Opposition walk out of LA

| 24/11/2010

(CNS): Following a heated exchange between the premier and the member for East End, the entire opposition walked out of the Legislative Assembly in ashow of party solidarity on Wednesday afternoon. During the debate on the Tax Concessions (Amendment) Bill, Arden McLean said the changes to the law had some worrying implications and suggested the premier was seeking to circumvent the rule of law. Protesting to the speaker, McKeeva Bush loudly demanded that the opposition member withdraw the accusation. However, McLean refused to do so and as a result the speaker asked him to leave. In a gesture of support his four opposition colleagues went with him. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

With the independent member for North Side absent from the chamber overseas, that left the government facing empty opposition benches as it pushed through legislation which will enable Cabinet to exempt any company, not just offshore exempted companies, from any future new taxes that could be introduced without consulting the parliament.

Before the opposition walkout the premier had given a very brief introduction to the bill saying it would be a tool which government could use to offer future incentives to new business that may be attracted to the islands. Bush said it was a positive amendment and one which would be easy for the opposition to support.

However, responding to the presentation and the bill itself, the East End member said he was puzzled that the premier would think it would be easy for them to support given the obvious concerns regarding the legislation.

McLean pointed out that it was essentially giving the premier the power to offer anyone tax exemptions behind closed doors in Cabinet without any indication of the criteria for that exemption. He suggested that, should government introduce a tax and then offer concessions to one company trading in the Cayman Islands but not another, it was easy to see how that would be competitively unfair.

“For example, if someone was to come along and want to build a port in East End, well then, the premier could circumvent the law …,” McLean said before the premier leapt to his feet and accused the opposition member of being in Never-Neverland and called on the Speaker of the House. Mary Lawrence asked McLean to withdraw the statement as she said no member was allowed to impugn another.

However, McLean said that he was not prepared to withdraw what he said given that the premier had recently gone on television and admitted openly that he was prepared to circumvent the law when he felt it was necessary, as he had recently regarding the Central Tenders Committee.

The speaker insisted that the member withdraw the comment, and when McLean continued to refuse she called an abrupt adjournment and asked him to go to her office. She later returned and announced that the East End MLA was still refusing to withdraw the comment and she then asked the member to leave the House for the rest of the afternoon’s proceedings.

Although McLean pointed out that the procedure was incorrect, not wishing to escalate the situation, he and all of his colleagues collected their papers and left together.

Bush insisted that McLean’s comments were struck from the record before he accused the opposition of playing to the gallery and attempting to upstage government. He said the accusations about the bill gave a false impression to the country. “Do they think that if there was something untoward about a certificate the governor would sign it,” Bush asked the empty opposition bench. He said there was nothing new in the law but he said the country had an opposition that was trying to destroy the government.

Following the adjournment of the House, the opposition denied playing to the gallery and pointed out that they walkout was because all of the PPM members were in support of McLean’s comments and believed that the bill was an attempt to circumvent democracy.

McLean said there were significant future implications with the bill and he would not allow the premier to truncate the future of the country without raising his objections. “I was hired to protect the interests of the people of this country, especially the people of East End,” said McLean. “The people sent me there to represent them and I’m going to do it the best way I know how and I will speak up as government is trying to circumvent every tenet of democracy we have.”

His colleague Alden McLaughlin raised serious questions about the bill’s implications and said that the walkout was not a performance but was because the member for East End should have been allowed to make his point. “What this is all about is conferring yet another power on Cabinet to make decisions behind closed doors,” McLaughlin said.

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  1. Here is what I think says:

    I think the UK has informed Mr Bush that Corporation taxes are coming so he is makingthis move now so that he and only he, can exempt his powerful friends who have investments here and large firms. He will exempt them and the rest of us will have to pay their share.

    One day many years from now we will all be looking back at this move and "cussing" – but it is happening right now- right before our eyes, andwe are doing absolutely NOTHING

    Good luck Cayman, this is the beginning of the end!


  2. MER says:

    Well I’ve been watching alot of "Spartacus" (got in on DVD) and I love this phrase "Leave Politics to the men with the breeding for it" and Big Mac is obviously not bred for such a role!

    Can we ship him off to stay with Castro? They’re not as different as you think!

  3. bradley says:

    Look at it this way. We wouldn’t had need a Tax Concession in the first place, if we had but lowered them. Instead we refused to lower them, cut spending, and reduce the size of government. It would have been better if we got rid of them altogether and relied on tourism and the financial industry for our revenue. But no… we relied more on increasing fees, making the government more and more fat, and hence running businesses away and making it harder for a local to start one. So now government exempting companies from tax whilst others have to pay, is even more unfair.

    God help us!

    We steal and are very immoral!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well done Arden for standing up to Big Mac – it’s time some of the men that we  have in the house behave like men and stand up to the bully! Shame that none of you have stood up to him before now!

    McKeeva needs to be taken in hand and quickly before he destroys our country any further. He does not care about Cayman – his bags are packed and ready to go to his house in the States? Costa Rica? when/if/should it become the broken country that it is fast becoming. And, I can assure, he will not be poor when he leaves..

    I only have 2 questions – why is this man still in power/still the premier???? and why have none of the politicians addressed the crime wave that has taken over Cayman – perhaps they don’t live in the same country that I do!?

    • Florence goring-Nozza says:

      Congratulations Arden for your firm stand. That’s what we hired you to do.Thank you Alden for standing up as well and all opposition.

      Mr. Ezzard Miller, you knew this was a very important meeting. Unless you were away for Medical reasons, you should have been there to supportthe opposition what is your excuse? Did you want to remain neutral in all of this? The l5 questions presented by the opposition should have included some of your own as an Independent so why were you not present at this very most important meeting held in the L.A. since the elections of 2009?Please let us know.We need to know where you stand in all of this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is really nothing for the PPM supports to celebrate. I fully support Mr. McLean’s position on the corporate tax exemption change to the law, fully, however, this was not the reason he was asked to leave by the Speaker. His comment of the Premier circumventing the law has nothing to do with this issue; I agree with what he said this morning on the radio that democracy was being circumvented, however, not the law. These are two different issues. Most importantly, his colleagues had an opportunity to complete his portion of the debate; I would much have preferred to have seen maybe one of them remaining in Parliament to finish the debate while the others join him in the walk out if they felt that was absolutely necessary, all in all, we the people were cheated yet again by immaturity in party politics and immaturepoliticians.

    Sadly, the masses seem to enjoy this type of adult public display/tantrums; however, it is to our own demise. I will end with this question. What is the difference between these actions by Mr. McLean and his PPM colleagues and the many other tantrums of the Premier that we find so embarrassing?

    • Anonymous says:

      The action of the Opposition was not a tantrum by any means. It was a calculated act of protest against the government’s actions that would bring public attention to the issue. I think you need to be educated on the issue of the use of ‘walkouts’. For example, the Jamaican opposition party PNP staged a walk out earlier this year when Ja. PM Golding was failing to explain his involvement in the Dudus affair.   

  6. Anonymous says:

    Interestingly, there was a pretty exact parallel in the South African parliament earlier this year.


  7. Wota Ebanks says:

    Irrespective of which Party or group of individuals forms the next Government, one thing is abundantly clear. The current Premier is a disgrace and must be removed from office. So, if the people of West Bay continue to insist that he must represent them, the voters in the other districts must avoid ticking the box next to a UDP candidate at all costs.

  8. Frikadelle says:

    What I would like to see is a show of support by having a national "Day of Discontent" where every civil servant or private employee (cayman and expat alike) is reporting in sick. Say on the 30th november.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yah, because that would really make our clients happy and help out business.  Idiot.

      • Frikadelle says:

        Thanks. Pressure cannot be  politically only it has to be economically as well. Businesses also have an interest in this. If this goes on for much longer financial services will suffer as well. And I am in fact an Expat leaving island soon. Just hate to see what is happening to this country. The date was just a suggestion. Maybe it should be timed with the CNS countdown.

        • anonymous says:


          What are you not satisfied with in this country?

          Is it that you are demanding Cayman Status?

          Is it that you don’t like the premier , Because we don’t either.

          Is it that you think Caymanians should be subservient to x-pats?

          Is it that you feel you are superior to Caymanians?

          Your statement is an empty one and has no merit.

          WHAT IS YOUR REAL REASON? I’m just curious. 



    • Erik the fish says:

      What isthe point in asking Ex-pats to assist you in a protest when they have no voting rights…you can’t have it both ways, normally, we are totally ignored by Government and the voting public, except when you want us to help apply political pressure or raise funds….fight your own battles, you got yourselves in to this unholy mess, now get yourselves out of it!

    • islanmama says:

      A Day of Discontent is an excellent idea but 30 November doesn’t give enough time to organize.  Start circulating emails people.  A more realistic date might be in mid December.  Show this government that we are not gullible and misguided citizens that can be easily scared off by the threats and ranting of McKeeva Bush.   This man continues to bully the people of these islands with his veiled threats and tantrums.

      We sit quietly in our homes, offices, restaurants and street corners and grumble about how unhappy we are with his blatant disregard  for what is truly best for our islands but yet we do nothing about it.  Why have we given this man so much power?  

      Many of us know that to speak up will mean that mysteriously our life will become more complicated but while we don’t we allow our legacy to be squandered for the benefit of a few.

  9. Anonymous says:

    No respect!

    Arden has no respect for the Legislative Assembly; why else would he break its rules with blatant disregard, and when asked to withdraw his statements so as to conform with the rules, he refuses.

    Is Arden bigger than the rules? Should every MLA now impugn another, and the Speaker have to send them all home, and the business of the country not be done because these wild bred politicians believe they are above the rules?

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope when you’re paying taxes up the wazoo, you won’t be complaining "darling"!

    • Anonymous says:

      Arden sounds like the perfect leader for the PPM between ignoring the rules in the LA and having the rest of the PPM follow him like sheep and wanting to control development of the Eastern districts this is perfect.

      Are there any politicians who will work for the good of the country instead of playing to talk tadio hosts.

    • Anonymous says:

      No respect? If this is "no respect" in your opinion I wonder what you call the rude & disrespectful behaviour of the premier over the past 2 decades? I’m very sorry to inform you Anon 09:53 but Arden Mclean is an angel in comparrison to your leader the premier! Now that is what you call NO RESPECT! Please go back over the hansards of the House & records of the L.A. meetings & you will see the awful lack of respect shown by your leader to any & EVERYONE, including former Speakers, colleagues, opposition members, Governors, the press, & ordinary citizens. WOW! The list goes on, & the insults & threats never end. Arden is a saint in comparrison.

    • Sam says:

      You know, it scares me if he’s ever elected Premier!  Really Scary!

      He is too SHORT FUSE to hold any power.

      • Anonymous says:

         "You know, it scares me if he’s ever elected Premier!  Really Scary!

        He is too SHORT FUSE to hold any power."

        This is sarcasm, right?

        • Anonymous says:

          Arden broke the rules – and his Party members supported him; the same way that young bullies break the rules and their friends support them.

          What an example for our young.

          There is an appeal now before the court – a friend who supported his friend by sticking around while he tore the final threads of life out of a victim dying in a car – i guess this is what we’re coming to. Support our friends, no matter what they’re doing.

          • Anonymous says:

            This is rich – the UDP complaining about someone "breaking the rules". Is there any rule that the UDP has left unbroken?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am so proud of the PPM right now! This is what opposition looks like! The ruling party won’t liste and "votes straight" even against their own convictions, so there is no way that the opposition can actually stop detrimental laws from being passed (check out the Dormant Accounts Law and the new amendments), so the opposition do what they can, raise hell!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I would respect the opposition more if they stayed in the LA where they belong instead to throwing out comments and making a dramatic exit for the newspapers and radio talk shows.

      Playing the public relations game may puff up their faithful but who was in the LA after they left to represent the opposition?

      When will these politicians grow up and put the business of the country first?

      There are some real problems here and it angers me to see this political maneuvering.

      • Anonymous says:

        …and I’d respect the ruling party more if they’d actually follow the standing orders instead of constantly suspending them in order to prevent proper democracy.

        I’d respect theruling party more if they’d answer the oppositions parliamentary questions istead of deffering them constantly.

        I’d respect the ruling party more if they’d actually uphold the laws of the country.

        I’d respect the ruling party more if they’d actually listen to the Caymanian public and our cries for help.

        Happy now?

  11. MER says:

    Mckeeva is getting ridiculous, the whole point of having an opposition is to OPPOSE, if he will not allow them to do what they are there to do, then what sense does it make to have them?! This man seems to think he is now the God of the Cayman Islands, I am sick and tired of his demanding ways now!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Can the Premier do anything that would please the opposition supporters?

      • Anonymous says:

        To Anon Thu 11/25/10 12:24   YES!He could step down and call for new elections.

    • Anonymous says:

      getting ridiculous? he has always been……….

  12. When the UK says:

    when the UK marches in here and assumes control of our "country" maybe then all of you UDP supporters will begin to understand why Arden is so angry and worked up. The UDP has led us past the point of no return. Bush is building a dictatorship and if you are not his supporter you have to go. Look at what he has done with Lem Hurlston – booted off the Immigration board because he supports the PPM. Replaced by a UDP "yes woman" who has so many conflicts she needs permission to brush her teeth. This recent move by Bush only further establishes that he is hell bent on by-passing any check and balance the law places before him. He is an outlaw and should be dealt with as such.

    Cayman how much longer can this continue? do you not see he is destroying us?



    • Anonymous says:

      How can the UDP supporters who are supposed to be smart proffessional people allow themselves to be led by such a dictator?

      Wake upUDP supporters before you allow the dictator to destroy not only the UDP but also the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        UDP supporters MUST demand something be done about the way this country is being ‘mis’-managed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can they be so shortsighted???

        Do they really believe their payoff,

        be it $25 every 4 years, a new fridge, kids going to private school, getting to finally mix with certain people (incidently you can take the salem out of the country but you cant the country out of the salem…so all the pretenious airs, self importance makes most simply look pathetic…Cayman is too small to not realise WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, UDP MEMBERSHIP AND LOYALTY CAN NEVER MAKE YOU RESPECTABLE),

        getting on boards, the ‘right job’, travel opportunities and on and on….

        For the love of God, Caymanians (who remember will be radically different in terms of race/culture in 10-15 years) need to realise what the UDP has done and will continue to do. WE ARE STILL UNDER THE UK, STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS!!

        What a legacy UDP is developing!

        We need 2 lists of people…..status grants 2003 with the people who put the names on the list and all those who voted for UDP, the let them ‘pay for the mess’ .

  13. Anonymous says:

    Good job Arden..Lets see Alden top that one! The Lions are circling, lets see who gets eaten first..There will be more of this to come as the PPM MLA’s jockey for position in the party.

    Careful though Arden, you are disrespecting the Speaker of the House and that doesn’t go down well in history. Stand for your point but don’t disrespect the speaker or the rules of the house. By doing so, you are doing exactly what you are accusing McKeeva of doing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the Speaker understands that Arden means no disrespect to her. It is called civil disobedience. And the issue is not about some rivalry between Alden and Arden. Obviously Alden would not have walked out with him had that been the case. An obvious UDP attempt to slant the issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is not correct statement.

      Mr. Arden did not disrespect the Spaker.

      If Mr. Arden had not departed the LA building then that would have been disrespecting the speaker.

      Mr. Arden disagreed with the ruling of the Speaker and did the only option open to him if he disagreed with the Speaker’s ruling, he refused to retract the true statement knowing the the result would be for him to comply with the Speaker’s ruling to depart the LA building for the remaining time the LA was in session for the day.

      Mr. Arden did the correct and right thing – congratulation to you Sir for saying what many are afraid to say.

  14. justiceserve says:



  15. sam says:

    PPM it is too late!  Shame, Shame, Shame!

    You all should have been opposing the UDP long time when Ezzard Miller was doing his best!

    Now Ezzie is gone and you all barking like dogs!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Walking out leaves a unanimous vote as opposed to staying and stating your facts. This method chosen by Arden leaves no official objection trail on the books. As a seasoned politician he should know better than this by now.

    Very valid points but he has to maintain a cool head with Mckeeva and disrupt his arguments with well thought out valid points of opposition. At minimum the opposition will be recorded on the books.

    Each time Mckeeva and his lambs come up with something else outrageous I wonder ok this must be the last straw my people are going to voice their displeasure loudly in solidarity together. But no a few comments most missing the point entirely on the blogs and back to business as usual.

    We have exactly the useless Government and Opposition we deserve. Until WE start loudly opposing, these one sided bullying tactics with no restraint or regards for what is right and in the best interest of this Country and its future generations, together there will be NO change!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      He did maintain a cool head with reasoned arguments. Merely staying and saying what was deemed to be politically correct would not have forcefully brought the public’s attention to this serious issue. I don’t think there will be any lack of record about the Opposition’s opposition to this since that is what the walkout is all about.  

  17. anonymous says:


    "My fellow ministers, these attacks against the Speaker of the House upholding the rules of the LA, just shows the kind of people we have in the Cayman Islands. They are not happy with the Democracy we allow them to have for their own good governance!  So Lords…

    Are there any suggestions whether the Governor should now be the colony’s new Dictator?" 

    Result of vote:  1 Nay  – 12 Yeas

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK Ministers understand the value of walkouts. Evidently you do not.

  18. ppm supporter says:

    That is why I would rather Arden Mclean any day as leader. He just knows how to stand up to Mac. He has backbone like Ezzard Miller.

  19. voiceofreason says:

    I support the UDP. If concessions on tax are not given towards boosting the economy, then how do you expect companies to do business here and jobs to be created???


    • anon says:

      You are missing the point- it’s not the tax concessions, it’s the "back room dealing". whatever concessions are given should be given in the bright light of day, with reasons as to why it will, in the long run, be beneficial to the islands themselves, not just select individual’s bank accounts.

    • Pauly Cicero says:

      Think a little further.  The purpose of the tax is to provide revenue for the government. Concessions mean less government revenue on the front end.  The business that has received the concession must generate equal or more revenue to the government on the back end in order to boost the economy.  Granting concessions without this analysis will drive the economy down further even though it looks good outwardly.  What you see is not necessarily what you get.

    • Anonymous says:

      If new businesses cannot afford to pay their way then why should we have them here?

      Having these new businesses here only benefits a very few politically well connected people who have sold their soul to the devil because of their love of money. 

      I am sick and tired of subsidising rich millionairs who make their money by stealing from poor ignorant people like us.

      If you want to do business in the Cayman Islands then pay your way from day 1.

  20. clide says:

    I’ll tell what, if we don’t sell ourselves WHOLESALE, we can kiss people who want to come here and do business BYE BYE!

    McKeeva Bush is all about strengthening our economy, and to do so… yes… you need a "necessary dictator" or leader. If not the Premier, then the UK Governor will do it!

    So you all can rant and complain, but what has to be done, has to done! May I remind you that the PPM got us into this hugh deficit, and it is the UDP that will get us out!

  21. anonymous says:

    Well the race to PPM leadership is ON! I wonder what Aldin will come up with to show more “Leadership” than this one. The game has started.

  22. anonymous says:

    so much for getting some work done in the la.

  23. judgeX says:

    Arden has a VALID POINT – indeed! 

    But I am so sorry… he MUST NOT be the next PPM LEADER, because he is too personal and love to attack the person and not the issue!

    Miss Mary was right in her judgement. He should have left the House!

  24. prob-in-paradise says:

    Anyone who votes for such a dangerous law, which is clearly designed to allow for favoritism and more official corruption, is a traitor to the Cayman Islands. Never mind saying that the other UDP members are just like sheep – it is much worse than that. They are constantly voting in favour of laws, and allowing underhand practices, where no reasonable even-minded individual could possibly conclude that they were for the common good of the country.

    What is happening is a systematic destruction of this country’s government by the introduction of flawed and malevolent laws which are designed to undermine previous legislation or equitable decisions. 

    In doing so, whilst few around seem to doubt Bush is the leader and arch-criminal in all of this, never forget the collaborators who are voting, voting, voting in favour of this man’s whims. 

    It is to be hoped they can all  be brought to account. But, and here is the rub, Caymanians need to really care enough about how they are governed, because it is only they who can bring about a change to this mad dictatorship.

  25. Anonymous says:

    King Bush the first.

    Does Cayman really want to install a king?

    To issue Royal dispensations, and decrees?

  26. Frikadelle says:

    Looks like the Bush Hyenas is sinking their teeth into the CNS blog as well. Interesting to see how a country turns 3rd world.

  27. Libertarian says:

    Arden:  “the premier could circumvent the law”

    In other words, Arden is saying that whereas it would take all of Parliament to exempt one company from taxes, it will now be a “one-man-show” doing the exemption without the rest of Parliament, which the people elected. That is why Arden believes it is against “every tenet of Democracy.” A little exaggeration…but he has made a valid point!
    Where I do believe that all companies should be exempted from taxation so business on the island can flourish, I too feel that such power resting in the hands of the Premier to exempt “some” companies from others, would not be FAIR; especially to the local ones. For instance, Doctor Shetty would be able to monopolize the medical industry without being taxed, but what if certain local practitioners want to compete and reduce costs, and they are refused the exemption. All these things we have to take into consideration.
    CNS:  “Mary Lawrence asked McLean to withdraw the statement as she said no member was allowed to impugn another.” She was just following the rules of the house where no member should impugn another member’s character. In other words, Arden could have made his valid point without tying the Premier into it or accusing him.
    The Premier states, “Do they think that if there was something untoward about a certificate the governor would sign it.” It just shows to me that the Premier’s mentality is pretty much akin to a colonial mentality. He would take sides with the governor anytime in disregarding the rest of Parliament like all other governor’s do with their mandates from the UK. The Premier and his team believe that by exempting some companies from tax, it would help boost the economy and that the PPM opposition is all about destroying it – much more attacking the integrity of the governor.
    It would be interesting to hear from Ezzard point of view, as he is away at this time.
  28. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday a primary school took a class to the LA to see how the legislative process works. A teacher is quoted as saying that "perhaps one of them will grow-up to be a politician one day". Isn’t it ironic and grossly disappointing that they had to witness this type of behaviour from our leaders? Imagine the impression the children were left with, from the example they saw? The teacher also said that the children were "well behaved". Perhaps the politicians should adhere to the Biblical credo "…and a little child shall lead them" and follow the kids’ example!  

  29. Anon says:

    What bothers me is that the Speaker has been intimidated here by the Premier. Certainly she can not rule that Mr. McLean was out of order here. She is wrong to make this ruling and slowly she is undermining the effectivness of parliamentary opposition.

  30. nauticalone says:

    I support you Arden and colleagues!….It is clear that MacDinijad is intent on removing as much of the process ofDemocracy as he can get away with.

    And remember; the speaker is not God….nor is she elected by the people!


    • Anonymous says:

      I cannot believe what is happening to Cayman.  Remember when God led the children out of the land of Egypt, and they turned and forgot what he had done for them.  This is what god does to a nation who has forgotten HIM.  Mr.  PREMATURE need s a good dose of salvation, and so do the rest of you ungrateful people.  PUT GOD FIRST,  stop worshipping the  Premier  all you dunces in West Bay.  More power to you Arden Mclean, stand up for the people.  "PEACE!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Mr.McLean, I raise my hat to you for standing on the line and holding to the fact that Bushie is paving the way for us to go down a slippery slope.  You are our defender.  Don’t let the bushes keep us from viewing the forest.  We will live with regret, remorse and embarrassment as long as we have the hillbilly from the wild wild west.  

    It is about time someone stood up to the dictator and let him understand that the PPM are not like the other stooges, who shudder at the sound of the educated dictator.  What is Cayman coming to?  Opportunity is never present for the natives.  Wake up Cayman, we need to move the dictator before he totally destroys this little piece of what used to be PARADISE.  We are being sold wholesale.  Who is the purchaser?

    • Anonymous says:

      The lady has failed 5 times at the poles and was given a backdoor entrance to the LA, so you know she not going stand on Mac toes and will do as he instructs!

      What a mess this place is!

      • Bodden Town te de bone says:

        Now una got to leave Miss Mary out of this, she is doing her job very well, and has no grouse with any one party.  She ran five times and did not get in yes, but She is now calling the shots for all. Hail Mary.

      • Anonymous says:

        To Anon Wed 11/24/2010 23:39             At present the speaker is "hired"(elected) by a majority of mlas ;in other words she owes her job to the ruling party who can "fire" her at any time if they disagree with the ruling from thechair(we have seen in recent days what happened to certain board members who displeased the Premier; why would the speaker be treated any differently) Some suggest that in order to avoid this the Speaker should be appointed by the Governor and not elected by the majority party in the LA.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of the reasons for the whole opposition walking away from the place the public are paying them to attend to voice their opposition in as effective manner as possible, I’m not at all sure this is the kind of behaviour that will particularly endear the PPM to the independent voters who need to be convinced at the next general election that booting out Mac and his disciples is the right thing to do. (Better the devil you know?)

    Surely this extremism stuff is the last thing to be doing given the present situation within the party, with its change of leadership and all the uncertainty this naturally brings. Speaking of which, if I were to be a PPM supporter I’d be hard pressed to vote for a suitable replacement for Kurt. I mean, there’s meek and mild or attack dog on offer. Pity there’s no one in between. As an independent voter, I want a viable choice when it comes to a general election, and it seems to me that the PPM has a whole lot of work ahead of it before I’d consider it. My advice – some of you, put your hearts to one side and use your brains and err on the side of "meek and mild", and let’s see a moderate and electable alternative to what some claim we have presently. Best of luck you avid PPM CNS readers, you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wake up Star (Anon 22:54)

      If they had stayed in the house the bill would have passed anyway as the Government has the majority and no one would have known what the UDP are trying to do.

      The bill wants to give Big Mac complete control over who he decides can have an exemption on duty and you "not so brightly shining Star" know that XXXXX a lot of people or companies will be getting exemption.

      By the way, when the PPM opposition sits in the house and do what they have to do, and that is give their address to any bill, and it passes, you all say that they are doing nothing and being quiet.

      And now……….

      GIVE ME A BREAK Star!

    • Anonymous says:

      To poster Wed 11/24/2010 22:54 I believe they voiced their opposition quite effectively when they walked out.I certainly got the point .

    • Northsider says:

      I believe if Ezzard was there, he would not had followed the PPM. He is Independent and knows how to take a disagreement without calling out anyone’s name.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, agree.  All this drama and walking out is not the answer.  It is just behaving the same way as the leader of government. This is not the way to go.  We have to be smarter than this. 

    • Anon says:

      Thank you for your thoughts, little lamb.  Please move aside now.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Was this dramatic display a bid by Mr McLean to move into the leadership of the opposition?

    When bank after bank is being robbed and crime is out of control the opposition walks out of the LA.

    If the politicians aren’t adult enough to maintain their position within the governmental structure, then they should resign and let others assume that role.

    • EE says:


      Mr. Miller would had walk out of the Assembly too!  Arden was just being an effective voice of Opposition!

    • ..... says:

      Are you serious? What does the crime outbreak have to do with him leaving the LA? The matter being voted on had nothing to do with this. Whether the party was present in the building or not, the majority was held by the UDP and the matter was going to be passed successfully in the house, regardless of their presence. He walked out knowing that staying would not change the outcome, and to voice his disapproval. Maybe read a little more, or watch the local news a bit more attentively. This will help you to not sound so confused.

    • MER says:

      Please recall from the article, the "Premier" asked that he leave. I am sure big Mac will soon impose some law that provides for jail time if his orders aren’t adhered to. He should not be allowed to make demands like this at all!

  34. Say it Aint So! says:

    Just so i understand I will attempt to compare todays walkout to the common man.

    Employe is upset with work collegues. Employee says to hell with what work collegues have to say. Boss steps in to say sort your differences and get back to work! Employe says to hell with you boss and collegue and storms out of the office and has a chat outside in the parking lot with who ever will listen and does not go back to work Employe keeps pay check and returns to work the nextday. WOW!!!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      To poster on Wed 24/11/10 21:46 Lets try this angle.Employee states that colleague on a previous occasion had operated outside the norm when awarding a contract and therefore might do it again.Colleague objects and demands that the manager order employee to apologize.Manager orders employee to apologize.Employee refuses ,saying colleague was in the media supporting previous actions.Manager orders employee into her office and returns to say that employee was unwilling to apologize and orders employee to leave the premises.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are trivialising a very serious issue. This is not a mere squabble between employees. An important issue about accountability, transparency and good governance is at stake. Walkouts and boycotts are tools to lodge a strong protest that are used by parliamentarians throughout the world. The only qualification is that it should be used sparingly. It seems that you need some exposure.   

  35. WHAT A BAM BAM says:

    Lets see how united and together PPM will be in around 2-3 months time,every body in Cayman knows that at least two members thinking they should be new leader ………lets see if solidarity and unity is still loud and clear for dem jokers come2011…………..i just can’t wait for the post new year PPM fireworks,it’s going to be one hell of a BAM BAM!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am really looking forward to this too.  I hope Alden, Arden and Moses talk this over before it happens, because Money and Power will make people fall out.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The LA fiddles while Cayman burns.

    Cheap political grandstanding wastes valuable time and energy.

    This generation of politicians (both parties) must be replaced as soon as possible. They are a bunch of beverley hillbillies who attrract ridicule and contempt.

    It’s time to replace them with the next generation of young Caymanian leaders who know how to be statesmen and staeswomen. I pray that Cayman can survive until they take the reigns.

    • anonymous says:

      The Hon Speaker was right….Mac is trying to get the country back on track, just like the rest of the world. Arden needs to learn some civility, and write his own stuff…but there are rules in the house and what Ms Mary says…goes….rightfully so.

      • Anonymous says:

        "…but there are rules in the house and what Ms Mary says…goes….rightfully so"

        I hope you remember that when McKeeva is challenging her rulings and saying that she needs to go read Erskine May.

        There are occasions when civil disobedience is required because the issue is so gravely detrimental to good governance. This is one of them.   

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know that Arden doesn’t write his own stuff but we sure know that McKeeva doesn’t write his. Whenever he goes of script he ends up saying something really stupid. 

        Arden was not uncivil. What was uncivil was when McKeeva had his meltdown down when he didn’t like the Speaker’s ruling and basically told her that she didn’t know what she was doing and she need to get control of herself.

  37. Anonymous says:

    So what exactly does these clowns hope to acheive by walking out ???

    Other than allowing the government free reign to pass anything they wish without opposition.

    Opposition 101 – You must be in the chamber of the LA to make a difference during LA proceding !

    • Anonymous says:

      The Opposition made a very powerful statement by walking out in solidarity and in opposition to what the Premier is doing. Mr. Mclean was entirely right that he is seeking to avoid the rule of law. Obviously the govt. has the numbers to pass anything they wish without the Opposition.  All they can do is what they have done – raise hell.   

      • Anonymous says:

        It would have been better for them to have stayed and voted against it. Now the record will show them as absent or abstaining, not voting NO the way they should have.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well if we follow your logic the natural conclusion is that there is no point in having an opposition.

        A dangerous thought to say the least !

        • Anonymous says:

          You have completely missed the point. They are performing the role of the Opposition in challenging what the UDP is doing and forcefully bringing it to the public’s attention. What exactly do you think the role of the Opposition is? To go along with whatever the govt. proposes?

        • Lachlan MacTavish says:

           Finally, someone standing up to dictorial rule. Keep it up Arden. I hope the voters are taking note and take note every single time something like this happens. Cayman needs major leadership change. The direction we have gone in the last 2 decades has been for the short term. Always knee jerk reaction and elected member self interest. No true visionary long term direction. Press on Arden, voters listen and watch. 

    • say what? says:

      Being in the building would not change anything in this scase! When you do not have a majority vote, your voice will be overshadowed and the majority vote will force the passage of a new or ammended law. Commom sense should tell ya this! Had there have been a chance, of course he would have stayed.

  38. Caymanian says:

     I am anti party system person. Arden does raise a valid point and he is correct about him being appointed to represent the people however, when you allow your emotions and pride to dictate your actions, the people will never have the chance to get their opinions or concerns raised no matter how Good or Bad.

    Mr Arden, I agree with your very valid point raised, but the manner in which you raise anything is improper and immature.

    If a child places his or her hand up in a class to share the correct answer and waits patiently until he / she is called upon, even if it is at the end of the class, only then will the teacher and students respect and agree with the proper response, but if the child interrupts every class and jumps onto the desk and insist that their (Valid) point must be taken note of, no matter how good of an answer, the teacher, students, and in this case the principal whom Arden was ordered to her quarters, will have no value of the answer nor will they have respect for the student from there on.

    If you are willing to represent the people you must do so in an orderly manner with patience, virtue, and most of all respect for all others, even if we think that the other person is making a great mistake, we must be willing to share with them our point of view in a manner that will earn their respect and if they also decide to be childish about it, others will demand that they do give it as they will now have respect for you.

    Again, I am a neutral person in political parties or just plain politicians, but all things should be done in organization, or we will all suffer for the mistakes.

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t appear that you read the article properly. There was nothing "immature" about Arden’s actions. Thank God somehow in the LA has the moral courage to stand for their convictions and to do it forcefully.  

      • Raise the level says:

        This is why these threads frustrate me.  They are nothing but partisan comments.  Arden knows the rules.  You cannot impugn the character of another MLA in the House.  He knows that accusing someone of breaking or intending to break the law is a violation of the rules.  Arden knows this very well.

        He could have made his point, withdrawn the statement (as is done in court) and still had the effect because it’s on the radio and other reporters will mention it was struck from the record.

        If McKeeva had done the same thing to Kurt or Alden and been asked to withdraw the statement and thrown out, everybody would be saying how uncivilized and horrible the man is and not giving him kudos for standing up for his beliefs.

        The long and short is, it is simply posturing, raw political posturing.  It’s all the opposition can do in any case since they can’t control the vote.  Arden broke the rules to make a point.  Is that worthy of celebrating?  Could he not have made his point anyway else?

        • anonymous says:

          By walking out of the LA, did the entire opposition show total disrespect to the Speaker and her ruling? 

          I wonder if this would be exceptable behaviour for the rest of us, say in school, our work place, maybe even in court?

          So if you dont like the rules, is it acceptable to just simply walk out quietly and find the nearest reporter?

        • Anonymous says:

          Absolutely. Get a clue. Posturing?! People like you frustrate me. Youreally do not get what this is all about. Why should Arden withdraw a statement which we all know is true? BTW he didn’t say that McKeeva was intending to break the law but rather that he was circumventing the law and avoiding the rule of law. That he is. There is a difference. The people’s attention has to be drawn to what Mckeeva is doing to this country and it sure did that. Can anyone say
          "Banana republic"!


      • Anonymous says:

        Yea right, it wasn’t wrong either when you as a child were asked by your mama to leave the room and stand in the corner, misbehavor comes with consequences

        • Anonymous says:

          This is not an issue of childhood misbehaviour. This is about an elected representative of the people standing up for the people and the long term best interests of this country and holding the government accountable. The Speaker is beholden to the Premier for her appointment. Mr. McLean is beholden to his constituency and the people of these Islands generally. Mr. McLean did not complain about the conseqence. Principles will cost you and it is clear that he is mature enough to understand that.  Ghandi understood this as did Martin Luther King although officialdom said they were wrong.   

    • Anonymous says:

      To poster Wed. 11/24/2010 -20.35                                                             Perhaps you should have listened to the rebroadcast of the proceedings before making such a post.First of all McKeeva  was interrupting Arden’s contribution ,not the other way around.Secondly he broke house rules by shouting at Arden and not addressing his remarks through the speaker.(Incidentally ,the speaker did  not point this out to McKeeva) Thirdly ,McKeeva impugned Arden’s character by accusing him of being in Never Never land.(AGAIN MADAM SPEAKER DID NOT ADDRESS THIS BREACH OF STANDING ORDERS)Madam speaker perhaps you could address this apparent anomaly at the earliest opportune time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Quite right.  Otherwise, one is doing exactly what the other is doing and we end up with two breaking laws and doing whatever, whenever it suits.  This cycle has to be broken.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering if McKeeva was asked to withdraw his statement that Arden was "in Never Never Land?

    • lloyd says:

      nah… sir, it was a malicious attack on his character like what he tried to pin on the Premier.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Very mature gentlemen, well done.

  41. Eyes Wide Shut says:

     …meanwhile, on the other side of town, Butterfield Bank is getting robbed.

  42. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush is a disgrace to these Islands and he has no intentions on following the Laws of the land.  He is a dictator and he has the Governor afraid of him.  I do not blame Arden for not apologising as McKeeva is doing exactly what Arden has accused him of.  How can the rest of the UDP members sit there and agree with everything McKeeva says and do.  How can they sleep at night, when they know that they are breaking the Laws?

    • anonymous says:

      There are rules, If Hon. Mary Lawrence says so?….So it is…She is a very honest, honorable Speaker, and I trust her.Q

  43. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the oppositionis waking up & no longer putting up with the high-handed dirty tactics of the government. The opposition may not have the majority but they have shown that they have a voice.

  44. anonymous says:

    Our government is on the verge of meltdown. Democracy is almost a thing of the past. We are now not a tow party system but a one person system because none of the elected MLA’s, except the opposition and independents, has the ba&%s to speak up against our Premier as he takes more and more power away from the people and puts it in his hands.

    Realty has to set in and stop this situation.  I am afraid that the UK must do something before it is too late.  But I have a feeling they are sitting back and smiling as we destroy ourselves.

  45. pop a top again says:

     i totally agree with Arden and fellow members walk out all the together bush is just a big fat bully from west bay show them how the east and the ppm will win and be won again next election ppm dont let them get you out they are going to destroy this island


    • Anonymous says:

      pop a top again what in the world are you smoking? is it cow itch or is it maiden plum?  ppm win next election……………… you make me laugh……

      • Anonymous says:

        Not nearly as hilarious as the idea that the UDP has any chance of winning.

        "Mene Mene, Tekel, Upharsin"

  46. Anonymous says:

    Way to go PPM. Stay united and Stand by what you say.Don’t apologize for anything. Don’t let Mac destroy our country.

    Go PPM!



    • sandra says:

      ppm is not any better!  they need to get their act together and have a charismatic leader who will not be attacking lawmaker’s character. so far – I havn’t seen one of the MLA’s exercise any moral restraint.

  47. whodatis says:

    Ok, honestly speaking now …

    From this Caymanian to all others – in light of all that is happening around us in this country – who between these two individuals (Arden vs. McKeeva) comes across as someone with the best interest of Caymanians at heart?

    (Answers in short form requested below.)

    *Personally, I am riding with Arden.*

    (And for the love of my sanity, please do not forward ridiculous and pathetic theories in regards to protocol, procedure and al related bullcrap. We all know what time it is – and playing dumb is what led to the current downfall of the largest ‘developed’ nations.)

    McKeeva makes my skin crawl by the way in which he appears hell-bent on importing all of the cancers of modern capitalism into this tiny island nation.

    We all know where this story will end – we only have to look around the globe for examples.

    Folks, almost 1/5 of British children are currently dependent on the UK government for food, clothing and shelter due to a wrecked economy. The USA is at 20% unemployment.

    The official and widely accepted way of doing things in this western world has failed miserably. The top 1% is living large and the overwhelming majority is suffering. (By the way, do we realize that all of Portugal is at a stand-still today by nationwide strike action and the UK is experiencing rioting in its capital as you read this post?)

    The ‘West’ has eaten itself yet certain elected officials are intent on doing things by the western textbook.


  48. Anonymous says:

    Is there really a rule in the LA that states that pointing out the obvious is not permitted?

    Hypothetically speaking, I would have thought that there would be some flawed logic in any proposition that it is possible to impugn the honour ofsomeone who hassold theirs. Not only that but I would have thought that apart from the political posturing which occurs inside the LA, stating the truth should be some sort of absolute defence to any accusation of defamation. 

  49. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier Bush you are taking yourself way too seriously here and it is you who are putting this country in danger and sorry to say but your starting to sound more and more like Fidel and Mr. Chavez. I would have never tough that the power would go to your head like that. I know that quite a few in you party are also worried but it seems that ONLY YOU can get away with all this nonsense. I am beginning to think that we would be better off with the UK taking over.It can’t get any worse but I know it will. You are pushing many buttons and many are considering cashing in count their losses and set up elsewhere. Did you forget that is  how Cayman got it’s break while others were like you.EVERYBODY is REPLACEBLE 

  50. All hail says:

    "An attempt to circumvent democracy"?! This is absurd. The Premier and his party would NEVER attempt anything like this. Except for trying to silence the media, oh and how about that conservation bill issue, oh and how about…yeah. I could go on and on.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Action Man, you show Mac that you will not bow down to him like he is accustomed to. He is so accustomed to his spineless wimp colleagues literally laying down for him that he believes that everyone will. But thank you Action Man for showing him that not all people are scared of his bombastic & bullying ways. Boom Bam!

  52. BORN FREE says:

    If the government will not listen action must be taken. If the premier continues to act like a dictator then action must be taken. It makes no sense whatsoever to continue to sit idly by while the premier does as he likes, whether it is in the best interests of the people or not. That is why I support the action taken by Arden Mclean, & I love the fact that his opposition colleagues followed him in a show of support & solidarity.
    This "walkout" will not accomplish a lot but it sends a message to the dictator that they will not sit by & allow him to continue to ignore the wishes & best interests of the Cayman people.
    It is however not surprising to me that the speaker sided with the premier, WHAT A SHOCKING SURPRISE, NOT! "You do as I say or out you go too"! Haha!