Chuckie calls for referendum on key issues

| 17/11/2010

(CNS): The former PPM member and Minister for Tourism, Charles Clifford has called on the UDP government to allow the people to vote on the proposed East End Seaport, the national conservation law, the election cycle as well as the competence of the government and the premier when it holds its referendum on gambling next year. In a statement released to the press on Tuesday Clifford says that given the cost of a referendum could be as much as $600,000 the opportunity should be used to gage the feelings of the people on other important issues. He said the people of the Cayman Islands were angry over a number of UDP policies and the referendum would give them a voice.

“If we are going to have one on gambling then there are several other topical issues and questions of national importance that ought to be tested during the upcoming referendum,” Clifford said in his statement. “The people are looking for a voice and solutions in the midst of these difficult times and in the absence of our elected leaders providing that voice and the required solutions forour people let us give our people an opportunity through this referendum to speak for themselves.”

Clifford called on the people to apply pressure on government by calling in to the talk shows, writing letters to the newspapers, posting on blogs and “through any other lawful means that are available to ensure that these additional questions appear on the upcoming referendum,” he said.

See full statement in CNS Viewpoint column

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  1. anonymous says:

    what a bunch a berros!! Chuckie Chuckie, Chuckie, if he was anybody and/or as knowledgeable as he portays himself to be he woulda kep his seat in BT

  2. Iraq says:

    You are so right Florence, we really need to move in this direction we’re losing way too much with these cabinets putting their friends in these positions.

    Yes I agree, we need a House and a Senate. and All those positions including Sheri Cowan-Bodden as Chairman of the Board should be elected by the people.



  3. Say it Aint So! says:

    Speaking of money, what ever did happen with the country’s money on the  quarter back challenge three year contract? Hurricane’s, and Michael Vick caused some issues there.what did that cost? Could have had a referendum every year for the last 5 years at that price tag with change left over to buy a giant cork to plug the whole in the money pit.

    • Florence goring-Nozza says:

      The bible says in a multitude of counselors there is no error. Its time we mature, grow up and act like an adult nation. We need to start electing people into office to fill various positions that affect the framework of our nation. Elections to the following offices will resolve most of our problems I kid you not. 

      Planning should be on the referendum list as well

      Cayman Immigration Board Chairman and Membership

      Liquor licensing board  "             "                   "

      Labor Office Chairman

      Circuit Court or Magistrate Judges (we lost Judge Grace Donalds unnecessarily)

      District Council

      Vote for a Senate  is well needed to create a check and balance  in the L.A.We could utilize our brightest minds to guide the house.

      Commissioner of Police

      Superintendent of School Board &  Board Members


      • Iraq says:


        You go ahead girl!  That’s the idea. Every other country choses who they want i these offices named above so why are we stuck with lame ducks who can not perform?

        Its because we need to elect people to these positions that will work for the people, do their job and deliver on a promise. 2 years or 4 years its up to you!

        We sure need a change. We need to do something different and GET DIFFERENT RESULTS.

        Lets try something New.


        People have been walking into positions and not accountable to perform year in and year out as things wax worst. This will elect for us the best candidates!

  4. papelcaymanian says:

    I would be very careful with referendums.

    Before you know it, we’d have people with no grasp of the issues make decisions they are not qualified or entitled to make.

    That is not democracy, that is mob rule.

    The way democracy works is, listen carefully to what a politician says before you vote for him/her, call him/her or write to tell him/her if you think he strays, and do not vote for him/her again if you think he/she does not deserve it.  

    Referendums are attractive because of instant gratification (I hate the EE port idea too), but the risk of making the country ungovernable and unstable is too high to allow every issue to be decided in this fashion.

    • Dirk says:

      In defense of the referendum, the Government would not necessarily have to take the action that the people supported. If proactively initiated by Government the wording could make the outcome non-binding. A referendum could, however, serve as a sort of public opinion poll so that the Government is aware when they are going against the wishes of the people, and hopefully ensure that this is done ONLY when it is TRULY in the public interest.

      If we’re going to have a costly referendum exercise anyway why not fill up the ballot? The polls here and on CayCompass are interesting but not particularly useful when you consider the small sample size, inability to gauge whether respondents are registered voters and potential for technological manipulation.

      I’m no fan of populism run wild; as Winston Churchill once said, the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. However, I do believe our Government currently has no idea where the majority voters or the general population truly stand on particular issues. Many citizens and residents cannot or do not speak out and those with the loudest voices or the ear of the politicians are the only ones that get heard. A referendum would give every participant a voice, even if we would be limited to yes/no on questions that are sometimes much more complicated.

      • anonymous says:

        12:22 Don’t waste our time.

        A referendum is serious and it means one thing: Its not an opinionpoll we’ve had enough of that!


        We can’t leave our future up to a poll nor an opinion.

        It’s simply BUSINESS!


    • anonymous says:


      You sound like Big Mac.

      You are so wrong. Its not mob rule at all



  5. anonymous says:

    I agree with you Mr. Clifford.  Continue to be the people’s advocate and pressure the Government to bring that Referendum, with those 6 questions,as you have stated in the viewpoint.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s it Chuckie, please continue to keep the UDP (especially Bush) in your sight, you know how they ‘fraid of you. I am sure that Mr. Bush will ignore you. He will never include your 7 questions on his referendum, but by proposing the inclusion of your questions we will see Mr. Bush’s true colors as always. Keep up the pressure Mr. Chuckie.

  6. Tickled Pink says:

    I’ll be so happy when "Movember" is finally over.

  7. ExBlueGirl says:

    Absolutely agree! Lets have a vote!

    The seaport is a rubbish idea.  Absolutely stupid.  Uneccessary.

    The East End water lens will be permanently tainted, so say goodbye to all those lovely trees and agriculture out East.

    Or maybe the money can be used to have a non-partial environmental assessment done.  Then the truth will come out.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I read Mr. Clifford’s full letter. Great letter and relevant questions. Thank you sir. Lord knows that somebody needed to ask them !

    • Anonymous says:

      Be aware that if we sit back and allow all this development to take place that not only our mangroves will be destroyed but OUR BEACHES WILL LOOK LIKE THE BEACHES OF JAMAICA ‘  MUDDY RED MOLE!

      JAMAICA’S BEACHES ONCE LOOKED LIKE OUR 7 MILE BEACH  with an exception of Montego Bay and  the Tourist area.

      Politicians sold out the people and the communtiy to developers and what they got is what they are trying to do to us!


  9. Anonymous says:

    You know what, I don’t often find myself agreeing with politicians, and Chuckie is no exception to this rule, but on this occasion – good stuff Chuckie you’re spot on.  If the people find themselves to stand up, be counted and protest to show their disapproval of certain issues, then I agree the only thing left to do is to put it to the vote.  And he’s hit the nail on the head as regards the issues that so desperately need addressing.