Government hires workers for Christmas clean-up

| 23/11/2010

(CNS): Despite the major cuts being ordered across most public sector departments the government will be paying temporary workers to conduct another Christmas clean-up. Some 800 people are expected to be given work over the next four weeks cleaning up public areas and road sides. The project begins on Wednesday after government has reportedly found and earmarked $1million in funding to give the unemployed work and clean up the island for the holiday period. Back bench government MLA Elio Solomon told Cayman 27 that the majority of districts would be part of the clean up and the focus would be mostly on the coastal areas.

The four weeks of work given to the unemployed for the Christmas clean up will end on 17 December but Solomon has statedthat he is looking for further funding to do another clean up in the new year.
As was the case during last year’s clean up many people showed up for the selection on Monday morning but not all of them got work.

See Cayman 27 video

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where do you have to register in West Bay?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can’t please everyone no matter who is trying whether it be UDP, PPM, Obama, Golding please remember instead of complaining all the time we should all be greatful for what we have and what we can get. Remember nothing was promised to us in this life. Why can’t we have a little unity,compassion on each other for once instead of killing each with slander,putting down people, stirring up fuss. We should be greatful that things aren’t worst. We’re not sleeping outside on some park bench,under a bridge out in the cold, we don’t have to join the lines to get one warm meal a day there are still many blessings to count.

    Some are lucky enough to get a job on the Cleanup Campaign Program those that didn’t ask GOD to provide for you. He pulled me through some tough times and I always believe that when one door closes another will open just believe and have faith.

    GOD bless all those in need.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have no fear Cayman Brac, the East End expert and the Florida princess have arrived to direct clean-up. Una needed them people to show you how to pick up garbage or wha?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am very pleased to see this effort taking place onceagain this year. It is arleady starting to make the place look like the old Cayman that I knew. Christmas was always a time when we cleaned our yards, brought in the nice new sand, painted the house etc…..Its starting to look alot like Christmas…. exciting.

    I would prefer to have the monies being paid to people for actually working rather than have them go to Social Services and get it for free.

    Thanks for the effort to get these people off the street and making an honest living, no matter how short the process every little bit helps

    ….and for those persons who think it should be given to PWD or DOE to do the work, come now be sensible, people need jobs and the money goes a lot further this way and more people are happy. More mouths are feed. Please be resonable share the joy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Say what you want, maybe some of these workers will be able to acomplish more that what half the entire public sector has in the last couple years

  6. Big Stuff says:

    Sim simmer,

    WELL SAID, Every word is Bible true.

    Listen all of you in this forum  email this note to your friends and also Sim Simmer’s letter to them .

    ANY government that  anywhere in this world, or the world to come,


    Might I add they are also a ‘FRAUD!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This clean up is mostly spent on private property and I feel that each property owner should clean up there own property.  

    Put these workers on jobs like painting the new schools to assist in the completion of them or painting the gov parks or some elder home.

    I feel that an elder would even purchase the paint to have there home painted.  

    I hope the gov do better when paying these workers because it was shameful how they were treated the last time.  Outside the bank waiting around and not knowing when or if they will get paid.

    My two cents 

    • Anonymous says:


      It’s time to ENFORCE THE LAW.

      15 -20 years ago if one dared to litter streets of Cayman the police would stop you and make you pick it up!  Garbage  is now out of control, so the stopping or the sirens won’t work anymore. Its time to ENFORCE THE LAW AND MAKE THOSE THAT LITTER OUR STREETS PAY!  Yes let them help pay to keep our police on the streets, what better plan than this.

      This is a tourist destination and we cannot afford to look nor smell like Linstead market in Jamaica. Police its time to enforce the Law seeing that the people have No Discipline nor the will to use the nearest garbage bin.

      So we expect you to stop drivers who throw garbage from out from their vehicles,  and Stop pedestrians who walk around and litter up the place. If this is what we have come to no wonder there’s lack of education everywhere. the moral has decreased but then so has the moral of the leadership. So goes the country.

      Its TIME TO STOP USING OUR STREETS AND OUR COMMUNITIES FOR A GARBAGE BIN! It is  an act of disrespect and disregard for this country be you Caymanian born, X-pat, guest Worker, or Paper Caymanian. Shame on all of you who do this.


    • Mary Had A Little Lamb says:

      I took a look at the gazette of the cabinet in 2003. I had heard about what happened to Cayman, but I saw it for myself.  I saw individuals that were given Cayman Status who were refused for a very long time because there were documented proof that such individuals working here on a work permit and even in our civil service yes, in our society would be detrimental to our people. They were not the average guest worker, I’m talking about  a cruel, nasty, abusive, and out of control  individual.One lady in particular was so abusive to staff in the private sector they fired her and she somehow got into the civil service and they had to boot her out of there for abusing the staff. All along she was seeking Cayman Status and was refused BECAUSE SHE DID NOT DESERVE IT  amongst others that did.

      God help those who are now enduring the pain she inflicts on not only Caymanians but her own people as well.

      When I saw her name I said Oh Oh!

      Secondly. I’d like to say that it is clearer to me now what is really happening  regarding work opportunity for our people in the Cayman Islands.

      As everyone living and working in the Cayman Islands knows that the offensive stage has been set by local business ‘NOT TO HIRE CAYMANIANS.We are also aware that Caymanians are educated and well qualified for the positions they apply for.  However, no matter their experience, no matter how much qualification they have under their belt they are still refused a Job if they are CAYMANIAN.

      My Examiniation of the gazette of 2003 was a wake up call for me.I stopped to  take a closer look at the massive numbers that were granted Cayman Status. Now a larger country like the US or Canada would not feel the impact of such passing. But a small country only 144 square miles and a few thousand maybe 15,000 grassroots inhabitants  amongst 30,000 guest workers and 3,000 status holders would indeed be WIPED OUT! This is what has happened and no one is speaking out the truth.

      Taken all of the above  facts into consideration focusing on the business behavioral patterns towards Caymanians who are born here, -vs their behavior towards  paper Caymanians,  the conclusion and factual truth is that the status  grants was a blessing in disguise for these business owners  in  2003 and ever after. They feel more comfortable and obligated to hire these foreigners who are now Caymanians yes they prefer to HIRE THESE NEW PAPER CAYMANIANS  instead of the BORN CAYMANIAN

      Why? because they hate the natives. the Natives represent the American Indians who were pillaged, plundered, and their land taken away from them. 

      People are not coming to this country just to work. They have a PLAN "B"


      This UDP  Government is giving them all the help they need to accomplish this.

      What are you going to do  about 2013 do you realize that these 3,000 status holders will again vote for the UDP as a Thank you and Thank You advance down payment for them to AGAIN  grant status  before 2013 while the UDP is in Power! If they do this they feel  their entire families and litttle ones waiting in line to relocate here will be sure of their Cayman status as well.    Guys, its not over!.  

      We must continue as grass roots voters VOTE FOR ONLY GRASS ROOTS Candidates. No one else We are already doomed we will be doomed doomed if we vote for this UDP who has obvious plans to again grant a massive Status Grant to  Gordon Barlow leading the way and to those demanding and shouting at the Premier to do so. Have you noticed Barlow does Not criticize the UDP, that alone should tell Caymanians we have elected the WRONG GOVERNMENT!

      The Chamber of Commerce is  not much help either, it may be our greatest nightmere throughout this whole process. Who do they represent ?Businesses!  Not the people.

      WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!  There needs to be a moratorium put on status grants. there is too much social and economic unrest caused by the first gazetted 2003 status grants..Ezzard and PPM you need to put a bill on the table to put a moratorium on the status grants. The Caymanian people cannot endure another flooding of our gates right now. It needs to be put off I mean Big Mac’s plans to do this. Don’t allow him to come back with a  Br.Nancy story from the UK saying they approved it we know that’s not true.

    • Anonymous says:

      None of the workers in our district have been working on private properties except to assist elderly and disabled people cleaning up their yards – have a heart please.

  8. Anonymouse says:

    Please keep them off my street. My street is clean. I dont need to be walking around picking up the liquor bottles and foam plates that they scatter all over the roads.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I NOTICE THAT THEY ONLY EMPLOY SINGLE MEN AND WOMEN UNDER (25) TWENTY YEARS.  what happen to the marred men that do not have a job to feed his family.why is it that those that got job last year did not remain on the side line for other people to gfet work,   it sames to me that these workers are picked by the UDP, i guess that thay are the only ones that need it.  since the goverment is paying such good wages why is it that the gocerment is also feeding them too   i hope the AUDITOR GENERAL look at this operation very carefully..  AS for EAST END i hope that they has somebody new in charge this time.  people that was here on vacation was working there. they were arrested by immigration dept but that was swept under the carpet,  people that never work one day collected thier cheque and later boast about it.   WHAT DO WE EXPECT FROM UDP AND THIER SUPPORTERS!!

    • Anonymous says:

       Where do you notice this?  Only I know married men over 25 working on the clean-ups right now.  Are you sure you got your info correct?

  10. Anonymous says:

    We need PERMANENT JOBS, not daily or weekly labor!

    Get Real Elio

    UDP should be ashamed of themselves.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Sim Simmer,


    You Got that right. This is chicken feed!

    Somebody’s eating real good at the table and from what I can see from a distance. None of them holds a cayman passport.

    For those of you that think Elio and the UDP is really helping you. You are really deluded.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sigh. Another short term fix for a long term problem. What about:

    – providing vocational training programmes so Caymanians can become more ’employable’  in fields that we have not traditionally been directed towards – e.g. skilled labourers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc. I am sure this could be done through trimming some fat off the Govt budget in other areas. (Perks for the Premier and Deputy Premier as well as huge salaries for long term and unproductive high ranking Civil Servants come to mind first.)

    – re-vamping the Labour, or Employment Relations department or whatever it is called now to actually get Caymanians in jobs they are qualified for through a structured job placement programme.

    – ensuring that the relevant Immigration boards do their job to ensure that Caymanians are not passed over for jobs they are qualified for in favour of a work permit holder. There is a balance. We can have people here on permits, keep the professional firms happy and still employ Caymanians. This happened throughout the 70s and 80s when our financial industry was growing – why can’t it happen now?

    – look at long term options as well, such as improving the quality of education in our Islands – it is not about buildings and expensive facilities, but about solid programmes, good teachers, and fostering the right attitude in our children. Some of the poorest countries produce some hard-working scholars.

    It’s not – or shouldn’t be – about putting some cash in people’s hands for Christmas so they will vote for you next time around at Election time.

    Remember the proverb? Giving a man a fish vs. teaching him how to fish?

    I hope it is at least food for thought.

  13. Anonymous says:

    alot of what  i seen yesterday in wb was the workers cutting back roadside bushes over-splilling from private land….why aren’t the land owners made keep their property maintained and presentable?

    reminds me..cns: whats the status of the old hyatt and the fines being imposed by gov?

  14. Anonymous says:

    If we could refrain from hurling garbage out of vehicles, this bi-annual cleanup would not be necessary!

    • Anonymous says:

      I doubt they will get 800 workers out there.


      $1,000,000 / 400 workers = $2,500 / 4 weeks = $625 / week divided by 40 hours per week = $15.625 per hour


      I see plenty actually "employed" persons applying for the clean up funds. And you know they will say that they spent the entire $1million, basically giving it away for little or no work done.


      Govt pays DEH workers $8 – $10 per hour to do the same job. Govt could  maybe get the same job done for $2 – $4 per hour by prisoners?


      Auditor General, when are you going to audit these "holiday clean ups"? There are a lot of loose procedures in these clean ups for distributing cash to cronies for nothing at all, no benefit or actual work done.

    • Anonymous says:

      As regards the BT and the Eastern districts, it would still be desperately needed to clean all the crap that washes up onto our beaches on a daily basis.  The crews would be (and are) still needed – its just we could do with them (or better still the prisoners) to clean our beaches and keep them more like SMB all year round.  I for one am grateful for this incentive, not only for the beauty it brings back to our beaches, but also the cleaner communities and to see some of my friends (who have desperately been seeking work these last few months) come home satisfied after a hard day’s work and having the knowledge they’re going to have a little money to spend on their families at Christmas.  Compared the money our politicians waste, this most certainly is not a waste of money, and for once Cayman and Caymanians are benefitting.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can I sign up? vacation starts next week and I do need to recover some of my money as a born and bred indirect tax payer.

    • anonymous says:

      Yes of course we can refrain from throwing garbage out the window on our streets in our community.


      and helps the public purse all at the same time!

      Come  Baines, start hurling these people into court and make them pay.

      $500 for littering the streets. 


      LITTERING  A fine of  $500 of imprisonment.


  15. Don't worry I wont stay says:

    So we can employ 800 people for a month for a million bucks. Are they happy they are working? I bet they are. Are they worrying about vacation days, overtime and pension payments? I bet they are not. There is food coming in.

    Most of these folks are out there because either there are no jobs, or they are just not suitable, for whatever reason, to be hired full time, by a for profit company.

    If we can get these folks to work for a month, why not all year. Pretty good chance someone with some skills gets to drive the work truck and may get hired to be a bus driver later in the year. A person with a perfect attendance record could get on at any number of private companies.

    Out of work people given the opportunity to work for 12-18 months, a pay check every week, to be able to afford healthy food… There will be a huge change in what up to now has been an a segment of society that has been unemployable.

    If basic, no frills employment for a month costs 1m, where does the 12m needed come from?

    How about adding a $500 annual stimulus fee to each of the 24,000 work permits.

    I would happily pay that extra amount if I could freely choose the best available candidate, and if a permit was required, have it approved in a reasonable amount of time.

    There is still a very real desire to hire Caymanians out here, believe me. Maybe folks who have lived in some structure of going to work for a year will have a better shot at more of the unskilled jobs in the future.

    Or how about I split it with you. Make the permit fee $250 and have the government cut 6m out of the DOT advertising and travel budget. After all, i did not make the mess myself, but I am willing to help get us out of it. Just ask.

  16. Looks like Mobay says:

    I saw this same type of programme in Jamaica last year around this time. I asked the taxi driver why they have so many people cutting bush by hand while a tractor custom built was following behind and doing the same job twice.  The response I got was it is to keep people like me (tourist) safe by putting a little christmas money in the pocket of the poor.  If your not up to grinding the stump..chop off the leaves:)   

  17. Animaliberator says:

    In this case I think the people should pay for the clean up as it was the people who put and left it there in the first place for others to clean it up.

    You want to do something right for the country you live in? Clean up your own mess. Banners could be accepted if the person(s) or company that put it where ever (if allowed by law), maintains it. You really think I am going to use a company that treats their advertisement like that having it blowing in the wind or smudged up to a point you can’t even read it anymore even if I wanted to?

    Show a bit of pride and self respect and stop treating the country as if it is your own private back yard.

  18. AA Cherise says:

    I think this is a good thing, not only are we getting the place nice and clean for Christmas but we are also giving those workers an opportunity to get some money in their pockets for Christmas.  Love it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are we just getting the place nice and clean for Christmas?  It should be clean and kept clean all the year round.  Some places are just a disgrace with garbage.  As if Mount Trashmore isn’t enough, tourists have to see it on the streets and beaches. 


  19. Anonymous says:

    PWD= Public Welfare Department

  20. Anonymous says:

    these peolple, who obviously are refusing jobs (eg. look at the thousands and thousands of foreigners here on work permits doing manual low skill work), should be made do this for free

    • Anonymous says:

      You are factually incorrect.  Whilst I don’t doubt that some of these individuals may have refused jobs in the past, if they were always refusing jobs as you insinuate, then they certainly wouldn’t volunteer to be out in the hot sun doing hard manual work.  I know several taking part in this – they’re all far from work shy, and they’ve all been applying for jobs non-stop without success.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Some of the money being saved from the DOT budget should go to DEH so they can hire some of these people on a permanent basis and keep the place clean all the year around and not just at Christmas.  I am sure the tourists, as well as residents (except those who keep making the mess in the first place), would appreciate it.

  21. Kai Ridgedahl says:

    Send a team over to Barefoot Beach on East End.  Was visiting for holiday last week and it was recommended that I checkout this idyllic spot for snorkeling. Snorkeling was excellent, but the beach was completely covered in washed up trash; which put a damper on an otherwise wonderful experience.

    • Anonymous says:

      For a minute there, I thought you were talking about Bodden Town beach.  It has exactly the same problem all year round, and other than the current clean up crews, there’s been absolutely no effort whatsoever to do anything about it.

      • Kai Ridgedahl says:

        Different beach, but I did see the same trash issue at Governor Morris (?) beach in Bodden Town when snorkeling there as well.  Don’t even get me started on what my visit to Barkers National Park revealed.  Come on, this tourist knows you can do better.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Oh, people just shut up and let them clean, Count wasted money someplace else…such as paying govermental accountalnts and auditors who are seriously lacking accounting skills.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or even excessive pay being raked in by our MLA’s who are seemingly reluctant to do the right think morally, and take a huge cut in their salaries; or the government’s seeming inability to address the necessary cuts and budgetary adjustments in their own departments.

      These people cleaning the streets and beaches in the hot sun just for a few weeks, deserve the money they are getting way more than any of our politicians do.

  23. Frank says:

    It must be said that while i appreciate the efforts of government to 1) employ people at a time in the year when cash is needed for families and 2) clean up the island for visitors that may be coming down during the busy season, i still cannot fathom why when i drove past a garbage can leaving my street this morning there were literally 6 people standing around talking…all of which were part of this. These teams if not already, should definitely be supervised by somebody that already works with public works the ensure idolness isnt taking up 60 percent of their day. Also i must say…for $1million I promise you I could have this island cleaned up in 4 weeks and with far less than 800 people. Outsourcing to a local company may have been an idea to think about! Lastly i must ask this question again…If we are spending $50,000 a year to house criminals in our prison system then why not make them work some of this cost off by taking part in this?? The government would have just saved them a lot of money in the process. 

    • MER says:

      At this point it is not about the Government saving money, it is about them spending money where it is needed. Many of the persons who were given the opportunity to work are less skilled people that employment elsewhere is difficult to come by. It is the Christmas season and many of these individuals have families that I am sure they must be happy about helping. Local companies obviously already have some source of income coming in and clientele to work with.

  24. SM says:

    That’s excellent news, as residents (locals and expats) of Cayman lets follow this up with our own yard clean up, removing illegal signage, mowing the lawn, clean up the garden and take a little pride in our appearance. Same goes for business owners, George Town is a mess and we all have to take the responsibility in the way we present our island. It doesn’t cost much or take a lot of time to smarten up and we’ll feel the benefits right away, we’ll have more self respect and have a brighter outlook on 2011.

  25. Peek A Boo says:

    This is a joke. There is a whole section of Government already dedicated to this. If they can’t do their jobs then fire them all and replace them with some of these "unemployed" people.

    • Anonymous says:

      That whole section of government does not serve BT and the Eastern Districts.  I have no clue if it is supposed to or not but we never see them and our beaches are never kept clean, so I for one, welcome this move and will be glad to see a cleaner BT, particularly our beaches (unlike the SMB strip) which are neglected all year round.

      My boyfriend worked his butt off last year and is very grateful to be out there working again this year.  His friends who sat on their asses last year when they should have been working, are still sat on their asses, but this time at home because they were not taken on.  At least better efforts were made to recruit good workers this time around and this clean-up is the only thing the present government has ever done that I support!


  26. Anonymous says:

    I know I should not compare what goes on  in the USA but this time I feel it needs to be said only because of the money the government has is in short supply. First if the police could enforce fines for those that are littering it would help. Second take pride in our island and do not litter to start with. I hate those styrofoam food containers everywhere!!!!

    The USA has programs that takes those that have a court issued community service to do and they are the ones cleaning up not paid people.Do your community wrong and you pay back by doing a service to it. We also have prison mates that clean our roadsides and help in a secured area to do work for the community. They needto work not just sit on their backside and wait out their time. This also goes for the young ones. I have worked with young people who have made a mistake and now are having to give back. They learn that what they do is not only helping their community but also learn that punishment will be handed down if you break the law. I have had a few that continue to volunteer even after they had done their time. They see what a need we have and want to hep more.  So if the government has the money then spend it on clean up. I am sure everyone will appreicate it. My concern would be will the paid people will work hard at this or just drag it out to recevie as much pay as they can get. We all know how many times we see them sitting more than working. SO more money down the drain.

  27. papelcaymanian says:

    It is good economics for the government to offer stimulus in the form of public works until the private sector can re-absorb these workers into the economy.

    Let us not take the suddenly fashionable, budget cutting at any cost, rightist theories to  their extreme and cut our collective nose to spite the face.


  28. Crabsinabucket says:

    For the second Xmas in a row Caymanians are showing that they are even willing to clean the streets. For the right wage.

    This program amply demonstrates that a minimum wage would go a long way toward solving many of the socioeconomic issues currently affecting our little country.

    The failings of the education system can’t be solved overnight, but a decent minimum wage would give the more vulnerable members of the local work force (particularly those without the academic background more suited for office jobs) the incentive to venture into other areas of employment that are currently dominated by non-Caymanians. It would also minimise the abuse that is currently handed out to many work permit holders.

    Those who would object to the notion had better prepare for the alternative. More and more robberies and home owners living behind burglar bars.


    • Vietnam says:

      These comments make me SICK. It makes you wonder really Who do some of you people think  you are  anyway ? As if you can walk into this country and demand the best for yourself while our government throw crumbs at our people? This B.S. will end very very soon.

      And who does the UDP think they are?

      The UDP and past governments are continually creating a mindset amongst  x-pats and Caymanianis causing enmity and confusion. Its not the people nor the x-pats its the  crooked system of government causing the trouble. They allow x-pats to  think they are superior and that they are the ones  entitled to a job here in the Cayman Islands over to qualified Caymanians that should be first and foremost privileged to making a decent living in their own country! That’s not the way it is. It is a system of a banana republic and 3rd world country. Get rid of the UDP fast. sign a petition and submit it to the governor. We want them out.

      A Christmas cleanup campaign  is not a resolution to the problem of unemployment in the Cayman Islands. It is merely a band-Aid stuck onto the painful would to cover up the real cause..


      They prefer to sell work permits for high fees while their own people starve.

      They are a disgrace!  This is so shameful.

  29. Anonymous says:

    more waste upon waste in the pwd……

  30. Anonymous says:

     Sweetheart, nobody na tell ya? that is so dey can continue to vote for Praymare and Deputy. 


    • Anonymous says:

      The young people out there cleaning are not so easily fooled – they not goin to vote for Mac just because he gives them a few weeks work each year.  I know several working on those crews who (contrary to common opinion) try hard to get gainful employment all the time, and none of them, not one single one, has or will vote for Mac.  Come to think of it they don’t vote for PPM either – they kinda share the same sentiments as many of us – there’s nobody out there worth wasting your vote on any more.

  31. Anonymous says:

    why not put prisoners out in chain gangs all year round and make them earn their keep at 5 star Northward. Then Govt may have money for sensible economic decisions.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Way to go! Employment for one month per year. Why not work harder at economic growth then just maybe these folks would have work 12 months each year.

  33. anonymous says:

    Might I suggest that while they are cleaning up the island, that the removal of all the illegal signs and billboards from our roadsides be a part of their task.  We are starting to look like a third world country.  I personally make note of those firms that put up the illegal signs and avoid  spending any of my money at their establishments.

    • papelcaymanian says:

       An excellent proposal. Let’s hit the people who have turned us into an ugly duckling where it hurts. In the pocket.

      To the politicians, ask the police to enforce the law and take the abusive signs down and prosecute the guilty parties.


      • Anonymous says:

        No one is taking about business signs moron. Businesses need signs to advertise.


        Advertising Billboards ARE NOT LITTER!

    • Alan Nivia says:

      There has been an infestation of ugly little yellow Cayman Paralegal signs all over the place. 

  34. Anonymous says:

    IF this is to start on wednesday why is it that men are working in bodden town from monday    the first place they went to clean was the public beach  which is clean every week by another goverment department.whata wase of our money. if goverment would look out for the caymanian people the would probaly have work all year long, but we are only remembered just before christmas

    • Anonymous says:

      To 20:55,

      why is it that everytime this Government tries to do something for its people, it is accused of waste of money?

      I will beg you to stop criticising and try to do something for the people yourself.

      On one side of our mouth we are saying Caymanians dont get a chance, and the other side critise the Government for trying to do something.

      May God bless Ellio and continue to give him the vision,  and enough balls to continue to help his people

      • Sim simmer says:


        You disgust me with your ignorance and stupidity. You don’t seem to have enough sense to realize that this government is not doing what it can to create jobs for the Caymanian people. 

        20:55 Why would you praise the owner of a Chinese restaurant for handing you a fortune cookie on an empty stomach when he owns the restaurant and CAN DO BETTER? yes he can give you a meal. Likewise Elio Solomon was elected to CREATE JOBS, Not  HAND OUT CRUMBS FROM UNDER THE TABLE TO OUR PEOPLE !Did you understand that parable?

        Unlike you, I consider this the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life. When will this group of goons stop the B.S?

        Elio Solomon and the entire UDP should be beaten with a COW COD! for insulting the people of the Cayman Islands like this!.

        People hear me, and hear me well:-

        Governments that are working for you the people do not hand out to you just a peace meal or peace labor. Good Governments that mean the people well here’s what they do for you:-

        THEY CREATE JOBS THAT LAST 365 DAYS A YEAR!!!! WITH BENEFITS!  Not take away the jobs!

        This is nothing more than a disgraceful mealy mouth of a make shift Christmas present that you are forced to work for yourself and  being paid with YOUR OWN TAX DOLLARS  and it is only TEMPORARY!While I’m happy that there is temporary money for your pocket, ’cause that’s all it is,  DO NOT FORGET THAT:-

        It is just another scheme  to fool the people into  voting for these morons in 2013 again and you better not.

        Be well aware that this  IS ALSO A DISTRACTION   to take the conversation and focus off the recent appointment of a controversial lawyer now hired to sit in the seat as the new Chairman of the Work Permit Board!  while they PRINT MORE WORK PERMITS   right Under your NOSE! 

        When will the Caymanian people learn that this government  CAN NOT BE TRUSTED NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO TO IMPRESS YOU?

        Firing PWD workers to hand out peace meal to 800 Caymanians is the trademark of a socialistic and dictatorship government that has no plans now nor in the near future for your sustenance or for you to earn a steady living by providing FOR THE PEOPLE  PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT! As long as you are poor and needy they have you in their control. Take as an example, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Africa, No different here.Creating jobs is foreign to an autocratic regime.


        How much water do you have in your heads, or just how thick is your skull that you can’t get this through your heads?.

        We need to focus ENTIRELY on how we are going to get them out of office before 2013. It’s still 2010 there’s a lot more damage they plan on doing to the people and this country between now and then.


        Who decides that Regulation is  now Red Tape?!

        Is this the reason businesses have been allowed to do as they please refusing to hire Caymanians amongst other injustices ?

        Have these businesses opened their doors to hire Caymanians?

        The answer is NO!

        Then why has the new Work Permit Chairman made it so easy for businesses to operate in their biased and prejudiced attitude towards her own people?

        Does anyone in this forum know exactly what  removing red tape for unscrupulous businesses means? I’m about to tell you exactly what it means together with this clean up  camouflage of a few days work for poor  struggling Caymanians.

        When this cleanup is over. Does the UDP  have permanent jobs created waiting for you to fill?  Just curious

        This colorful parade of a charade  only means one thing and that is Caymanians could be in for  the greatest horror of their  lives by this UDP government.

        A government that can not create PERMANENT  jobs  for its people  is a SHAM!.


        • Bim bimmer says:

          Sim simmer………….thats got to be the new nickname for the PPM,what a pile of B.S.,worst than KKK propaganda!!!!

          • anonymous says:

            Bim Bimmer,

            Read your news papers, see what people think of the UD.

            the Polls show that the UDP and all its rants are a pile of B.S.!!

            You are a government that people hates!  that’s really sick.

    • Anonymous says:

      What government department cleans our beach every week??  I’ve yet to seen that happen.  And if they are cleaning it, they’re either only doing select areas or they’re doing a pretty crappy job.  I walk that beach daily and its a disgrace.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just shut up. You are here saying that BT beach is clean.. someone is above saying that it’s filthy. Maybe you should get out into your community more and take notice. And if Gov’t already employs perople (full time) to keep the beach clean and someone else is arguing that it looks nasty, then what does that tell you?