seems to be the only one that truly cares that being an elected member is a JOB (god bless Mr. Dan Duguay also where ever he may be, he was a good man) and not a wrestling match. If he can do it, on his own, then I don’t see why Kurt, Alden, Arden and Moses can’t do it together.

    Aside from the MLA’s- I have become absolutely appalled by the things I see and hear from other government officials. It almost seems as if they are so afraid to step on the wrong toes that they stoop to a level that they, I know, that as intelligent individuals- undermine themselves. Sometimes I wonder how they are able to sleep at nights! Listening to some of the comments from higher ups in the various departments ie. Immigration, Customs, Protocol offices etc. It seems all morals have been blown away along with their common sense. Oh, I have to also mention Ms. Jennifer Dilbert. Personally I feel that she is another one next to Ezzard, that has a spine- or so it seems. She doesn’t seem to negotiate around certain people to secure herself. But there was one thing I heard her say in regards to the Premier that might make me retract my statement- but other that I think the FOI, if it was getting the respect that it deserved, is a good thing. And she generally doesn’t seem to be biased.

    We ALL have to stop the blame game and each do our part in the community.

    We are losing ourselves Cayman. Too many of the young people are killing off themselves and ruining their lives. Too many people are watching as life is being sucked from us. Its time to come together and make a decision- how do we want to spend our future?

  15. Very Disappointed with our Govt. says:

    All I have to say to these recent disturbing events that are happening is Where In The World Do These Politians plan on moving to when Cayman’s economy is finally damaged beyond any repair?  It seems what whomever we elect in Govt. nowadays only have one thing on their agenda and that is help myself and be dammed with all the rest.  So sad that this is the future we are leaving for our children.  But all you can hear is our children is our future; what a joke.  I’ll never vote again as long as I live.

    • Disgusted by Gov! says:

      Well with all the money we pay them monthly for doing nothing and the sheer fact that apparently they have no expenses themselves since they have found ways of slotting their personal expenditures into the Government budget (like attire, luncheons, dinners etc) they obviously have nothing to spend their monthly 5 figure salaries on, so they are probably saving it to move when they get turned out of office in the next 2 years! But we as the people will have no where else to go.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I cant wait for election day.I hope that everyone’s memory does not fail at the next election.

    Its the new voters that can change the politics in Cayman.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Is it true that this SUV is for use in Grand Cayman that the deputy premier is getting another new SUV for use in Cayman Brac?

  18. Stunned says:

    I am frankly amazed at the idiocy of this purchase in light of the island’s situation. 

    Every single one of the unemployed Caymanians of this island can look at that vehicle and know that Juliana O’Connor Connolly has just pissed away the equivalent of a year’s salary for them in the civil service, on herself, and where there was simply no need.

    Think of that every time you see her, and think of that next time you get to vote.

    Simply amazing.  How long are Caymanians going to take this?

  19. Anonymous says:

    So we took a duty hike, a cost of living increase and the civil servants a pay cut to pay for a SUV and world travel for the UDP gang? If the islands were really broke would Mac & Julie be able to live so high a life style?

  20. Anonymous says:

    That’s an awful lot of POO’s?

  21. Anonymous says:


    No books in the Schools

    No supplies in the hospital

    No new businesses coming up

    No increase in tourism


    Increase in Customs Duty

    Increase in Planning fees

    Increase in Gas bills (to cover all the vehicles)

    Increase in Deficit


    Bottom Line:

    UDP has no clue how to run a country!


  22. Scorpio says:

    CUT MY !#$%^&%$^&*()     PAY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this responsible leadership? See  report of the  lady;s comments from recent meeting.

      Cant pay your bills!  You could if you stopped the reckless extravagance. Is the car paid for., so that is a priority over payment to those small businesses. Spend the money to benefit the people you serve, not on yourselves.

      "She said the seasonal cycle of government revenue along with the repressed local and international economy meant that government was unable to meet all of its financial obligations and was forced to prioritise public service payroll. She said operating debts to small businesses were also at top of the payment list but other bills would remain unpaid until the government cash flow improved, hopefully in January. O’Connor Connolly said that would be when normal revenue patterns improve and funding for the approved borrowing was secured."

    • Anonymous says:

      the government even got a couple of body guards hiredfor her home so…… cut my ***** salary for this **** that 3.2 % paid my water bill as*h*les

  23. Voice of Reason says:

    Perfect vehicle to drive Cayman off a cliff! Full speed ahead civil servants!

  24. jillopo says:

    CNS I guess you all reported HALF of the Story…

    NEWS 27 states that the vehicle HAS BEEN RETURNED TO ITS DEALERS…

    I guess they must be wrong too!


    Is it you are so quick to find fault with the UDP because of the Premier’s attacks against your news site for false reporting… you never did like UDP it seems…



    CNS: You appear to be confused. Cayman 27 reported that the original car was returned to the Protocol Office as indicated in this article NOT the dealers. Their news piece was based on this story and did not contradict this article in any way. As you can see, we gave every opportunity for the DA Ministry, the Protocol Office and the premier to give input.

    • Kingsley O. T. says:

      sorry to rate thumbs down, but in a way I do agree with jillopo on this one

    • Anonymous says:

      Jillopo….my god you are gullible…don’t blindly follow these guys off a cliff…

    • Just Laughin' says:

      Hey, Jillopo,

      And…. who is wrong here??

      The only issue that needs resolution is your illiteracy.

      CNS wasquite gracious in suggesting you might be "confused". "Stupid" is the word that comes to my mind. (And that’s the WHOLE story!)

    • Anonymous says:

      What a mess! Not even one person could agree with this. Ironic that people still force themselves to see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear.

    • Pending says:

      Jilipo, you are as much of an idiot as the UDP gang. With your comments like that you are probably one of them or related to one of them.

      Go pull the blindfold back over your eyes, or do you still have your hurricane shutters up?

  25. Anonymous says:

    If the UDP claim that the PPM left the country broke, then where is all the money coming from for world tours, and seeing who can get the most expensive exotic vehicles? The problem with this mess is that we keep electing these idiots. They have no regard for the country’s welfare just me me me me me me.

    • Anonymous says:

       Can we call for a vote to get both parties OUT?  I don’t want the PPM back either. All these fools are greedy and the cost of our government spending is ruining us.  I’d welcome the crown taking over thank you.  

  26. Anonymous says:

     Miss Julie and her united destructive party are doing everything possible to completely ruin this country.

  27. Anonymous says:

    It’s very simple Cayman. Get rid of theparty system and put some young blood and a leave few wise veterans next time around.

  28. Kerry Horek says:

    Okay I have to wonder if I am living in the land of OZ?!.

    We have money to buy a new vehicle that is not needed at all?? 

    On another note:  Do you know that there is over CI$3million outstanding in Permanent Residency and Status Grant fees owed to this country for the granting of applications to persons in the community.  

    What is even worse is a portion of these grants date back to three years ago and have not been paid as yet, but yet these fraudsters are living it up in our country practicing the right but haven’t paid a dime to do so!!

    Get off my island you robbers, either you PAY or we take it AWAY, your 30 days on the grant letter has expired!!!

    It’s all a shame and disgrace what’s going on. 


  29. Roger Moore says:

    I Think that money would have been better spent by given it  or the vehicle to Cydonie Mothersill who actually has done something good for the Cayman Islands…lets see what the government will do for her now!

  30. Anonymous says:

    So the Government cut civil servant salaries in the Summer and yet they can spend $40k+ on buying a brand new car (and not a reasonably priced vehicle) for someone who earns enough to buy their own.  

  31. Anonymous says:

    wow glad to see our money is going to good use. good job UDP, you never let us down…..

  32. Anonymous says:

     This is old news, she been had that expedition, elevating door step and all.

  33. A Caymanian says:

    that could feed so many families or help some unprivilged youth get an education or in some countries even buy a house!!


    food for thought!



  34. Anonymous says:

    And did I read that her Chief Officer defended the decision?  Wow!  He must be proud of himself!  I hope the next government does what this government did to the Chief Officers in position when they take over.

    • Anonymous says:

      " No matter how long you teach a fool, he still knows everything"

                                              Leonid Sukhorukov

  35. a nah no mouse! says:

    And the only person who has more of a dinasaur of a vehicle is Mr. Gomez himeself (a Ford Excursion) now extinct because of fuel mileage in the single digits!

    It’s no wonder Cayman is fast losing it’s appeal to both business and tourists….these types of leaders should long have been in rocking chairs.


    • Anonymous says:

      Nah no mouse, I thought Gomez was driving a Hummer these days? With a huge salary of $120,000 PLUS a pension which is two thirds of his salary he can afford either a Ford Excursion or a Hummer.

  36. Anonymous says:

     The Mayor of Toronto and many of his Councillors regularly ride bicycles to work. On rainy days they take the subway. The populace is used to seeing them and appreciate that they are fit to take on the rigours of serving several million people. Of course there are the "troughers", but they are becoming extinct.

    There are many young Caymanians (and some old dudes) with a similar lifestyle: healthy, intelligent people who value doing the right thing over personal gain.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Is she on island long enough to even need a car?

  38. West Bayer says:

    Why these people always hollering BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN when they so out-rightly do these shameful things???

    They down deh by Weselyan crying holy.  Deh up deh in Cayman Brac crying holy …but yet they act like this??? IT’S A SLAP IN THE FACE OF CHRIST!!!


    Dis is why the young people of today are acting out the way they do…..NO EXAMPLE…cuz if yah can take from yah people….why THEY can’t either??? It’s the same stroke by different folk!!!!

    • BORN FREE says:

      This is very disturbing. How can this happen? This is hypocritical & very irresponsible. The premier claims that Cayman is bankrupt yet he & his colleagues, friends & associates are constantly off island livingit up like queens, wasting our money (which they say we don’t have) on foolishness & themselves, & now we hear this? I tell you, this has got to stop, one way or another. Cayman, we must wake up before it is too late. They playing us for fools, wake up.

  39. whodatis says:

    Cayman politics today remind me of many celebrated Christian evangelicals.

    Everyone knows the ones that are fake, corrupt, self-serving, hypocritical, homophobic closet homosexuals (Haggard / Long), money hungry etc. – but somehow the ridiculous situation just continues to roll along.


    Until Cayman wakes up we will simply continue along thisridiculous path.

    Its really that simple.


  40. schtupidpeoplesayWHA!? says:

    Question (and oh, I have many!) – what make, model, year what the "protocol vehicle" that she returned? Did it have 4 wheels and seat at least 4 people? Was it Ivanized? Was it running ok? Did it have fuzzy dice and bounce up and down when it played Mexican music?? 

    Wasthe vehicle purchased locally? Through a local dealership? Did the money at least go back into the economy??

    Betcha it didn’t. Betcha it’s bullet-proof – which can only be ordered overseas right!? Well if it is, here’s my other question: why? Why is it bullet-proof? Have any other ministers through the years had bullet-proof vehicles? What’s this government doing differently that makes them feel the need to wall themselves against the rest of the country and insulate themselves from harm…oooohhhhhh I know what it is. Do you?!

    What kind of driving does she do, that requires a $46k vehicle to "facilitate transport for her and related ministry transport"?? This is for the Brac right??!!

    Why do the protocol vehicles have tv’s? How far are you driving on this island and where are you finding time to watch SpongeBob?

    "The protocol changes ushered in by the 2009 Cayman Islands Constitution have been blamed by the premier for the added benefits his and the deputy premier’s offices have both received. However, the premier has been criticised for the increase in benefits he has received since the new Constitution was implemented."  – – – So let me get this straight…the constitution allows for some protocol changes…which you MAY or MAY NOT feel inclined to take advantage of. Then you go ahead and exercise free-will by reaching into the grab bag…all the while complaining that "the constitution’s making me do it!" You pull out a whole LOAD of goodies (that you didn’t HAVE to take) and keep them ALL FOR YOURSELF while your constituents (hi, remember us down here? The ones that voted  you in ‘cuz you promised to take care of us – or in my case, who did NOT vote you in but must suffer along with those numbnuts who did!)…as I was saying, while your constituents are struggling to make ends meet and stay alive while crazy people try to rob, steal and destroy everything we barely own!

    So here’s my take on this…in business (and that’s kinda what government is about) – you take "benefits" and bonuses and goodies and all those lovely things, when the firm (read country) canafford it. Do you understand what I’m saying?? If the business is broke – why would you buy new shiny things? UNLESS they would help put the business back in black – like advertising, market research (easily done on a computer as opposed to a trip), upgrading firm equipment and processes and things like that.

    We (the people – yes you too!) have the power to put our foot down and DEMAND that this madness STOPS. The ones in office who are not doing their jobs need to be put on probation or fired. We are the employers – – – remember?! Let’s run this like our business. Do you have a vested interest in the success of this country? Then act like it! If you think your employees are stealing from you what do you do? If you feel that there are unproductive employees putting a financial strain on your business, what would you do?

    Are you angry that an ostentatious purchase has been made? Do something about it. Don’t sit here on this website moaning and groaning! Demand a change.

    • Anonymous says:

      AMEN!!!!! Thank you writer!! When is CHUCKY starting the MARCH headlines:: Country Broke and getting Broker!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m with ya but, ya may as well give up on the Chuckie March.  Time to take care of yourself 

    • Disgusted by Gov! says:

      I agree, I absolutely agree. I think the first step is finding out what laws Govern the legislative assembly and under what circumstances can an MLA be removed from office and how to fill the seat and with whom in the event that something like that takes place. I think the Government budget and spending should be posted quarterly in every local newspaper and online for the people to see!!!

  41. Disgusted by Gov! says:

    Okay, so Government is chasing me down with court warrants for $400 in traffic fines, why??? I guess they need the money to pay for the gas this car will need!!!

    It is disgraceful to know how many Caymanians are out of jobs, firstly, because of the shutting down of the school projects where so many were employed, but Government could "no longer afford"! So where did the spare 50g’s come from for this much-need purchase???? (And I mean this EXTREMELY sarcastically!)

    Let’s do some math!

    One First-Class ticket to Europe $6000 x 3 MLA’s x approx. 10 annual trips = $180,000!!!!

    One "Protocol" vehicle = $50,000

    Driver’s for vehicles assuming they make $2000 monthly x 3 drivers x 12 months for annual salary = $72,000

    Here, we have over $300,000 worth of unrequired spending and that is hardly the tip of the iceberg, there is so much being bought on OUR MONEY that we don’t even hear about!!!

    I see no reason these fat bastards can’t drive themselves and buy their own cars if we as the people have to!!! If my car doesn’t work, will Julianna pick me up and drop me and my kids to school and work!!!

    This is a shame, an absolute mess, is this why Civil Servants got pay cuts? Is this why school budgets were cut and new schools can’t be built and why Government implemented so many new "money-saving" strategies, to have more money to use on this bull$h!t, I am appalled absolutely flabbergasted!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: OKay  So Govt is……I do think you underestimated the pay of the driver, his travel, overtime etc. – By the way do they sit around all day, on pay, in case they MLA needs to go somewhere? Also you left out the expensive meals and hotels during travel, and perhaps they get a daily allowance as well.

      Shame Shame on them.

      • Disgusted by Gov! says:

        Like I said, that is the tip of the iceberg dear, if we had to list ALL the unnecessary spending being done by our responsible leaders I think we’d overwhelm Cayman News Service’s internet portal! It would be nice to know the total though, FOI request anyone?

        • Anonymous says:

           Want another expense?  How about the bullet proof windows for her home?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Once again the people of the Cayman Islands are shown just how out of touch the government really is about the economy for the common person.

    From a public relations perspective this is a disaster.

    Wonder why so many Caymanians want a seat at the government trough? They don’t worry about ther economy and don’t worry about pay cuts.

  43. Disgusted by Gov! says:

    What an absolute disgrace!!! Here I have Government sending out warrants for my arrest because I owe $400 in traffic fines, but yet they find $46,000 spare dollars somewhere (because last time I heard we had overstepped our budget, were in financial crisis, low salary civil servants were receiving pay cuts, schools weren’t able to be built etc, etc, etc)

    But they bought a what for how much again? You mean to tell me, seriously, if the Government needed a vehicle of this size etc they couldn’t by one second hand at least!!!!!! An absolute, total, complete, unjustifiable, ridiculous purchase!!!

  44. Johnson says:

    What we need to do is come up with solutions to better oureconomy and provide people with jobs – that should be our first priority!

    It is only when the country has received enough revenue to pay-off all its debts, is when you can spend like this.

    Really… Was this brand new car a need?


  45. Anonymous says:

    all those who voted these mormons in, should not even think to comment on this. I’m a west bayer, but did not even let the thought of voting for UDP enter my mind. Wake Cayman, these so called Politicians are milking this country dry, all so they can be driven around in expensive cars, take multiple trips a month and live in fancy homes. While the average Caymanian suffering.  Get them out of the LA before they continue to destory this country. It’s their greed that bringing a down fall to Cayman.

  46. Dilemma says:

    CNS your headline is both sensational and misleading; this vehicle does not belong to the Premier or the deputy premier, it belongs to the Cayman Islands Government. Why not report on the hundreds of government owned vehicles that are driven home by civil servants and abused by their families everyday..perhaps some of the poster on this forum are guilty of this.

    CNS: Good try at deflection! As it clearly states, the car was purchased by the ministry specifically for the DP. It in no way implies that it personally belongs to the current holder of that position, Ms O’Connor Connolly, (in which case she would have to pay for insurance, gas, upkeep, etc) but does imply that it will be used by her while she holds that position.

  47. Kintaros says:

    Dear Editor,

    We as the people do enjoy the news you provide on a day-to-day basis.  Good news, Bad news…. Either way it is news and we thank you.

    However, this is by far the worst news yet.  We as the people are suffering from High Fees and Cost of Living along with Low Income and Little to No Achievements. 

     They expect us (the people) to smile and say "Good for her!” I mean, don’t get me wrong here, she might have done allot in her role, or maybe haven’t… Who knows?  But!  When they say a country is struggling and they (the government) are trying everything in their power to keep the county afloat, we as the people would then expect future decisions be made wisely in reducing cost and excessive spending.

    Now when we as the people read our daily news and discover that a decision was made to purchase a $46,000.00KYD vehicle for the Deputy Premier to simply "get around in" is heart breaking.  I could’ve spilled hot coffee all over my scrotum!

    A Ford Expedition, big strong V8 engine that is always thirsty compared to a Kia Sport or the famous Suzuki Vitara or even the Toyota Rav-4.  All of these are Island smart choices, costs less and uses less… Low Efficient is the term they like to use.  I would hate to resort to recycling old Police Vehicles that are no longer used which drives fine… right? 

    I think I speak for the people when I say "This is ridiculous!?".

    Therefore, my complete argument is, the next time you come across such terrible news of this magnitude regarding the government and their brilliant decisions, please have a "Warning" posted first.  Just to protect the scrotum of the people.

    Kind regards,


  48. Anonandon says:

     I cant remember the last week without a shameful scandal emerging out of the MLA somewhere.

    I am an ex-pat of three years and love this country, but i’m afraid the government here is a joke, as are the regulatory functions which are where exactly?? It’s farcical these days


  49. O'Really says:

    The question facing Cayman is quite simple. In just over 2 years time will you, the Caymanian voter, remember the outrageous behaviour of the current administration and vote them out? This particularly applies to voters in the Brac and West Bay.

    If you don’t, you effectively tell a future generation of prospective MLA’s that the way to a jet set lifestyle is through the politics of putting self before country, hardly a recipe for putting Cayman back on the track of prosperity for all and not just the elected few and their cronies.

    Certainly the only thing that most of the UDP seems concerned about is re-election so that their snouts may remain in the public trough. The only thing they fear is a genuine threat that the trough may be taken away. If you are a supporter of the UDP and do not approve of their behaviour, do not complain here, on CNS; tell them directly, now, that if they do not start to put country first, by staying here and earning their large salaries, cutting out the globe trotting freebies we all know they are enjoying and cutting government spending to the essential services we all agree are needed, they will most assuredly lose your vote.

    This message, delivered consistently by enough disgruntled supporters, is our only faint hope of avoiding another 2 years of in your face abuse of the public’s ever diminishing purse while they wait, clueless, for the global economy to turn and rescue Cayman. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Why must we wait for 2 more years?? Is there no way of getting these out before then.  Marches, protests, civil unrest – let’s do it. In two more years will there be anything left? XXXX

      • Anonymous says:

         Can we call for a vote to let the Governor rule???  Bring decent auditors back, clean up the crime, and stop the typos in even our shoddy tourist overseas advertisements?  

        I’d like to see this, but remember….our bloated overstaffed government is in itself the largest group of voters.  So do you think the babes will get off the tit that feeds them?  Nope, just keep switching greedy political parties and let the madness continue.


    • Anonymous says:

      This is a truly excellent post. I don’t think any of us could put it better. Thank you.

  50. Anonymous says:

    This shows astonishingly poor judgment from someone we rely on to make decisions for the country.

    But it’s nothing 30 lashes from the bull penis couldn’t fix.

    • Anonymous says:

      A fitting comment since Julianna is pro-corporal punishment in the schools.

  51. zac says:

    It’s such a shame, I heard Sonny’s Auto was having a sale.


  52. JEB says:

    It’s a shame and disgrace to spend all this money on a new vehicle at this time. The Cayman Islands is broke, Civil Servants having to take a pay cut etc it’s a SHAME…………..

  53. AnonymousLadiiYuhHeard says:

    all i have to say this the government dont give a ish about us cayman they only business bout them self.

  54. Dred says:

    I dare ask were we really broke to begin with or were we simply not able to afford the luxuries that they intended to extend to their fellow MLAs.

    I am really not a big fan of either UDP or PPM but now PPM are starting to look like angels beside their UDP counterparts.

    Sad thing is we were beating PPM to death for spending on things such as new schools, something we (or our children)  would have profited from but what profit do we stand to gain from this? Is PPM really that bad now in retrospect?

    WOW. I can only hope we don’t suffer from memory loss again come 2012/3.

  55. Anonymous says:


  56. lacy says:

    I know money is a big issue, but we have to weigh the pros and the cons!  This vehicle will be used for visiting dignitaries, and as a reserve if in the event the one in Cayman Brac breaks down.

    You don’t expect we entertain visiting dignitaries in Honda Civics now… :o)

    • Anonymous says:

      What about renting as needed?

    • Anonymous says:

      Then why was the Protocol car returned, to spend so much money on a new car? Waste of money!

      We don’t get too many visiting dignitaries – we go to them! More waste of money!

  57. anon says:

    can you say – XXXXXX!!!!! and this car is more like $80 K by the way!

    I have Deja Vu of TCI – UK please come and take over – this BS has to stop.

    oh and by the way- the Government Treasury are telling Vendors that they are not releasing any payments right now. The debt and aging of Gov accounts at the place i work is staggering!!!

    Meanwhile the MLAs areoff on jollies around the world and buying expensive cars and living it up in MONACO!

    seriously – someone, anyone get these idiots out now. 

  58. Kintaros says:



    FEELS (censored) GOOD DOESN’T IT


  59. Other Side of the Coin says:

    Just curious, did anyone notice the following sentence in the middle of the above article?


    "For the record, it should be noted that all ministries and portfolios of government have their own budgets which does not necessitate having to seek Cabinet’s approval or the support of the premier,"


    Since this purchase was made within proper protocol and is within the budget "already assigned" – why is there suddenly such an outcry?? YES – It’s true that Government vehicles are extravagant pretty much everywhere in the world – I suppose that goes with the territory.

    Is this another sly distraction once again??? There has been sooooo much sensationalism – and much of it is smoke and mirrors. She did this – he did that – they did the other thing. What is really going on here?

    I think we are being entertained by a high profile wrestling match. The media is fed from both sides – and they are the official announcers. We are led this way today and we are led that way tomorrow. We get ourselves all worked up into an emotional tizzy while being led around like sheep.

    Maybe we need to focus on keeping our eye on the main ball. What matters the most right now is fixing what is broken. We need to create an better environment for new business, investment and tourism. It is vital to repair the damage quickly so we can replace the huge exodus of population that has already left and keep the ones who are on the verge of leaving.

    The reason we NEED to do this is so that our families will continue to have jobs to go to and food to eat. The well has gone dry and if we don’t keep digging, we will all die of thirst.

    We voted for the current Government because they promised to do just that. Then we immediately jump down their throats and do our best to sabotage them. We tie them up so tightly that they can’t accomplish anything. For heaven’s sake, why can’t we give them a fighting chance?

    The reality is, our old fashioned trade may have been rope and fish – but today’s trade is cash. We all need cash to survive – to buy food and water and shelter. Tell me this. Who is going to encourage any investment to our islands if our Government leaders do not?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not sure you understand the premise of a budget, its not a pot of money that must be spent, it’s a projection of what might be spent. In times of hardship you look at a budget and eliminate the waste.  Clearly not done.

      Your argument about letting Government get on with governing would have merit if there was any evidence that they were doing what the electorate want them to, unfortunately they have proven themselves time and time again only interested in self gain.

      They have had a perfect oportunity to reduce costs of Government in leading by example, unfortunately they have chosen to feed at the trough. A classic case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

  60. Rockafellas says:

     A brand new Car and her and her people’s streets paved what a deal what a deal sure sounds like our deputy el primo is living the high life Big Wheels and BIg Deals ooooh Yeaaah. Julie u number 1 girl all others are just Haters and they don’t count they voted for this arrangement so they had better stop complaining or you will raise a few more fees. That will hush they big mouth up. Tell them a new turbo prop an a private landing strip is needed on the bluff. "absolutely Fabulous"

  61. Carol Busby says:

    IMPEACHMENT!!!! Is the formal process in which an offical is accused of UNLAWFUL activity and the out come of which depending on the country can lead to removal of that official (or in our case officals) from office or other punishments.. I guess this doesn’t apply here in the Cayman Islands.

    No crime has been committed. So we must just shut up and take it. Wonder if I can hitch a ride to work with her, my car is broke down, and I can’t afford to fix it with the cut backs we had to take. hummmmmm. Is there any process we as the people of the Cayman Islands can take to get these people out of office before there time is up or do we just have to wait until all the money is spent. And then what. Relect them again because at election time you get a turkey, water tank, shutters.

    what a mess.

  62. Anonymous says:

    government ministers need a car of this size!…..have you noticed how many of the mla’s are clinically obese?

  63. Anonymous says:

    thisis a perfect car for gov/civil service….. expensive, oversized, inefficent……think about it…

  64. Goodnight Hanna says:

    Leave the poor woman alone. She just trying to make the most out of her last two years.

  65. Anonymous says:

    No wonder the Government is having trouble borrowing money at a reasonable rate.

    Lenders look for fiscal responsibility. This purchase is a perfect example of fiscal irresponsibility.

    By the way, Mr. Gomez is not qualified to comment on this purchase. Have you all seen him driving around in the huge pickup truck that the government bought for him? It is another example of a complete waste of money that was spent to bolster a political ego.


    • Anonymous says:

      It’s people like Gomez that need to be weed out of government, civil servants like him has done their time, received enough money over the many years to retire now, and hire a young educated Caymanian with new vision, not Gomez or Watler, they need to go now, time is up for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now we know why he was asked by her to stay on after he should have retired. She needs such a person to just sign sign and sign, no questions asked cause he needs to stay to collect his two salaries.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now the question should be why does the system allow a person such as Gomez to stay in a job for twenty plenty years and there is not a successor groomed to replace him How many staff have gone thru his Ministry over the years

      Yet we have three highly paid Civil Servants who are doing nothing and he is now drawing two or three salaries at least.

      This is kind a c*@p that keeps the country in a mess!

  66. Rockafellas says:

    What a shame and a travesty this woman needs to go. You are right she will be requesting a private aircraft or yacht next and if we allow it she will get it too.  We can’t support our recognize our outstanding athletes but we give $50,000 vehicles to a politician. What are we doing Cayman?

  67. Anonymous says:

    Ok one question:

    What are WE the voters going to DO about this??????

    Enough already we have exactly the useless government that we deserve because we constantly keep putting these same people back into power and not once do we hold them accountable for their actions.

    Actually second question:

    When is enough enough already?

    These funds need to be reimbursed immediately to the public funds anything else is unacceptable!


    • Scottish,Irish,Jamacian born CAYMANIAN says:

      then lets stand up & get it done………

    • Anonymous says:

      If I had a dime for every time I saw a posting like your’s I could be off this Island by now..

      Stop talking about doing something and just do it!! I can’t because I’m an expat, but if you don’t like what the government is doing, get rid of them.. Talking about it on CNS isn’t going to change anything..

  68. there goes the neighborhood says:

    Is the Protocol Office also going to deny knowledge of the expensive ten foot high industrial eye sore of a fence being constructed around the Premier’s residence at the peoples expense? 

    A move that denigrates the neighborhood and will lower property values,  while further draining the public coffers for the politicians person gain.

  69. loyal subject says:

     I am ringing the Governor, something got to be done this cannot continue. Hello hello wha ya mean he travelling too. you sure bout that, Who ya say incharge?

  70. Delores Clearborn says:

     To those of you who believe the political directorate gives a sh%# about you i feel really sorry for you. These vagabonds could care less, take a serious look at what is occurring. Our UK masters are indifferent to our suffering and they ain’t here to save us either you loyal native colonial  dummy. Who for some bizarre reason same to have thought the great miracle of intervention was upon us  This little place is returning to the frontier society it alway was, where criminals rule the streets politicians and the wealthy make the rules. That just the way it is Cayman and you had better get use to it.  Bring my new chariot around driver so we can cruise the town and watch the serfs and peasants grovel. Their sweat and tears bought it but it was "my"money. Poor old fool fool Caymanians

    • Anonymous says:

      "These vagabonds could care less" – the phrase is "couldn’t care less". Three simple words, why do so many people get it wrong?

  71. Anonymous says:

    Having read the story about the paving shenannigans in Cayman Brac, and having read this, there’s an interesting little correlation!

    I see from one of your posts that in CYB, the parking lot for the Dep. DC’s store and Ms Julie’s church have been paved by us the people.

    If you drive through Agnes Way from Linford Pierson Hwy to Crewe Road (Jose’s), you will see a side street called Lyndhurst Way that has recently been paved- by us thepeople too. Take a drive up it CNS; follow it right to the end. It’s very nice job; the people who live off this street must feel real special.


    And who’s house is at the end of the road – the Chief officer in the Dep. Premier’s ministry!!!

    So he bought her a car and the NRA paved his road. No wonder he sees nothing wrong with taking his ministries unspent money last year and using it to buy her a car rather than turn it in as savings as everyone was being asked to do!!


    As Paul Harvey, the old US radio commentator used to say – now you know the rest of the story!!!!


    SO SAD.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is just the tip of the iceberg !!!!

      What else has been spent, that needs sunshine.

      This is what happens when you have dinosaurs in a 21st century race that they cannot handle.

      Who has put CIG in such a mess over theyears, and is still claiming to be the expert on everything under the sun?

    • Anonymous says:

      That house belongs to Kearney Gomez who drives a big free government truck and double dips in the public coffers with both a salary and a full pension.

  72. Anonymous says:

    My small department lost one of its staff in order to reduce government spending.  Nice to know the money saved was put to such an important use.  I am convinced the mindset of this administration is "Perks before People". 

  73. Anonymous says:

    According to the Financial Secretary, a couple of months before the last election, Govt. had a surplus.   The same FS after the election declared we were broke.  Smelly something fishy? 

    Civil servants took a pay cut.  Employees in the private sector have not had increases in 1, 2 and 3 years (in  some cases) because employers have had to face increased costs in just about everything.

    Why?  So that the UDP, friends, family, hangers on, etc. etc. can go around and around and around the world spending our money like there’s no tomorrow.

    If you think this Govt. cares about the conditions its own people and expats are having to deal with, think again. 

    Look at all the various committees and boards. What are the qualifications for becoming a member?  education, experience?  No, just being able to kiss someone’s …………

    If we have to put up with another 2 years of this, we will be bankrupt.  When its time for the next budget, where are they going to increase fees again?  I’m not paying any more.  I’m sick and tired of this.  As much as I don’t want to pay tax, I honestly think we will all be paying this soon.  I don’t know how much longer the UK is going to sit back and watch this fiasco.

    • Anonymous says:

      A Financial Secretary who cannot count and an Attorney General with no idea how to draft a law.  Where is Moe? 

      • Anonymous says:

        The leader who can’t lead! Big Mac rounds out our three stooges!

  74. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that the District Commissioners Office always seem to operate like a lil fiefidom?  They are rapidly redefining the word "mismanagement"

    Dont they have to follow the same Public Management Law in the Brac as we do over here?

    And we thought the PPM were bid spenders…

    But rahtid the UDP are setting a new record!!

  75. Anonymous says:

     this is more disturbing than the cow penis story 

  76. Anonymous says:

     i swear which ever Caymanian vote UDP back in needs a beating with a cow’ penis!!

    This is so hurtful, at a time when people are loosing homes etc, can’t make ends meet? they are some inconsiderate bastards, poor Cayman they squeezing her till she bust, they criticized PPM for buying them P00 cars and lookya again!!!

    i reckon they care to balance any budget, and you know wha! i would’nt even call on PPM to help cause they all the same the UK govt needs to step in and take this over like they did in T&c. I am all for it i don’t think anybody can do our govt any worse than what our own Caymanians are doing it.

    • Anonymous says:

      01:29  –  I say te same for PPM – they all are a bunch of loosers.  Put them all on a scale and it would move.  They both need to get out and stay out.  we need new blood, No PPM no UDP.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed – but you should know that only cows undergoing gender reassignment have them so they are quite rare.

  77. Anonymous says:


    5 CARS @ $60,000.00 EACH = CI$300,000.00 ORUS$375,000.00 and this just accounts for the cost of delivery of the cars. This is shamefull. CNS can you look into th etrue cost of this extravagance for one year for your readers? This does not account for such things as drivers salary, insurance, gasoline, repairs and maintenance, car cleaning, cost to supply TV, cost of telephone and internet in the cars etc.

    This comment by the ministers from Health and Education that their ministries have not claimed any expenses to date is one big fat lie. It may be true theyhave not claimed any expenses after the fact through submitting an expense report, however they are claining expenses from the pockets of the tax payers every day, they just have the foresight to have these paid up front so that they can then claim that they have not claimed any expenses through the reimbursement channels.

    Get real ministers, you are a part of the Government of the day, if you Mark Scotland, Rolston Anglin and Mike Adams (you too Elio Soloman where is your bug mouth now) sit idlely by while others rape the country and say nothing nor make any attempt to stop the madness you are just as guilty Mac and Juliana 

  78. Joe Average says:

    It’s only a car!  It’s not like she had a needless bodyguard, stayed in needless hotels, and took needless trips.

    She does??

    In that case……this is absolutely ridiculous

    • Anonymous says:

      Today is October 14th not April 1st.

      This cannot be true CNS.

      In a time of recession and due to the fact that there is already a vehicle provided for her, this proves the "love" that these people have for our country.

      It seems that if they are living a Lavish lifestyle, they dont give a hoot about anything else!

      All now need to be tossed to the side and put people there whose 1st love is this beautiful little Island of ours!

  79. Anonymous says:

    OK NOW…….

    Civil servants received a salary cut in July as it was stated the country is broke and CS had to do their part.

    OK now, following this salary cut a friend of mine could not qualify for a new loan to purchase a vehicle because now she no longer makes what she was making before…… problem here now…….  govt cuts salary cause they are broke and they say they cant meet the payroll ….. but now a new vehicle is purchased at the tune of 46,0000 for the Deputy Premier.  Maybe she will now be kind enough to give someone that Blazer that is always parked in her driveway which she is obviously too good to drive herself.

    It has become blatant obvious that this 3.2 cut was not needed as the spending has not stopped. 

  80. Anonymous says:

    Simple answer – Stop Voting These People Into Power!!!!!!

    Look, find and put someone else in power!

    If you don’t then this is what you get!!!

    Time you were putting people forward to be nominated…..don’t leave it until the year of the next election.  Now is the time to start for whoever wants to run to make a move……

    • Anonymous says:

      I blame all the people who voted for these people.  You people in the Brac are so stupid…you keep taking it and taking it.  Civil Servants salaries are cut and here is a brand new SUV!!! Gas guzzler at that….She doesn’t care…don’t you see that.  This is a slap in the face and you keep taking your licks like good boys and girls!!!

    • anonymous says:

      And you really believe that will change Government policies, by changing faces. wake up.

      America changes their President every 4 years and they never change their protocols. Obama was to bring the soldiers home, he added more to the war.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who are the ones that are sleeping?  Obviously, you must be one that needs to be shaken to waken.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dont worry Bo Bo we already have that good looking Boy picked out. That will be the winner this time along with our Blueeye Mr MOSES. SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE…..

  81. Anonymous says:

    See BMU Website for approved budget for each Ministry.


    Major New Entity Capital Expenditures for the Year 2010/11



    Environmental Health (EHO)

    New EHO Software peripherals/ Field equipment 15,000

    (2) Vehicles – 1 for EHO’s and 1 for EHO in Brac 60,000

    Upgrade and installation of Visual Lab Pro Net 6,000

    Thermal Camera 7,000

    Lab Equipment 20,000

    Installation of Monitoring Wells 14,000

    Overpacks & Spill Response Equipment 5,000

    Commercial Waste containers 75,000

    Furniture 30,000



    MRCU Hangar project 1,300,000

    3 Replacement vehicles 75,000

    1 Water storage tank for Cayman Brac 3,125


    Vehicle and Equipment Services

    Repairs and Upgrades to Stores Offices & Garage Workstations 48,000

    Lands and Survey

    VM ware Licences re: GIS/ELRA 3,500

    Microsoft MSDN Subscription re GIS/ELRA 5,000

    1954 Aerial Photography Scanning / Digitizing 25,000

    Toughbook Laptop re: GIS/ Survey 4,250

    LSU Scanning Project – in order to occupy GOAP 500,000


    Post Office

    Re-Roof Airport Post Office 412,000

    Postal Van 23,000

    Postal Van 23,000



    | 2010/11 Annual Budget Statements

    Public Works

    Software licenses 1,400

    General Works at PWD Compound 79,500

    Stores Works at PWD Compound 50,000

    Stock 10,000

    Fleet track/mgmt system 30,000



    Computers and IT Equipment 10,000

    Replacement vehicle 25,000

    Improvement to Lower Valley Agricultural Station 12,000

    Veterinary & Laboratory Equipment 10,000

    Farm Equipment 7,500

    Pesticide Storage Container 60,000

    AHIS Examination Table 1,000

    Veterinary storage building 15,000

    Rollers for D6H bulldozer 15,000

    Agricultural Health Inspection Services – Detector Dog 60,000

    Small Farm Tractor & Accessories – CYB 30,000

    Tractor Accessory 5,000

    Green House



    District Admin

    Workers Transport Vehicle (3) – CYB & LCM 175,000

    IT Equipment (Customs, Immigration & Disaster Management) 25,000

    Tents 25,000


    Radio Cayman

    Digital Synchronizer 97,000

    Replacement Antennaes for Sister Islands 25,000

    Continued modernization of Broadcasting House 25,000



    • Anonymous says:

      Sat it ain’t so………… $60,000.00 for a DOG? My gasoline tax money is sure being well managed

  82. Anonymous says:

    I am NOT surprised about this "take what you can take" mentality.

    I AM surprised about the caymanians accepting all this. In every normal country people would have been on the street already. Here they go to church and be blessed.    B.S !!

  83. Anonymous says:

    When you thought it couldn’t get any more…………yes it does!

    So many people leaving – want a new car – cars going cheap, advertised everywhere.

    What – those cars not good enough for you?

    If this is true, – shame, shame, shame on you!

    You have that money from the budget, then you have to spend it on yourself?


    Thank you CNS!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Who do these people think they are ?  Leading statesmen of a leading power ?  Why do either need a car and a driver particularly on the Brac.  Just a complete farce and a waste of money when people are struggling to make ends meet.  This woman now has a security guard, a special car and hotel accommodation on the Brac.  Yep the hub of Caribbean terrorism.  Who cares who she is ?  Travel, cars, security, pampering.  Next it will be a private jet at the airport.

  85. WFO - We B Fukd says:

     It is scary how fast we are becoming a banana republic-cater-to-their-whims country.

    Trust me – when the reality of this gets out on the public stage – we are F************* – sorry – cannot print it here.

    Stop the galavanting and get back to WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE…

    I am Sending this via FEDEX to Monaco and Beijing and Moscow – hoping to catch our Island leaders on one of their  jaunts…

    Seriously guys – Whisky Foxtrot Oscar – WE HAVE SOME SERIOUS PROBLEMS BACK HOME….

    Or, truth is, maybe you don’t even want to be here anymore..


    At least I can run in the next election – and if I have it my way, that will come sooner than you think…





  86. Anonymous says:

    Seriously when is this BS going to stop these people is taking us the people of this country as real  fools they are traveling all over the world for what reason only God knows buying  total crap but wants  to cut people salaries where they cant even make it month end to month end and provide for there families . They claim that the country is broke but it surely hell dont sames that way so Mr. Bush since you and your band wagon get everything you  want how about giving me back my  full salary so I can pay my bills and make sure that I have enough food to give my kids till  the next pay day because  when you talk about BROKE  let me show you a statement of my saving account thats BROKE.

  87. Rabble Rouser says:

    Is this one of those bills that will remain unpaid until government cash flow improves, hopefully in January?

    Is the Governor also on holiday, or is paving of private parking lots with public funds considered "good governance"?

    PS. The only little bit of comfort that I have been able to afford myself is to glance at the "McKeeva Bush XX Days to Go" box and pretend that he will be gone when it reaches zero.

    PPS. After it reaches zero, I wonder if CNS could replace it with another countdown "Days Before LA is Prorogued".

  88. Anonymous says:

    "The two protocol cars, registration POO1 and POO2." er… Sh!te1 and Sh!te2.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Do as I say, not as I do. 

  90. Da bracstar says:

    A Big trip now a big car sounds about right poo1 p002 p003 the poo poo squad strikes again. Its over Cayman and to those who elect these bufoons well you have gotten what u deserve it’s just that everybody else is paying the price now

  91. Anonymous says:


    Our country in desperate need of money and this 46,000 car wont help us!

    Common at least look for something cheaper please..


  92. Anonymous says:

    HELL-TO-THE-NO!!!  UDP you all have clearly lost the blinking pot with this mess!

    Return the car IMMEDIATELY or else there will be hell to pay.


  93. Anonymous says:

    What a crying shame.  Civil servants and statutory bodies all cut back

    giving up their performance bonuses – No sa.  This must be a dream!!

    We can’t hardly buy gasoline to get to work, much less food.No sa this is a dream" someone please wake me up "


    • anonymous says:

      Why am i getting this feeling that 99% of these comments are coming from PPM supporters,and hypocrites alike.

      Do you alll understand protocol, she is your Deputy Primier…because the country is short of funds doesnt mean our leaders have to live in mud huts,

      Maybe  if that was the case you all would be more satisfied..and jumping for joy, like we all do whenever our own Caymanian get puished out by our own. Get out of the dark ages Caymanians…we deserve the best. God bless you Juliana.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I do agree that we should not have government officials living in "mud huts" as they have been elected by the majority to represent the Cayman Islands and her people (how well they actually do this is another story for another day).  However, unless there are major indications for the relative unnecessary expenditure of public funds, it has been advised that government spending should be reduced to a bare minimum throughout the board (from Civil Servants to MLA’s), and this does NOT include the purchase of a new government vehicle when clearly there was no urgent requirement for one.

      • Anonymous says:

        for a country thats in a recession; government employees taking a cut in pay .. this purchase is basically a slap in the peoples face.

      • Disgusted by Gov! says:

        That is not the point, sure get a new car, but does it have to cost so much? Apparently you must not have been impacted by the civil service salary cuts. When there are people losing their homes because of unemployment and Caymanian unemployment skyrocking and the social service budget stretched thin by the number of persons looking for their help, protocol should not be at the top of an MLA’s list!

        And it makes Cayman look even more stupid having international headlines of our economic crisis and for international visitors to see our brand spanking new "protocol vehicles’ gracing Cayman’s roads why crime flies through the roof!!!

        Why are robberies taking place, is it really because these people are criminals and just don’t care, or could it perhaps be that they might be ones laid off from jobs and can’t feed their families!!! F-k PROTOCOL, they need to get to their PRIORITIES!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

         Mud huts?  Guess you were one of those that got the new furniture, stoves, fridges, tanks and/or paved parking lot.  

        They should have to live in mud huts so they can understand poverty.  

        This is a disgrace and the people are outraged.