New gizmo takes eye testing to community

| 18/10/2010

(CNS): Work at the Lion’s Eye Clinic has recently been enhanced with the donation of a Retinomax, a new generation wireless, handheld auto-refractor, that identifies refractive errors and helps doctors determine whether or not prescription glasses are needed. The clinic said the equipment opens new testing possibilities for ophthalmologists at the clinic. It will allow the clinic’s doctors increased mobility and will enable them to offer services at their mobile clinics and in the community at large. For the first time the eye clinic will also be able to offer these services on Cayman Brac.

“We are truly thankful for the latest donation from our patron, the Lion’s Club of Grand Cayman. This is a piece of equipment that drastically expands our testing capabilities,” said Lion’s Eye Clinic Head Ophthalmologist Dr. Jyotin Pandit. “Because the Retinomax is portable, we can now conduct preliminary eye examinations on patients who cannot get into the office. And it will certainly simplify our mobile clinics such as the annual Lion’s school screenings when we test the eyes of local primary school students.”
Dr Pandit explained that the clinic will now be able to offer Cayman Brac patients state-of-the-art testing since the ophthalmologists can take easily take the Retinomax with them on their monthly Faith Hospital visits. “Due to the size and cost of a traditional auto-refractor, this kind of testing hasn’t been available on the Brac before,” the ophthalmologist explained.
The new auto-refractor also makes eye examinations a lot easier, especially for the very young and those with disabilities:
“A traditional auto-refractor examination can be a bit challenging for some. Young children find it hard to stay still and it is less than ideal for wheelchair patients too,” he added.
Second Vice President Ian Callow from Lion’s who donated the equipment said good eye sight is a wonderful gift and we should not take it for granted. “For this reason our club continues to support the Eye Clinic’s work,” he said. “Every year we liaise with staff to determine what is needed most. The versatility of the handheld, wireless Retinomax makes it a fantastic addition to the Lion’s Eye Clinic equipment as it allows for better screening – always important, especially in young children.”
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