Selita helps rap star wrap things up

| 02/12/2010

(CNS): According to reports in the British tabloid press and on various international websites Cayman’s very own supermodel Selita Ebanks has been spotted helping rap star Kanye West wrap up some presents for charity. Although The Victoria Secret model and star of West’s first film Runaway has denied dating the rap star they made a great team ‘wrapping ’ gifts at the ‘New Yorkers For Children’s Wrap To Rap event’. Following Selita’s recent appearance here in Cayman for a local fashion event the latest news on the supermodel is she will be hosting a fashion show on BET and is working on a book about female empowerment.

“The book is real personal,” Ebanks told NBC New York. “It’s little antidotes and things I’ve learned. It’s not just about modeling. It’s about being successful as a young woman.”

More than 2000 gifts where gifts donated by Walmart will be given to foster children for Christmas all of which were wrapped by a bevy of stars.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     Well they haven’t found a cure for bad minded people yet and haters will always be haters so Selita pay no attention to them. I am very proud to know that you’re one of our Caymanian girls representing  with high fashion, you’re beautiful,talented and most of all you’re not afraid to say what your roots are.

    I am not really a fan of Kanye after how he treated Taylor Swift but what you do with him is none of my business and maybe you can help him with his attitude. 

    Good luck with your endeavours.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Girl has gone GANGSTA!!!!

    Oh well, I guess she is just representing the current state of Cayman.

  3. AA Cherise says:

    Keep up the good work Selt! she is such a sweetie, i love her to bits and i am happy that she makes regular trips home.  So ppl stop hating on this gorgeous super model!

  4. Joe Average says:

    What are rap stars up to this week?


  5. 5% says:

    not being jealous but this is what happends when they get famous, if i was famous i would put my country 1st and on the map, not sit down and rap/Wrap, i would promote my island. food, clothing, tradition, just to make these high heads know "i born ya, and i na no fool" but tha her problem yow!!

  6. Fed up and broke!!!! says:

    Just curious…..did she also donate gifts to our needy children in the Cayman Islands? Or partnered with Social Services to see if there were any local families she could donate food, or even clothing to for the holidays? I’m happy that she has gotten this far in life. But apart from appearing in fashion shows on island. What is She doing to give back to Cayman as well. Not bashing, but just a thought…..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jesus, Selita just has to breath in public and the majority on CNS moan!

    Moaners; stick to the usual Govt bashing stories! Govt Ministers may deserve it, but she doesn’t. Envy is a natural, normal trait, but jealousy is unpleasant. Learn the difference.

    With a tiny natural-born Caymanian population the statistical chances of producing a VS s/model are miniscule. Read the interview with her in this month’s Cay Air inflight mag – her feet are firmly on the ground. All this garbage about denying her Cay roots. There are few more pro Cayman than Charles Killa Whittaker, but look at his listing on the IBO website 154lb world rankings and you will see he’s apparently American; it’s not his fault how he’s portrayed professionally – and neither is it Selita’s.

    Keep up the Selita stories CNS; drip drip drip Govt incompetence articles, armed hold-up crime, drug shootings, and the shelving of the Conservation Law get depressing (though never suprising!).


    • Lightweight says:

      " look at his listing on the IBO website 154lb world rankings and you will see he’s apparently American; it’s not his fault how he’s portrayed professionally – and neither is it Selita’s."

      Um, yes it is. Some people want the best of both worlds. There is more money in a US affiliation for both of them, as long as it works out. If not, then they fall back on their good ol’ Cayman roots.

      Charles could have that affiliation changed in a heartbeat with the IBO, if he wanted to. Thanks for pointing it out by the way, I would never have known otherwise.


  8. Anonymous says:

    true who cares hahahahahahaha

    • Anonymous says:

      She’s a kind sweet considerate girl. Just what Kanye needs. His Mom died some years ago and they were very close. He is blessed to have Selita be a friend to him. She’s a darling.

      Kanye, Island women are the BEST!

      They can cook up a storm!

  9. Anonymous says:

      I helped my mom wrap christmas presents once. 

  10. noname says:

    "You’ll never fiiiind … (boom-boom-ba-boom),

    A xxxxxxxx like miiine! (boom-boom-ba-boom)"

     – (Mike Epps) / All About The Benjamins

  11. West Bayer says:

    People – let’s get this straight!! Selita is the one putting Cayman on the map internationally. We should be praising her instead of trying to be so jealous and negative.

    Selita is NOT on a Government scholarship or being funded in any other way by Gov’t SHE DID THIS WITH HER OWN SWEAT AND TEARS! In fact the rate this Gov’t going they might need HER to bail them out!!

    I say we should honor Selita in a more positive way. For example we should use her exclusively to promote Cayman!! Heck if it was up to me I would place her statue in hero’s square too! And I mean come on now, she IS the first person in Cayman’s history to gain this much exposure and we should treat her like the STAR she has become!!

    What Bob is to Jamaica, what Rihanna is to Barbados, what Nicki Minaj is to Trinidad……SELITA IS TO CAYMAN!!!  A HISTORY MAKER!!

    All you Ebanks’ out there should feel proud to see unna name in lights…what a thrill….I tell the immigration officers in Miami that she my distant cousin..haha

    So to all you negative folks out there who thought you or your love ones would be first to hold this title….I say suck it up andmove on….cuz Selita is not studying unna….she out living the life!!!

    Go Selita!!! Love yah and proud of yah!!!!


    PS: Just so you know – she is also starring in a new Statefarm insurance commercial… put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    • whodatis says:


      I actually gave you a thumbs up on this post.

      However, not because I agree with everything you are saying – not by a long shot – but because I completely understand where you’re coming from.

      You are defending your fellow countrywoman and I respect that.

      But please … for the love of all things sane – do not EVER put (the Late Great) Bob, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj in the same sentence ever again … you hear me?!


      Happy Friday to you though – take care!


    • Anonymous says:

      How is she putting Cayman on the map?  I just saw a MSN spresd on Victoria’s Secret’s Sexiest Models, according to them she is a Native New Yorker, no mention of Cayman at all.

  12. Anonymous says:

    who cares….

    • Anonymous says:

      yep..thank god for cns…….

    • Anonymous says:

      If you don’t care why bother post? Please we need something positive when most news around us negative.  

  13. Anonymous says:

    Cayman may try to state "Cayman’s own supermodel" but I am afraid to report to you Selita represents herself as a New York native.