Police swarm Seven Mile Beach resort

| 25/11/2010

(CNS): A police operation that involved armed officers took place on Wednesday afternoon at one of Grand Cayman’s most popular tourist spots. Several members of different RCIPS units arrested at least two women at the Treasure Island resort on Seven Mile Beach. Police have not yet confirmed the details of this operation as it is but it is believed to be drug related. According to reports on Cayman 27, sources at the scene told the news crew it was a drug bust and that two men were also taken into custody by the RCIPS along with the women shown on film.

Go to Cayman27 video.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Well let’s agree to disagree here. I think the RCIP is doing their best underthe circomstances and THEY are not the problem. They are owed a bunch owed time off because they don’t get paid ovetime( you didn’t know?) Told that their stupid. I know quite a few and many good men. Another case of overworked, underpaid and under appreciated. The problem lies in upper managegent, favoritism and a Commisionner no better for the morale of the force then the previous ones. Tomorrow all 5 of our churches of God will show them our appreciation and hopefully make them feel the respect they desrve.Please don’t insult my intelligence when OUR Commissionner has not issues a single statement in a good. if he’s on vacation just tell us.Do a lot of us a favor and acknowledge one of our ofiicers.They are human beings like you and I,parents, fathers and mothers. Do you want to do thier job? I know I don’t! Why don’t you join us. 10:45 Chapel Church Of God is on of them. Walkers road 

  2. John Evans says:

    If this was the mustard-yellow coloured units nearest the road I don’t think you are talking about a ‘resort’ as such but long-term lets, many of them to students from SMU.

    My last year in Cayman was spent living in TI and this doesn’t surprise me at all. The TV footage looks like a well-organised bust in a what is potentially a very difficult and dangerous location.

    As for the criticism by some of the firearms – 9mm carbines are not high-powered rifles but they are a very sensible precaution in a situation like this. Most visitors to Cayman are used to seeing armed police and would think nothing of it. 


  3. Anonymous says:

    Let us not be naive, prostitution exists in Cayman and we know from past news reports that nude dancing has been taking place here as well.

    Once we get casino gambling we can expect this type of vice to increase.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Once we get casino gambling we can expect this type of vice to increase."

      Based on what facts do you make this statement ?

      Vice is the result of moral decay, bad parenting, bad policing, bad social programs and people blaming everything under the sun except themselves…

      Poverty is the number driver of vice, casino brings employment and money….

      Go figure…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Look at this. While one that traffics drugs needs to be dealt with and for sure brought to justice, I hope that swarming a tourist area with armed Police that are using high-powered rifles to boot, that it was a drug arrest with real substance and that all of the I’s and T’s were dotted and crossed as is not the norm with the RCIP.

    One only has to look around the Cayman Islands to see thugs that are more often armed with firearms dealing drugs freely as if they were selling fruit and are never arrested. Before you jump on the wagon of no one tells the Police anything, that is simply not true as they have been told.

    I am predicting that this was an over-kill type of situation and another example of the RCIP failing to combat real criminal activity where it can be measured as a real success.


    Mr. Baines, is he still on the Island. All we are seeing of the RCIP is frontmen and nothing out of his mouth. Not only is he ineffective he is abstant from making public statements in trying times.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great Job RCIP. 


      I hope this is the Resort I am thinking of because if so, this was well needed.  It is a disgrace to see what actually goes on at that particular hotel eg. under age girls in pools with older men, drinking, smoking, you name it.


      I pray this is just the beginning of many Raid until it is cleaned up.


      Informed and concerned BORN  Caymanian and Mother!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t you give the Commissioner a break. If you think you can do a better job and know the way to stopping this crime then PLEASE tell us instead of putting the Commissioner down. The man is only human. I think he’ s doing a great job especially starting hisjob in the middle of this crime wave. It was already way out of control.

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        14:26, you know I have to agree with you.  Sometimes I wonder what has the Commissioner Baines done to some person why its the same old, same old, blaming Commissioner Baines.  For Pete’s sake una please give the man a break nuh.  I think Commissioner Baines is doing an exceptionally well job.  If someone replacees him we will say the same thing six months after, and you know what I am saying is true.  Anyway life is that you can please some of the people all the time, but  not all of the people all the time.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are another ass that cries out for the police to do something, but when they do something, you are now crying that they are over armed. What makes a white man different from a black man when it comes down to danger with drugs and guns? Wake up and shut up!!!!

  5. hmmmmm.... says:

     drug related or sex work related?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Police can onlyStop Land Rovers for going 5 miles over the limit on South Sound and bust a few girls for smokin a joint. Meanwhile 3 guys are counting thier money laughing and known murderers who’s evidence they bungled run free

    • Pending says:

      Welcome to Cayman.

      How do you expect the RCIP to do anything with evidence put before them when half of them, if not more, cannot even read or write properly?

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        Well "Pending", I will not completely agree with your comments, but you have a point somewhere in there.  However, I believe that  is one of the things that Commissioner Baines is working on.  Of course he has identified a break down in literacy in the police and is willing to tackle it.  In days gone by a person could get into the Force because of Family/Friend/Contact, who you know and so and so.

        Cayman had no crime then, so that way of entering into the force had to change.  The police force should be carefully selected and properly trained in weak areas.  These are no nonsence times we are living in, so we need tough, vigilant, educated  no nonsence cops.

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s two guys now 

    • Anonymous says:

      Police need to focus more on crimes that escalating ,

      They just look for little petty stuff to arrest people for instead of looking for the real crimals……..

      • Wake UP!!!! says:


        You just committed a crime of abuse of the English language…

        Not that you didn’t make a valid point, you just did it in a way that loses cred, bro…

    • Wake UP!!!! says:

       XXX- speeding is a crime too – and results in deaths.  The cops are doing their best.  You ever phone in a tip when you saw something suspicious going on???