Kurt resigns PPM’s top job

| 10/11/2010

(CNS): Full storyThe opposition leader and head of the People’s Progressive Movement has announced his intention to resign from both roles early next year. Kurt Tibbetts revealed that he will be stepping down from the top job in his party and on the opposition front bench once a new leader is elected at the party’s conference next year. Tibbetts will not be leaving the political scene and will be continuing on as an MLA and member of the party but he is moving aside, leaving the top spot open for one of his political colleagues. Any of the four PPM serving MLAs may run for the leadership but the two candidates likely to be vying for the job will be Alden McLaughlin and Arden McLean.

The former leader of government business made the announcement at a televised press briefing on Wednesday afternoon at the PPM’s headquarters but would not be drawn on who he believed should be the party’s next leader. The veteran politician stated diplomatically that any one of his four colleagues was up to the job.

Tibbetts, who has served in the Legislative Assembly since 1992, said that once the new leader, along with a deputy leader and a party general secretary, was elected he would be there to offer support but would allow what he called the new blood of the party to take the PPM forward and would not impose on them. “I have always been a firm believer in succession planning and now the PPM needs new blood at the top, new people to lead the movement and carry out its mission. From time to time every organization needs a change of leadership to foster growth and allow for continuity and the PPM is no exception,” he said.

Tibbetts revealed that in the wake of the election defeat of the PPM in May 2009 he had told his party colleagues he would not be leading the PPM into the 2013 elections. However, he said that was not the time for him to step down in the immediate aftermath of the election. He explained that in order to follow the party’s constitutional process and give the party enough time to develop its new leadership it was now time for him to step aside and let that process begin.

“The PPM’s constitution calls for the election of a new leader to be done at a conference in which all PPM members participate in the election process,” he said. “Not less than 60 days notice must be given to the membership for this conference to take place. The PPM executive has decided that a conference of the party will be convened for this specific purpose and will be held early next year.”

He explained that he would remain as political leader of the PPM and of the opposition until the new leadership is elected.

“There will be no time when the party does not have a functioning Leader. Only when a new leader has been elected will I step down. Once a new leader has been elected, I will cease to be the political leader of the PPM, and I will also cease to be leader of the opposition," Tibbetts emphasised.

Even after the new leader is chosen he said he would still continue to be a member of the parliamentary group of the PPM and an elected member of the Legislative Assembly, and to serve his constituency and the country as the first elected member of George Town.

“I will continue to be an active member of the PPM and sit on its councils. Most importantly, I will continue to play my part in helping the PPM to achieve its mission. This is as important to me today as it has ever been. Nothing will change, except that someone else will shoulder the leadership responsibilities. My love for my country and my people, and especially my love for the people of George Town, remains steadfast. No one need question that.” Tibbetts stated.

The notice period will give the membership time to think about the new leadership, Tibbetts noted, and for the district councils of the PPM to convene, discuss the matters and decide on their nominee. At the party conference, in addition to the new party leader, a deputy leader and a general secretary will also be elected. The posts of political leader and deputy will have to be filled by elected members of the Legislative Assembly but the general secretary may be held by any PPM member.

Six months after the new leadership team is elected, there will be another conference where other officers of the organization will be elected or re-elected and decisions made on the way forward for the next general elections, which Tibbetts said the PPM would win.

Looking back over his leadership of the PPM, he said that when the party was in office it had given the country the right kind of government, as it had promised. “We also pressed for improvements in our Constitution and laws, many of them designed to reduce the risk of bad government. We succeeded despite the opposition of the UDP and its leader. Thanks to our efforts there is now greater transparency, greater protection through legislation like the Freedom of Information Law and, because of the new constitution, in the last resort voters have the power to demand a referendum.”

He said the party now needed to devote more time and effort to the public image of the PPM. “There have always been people who are against the party system – mostly I think because of how the party system is perceived in other countries – also because some think it is the cause of the confrontation between elected representatives, and they would like to see cooperation instead,” he said

However, he pointed out that the confrontation between MLAs comes from the constitution, and the division of government and opposition. “We need to convince enough people that, without parties, voters have no idea what sort of government, or which leader, they are voting for. I think the election in 2009 taught quite a lot of voters what we were trying to get across,” he added, saying the party must still listen to the voters learn lessons.

“In 2009 voters said they wanted a change in government. I do not think they were necessarily looking to appoint Mr Bush as the country’s leader, nor do I think they were giving a thumbs-down to me personally or my Cabinet colleagues – all but one of whom were re-elected. Many used their votes to say they would like to see some new faces in the LA,” Tibbetts observed.

The PPM outgoing leader said people were taken in by the UDP line thatthe previous administration had caused the country’s economic problems.

“With leadership comes accountability so I take full responsibility,” he said. “There is much work for us to do. Once the new leadership team is elected, they will then have ample time to develop the new road map which will take us to victory in the next elections. “

He said it was time for everyone who wanted to give the country good government, not just those who are already members or supporters of the PPM but also those who regard themselves as independents, to join forces. “We have always been an inclusive movement, and now is the time for good people to join forces for the right reasons,” Tibbetts said.

The PPM will be holding an open national meeting at the Sea Farers Hall on Thursday at 7:30pm

Vote in the CNS online poll: Who should be the next leader of the PPM?

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  1. cow itch says:

    Thank you Kurt for stepping down!

    Never did like your stance!  The Constitution 2009 wasn’t even drafted to represent Caymanians, but the UK special interest!  (See section 33). You and Alden failed Cayman with not fighting against this flimsy document. You and Alden had church leaders telling us how to draft this document!  Talk about representing your people to the FULL!

    And I will never forget that – when there was a motion in the house to cut your salaries by 20%, you and Alden and crew all refused to do so and be an example!  Instead you all went behind the Premier in cutting the Civil Servants salaries by 3.2% and left your salaries untouched!




  2. anonymous says:

    Doyou know what will make more sense than any of these blogs suggestions? If McKeeva Bush will do this Country a BIG favour and quietly resign too and drift off in the sunset with his millions.  Mr. Tibbetts is a far more classier and respectable Statesman than McKeeva Bush will ever be and I am a West Bayer, who has never voted for Kurt saying this. Alden McLaughlin knows the Laws and the Constitution and he will be a better ,as the new PPM leader.  Arden on the other hand, can be the deputy, as he can fight the issues with decorum too.  Those 2 men love these Islands and its people very much and deserves the positions. Moses you can be instrumental, you just needs to wait your turn. UDP needs to make changes at the top and the educated UDP Legislators needs to come out from the shadows of McKeeva.  That man DO NOT have these Islands to heart.  He only thinks about money, Money, Money over his people and the Country.  May God Bless these Islands and May God Bless Mr. Kurt Tibbets as an MLA.

  3. keat says:

    I am not too fond with PPM!  They brought into a deep hole debt when they left and had the audicity to say it was because of the global recession and hurricane Paloma! They are no different- encouraging a bloated government! As well…they don’t make a good Oppostion Party.

    And Alden… I am wary about him!  I would take Moses and Ezzard Miller over Alden any day!  Arden… I don’t think he is smart enough for the job! He sounds like someone who would do damage and ask questions later. We don’t need that!

  4. Daily Politics says:

    We need to respect the decision that Mr. Kurt Tibbetts made to step down.   He is a good man one who cares about his people and have done alot long before his political involvement.   I am sure they were times when he felt he was fighting a losing battle for the right of his country.  Let the man destress himself a little…life is too short. 


    PS:   The party system clearly isnt working for these islands.   



  5. Anonymous says:

    Watch the PPM membership increase now with Cayman Brackers joining to try to get Moses elected as Leader…..go deh Mose….LOL.

    • Ole Bush says:

      Mr.Kurt Tibbitts,

      We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your honesty, for not being a hot headed [dictator] upsetting the people of the Cayman Islands on every turn.Thank you again for you did not threaten anyone and more of us were working and had jobs during your regime. We also humbly feel that the party should invite Mr. Charles Clifford Back in, and also open your PPM arms to Mr. Ezzard Miller who is not associated with any party as an Independent. As you are aware, Mr. Miller would not survive as a leader of a party or even get the premier’s job unless he has party membership somewhere. The majority of Caymanians have come to dislike party politics as it mainly breeds hatred, division, and less productivity that the people can benefit from.

      However, most of us are convinced that Mr. Ezzard Miller is a qualified and most suitable candidate to fill your shoes upon your resignation.
      We would hope that Mr. Alden McLaughlin understands that this is no disrespect to him and Mr.Arden McLean as long time members but at this crucial time in our History we cannot allow another four years of a UDP leadership. We can not afford to have a leader of the PPM just because we love him and he can’t do the job, Mr. Tibbitts you did run well and did a good job as LOGB, and you are more deserving of being the Cayman Island’s first Premier. We realise Mr. McLaughlin is 2nd in command but we would be making a huge mistake to offer him that position and so would you.
      However We must put the best man into that position that will watch the public purse, put the people First, and serve our country well. We believe Mr. Ezzard Miller is that man. He is proven to be strong enough to oppose Premier Mckeeva Bush whenever the time arises as he has proven to us all. We need people that will go to bat for the constitutents not power hungry sharks surrounded by money.

      So Mr.Tibbitts please use your HEAD and not your heart when you offer this job to the next PPM member. You don’t have to like the person all that much that’s not important. If they are the right candidate that is willing to serve and not DRIVE,then that is ALL THAT MATTERS.
      May God bless you and keep you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    "Ardlin"….LOL……they’re trying to take two to make one good one. LMAO.

  7. CLiberty says:

    The PPM Party would help the economy and be effective if its members would just DO THE RIGHT THING WHEN THEY ARE IN POWER without the FEAR of not being re-elected by the voters.

    I think their big mistake whilst they were in power, was that they tried to please everybody, but somehow fail to do what was right for the country! Like: –

    1. REDUCING THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT TO A MINIMAL STATE THAT ONLY THE "ESSENTIAL SERVICES" REMAIN. this can be done by privitization. The smaller the government, is the less expensive for everyone!

    2. REDUCING DUTIES, FEES, AND LICENSES  (all indirect taxes), which are causing the private sector to raise the cost of living on everyone.

    3. ALLOWING THE PRIVATE SECTOR TO GROW AND HENCE CREATE MORE JOBS. Removing petty and harsh laws that are making it hard for locals to start and run their own businesses or companies on the island. Also, ensure that Caymanians are able to acquire climb-the-ladder jobs, and introduce a MINIMUM WAGE.


  8. Anonymous says:

    thank you Kurt for stepping down you were always a better back set driver. but who will replace you is the question?  Alden and Arden or better yet (Ardlin as the compass most recently spelt it) does not have what it takes. both are not leadership material. one is too arrogant and the other ignorant. my bit is on Moses K. he certainly has more brains than the two put together. but either way the PPM will still be too week of charactor for they lack the ability to move the country forward. they only know how to spend and not generate any revenues. this country is better of dissolving the party all together.


    • Anonymous says:

      One of the most interesting posts I have read on CNS for some time. The writer cites the Compass for a name spelling error whilst (amusingly) forging ahead with a complete disregard for capitalization for beginnings of sentences (intentional?), and a number of Malapropisms, yet the rest of it is as tight as a drum grammatically. The points are delivered crisply and in a no nonsense manner. Well done Sir/Madam. And if I could add, you hit the nail on the head time after time in your assessment, in my opinion. Ever considered political journalism as a career?

  9. ch says:

    I have never seen a country so polarized and divided since the day we got the parties ppm and udp… maybe that is why kurt stepped down. The ppm ranks have alot of folk therein that are all about tearing this country apart. I have personally seen good proposals by udp, and because it is a udp thing, silly ppm folk tear it down

  10. anonymous says:


    Kurt resigns… he finally steps down!

    Alden is next!

    These guys brought this country down to an 81 MILLION DEFICIT and millions of dollars unaccounted for…

    Don’t tell me you’re suffering from Amnesia, because I never forgot how they blame the economy here on Paloma and Mr. Global Man Recession!



    Especially ALDEN MCLAUGHLIN!!!

    I am even hearing some singing the name CHARLES CLIFFORD!




    • Anonymous says:

       You seem to have selective amnesia.  Remember the First Cayman Bank fiasco and Boatswain Beach?

      Have you seen evidence of this so called deficit?  I haven’t and I don’t believe it’s true the way Julie and Mac spending money on themselves but won’t pay government bills.  I have to buy toilet paper for my office and I’m not the only one.

  11. pop a top again says:

     you did very well Kurt with the PPM for the country wish you all the best and make the best man fill your spot hope its Arden you got guts man you know how to dig right into the mac heart tell him how it goes if you get the spot harden and you got your next door neighbor backing you Mr. E Miller tell them no port and i will back that hope you are the next premier Arden


  12. Anonymous says:

    The Chuckster yesterday, today and tomorrow. He has the political wisdom to cause members to act and react in a certain way.  

  13. Anonymous says:

    The economic position on this island is not going to pick up until Mr Bush is out. .People dont trust him at all.We all need to face that and admit to it.I am not an old person and have been seeing and listening and following through many things…and I tell you.whenever  we have new people in our govt.,things here will be great again.

  14. Anonymous says:

    kurt had to step down and he should be commended for doing so…

    unfortunatly his final legacy will be of a leader when in government who sleepwalked the cayman islands into deficit and bankruptcy and then someone as leader of opposition could not capitalise on the huge incompetency of the udp……

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m afraid the PPM "anti-Mac crew" can huff and puff all they want, until they get their act together and present a viable alternative to the voting public, they will forever more languish on the sidelines. You know how long Labour was out of power in the UK in the eighties and nineties due to Neal Kinnock? (If you think the Caymanian public and the UK public are that different, dream on.) The key is to elect a credible leader, one in whom those not enslaved by party affiliation can feel confidence in. For example, one not given to making theatrical threats, like stopping payment to government departments (including the police!) or even weirder stuff like lying down in front of bulldozers. We all might think these things occasionally, but we should never give voice to them, particularly as politicians I’d have thought. This shows, at the very least, poor judgment.  It’s no good moaning about Mr.Bush as a good reason to vote PPM, that won’t work. The people of the UK had plenty to moan about Margaret Thatcher and the Conservatives, but there was really no alternative until a mixture of a pent up yearning for a change and the prospect of there being a viable alternative (Tony Blare) came about. Do you PPM folks understand what I’m saying here? If you elect the wrong leader, you can kiss goodbye to unseating Mac for a very long time, so act wisely, and give me a real reason to vote PPM next time.




    • Anonymous says:

      Probably one of the best post I have ever read on CNS.

    • anonymous says:

      the udp lost the 2005 elections and Mckeeva was the leader and they won the 2009 with him still at the helm of the udp.

      it does not  necessarily follow therefore, that we should assume Kurt could not have led the PPm back to power at the next election.

      after the 2005 defeat of the udp, mckeeva’s leadership of the party was supposedly challenged by his number 2, but that was not successful.

      Alden could not have successfully challenged Kurt as he did not even retain his second elected GT seat(he was beat out by Mike adam). so it must have been someone else who was doing the pushing.  Unlikely to be Tony Eden (who also lost 1st elected BT seat to mark scotland).

      The only two left are Arden Mclean  (east end) and Moses (1st elected in sister islands). of these two, i suspect the one that would be most likely to push against Kurt would be Arden, who has always fancied himself the action man.

      it would be interesting to see what the PPm by laws say about the upcoming election of party leader, who is entitled to vote, and who is driving new membership.


    • Anonymous says:

      As the writer of the "I’m afraid the PPM Anti-Mac crew" post, kindly allow me to say how pleased I am at the positive feedback to my appeal to caution with regard to the selection criteria for the future leadership of the PPM (or any party, come to think of it). I note the Compass had a most rational editorial on the issue. Well worth a read.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Kurt seems benign, but is actually a very effective leader. Look at his record with the Constitution, (whether the constitution is good or bad for us) but 5 other leaders of government business since 1984 tried to get a new document, but failed. Kurt has also kept the PPM together.  And now after 18 months since the PPM  losing the elections most of  those voters who did not stick with the PPM have mended their ways and aksed for forgiveness. And Kurt was ready from day one to forgive them.

    I think he is a great leader, transparent honest and dignified. Not greedy and full of rhetoric.

    Long may his standards live with us!   

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said.  Kurt we love you and appreciate all that you have done for this Country!

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      What ever one may say about Mr Kurt Tibbets, I must say that I have found Kurt to be a gentleman, and a man you can trust.  Mr  Tibbets is not  the kind of man that will say my hands are tied or make a bareface promise to you knowing same time it cannot be fulfilled.

      He is pleasant,and  slow to anger, and willing to help Caymanians.   He will tell you to your face I will look into your matter you discuss with him and give you the truth about it.

        But a leader, whether it is Of Government Business or Of The Opposition Business,  is only as good if he has a good backup team. That is his strength.   I trust Kurt and I am saddned by his decision, yet  personally I feel he has done the right thing.




  17. Anonymous says:

    A step in the right direction.  The party elder cannot also be the party leader.  Arden and Alden, for different reasons, would more than fit the bill.  I’ll be happy no matter which of them it is.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I just listened to Kurt Tibbetts on Rooster news saying in reference to his stepping down as leader of the PPM saying that he believed in succession planning.

    It seemed strange to hear this because there doesn’t seem to have been any succession planning within the PPM because no one knows who will take over the leadership of the party.

    Instead from the outside it looks like Tibbetts stepped down and now let the dog fight for the leadership bone commence.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is the difference between democracy and cronyism.  Rather than a "dogfight", we are talking about a dignified, transparent process to select a new party leader.  Clearly you would be more comfortable seeing a setup with an insider already selected.

      • Anonymous says:

        To what form of succession planning do both of the responders refer?

        The former leader Tibbetts retires and the PPM votes for a new leader.

        Is that what you call succession planning?

        Don’t see much planning, but I’m clueless

        • Anonymous says:

          "…but I’m clueless"

          You got that right. It is pretty obvious to anyone who has been following the news that since the elections Alden has been taking more and more of a leadership role in the PPM, e.g. in making press statements, while Kurt has receded more and more. The UDP has recognized this hence they have focussed their propaganda primarily against Alden.   

          That’s not to say that there will not be challenge for the top spot. So it should be – that’s democracy. May the best man win.

          This is what should have been happening with McKeeva and Rolston in the UDP, but instead he felt threatened by Rolston and had Julianna (who simply kowtows to McKeeva) appointed as Deputy Premier.     

          • Anonymous says:

            Anyone can make a press statement. It takes a REAL LEADER TO TAKE ACTION WHEN NECESSARY. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Clueless is what you are! Need say no more – unfortunately!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie my friend the door is open for you to return home and negotiate for the changes in the PPM which you have advocated for a long time. Over to you Bro…………

  20. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see The Chuckster return to the PPM now as the General Secretary and one of the four candidates for Bodden Town.

    Thank you Mr. Kurt.

    • Tracy from swamp says:

      08:09 Dont worry about that, he will.

    • Anonymous says:

      NO CHUCKIE!  Whoever you are that keeps posting over and over that Chuckie should come back, please get real!  It is so obvious you are the same person over and over posting for him JEEZ!  He did enough damage to the country too with his arrogance.  Please post this CNS.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I hope that Mr. Charles Clifford will return to the party now. Mr. Clifford we respect you and the party needs your experience, courage and political acumen at this time sir.


    A Young Progressives member.

  22. Anonymous says:


    For 20 years of service in public office representing your people with care, interest and consideration and being a man of integrity, high principal, and good ethics, serving your people as the true statesman that you are.

    You can retire from the leadership with a clear mind and be proud that you have represented us well and have served selflessly, without the self interest that has become the norm with this current Government of crooks we now have running our fragile little country.

    THANK YOU, with sincere appreciation for all that you have done and achieved over the past 20 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, and thank you for the 700+ Million dollar tab on the credit card.  Maybe Alden and Arden and raise the credit limit to rack up another few millions…

      . BUT! Not to be spend in East End obviously, its too fragile and a natural habitat for… well some sort of preserved habitat…

  23. Anonymous says:

    We must thank KT for his service but lets face it he was forced out by circumstances. Chuckie’s resignation woke up the party……that was followed by other resignations particularly from several Young Progressives including the President, Dennis Miller. KT convinced her to put her resignation on hold but clearly he was under pressure to resign.

    Anyway whats important is that he has finally done it albeit after significant delay and after the party has lost alot of support as a result.

    Anyway thank you KT and best wishes for the future. Anyone who has served for as long as you have should have our thanks and well wishes.

  24. papelcaymanian says:

    Mr. Tibbets is ineffectual and slow reacting. However, he is also thoughtful smart and moderate.

    His departure willopen the way for the radical, xenophobic, low brow faction of the PPM.

    The beginning of the end.

    • Reason says:

       How long will he continue to get his big FAT paycheck???  If he resigns, I’d like a FOI on when his pay ends please.


      • Anonymous says:

        Jesus!! talk about ignorance!

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh  please! He still get his MLA salary. Is opposition leader paid more?

        • Anonymous says:

          Opposition leader is paid significantly (about $3,000 per month) more than the ordinary MLA. 

  25. anonymous says:

    Kurt Resigns PPM?

    Not Good for Opposition…

    And I haven’t heard anything from Ezzard Miller who seems to be the only one who has been effective with his motions or bills in the House. Yes… he is not like by many on both sides, but Miller seems to be the one who has come up with brilliant ideas for protecting Caymanians and local businesses.

  26. tamara says:

    As far as I know PPM need a new face!  I hope they don’t consider Alden or Arden. As for Moses… who is Moses?  And Ezzard Miller he would be a good selection, but he is not for them, and stands alone 

  27. relinguish says:

    Just have new Party that will stand for principles like SMALL GOVERNMENT, REDUCTION IN FEES, and PUTTING CAYMANIANS and THE ENVIRONMENT FIRST!

    I am thinking about Ezzard Miller, people like Dr. Tomlinson, some of the old ones like Truman Bodden, maybe someone who looks out for women like Sandra Catron, and some fresh new faces…

    lol… what a mix!  But we need a new Party that has a defining philosophy and mission!

    • Anonymous says:

      the dream team.

      Ezzard Miller

      Sandra Catron

      Paul Rivers

      Alden McLaughlin and.. not in my backyard road paving Arden – not so action man.

      Cayman dead within 4 years.


  28. samson says:


    If the country has no money coming in, how will civil servants get their next pay???  Is not creating revenue helping this country??? And if Alden is saying that we don’t NEED civil servants… please don’t dail 911, please don’t call the Fire Service, and please don’t attend the Hospital for your free treatments!

    The UDP has hiked the work permit fees and other fees for a REASON!  Alden had no REASON to increase the country’s OPERATIONAL DEBT whilst you were in power!!! 

    Alden… I am sorry… now you smiling and want leadership from Kurt???  It is either you want these services to continue for the betterment of the community; or, you want more people out of jobs, more crime, and more pleas for your so-called "charity iniative" I heard you last week with… Learn from the Premier and donate something with him!



    • very concerned says:

      Thanks PPM for an open and transparent 4 years, even though you know you were being undermined from within the g. h., you acted professional and let them remain employed. Think that could happen now??? 

      The works done was all urgent because of decades of neglect by others who were and still is only interested in holding onto power. The country is secondry and am afraid it will remain that way because of what they are doing to immigracion, its their way to hold onto power.

      Yes you could have developed a bit slower, but not education or  infrastructureostructure,  education have failed this country for the last 20 years because the vast majority of students of ant country needs to be encouraged and pushed to meet their full potential and was not done. Thats why unemployment is as high as it is.

      The freedom of information law was the best thing to happen to this country, you should have been reelected just on that law alone.


  29. Realist says:

    I say they reinstate Charles Clifford! Not a fan of his, but I do sincerely believe he has the intestinal fortitude and ability to get the job done.


    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Clifford was not kicked out of the PPM, he resigned. It is not a question of his being reinstated by the PPM.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I say,Mr Kirkconnell-Mr Ezzard and Mr Chuckie-some how,get them to the top.

    • chalice says:

      The scary thing about these amigos is that I don’t know anything about Moses Kirkconnell. He is silent and you don’t know what is up his sleeve. And Chuckie has not so good  political report card. I doubt Miller would want to side with him

      • Anonymous says:

        moses speaks well but the economic failure of the brac is his legacy….

        anyways he’s got an easy number and has no interest in leadership….

  31. Anonymous says:

    I say Mr Kirkconnell,he is not a ”never see come see”thus he wont live big off the people’s money…and Mr Alden-would love to see Mr Ezzard in also or anyone who can sort out whe work permit/ jobs for caymanians.lots of caymanians are unimployed-yet,work permits are still being granted,for jobs caymanians can do.don’t expect to employ caymanians and then treat them like dogs,then you run to immigration for permits.caymanian people,listen to your people,they are going through ”hell”whenever they get a job.you  cant expect to treat people like that !! ??. 


  32. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Tibbetts, I was thankful for your 18 years of service and you have truly left your marks in our history books as a very gentle, honest and reliable Politician.  You were placid and did not believe that the mouth was your weapon, but that knowledge and Statemanship was your strength.  You is stepping down from your leadership position, because you believe in rotating the responsibilities, so that you may not be considered as blocking the path of the younger person. May you continue to use your knowledge for the training process, the Party and the Country, as you have always put country first. Thank you for your dedication and I am sure Alden, Arden, Moses and others will used you as an example, on how to conduct oneself in Office and at Public Forums. It would be most fitting if the upstart from the West will used this opportunity and likewise resign, without any more damage to these Islands and to do it quietly.  Thank you Mr. Tibbetts again and May God Bless you and your wonderful family.

  33. Anonymous says:

    What has yet to de discussed or even mentioned is that the PPM can now mature beyond the personality of Kurt Tibbetts to a political party with an actual philosophy.

    Everywhere with a party system you have democrats and conservatives or tories and liberals where the political philospphy is the basis of party affilation.

    Here in Cayman there have been no philosophical basis for the party affilation instead it has been personality driven party membership.

    Is Kurt Tibbetts a conservative or a liberal? In reading the posts to this thread he has been described as someone who loved Cayman but no such description of his political philosophy.

    In more mature poltical party systems you can learn about the person’s philosophy based upon their party membership.

    Before the faithful of each party get defensive to this post describe what makes your party different other than the personality of the leader.

    • Pat says:

      There political philosophy? 

      Answer:  Meism

      That is why they refrain from declaring what they stand for!

      UDP likewise

  34. holiness says:

    I tell you if Alden replaces Kurt that will be a Disaster!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I do not support any political party and I do not agree with all the decisions that Mr. Kurt has made, but the man has given 20 years of his life to public service. He has worked hard for Cayman. Many of the comments on here are disgusting and make me ashamed that my country could produce or tolerate so many small minded hateful crabs in such a small bucket. 

    Kurt Tibbetts has not looted the public treasury making himself and his cronies rich the way certain other politicianscontinue to do. He never tried to live like a prince at the expense of the people. He has never been an embarrassment to the country the way some politicians continue to be both at home and abroad.

    He has served with honesty and integrity.

    The responses on CNS to this news makes me wonder, "Why would any hard working honest young person even consider going into politics with the way the ingrates in Cayman treat the few honest politicians in our midst." 

    I say THANK YOU MR. KURT. My hope for Cayman is that somehow we can have future politicians as honest and as willing to work hard for their country as Kurt Tibbetts has been.

    • Former PPM says:

      one of the deluded ones

    • Anonymous says:

      If the PPM want a leader that can compete against Mckeeva they should look to Arden Mclean as he has the equally bombastic personality to pull it off.

      True honest statesmen are hard to find in politics and altruistic ones are even more rare.



  36. Anonymous says:

    Boy, I feel sorry for them fish in the North Sound now…go deh Kurt!

  37. Shara says:

    Ezzard Miller is a serious and big CONTENDER!  He has brought both parties down to their knees!  Still just a one man show from North Side, he is a MASTERMIND trailing behind his opponents in the polls.


    • Anonymous says:

      This just goes to show that Kurt is not Power-hungry and considers Cayman before self.

      This cannot be said for McChavez as he wants more power than he already has and the spineless wimps that are in his party just sit back and let him take more power.

      We will never see McChavez resign as he cannot get enough power for himself and it will take something dramatic to save Cayman and see him no longer as Premier.

      Time is longer than rope and it will happen as there is no way this man can just run amuck without consequences!

      Mr. Tibbetts, you are real man and still a man of your people.

    • anonymous says:

      we rate him down see how we rate him below 20. Neva did like Ezzie cause Ezzie is nat for ppm and ppm is a parti for god and ezzie too Independant so I follow wat Alden says cause he is. a man of God and we will make sure ezzie lose cause he is not wearing red

      • dynamite says:

        Maybe it is because Ezzard don’t want to wear red and be part of a party of folk that will end up putting the same folk into power… forever this time ruining Cayman. Did you ever thought of that? 

        Please show some degree of intelligence! : )

        • expat says:

          Ezzard is too much for Caymanians!  Cayman need someone who opens the door – not close it!

      • You may not like Ezzard as you plainly said and thats your perogative but of the two leaders you all propose Ezzard by far can out do Alden any day. He’s a thinker & a doer who takes his ideas and thoughts to his constituences before bringing them to the house.This Island do not need any more of the shoot from the hip quick tempered people running it.

        On the other hand we North Siders  are happy with Mr. Millers stand and responsibility that he has taken in our community and we support him all the way but to join the PPM, no we do not support that, Independant  we will remain.

  38. Anonymous says:

    What about Alden???

  39. lisa says:



    He was behind the show that brought our country to an 81 million debt!

    • Anonymous says:

      @ Anon 17:34, so what you are telling us is that you feel it is now time for Mckeeva to step down? If you think Alden should be the one to step down because he "brought our country to an 81 million debt" (you really believe that?) then surely you must also think that Mckeeva should step down for all the destruction he is causing to our country, economically & socially. Oh & by the way, I totally agree with you, it was the wrong man to resign, it should have been Mckeeva because we cannot survive 2 more years of him & his government!

      • happy-go-lucky says:

        ha!  you ppm supporters can click yo’ keyboard all you want, the fact remains

    • Bodden Town says:

      Lisa, you are absolutely correct.

  40. Cayman Politico says:

    Interesting that the ppm are organising themselves for the 2013 campaign. If alden can revamp his image as being anti- business/foreign and humble himself a bit (i.e. i don’t know it all) then I sincerely believe he would be the best leader for the party. Winning the election must their primary objective at this stage, but they will need to stay together to achieve that, and co-opting at least 4 good newcomers is a must if they want a clear majority (or alternatively play a decent role in a coalition government). If there are lingering leadership squablles or bad feelings after the winner is chosen, this would get in the way of a organised group so it will be interesting to watch this space.

    I see a potential reaction from the loser of the leadership vote that fragments the group further unless one of them is given a deputy role with some concrete political assurances. Bear in mind that it is no accident that the men from east and north have been colloborating a lot of late (and that is not just due a certain port project).

    I feel a coalition coming on in 2013. Neither side would be comfortable with it but it may be the only choice that surfaces once all the election results come in. In that scenario, watch the men from the North/East play a central role in how that coalition pans out.




  41. Anonymouse says:

    I think the best could happen is for all PPM to resign and dissolve the Party.

    That way Mack could have his one Party system and be a real Dicktator.

    Then we would really see this country move. In what direction I unfortunately dont know.

    Bye Bye Kurt. Just remember there is a limit to the size of the fish you can take from the North Soubd.

  42. Anonymous says:

    ABOUT TIME  that step down,he has no b!!!s, cannot make a decision. he should have step down along time ago, but he only stayed on to  lobby all the members to vote for ALDIN. i can tell you the UDP will have to mess up very bad for PPM to beat the in the next election with aldin leading the party.   we all know that this guy is not a popular person,and that is what counts when it come to politics. EXpremier he may not be educated but he is popular. that is why he keep on getting elected   kirk we now know that you has convince the committee members to vote for aldin, then you desided to step down, it would have been better for PPM if you had resign. you only want to protect your LIONS CLUB BUDDY.  THAT IS WHY  your party lost the last election, trust me they will never win another if i have to vote for aldin..   ARDEN IT IS TIME TO WHAT CHUCKIE DID.KIRK FORGET THAT IN 2OO5 ARDEN ARDEN WAS WHO GOT THE PEOPLE GOING, HE WAS THE MOST POPULAR PERSON ON PPM TICKET. have we forget that

  43. anonymous says:

    Out of respect, Tell Mr. Tibbits thank you and wish him well, stop acting like ungrateful children.

  44. anonymous says:


    You should all be praying Oh God please let Big Mac be next to step down!.


    1. Alden along with Kurt and Arden, opposed Charles Clifford for his boldness in standing up to the Premier regarding the Govt. Admin Bldg. Sale. Something they didn’t have the guts to do themselves!

    2. Alden and Kurt and others discouraged Clifford from MARCHING ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE!

    3. The Chuckster makes much more sense than any of those PPM remaining!

    4. Arden McLean may be all mouth.’Cause he claimed he was going to put a motion on the table to have the Premier ousted! He could have gotten a signed petition did he do it?  NO!

    To date we have heard nothing of Mr. McLean’s Motion to get rid of the premier..

    CONCLUSION:  Alden nor Arden has the guts to stand up against Big Mac.


    You be the judge:  Who’s Big Macsmatch?   MR. EZZARD MILLER





    • BORN FREE says:

      It takes a real man to do what Kurt Tibbetts did today. It takes a man who dearly loves his country, people & party to do what Kurt Tibbetts did today.
      Not only did Kurt step down as the leader of the PPM but he has also given up the opportunity of ever being our premier (a position he richly deserves), & he has given up the opportunity of leading us through the transition of a new constitution (which he championed & of which he was one of the main architects). It takes a real man to do what Kurt Tibbetts did today, but he did it because he is a real man & a true leader who loves his country, family, people & his party. However, you will not see that happen on the other side.

      A dictator does not resign. A dictator thinks more of self than of country & people. A dictator is not a real man but a coward & bully.

      The UDP tooking a massive thumping in 2005. That was the right time for their leader to accept responsibility & resign, but a dictator does not resign.

      You will not see that happen on the other side.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, send Ezzie into the mix with Big Mac.  Pay Per View special – 2-1 odds in Ezzie’s favor! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 15:39, you really should get your facts correct about the proposed march & about Alden, Arden & Kurt "opposing Charles Clifford for his boldness in standing up to the premier regarding the Govt. Admin. Bldg. sale." You must really get your facts right before talking such foolishness in public. The PPM were in full support of the proposed march & was in fact encouraging it. It was Charles Clifford who pulled out when the petition was not exactly as he wanted it to be; he withdrew himself from the proposed march.
      And as for the Govt. Admin Bldg. everyone but you knows that it was because of the PPM why the sale of that building did not go ahead.
      And I am not sure which island you have been living on, or which hole you have been hiding in, but you obviously have not been in the land of the living if you say that "Alden nor Arden has the guts to stand up against Big Mac." Please come out from your hole. I have heard your Ezzaed Miller criticize Big Mac on the radio & as soon as Big Mac calls in Ezzards attitude changes & he becomes apologetic & meek towards Big Mac. Have you ever heard Arden McLean back down from Big Mac? NEVER! Big Mac has never got the better of Arden or Alden & it will never happen. So please, before you talk foolishness get your facts straight. Thank you (& I will not refer to you as "dahlin,"  "sweetheart," or "you there"). 

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s sorta true, but only because Arden is a stubborn fool incapable of comprehending or interpreting facts.

        Here you had the lay-in-front-of-the-bulldozer-non-action-man on Rooster a couple weeks ago, continually stating over and over again… how he knows nothing about finance, yet there he was talking about the details of the recent loan as if he had a clue.   Why are you then going on the AIR talking about something you no NOTHING about, and admittedly so??? (and had to be embarrassingly educated on the finance, the economy, and money in general)


  45. Annonymous says:

    For the leader of the opposition to step down is the worst thing that could happen in these times with a tyrant for a Premier.  I’m voting for Arden McLean.  Mr. McLean bring back your motion for no confidence and don’t let me down! Of the members that I voted for in the last election, only two won the vote.  And both are a huge disappointment.  But I was only allowed to vote in my district which did not include the members I wanted to run the country.  And I certainly did not want to vote for MacKeeva!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Hallelujah!!! We just need all of PPM out & most of UDP so we can star fresh…fresh faces, fresh ideas. We seem to b making some progress now!  🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand it was under Alden and Kurt’s portfolio that the country sank into debt, causing loss of many jobs! This makes the UDP shine out bright, seeing they have in less that two full years suggested creative measures on bring food to our tables.

      Politicians should look out for their people; and the first thing, is bring food to their tables – that is, promoting local businesses, creating job, and looking out for their people and their environment… not causing economic instability like what the PPM did in 4 years

  47. Anonymous says:

    Kurt you are a respectable, honorable and honest man and it takes a real man to know when it’s time to rotate leadership.  You have severed our country with the best intention and never once have I questioned any of your transactions being for personal gain. Instead of your decisions were made with the interest of the Caymanian people at heart.  May God bless you and your family and may you continue to assist the new leader as they will need your help.  I am happy that we still have access to you vast knowledge.

    Arden is my vote but I think either would do a good job!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Best thing for the party..But I am sure if Aldin gets elected as leader of the party the UDP will for sure get re-elected into office. Aldin is about Aldin..and if its not his way its the highway for you!

    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:


      Neither of those two  are strong enough to hold that position as PPM leader replacing Mr. Kurt Tibbitts;, and they do not have what it takes to stand up to the premier as strongly as Mr. Ezzard Miller.

      Mr. . Ezzard Miller needs to seriously consider  joining the PPM and stepping into that position. So far Mr. Miller nor Mr. Charles Clifford has shown any indication that they are indeed serious about building an Independent Team nor an Independent Party. I personally hate the party system I think the Teams work well and  in our better interest, and produces more loyalty to the people than party politics which is tailored toward loyalty to the Party,something we really don’t need.

      In any case if Mr. Ezzard Miller  two years  as an Independent in an elected office and you have not built a Team of prospective political Candidates without, then we have no other recourse but to assume that you have something else in mind.  Perhaps you were waiting for Mr. Kurt Tibbits to step down, and respectfully this is understood we applaud you for your act of dignity and integrity if such is the case.

      However the PPM opposition is in dire need of  some real leadership and I respectfully do not picture Mr. Alden McLean nor Mr. Arden McLean as strong leaders of the opposition. I believe you are  more suitable, stronger and more vocal about the very important issues as a candidate for Leadership of the PPM , and you have the experience and the fortitude to lead the cabinet in the right direction.

      You have only less than 36 months to work towards this you could be the country’s next Premier, and we trust you with the public purse.

      This is not the time to have a secret Independent party unknown to the constituents.

      The PPM should apologizeto Mr. Charles Clifford for the way they treated him, they should invite him back into the party as he is a great  asset to the people and to the party. I believe with you Mr. Miller at the wheel the people of the Cayman Islands can be comforted that tax payors money will not be wasted.

      Please do not allow the UDP to discourage you or  invite you into any backdoor deals, as an Independent you need the support of other Independents. We have no knowledge of them. So if you are to survive politically and move up in the ranks you will have to identify with one of the two parties, you have no choice but the PPM, and if you do, We will understand,  but we need  leadership of this country  that will not run the public purse  into the ground. So Ezzard between now and next year you will need to  either  declare an Independent Team or Party .




  49. Anonymous says:

    Too bad we can’t get UDP’s MacDinejad to do the same!!!

  50. Anonymous says:

    BOUT time, he should have did this before he "broke" the government purse!

    • Dred says:

      Let’s see…..

      PPM = "broke" the government purse


      UDP = Destroy the country


      I’ll take PPM every time.


      • relinguishTHEM all says:

        You’re crazy!  There is a THIRD OPTION!

        What about a new party with solid and concrete principles – like SMALL GOVERNMENT, REDUCTION IN FEES, and PUTTING CAYMANIANS and THE ENVIRONMENT FIRST

  51. Anonymous says:

    Haha…Tibbetts quote from Caycompass "There will be no time when the party does not have a functioning leader."  Both parties have not had a functioning leader for quite some time now.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you Kurt! Go Alden!!!!! I love you and continue to do the good with PPM!

  53. Trueblood says:

    Damn, if only Sir Bush would do us the same favor 🙂

  54. Anonymous says:

    Ok Mr. Bush you next .

  55. big whopper says:

    Good luck captain Kurky T. and Mr. Moses I think you will make a great premier for the Cayman Islands….Mr. Bush…your time is almost up!

    • Anonymous says:

      You think Alden is for Alden – well MOSES is for sure only for MOSES. Help us please not him for Leader.

      • Anonymous says:

        Moses gives locals jobs and money when they need.  At least he isn’t giving away our birthright as UDP has done.  Moses is still working at bringing in businesses even though he is part of the opposition.  He is the man that has a vision to bring prosperity back to these islands.  Ask anyone that knows him… he is for the islands.

        • Anonymous says:

          can I have some money? 

        • Anonymous says:

          Its in his interest to bring in business to da Brac – if he doesnt he stands to go broke. Like I said Moses is for Moses – he has alot at stake to protect. Oh please he doesnt give jobs – he provides work and then pays a pittance to the poor suffering people who work for him – known as slave labour.

  56. Pro the little person says:

    One day (hopefully in the near future) we’ll read this about Mac; however, he must also be stepping down as premire

  57. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Tibbetts should have been humble enough to have done this immediately after his party lost the last elections.  Could his intent to resign be as a result of Mr. Clifford’s recommendation recently.    Shame on you Kurt! you should have done this long ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think that Kurt should have done this immediately after his party lost the last elections, then why is it that you did not suggest that McKeeva Bush should have resigned immediately after his party lost the elections in 2005? Some of you are so blind that you become fool-fool! What is good for the goose is good for the gander, ever heard that before? It is high time that McKeeva Bush did what is best for Cayman & resign from politics all together! He should have done that a long time ago & we would all be much better off.

  58. Anonymous says:

    "Bout time!!!!"


  59. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Jesus!!!

    • Dred says:

      ***Hold***Wait*** Did Big Mac step down also? Damn. Why did you go "Thank you Jesus"? He’s not our biggest pain. Our biggest pain in the tuuckus is Big Mac!!  I mean it is a pleasant surprise but that’s only because PPM could use some NEW Energy.

    • Cass says:

      7 more from the PPM ranks to go!  A clean house to sweep!