Police officer assaulted after car chase

| 07/12/2010

(CNS): A senior member of the RCIPS has highlighted the dangers faced by police following the assault of an officer in a church parking lot this morning. Two men have been arrested with that and other offences after a car chase in George Town on Tuesday at around 10:35am. Police officers on patrol saw a car travelling along Aspiration Drive in what was described as a dangerous manner, overtaking traffic and speeding. The officers reportedly tried to stop the vehicle but the man, who police said was recognized to be a disqualified driver, failed to stop. The officers gave chase and the driver turned into the parking lot of the Family Life Centre, where he and his passenger got out of the vehicle and ran.

The police officers chase after and caught both men and it was during the struggle that one of the officers sustained injuries to his right hand, for which he was later treated at the George Town hospital and released. The men, aged 26 and 34 were arrested for various traffic offences including driving whilst disqualified as well as possession of ganja and assaulting police. Both men are presently in police custody the RCIPS confirmed.

Chief Inspector Richard Barrow (above) from George Town pointed out the dangers faced by his officers. “We are committed to keeping the islands safe, and in carrying out this mandate there are inherent dangers faced by our frontline officers. The assault here clearly shows this,” the senior officer added.


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  1. Dnt_4get_Me says:

    Let’s not go crazy here.  They’re police officers. This is just as was said… an inherent risk of being employed in that position.   

    They need to simply continue doing their jobs just as the rest of us have to do.  A police officer get’s assaulted during a struggle so we should arm him?  Okay.  A bank get’s robbed by gunmen, shouldn’t we arm the tellers?  After all, Cayman banks are being robbed far more frequently than police officers are being assaulted – statistics show this.  Ordinary citizens fall victim to violent crime on what seems to be a daily basis now… I say we just arm everybody. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe not arm the tellers but there are security in every one of those banks, that can’t do anything but follow the rest and hit the floor. Train them and arm them!!

  2. "Always Thankful" says:

    Why do we constantly compare ourselves to other Caribbean countries.  If we really had any morals and wanted better for our own islands, we as a nation and people would not allow outside influences to aid us in destroying our place we call "HOME". 

    Many of our young men & women today, choose to destroy what their ancestors have worked so hard to accomplish and when their through they point their fingers wanting to "blame" someone else.

    We need to take a stand.  Things and times have changed, but if we band together we can make our country the best in the world.



  3. noname says:

      Look at Larry’s boys they have made it Cayman they have achieved what we could never ever do in their respective countries. What is this guy talking about these are inherent dangers that all police officers face here and worldwide and are paid well here to do so.

    The problem now in Cayman is that a serious lack of respect for law enforcement is extremely prevalent in today’s society especially amongst the young people. One of the reasons in Cayman is due to the quality or type and reputation and attitude of both Caymanian and Foreign officers who now run the RCIPS.

    There is no strong deterence to this type behaviour. It use to happen in the past but many thought twice about it . The policy and strategy makers knew exactly what they were doing to make this overseas territories law enforcement ineffective.  The promoting of inept, corrupt, illiterate elements mixed with serious parental/social issues along with the importation of serious foreign  criminal elements is raising the Cayman Islands criminal activity and profile to shameful levels.

    To some it almost seems to be a well orchestrated plan by some who will be stand to benefit from our demise, yet we have many such employed here to look after and advise us on our Welfare and safety. To those who suggest arming them as an alternative, oh well we shall see.

  4. God can help! says:

    I read people’s comments all the time talking about how bad the police are and how they should do their job and about how they should get rid of the police who are not from here, if you think they are doing such a crapy job why don’t you go and be a police officer, if you think the officer from a different country should be got’n rid of then why don’t you become a police officer. No! That won’t happen will it. So quick to trash them and never once consider what its like in their shoes. Complain about them and run them in the ground, instead of supporting them, respecting them, and seeing that they are well taken care of in doing their job in serving and protecting YOU! US!

    When you are at your job working hard as you can and someone comes along and does what you are doing to them how you feel especially if it happens all the time, even though you know you are doing everything that you can. You’d probably ask yourself why you keep doing what you do right.
    If you tried to wear shoes of an officer (a true officer) whom you can probably find is more of them then there are bad, you would understand how and what they have to deal with every single day. Police and Garbage collectors have a lot in common, they both deal with TRASH. It’s not easy! It’s not fun! It’s not always a walk through the park!
    Maybe instead of us trashing the police even more, we should do our part in helping them in helping us. Bible does say, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If you were police how would you want people to treat you?
    There are some police that need to be replaced yes but for the ones who are doing their best we need to stand beside them and encourage them and be thankful for what they do.
    You know usually the people who have a problem with the police or have something bad to say are the ones who have had some kind of trouble with the police or maybe a family member had a run in with them.
    Send out your prayers for the RCIPS instead of your hatred, I can promise you that God will take care of the situation.  

    I agree that police have the right to protect themselves also. If these punks knew that what they do have more risk against their lives them that would help turn the odds. They know now that even if police do show up there isn’t any threat to them especially if they are the one with the gun. The whole system needs to be looked at from the Court right down to the police. Even if they are caught, they know nothing will happen to them but a slap on the wrist.

    Again keep it in your prayers and God with do the rest. All in due time!!

    • Anonymous says:

      A simple answer you turn up and tell the Police training dept you are Caymanian. People looking to avoid rollover and economic advantage and benefits are hardly ideal candidates. To sum it all up Why are we having such a huge problem with crime with a population of 55,000 and over 400 police and civilian staff one of the largest per capita in this region and a now crime rate to match. I will end by saying that no where in this region is the law enforcement agencies control by foreign nationals not even in Caricom or the UK. The respective countries would have a serious problem with this and simply would not tolerate or allow this to happen. Why should we? Caymanians need to be given the opportunity to join and advance in their own Law enforcement agencies.

    • Anon says:

      Respect should be earned. I am not going to respect a cop just because he wears a uniform. The cops can start by obeying the law themselves. For example, get off your cell phone while driving (I see this everyday!) and don’t abuse the right to switch on your cop lights just to get through traffic.

      I agree, there are (must be) good and respectable cops too, but those few are quickly overshadowed by the worthless lot. You know the saying, it takes only one bad apple……

  5. Jimmy says:

    we should bring in some of those gansta police from the bronx to take care of our coward wanna be gangsta’s we have here! show them what real police are! or even from jamaica those cops are real tough and they aint scared to beat those criminals to respect the law!



    • Anonymous says:

      Jamaica?  That’s what we have already.  NO MORE

    • Anonymous says:

      Please keep your "beat" mentality in your country,  We neither need nor want violent foreign police.  Obviously the ‘beat’ attitude didn’t help the crime in Jamaica.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is time to arm "some" of the Police.  Not all, but there are officers who are intelligent and trustworthy. Those who are not, should be weeded out and removed.  Anywhere else in the world, they would have been fired a long time ago, especially if they are not from here.  There’s no reason for us to have illiterate police who do not have the credentials and qualifications to be an effective Police Officer.  Whoever is responsible for hiring and firing needs to have an overhaul.  Get rid of the bad ones, and start over. No way would I ever go to armed crime scene if I was a Police Officer, without a gun.  You are just putting their lives at risk.  You have a special, fully trained unit who are armed at all times so that they can quickly and effectively go to a crime scene.  What puzzles me though is that at the latest Butterfield robbery, it did not appear that armed officers attended the scene – I may be wrong so please correct me if I am wrong.  But around the same time,plenty of armed police turned up at Treasure Island for the drug bust.  That really doesn’t make sense.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bravo! Bravo! Not! They caught two guys – whooptee dooo!!  They finally do their jobs and the chief inspector makes it sound like they solved a 10 year murder mystery…

  8. Anonymous says:

    ONCE AGAIN, an article on CNS that has a positive story – the police doing what everyone is moaning that they don’t do – that quickly generates into negative comments.  It gets a bit boring at times!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding?

    The standard of policing on this island is bad enough without giving them loaded weapons. If we ignore the danger they will present to the police officers themselves, just imagine what will happen when trigger happy police come across armed criminals  – the place will become a shooting range.

    I’m sorry but you have to look at yourselves as to why crime is at the level it is today; parents more concerned with how many ‘charitable’ boards they’re a member of and delegating the raising of their kids to hired helpers, or MTV – no wonder they all want to be gangsters – they have few positive role models in their lives.

    Look to yourselves, don’t pass the blame on everyone else as usual.


    • Anonymous says:

      Aside from the police part, I agree with you.


      The matter of fact is, that police shouldn’t HAVE to carry weapons.  Why has it gotten to this in the first place?  Parents need to start taking responsibility for their children and start teaching them about right and wrong.  The ages of the guys in the police reports seems to be getting younger and younger.



  10. Anonymous says:

    ARM THE POLICE!  What is it going to take?  What if those criminals had had a gun?  Why do we have to continue on this road of fooling ourselves about the crime situation?  It is no longer the Cayman we knew.  Most countries are far worse, but if we don’t stop it now we will end up like Jamaica.  Please don’t let that happen to us.  Governor, MLA’s, please do something.  If Baines doesn’t like the idea then get rid of him!

    • judean peoples front says:

      I don’t want to burst your bubble here but this place turned into Little Kingston years ago!

      Why do you think the cruise industry swung to places like Honduras, Mexico and Columbia as alternatives?

      • Anonymous says:

        maybe too many Jam taxi drivers so the tourist felt lke they were in Jam – good enough reason; add to that most of the accents sound like East Kingston – hardly see my Caymanian on the street so ain’t us chasing them away

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you please give Jamaica a break! At least crime is trending down in Jamaica! How about Cayman?

      • Anonymous says:

        It isn’t trending down because of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, it has trended down since the Jamaican Governemnt declared a state of emergency and deployed the military to curtail the civil unrest.