$50k for robbers’ arrest

| 26/11/2010

(CNS): Cayman Crime Stoppers and Butterfield Bank (Cayman) are offering a reward of up to US$50,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the armed robbery of the Compass Centre branch of the Butterfield Bank on this week, the RCIPS have announced. The information must be disclosed or passed before 31 December. On the day of the robbery police arrested a 17-year-old male from the West Bay area in connection with the incident. He is still in custody and the extensive enquiries continue.

At 11:20am on Wednesday, 24 November, three masked men entered the bank and threatened staff and customers with what appeared to be a handgun, which was discharged into the ceiling. The suspects made off from the premises with an undisclosed sum of cash. An extensive police search, roadblocks and the air operations unit were all involved in the subsequent hunt for the offenders. No one was injured in the incident but one member of staff was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

The CID launched an immediate investigation and a team of officers have been working tirelessly with witnesses and forensic teams. The three suspects are described as having dark complexions and wearing dark clothing. They had their faces covered by Halloween masks, one ofwhich was described as being of President Obama.

Butterfield Executive Vice President, Caribbean, Conor O`Dea states, ” We would like to stress that crimes targeting the safety and security of our customers and staff will not be tolerated. We are working with the Chamber of Commerce and Crime Stoppers to send a clear message to the community that, as an organization, we stand together on this”

The reward acts to strengthen efforts to apprehend the offenders and anyone who has any information about this robbery should call the CID at George Town police station on 949 4222 or the confidential crime stoppers number 800-8477(TIPS)

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  1. 5% says:

    RCIP you want to catch criminals watch COPS it comes on Tru Tv almost every night, they do tip searches and raids. also stunt chases and bait cars, yes bait cars can turn a criminal into a auto theftee, try it ans stop sitting down at on the RUN ESSO drinking coffee below the blue and red lights that turn on only to get out of traffic

  2. Anonymous says:


    In a free society the Government is charged with the PROTECTION of the citizenship. This means that the Police must be of competent mind to execute the duties they are charged. This also means that everyone, criminal alike are entitled to due process without  fear or favor. This is a gastapo type way of Policing and very,very misleading to the general public. The Police, as a normal operating procedure cannot go around arresting people without real cause and release them on bail or otherwise to appear to take action against crime. This is not the way it works when you want the community to trust and have faith in you. The robbery in West Bay of the bakery was another example of people being arrested and never charged with the crime. XXXXX

    Again as many have asked WHERE IS DAVID BAINES? Is he out on the Idle set, or is he now DAVID COPPERFIELD and disapeared??

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s scary to think what will eventually happen, the police are going to respond to an armed robbery before the robbers can get out side. When this happens we’ll have a whole new situation, "hostages". Neither the police nor the crooks have any experience  with a hostage situation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the posting of 18:13 and would add to it these violent criminals are products from families that have missed out on the wave of success Cayman enjoyed through the 1980s-2000. Lack of education with no trades school option for those young people ill suited for college have left them with few choices.

    It has always interested me that no government has set up a trades school. Obviously this isn’t a magic bullett but is offers hope for those young people not destined for college and a better alternative to criminal life on the streets or prison.

  5. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Good post. I believe that the family/parenting issue will take a long time to change. But that issue, the social issue,  must be addressed. Meanwhile stop spending millions on junkets that don’t do anything but boost ego’s and put teh money into bigger prison, bigger attached juvenile male and female junior facilities. Outsource the prison and juvenile facilities to professionals that know what they are doing. Then poor more money into the police OR let the criminals take over.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why is everything in US dollars? The telecom companies run contests with US dollar prizes etc. This is not the US. Why not offer $1 million dollars in some third world currency? We live in Cayman, we pay Cayman prices – stop offering US dollars so it seems more appealing!

  7. Anonymous says:

     We should be spending money to fight crime not wasting money or bloated vehicles for julie to run up and down. Why do we keep electing these individuals is beyond my comprehension.  

  8. Judge Dredd says:

    Were are soft on serious juvenile crime. 

    Shoplifters or individuals with marijuana can be treated softly.

    Armed robbers and people wielding machetes should be treated like the scum they are and the message should be clear to the other wannnabee scum.  They should spend their entire 20’s in Northward.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The police never released any surveillance photos from the Fidelity robbery.

    The police have yet to release any surveillance photos from this robbery.

    Ask yourself why that might be?

    • Anonymous says:

      Does anyone know if any member of the press has asked the police why they haven’t released any photos?


  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank the Lord for the new fingerprint and DNA database of all expats. It’s bound to be an American Lawyer or a British Accountant that is commiting all these crimes.

    • Anonymous says:

      First, you have have got there are few if any American lawyers working in Cayman.

      Second, it may come as shock to you that expats do not only come from those two countries nor are they all white collar workers. 

      Nice try at misdirection though.       

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course not.  Too much work for too little money.  They work in offices and swindle millions!

  11. aliciawilkes says:

    This is terrible! We need more people’s Help solving the crimes by studying criminal justice search online for "United Forensic College"


  12. Anonymous says:

     The police aren’t armed.  By the time, they go collect their weapons, robbers could be in Timbuctoo.  The police need to be armed.  I bet the robbers would think twice then.  What you think the police is going to do with their baton?  Throw it at the robber?


    • Anonymous says:

      Arm police?  No way – too many innocent ones will die.  Just look at our neighbours.  Crime to the max and yet they have armed police.  We don’t want armed expat police!

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Banks are a big part/factor in this type of crime.  Put the same locks on the doors of each pay, that the On The Run Gas Station use. What the hell happen to the money packs that explode and spread the ink all over the place. 

    Shame on you Banks and then you all will come about tucking on a 5 cent fee here and there for all of this mess and we the public will have to pay.





  14. Anonymous says:

    Good luck, go buy or rent a copy of "Shottas"and study gang violence in Los Angeles then combine the two and that’s whats staring us in the face today.Teenagers and young adults gone wild, they know that if one is underage a slap on the wrist is all they can expect. Leniency in the courts (the machete girls and the young man found with a firearm). Poor or no parenting and a slack system with no law enforcement is what brought this about. We are now faced with the end results of our failed policies. The best offence is a good defence, more and better security more security presence. I am tired of stating a better and more effective police force. A waste of breath. Throwing good money after bad. And last but not least a larger prison to keep these offenders in if they are ever brought to justice.

    And last but not least WHERE IS THE BAINES?????????



    • anonymous says:

      Dont give any reward to the public. If a reward is given it should be given to buy equipment for the police.  Cameras for outside the banks or highways.  If the public dont want to freely talk, then let them live with it.  It is called consciousness.