Robbers hurt elderly couple

| 12/12/2010

(CNS): Updated 2:30pm. Police have now confirmed reports that an elderly couple in the Lower Valley area were injured during a home invasion at around 11:15pm on Saturday night. Police said two masked men entered a home on the corner of Shamrock Rd and Carmen Blvd armed and at least one was armed with a gun. The robbers demanded cash and repeatedly assaulted the couple are in their eighties when their demands were not met. They were both taken to hospital where they were treated for their injuries. A police spokesperson said a substantial investigation has been launched and police are following up on current lines of enquiry to apprehend the offenders.

The men are described as young males of slim to medium build one of whom was taller than the other and both had Cayman accents. They wore dark clothing and masks along with baseball hats.

Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden the Head of Specialist Support Operations said he is appealing for information from the criminal fraternity. Bodden said crimes against the elderly are "atrocious, frighteningand disrespectful" and certainly not the type of reward expected for their significant contribution to the society.

This is the third home invasion this month and the second involving elderly members of the community. On 2 December police hauled a robber from the water at Dray Quay after an 80-year-old woman found two masked robbers in her home in Magellan Quay, and on Thursday night (9 December) three masked men invaded a home in Sweet Gum Lane in West Bay.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    WITH ALL THE CRIME IN THIS COUNTRY, WHAT IS THE GOVERMENT DOING.  Come mr premier when was in the opposition every offence that was committed in this country according to you it was the elected goverment that was responsible. now that you are the premier (elected goverment head) what are you and your fries doing about the crime.  i know that you will now say that it is the governor and commissioner job, but we need to know what are you doing. during the time running up to the election every the leader of the opposition and ELIO was on the radio complaining obout PPM no doinganything about crime. NOW TELL US WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING ABOUT CRIME.    The criminals rob the banks, supermarkets,gas station,predestions,and now the elderly. come on guys if you cannot do some thing about crime the give permission to possess a firearm to protect ourselfs.    now what realy surprise me is that PPM is now making any noise about this issue , all ALDEN want to do now is to be out asking people to come out to PPM general meeting and vote for him to  be PPM leader as he wants to be the next premier.. sorry ALDIN if you are elected PPM will never win an election again, UNLESS UDP do worst than what we see now. YOU JUST NOT THE MAN

  2. Anonymous says:

    For once I have to say our politicians have nothing to do with the policing of these islands. That falls under the office of the governor. It seams they have been effectively silenced. If Baines and the governor can’t offer the private citizen  any relief from these type of crimes other than lip service then its high time they consider issuing permits for firearms to  members of the public who can prove themselves competent and qualified to carry a fire arm.  I was never  an advocate of arming the general public but I am a realist. No protection and a reactive police service = one day someone I know or care about or my self could be in a world of hurt because of failed policies and lip service. Also its the current leadership in the RCIPS that is allowing this wave of terror to continue.They are charged with protecting the people of this island and they have failed on all counts. This type of thing is just past where you can ask a reasonable man or woman to sit around and wait to be food for these type of thugs to feast on.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately the Governor and commissioner will not be realist but will stick to their failed policy. However, the government has the power to change the firearms law to allow greater private ownership. Lets see if they have the testicular fortitude or if they will continue to fold their arms and say they can do nothing.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Assuming you satisfy all legal requirements, if you are willing to follow my advice, your firearm application would be approved, despite what the Commissioner of Police thinks about private firearm ownership.  Call me at 345-926-0716 for information on how.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely disgusting behaviour, those criminal should feel shamed of themselves, to go to such low levels, as to attack elderly people much less any innocent individual. This is not the type of behaviour which we are used to in Cayman. These crimals need to be caught and locked away, immediately.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am with you brother on the citizens force. Where do I sign up. I’d like to get that guy who stole my wifes, wedding ring. Most likely got resold through cash for gold.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There should be no cash for gold stores at all this island. What the hell is our government doing. They are completley stupid. No one can be this stupid. There has to be something to it.

  6. MER says:

    Well, I guess we will have to form a Private Citizen force like some people in Mexico did. When they got sick of crime and corrupted police they went out murdering the murderers and criminals.

    There are probably less than 20 people responsible for all this burglary and hundreds of officers, I would say the ratio is good enough to put an end to this nonsense, but obviously not their drive to do so.

    Where can I apply for a gun license? I live by myself and despite my alarm system, I still do not feel safe because I am sure these criminals know they can move all my appliances and furnishings before the police reach the scene anyway!!!

  7. MER says:

    Just to note, there was no profanity in my posting, just a rather direct comment!

    I really liked that part though CNS 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    "…virtually crime-free…"

    Remember those words? 

    The last story was a horrific tale of attempted murder by gasoline-fueled incineration, which was the story after the one about the attack on these elder people. 

    Even money as to the next story – armed robbery or a home invasion, or maybe a killing. 

    But it will be one of those this week.  It always is these days.

    I used to tune in CNS from on-shore as I watched the changes underway, but I just can’t stand it anymore.

    You’ve destroyed your own country.

  9. Anonymous says:

    We need to seriously vet these buy and trade stores that have opened in Cayman within the last year.This type of business is a real threat to increase burglaries and robberies of all types.Rob today and get cash tomorrow.Full time job!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I do not understand why our politicians refuse to do anything about the violence that is destroying our country. Senior citizens are being attacked in their homes, parents are afraid to even let their children play outside and the politicians refuse to even talk about our crime problem let alone doing anything to change our laws to put the vicious criminals behind bars and keep them their.

    Why do the politicians not change the laws to impose real penalties for violent criminals? Why do they not pass laws to make Northward a prison rather than a vacation resort?

    What is going on?

    Do the politicians laugh at the violence going on because they have walled yards and body guards that are paid for by us and therefore don’t care what happens to the rest of us?

    Do they not care about what is going on because they have no respect for the law themselves and don’t expect the thugs to respect it either?

    I used to think that our politicians were just incompetent and soft on crime. I am now wondering if there is more.

  11. MER says:

    Big Mac,

    So far you have spent over $400,000 in travel expenses (and this is probably only the first class ticket fares! Because only God knows how much you’re spending on whatever suites you book and food you eat).

    The excuse is you are "promoting the islands for business and tourism". Mr. Premier, as a young concerned Caymanian, I see nothing left to promote, why should business ownerscome to our islands and be robbed? Why should tourist visit to have gun men pour in on their hotel?

    You are missing the issues here, the beauty of CNS is that you can read the news ANYWHERE in the world, so whilst you are jet-setting please do not forget your suffering people, just log on and keep up to date with all the BS taking place in your home country. XXX


    A Concerned Young Caymanian

    • Anonymous says:

      As an older Caymanian I have to say I agree with your post completely. I just wish that one of our politicians had your sense and the ability to actually do something to fix this situation before it is too late for all of us.

  12. MER says:

    I know that times are hard but there is no excuse for what these robbers are doing, I am beginning to think these robbers are doing this now for sport because more than half of every robbery that is happening no one is being arrested! They now feel safe and confident, it is only going to get worst. This is horrible, absolutely horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think we need more night patrol, especially in residential areas, there are enough police to have a patrol car pass at least every 1/2 hour, get out of the station and hit the roads, there is obviously no crime happening in the police station!!!!

  13. EyesWideOpen says:

    Cayman neeeeeeeds John Wayne!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually what Cayman needs is a dozen or so real life Dirty Harrys.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I concur with the post/comments made by hawksbill. Maybe the country should elect him/her to be Premier as it seems he/she has what it takes to get the job done.

    With all thats been said on here and despite what the politicians and police may want to hear- the criminals are ruling this country and have the upper hand with everything.

    This is no longer the island that time forgot, this is now the island that time WANTS to forget.

    SAD day in this beloved lil rock we call the Cayman Islands

  15. Frank says:

    It seems as if the government are only going to react to this when the family of a prominent figure is involved in one of these home invasions. I can promise you right now had this been the Premiers residence, WB would have been swarming with officers for the next few days! How long is it going to take before the government are able to see that the public are already beginning to take matters into there own hands (rightfully so in my opinion). I promise one thing..if i heard anybody coming through my window at night you would be bringing a body bag to collect them. This should not have to be the case but its a basic human right (screw whichever laws have been created to protect the criminals) to protect yourself and your family!! 

  16. Anonymous says:

    The government argues about the word "secret" in an editorial while senior citizens are attacked by thugs in the privacy of their homes.

    What is more outrageous?

    The politicians are doing nothing about this crime.

  17. 5% says:

    okay Cayman all this Crime and you see it for yourself the Premier dont ever address it, its sweeped under the mat and he takes another flight. Sir you shuolda had stay in the bush, we have ppl with less power having more talk than you, if i was premier my CAYMANIANS come 1st From West to East LIL KMAN, BRAC and Back. So take a flight premier, you wont speak until your plane gets hijacked and flown into your 10ft Fence.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Last night I went to the Airport. As I sat there and waited for my wife I saw an unmarked police car come through the airport twice. I then saw one of those Suzuki Police cars come through with two police in it. On the way home to Savannah down the bypass, Towards hurst road I saw one car coming in the opposite direct who was right on the rear end of the car in front of it. I mean almost touching the bumper. Litteraly forcing the person off the road in front of them so they could keep going up the bypass at a high rate of speed. All one has to do is put a cop on the bypass in the shadows at night and you’ll catch all sorts of people like this. Search there cars too. I honestly think the Police are afraid to be confrontational. I think very few of the police have an aggresive nature, as aggresive as the thugs. You have to get out and "hunt" these people with these behavioral problems. You need some Bad A$$ Cops to push right back hard cruising around with a shotgun bolted between the two fronts seats. I mean driving around looking for this type of behaviour. Driving around in low crime areas unarmed in a Suzuki that couldn’t catch up to these speedsters talkin bout how good your mother supper was last night isn’t going to help. I felt like getting out and telling them hey, I just saw a kid stooped down by a light in Caymana Bay counting his crack rocks as he was disbursing to a buch of young kids, who looked up at my like I wasn’t even there and didn’t care. However, I get a feeling like they would just say to me what do you want us to do about it. I have tried to help the police before, sending e-mail to the RCIP website but I never got a reply. I know there are some good cops on our force. However, most of them don’t look very scary. Why would anyone be afraid of a 5 foot 4 polic lady in a Suzuki with not packing any heat. She has kids at home. Do you think she will go out of her way looking for trouble? NO…she will not

  19. Anonymous says:

    When a government sends a clear signal that it is soft on violent crime, violent crime increases.

  20. noname says:

     Cayman stop whining and whining the police ain’t here for us, and for those hoping the politicians are going to help you stop dreaming, them and the speaker of the house are too busy trying to put Brent Assange Fuller in Jail for his transgressions against their modesty. He is now the new Public enemy number 1. This boy is going to Jail to hell with robbers rapist and murders that’s the public problem. Its over Cayman and it ain’t coming back either. Those who conspired to remove the capable people in the police force have achieved what they have set out to do. Cayman is simply no longer a safe place get use to it!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Call in the army or something..   and get rid of these scums once and for all…

  22. anonymous says:

    "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it."

    Albert Einstein


    • anonymous says:

      Big Mac,

      I expect you and the A.G to increase double, or triple the penalty for crimes committed against the elderly.  Mr. Rolston Anglin’s committee  to review elderly protective rights has nothing to do with this. So get to work and pass the law to triple the penalty for crimes committed against the Elderly.Attacking our elderly  is a heinous crime  an we will not tolerate it in our society.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Business owners watch out!  Don’t take home any money from your business as the criminals are watching.  You can’t assume that taking the business money home until you can deposit the next day is a safe thing to do. 

  24. Anonymous says:

    cayman needs batman!

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman does need a batman!  I had this exact thought when I read this terrible news.

  25. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     Leaders of our country. We the voters and residents are no better than you. We and the elected members who lead this wonderful country are all equal and the same. I am not constantly pressing and questioning you because it is my daily "blogger game". Its because you are not doing your jobs which you were elected to do. When are you all going to stop posturing and pontificating and listening to your own voices on the radio and do something about crime and the well being of your fellow Caymanians and residents of the country. It is your job to do something. You get paid to do something to help the country. Take a break from mapping out your personal destinations and do something. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    If that is true that there are international gangs working with our young Gorrillias, teaching them, then Baines and his hand-shaking, police talk, sorry road show service is not going to cut it.

    It sickens me and many others that this man is here collecting a huge compensation for his service, sitting in GH, with more then a good chance that he is armed with armed security details, whille the cop on the street and the person in their homes are being victimized by these thugs daily.

  27. LOWER VALLEY says:


    This is the third home invasion for this month!  Don’t you think it is about time you throw away this "anti-firearm philosophy" of yours and train and properly equip your officers?

    Homeowners are being invaded upon! 

    I seriously think that your views are flawed and you should be supporting homeowner’s rights to bear and carry arms on the confines of their property – not opposing it!  Apparently, you have done nothing to reassure the publics trust in the Police for self-defense!

    The fact that they are now assaulting elderly people in their own homes and your officers are driving around town with nothing on their belts, but a baton, handcuff, and pepper spray, is a shame and a disgrace!

    No wonder why they are so confident to robbing banks in broad daylight! Sir, what does it have to take before you get off your high horse and start taking interest in the people of the Cayman Islands! This could have been a home invasion where a minor could have been injured or even worse, rape or sexually assaulted. These criminals are becoming bolder and bolder and any thing is possible!





  28. Anonymous says:

    Ihad a dream…I fell asleep in my land of soft, fresh breezes and verdant trees so fair only to wake up in Nassau with Crack Heads, Wild Apes and an uneducated, inept fat lazy government with unarmed, unprofessional police force.

  29. Hawksbill says:

    What a cowardly act. The robbers are ruthless, ignorant, self-serving and idiotic persons.

    To the ENTIRE LA, we the Cayman Islands implore on you to without delay do whatever is necessary to take this country back IF ITS NOT TOO LATE.

    Mr. Premier and ALL the elcted members of the LA, do the right thing and enact whatever legislation is necessary to alienate the fears of this country. We are living as hostages in our own homes.

    Lets start by amending whatever Law that needs to be ammended to say that any person caught or arrested for robbery or burgalrizing a home or business the sentence is MANDATORY 15 years in the slammer with NO chance for parole. If the crime was committed with any sort of weapon be it a knife, machete the sentence would be 25 years and if the maniacs used a gun then the sentence would be 35 years- ALL MANDATORY with NO PAROLE.

    This may not stop the crime, but I can bet it will certainly deter some of the cowards that prey on innocent lives.

    Lets see who has the cojones to get the job done. If nothing gets done- we as a country need to call for a referendum on the enitre LA and the RCIPS. NO QUESTIONS ASKED and NOTHING MORE SHOULD BE ASKED FOR OF THEM



  30. Anonymous says:

    If the people knew what was missing they could be vigilant. Perhaps, the police and general public could be on the lookout for trade offs and sale of items on EcayTrade, The Trade in stores, the airports and the seaports. We the people have to take these matter in to hand and become vigilantes or protectors.  The trend in the last week, looks like they are targeting the elders.  This is a sad, sad situation and trust me they are cowards, as they are always wearing masks.  Caymanians use to respect and honour their elders, but we now have many nationalities here and they are desperate for things and money. We also have to be aware that the famous Central American gangs are very active in these Islands and they are recruiting and teaching our own how to operate.  Parents please be aware that your teenage son and daughter may be part of that gang movement. Do not be in denial, be active in your child’s life. I beg the Police to please protect our waterways, as that area is pourous and perhaps the guns are coming in to these Islands, via that route, from Honduras, Mexico, Columbia and other places. Please protect our waterways, even if you cannot protect us on land.

    • Anonymous says:

      18:16 I totally agree with you.  I do not see where thr government/Police is doing enough in following up on robbery items.   Take for instance cash in large sums.  Is it being kep under their bed,  spent of sent off Island.?

      The police need to set investigations in following thetrail.  If there is a suspect, which in most cases there are.  Then follow the trail of cash movement.

  31. Anonymous says:

    My sympathies go out to the couple and I hope that their injuries are not too severe.

    It is definitely time for a no confidence petition to remove the current soft on crime government. They didn’t even mention crime in their recent statement on how they are going to improve the country. Why are they afraid of deterring the criminals – after all they have body guards paid for by the ordinary people that they could care less about.

    It is only going to get worse until we get new politicians who are willing to do something to go after the criminals and to increase the penalties for violent crime. The minimum sentences for all violent crimes need to be doubled or tripled and each conviction needs a separate consecutive sentence. There should be no parole for violent crimes. The current system is ridiculous.

    There are a bunch of thugs out there who use the revolving door bail and parole system regularly. They view the Northward Hotel as a spa rather than as a deterrent. We need to change this.


    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is not the sentencing, it is the lack of apprehension and prosecution.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can’t agree. Most of these thugs have visited the Northward Spa at least once. If they had received 25 years with no parole for their last violent act they would probably still be behind bars and the chances are that there would be nothing to apprehend and prosecute them for.

  32. The Monkey's Back says:

    The list of items which a law-abiding citizen can arm themselves with is ever-shrinking.   Gone seems the day when neighbors actually know one another and watch out for same.   There was a time when a strange person in a neighborhood would be watched.  

    It’s more than just home protection, or even protection when we’re at work.    We are the working class, and we are the sheep to be sheared by the criminal cowards.   We have to acknowledge that this is no longer the Cayman that we grew up with and love.    We must adapt.  

    I don’t endorse violence.    I do endorse self-defense.    If a person enters your home uninvited, you have to assume they mean to do violence upon you.    Last I checked, we are still allowed a machette, a baseball bat, a rock.   

     I weary of hearing "When will it end? Why isn’t our government doing more to protect us?"    It began after Ivan.    These robberies and related crimes will continue until a greater force stops their motion;  These robberies will end only when the majority of them end in injury or arrest of the criminals.   


    • Anonymous says:

      Agree except that no government anywhere can protect you 100% of the time. what we need the government to do is provide us the right to protect ourselves, as when it comes down to it you can only depend on yourself, and even more importantly your children and family who can defend themselves can only depend on you. Are you going to be at your child’s grave side asking where were the police or are you going to defend yourself and family.

      I demand the government do more to safeguard the rights of individuals to defend themselves, especially since it is painfully obvious that the government can’t protect us.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I think we’re all going to have to install security systems in our homes. Pretty simple really and it will keep the idiots away.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like you own an alarm company.  They don’t care about security systems, they can bi-pass it.  Also your alarm system is only as good as the person responding to it..police lmao lmao

  34. Anonymous says:

    When will the people of these islands be able to feel safe in their homes?  It is a shame that we have to tolerate this type of behavior in this country.  What bothers me, is when your report an incident to the police, they want to know if the intruder was hurt.  I had ithappen to me.  They never asked me if I was hurt.  I am sure there are people out there who are very prepared for eventualities.  One of these fine times they are going to knock on the right door and the wrong person is going to answer the door.   

    Those two people are well-known in the district and it is a shame that such a cruel incident had to happen to them.  Money is the root of all evil, it is too hard to work for, it is better to rob and steal it.

  35. Truthseeker says:

    "a spokesperson said that information regarding any investigations about crime over the weekend would not be issued until Monday"

    Excuse my language, but in an age of "freedom of information" and instant communication, what a crock of shit!

    • Anonymous says:

      Though crouched in the terminology of the Caymanian Compass, I would have to agree. This is completely unacceptable, and I think it is high time the Governor issues a statement.

  36. Anonymous says:

    This is the height of cowardly acts. I don’t care how desperate a crack-head is I don’t believe they would resort to this. This is definitely callous professional criminals who have done this before and most likely not in this Country.


    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly you do not understand the mentality of a drug addict, they will do anything. Tweekers or crackheads will do anything for their drugs.

  37. pmilburn says:

    I seriously wonder when the hell is enough enough??Time for our Premier to open up and say something about the problems which are getting worse.Does he even care I wonder?Silence on this matter speaks volumes.He seems to be getting lots of advice on everything else but CRIME.Shame shame!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Our "leader" doesn’t have to worry about home invasions or any other violent crimes, because he has bodyguards, paid for by our tax dollars.

  38. anonymous says:

    This I find to be act of COWARDS whom I honestly beleive are not from here. just like the bank robbers. hit and run. If they are from here they will get caught because they can’t keep their mouth shut or will simply try it again. Now for someone who picks on the elderly like that I for one would like to see hard labour invove in this beside a deterrant sentence. They have shown no human decentcies for thos poor elderly persons so Human Rights should not apply. They are very LUCKY that those are not my parents or grandparents because I would hunt them down and pay someone to talk if they were locals. Do we have an intellegence gathering unit here in the force or is it only for ganja related cases? Just an honest question with no disrespect to anyone. We can’t simply pick on the Police everytime a crime is committed. I beleive MANY fear certain individuals more then do do of the law

  39. Anonymous says:

    The cowardice of this act is incredible.  This is just the start of a decline that will simply ruin this island as this demonstrates the depth of depravity these criminals will stoop to.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Where are all the bloggers claiming that burglars never hurt anyone so long as the homeowner doesn’t fight back. They were out in force when a home invader got himself permanently removed from society by a brave victim’s act of self defense. Since then people have been pistol whipped and beaten in their homes, plus whatever injuries this set of victims suffered. Not to mention the armed robberies of banks and stores.  It’s time to license firearms for law-abiding residents. It is simply not possible for the police to be everywhere, and it is pretty clear that the criminal element is having no problem arming themselves. Meanwhile, even pepper spray remains illegal. This is beyond dumb, it is a willful refusal to face the facts as they exist. The law-abiding must be allowed to legally protect themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is clear that the police are not capable of protecting the law abiding populace of this country. We MUST protect ourselves!

      • Anonymous says:

        More and more my thoughts have pondered the need to form organized citizen groups to patrol our neighborhoods in the absence of efffective police patrols. This situation is becoming beyond dire. When will the governor act?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am guessing that if these homeowners were armed, they would now be dead.  If you want a gun, go get one, but pleases don’t think that that is the answer to crime here. 

  41. Anonymous says:

    Desperate people they are.  We will have to be our neighbours keeper.  These people that enter homes and business places, just do not walk off the street and do this.  THEY STAKE YOU OUT BEFORE.  Watch your home business, come around asking if you have any work to do, need your yard clean or ask for someone who does not even live there.  THEY ARE WATCHING YOU.  So we must all watch them too, if we are weeding our garden, watering the plants, painting the house or just sitting on the porch.  Take licence plate numbers and write them down, and the colour of the car that appear suspicious, and is seen on your street/avenue more than once, and they don tlive there.  Make it your business to know every one living on your avenue/street.  They could be staking out places to rob.  We as citizens will have to do our small part now, which could be a help to the police, and may even save someones life.  Its not going to stop anytime now, so lets be watchers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said. If someone takes the time to notice things out the ordinary, this cn be the breakthrough the police need to get a head start on these thugs.

  42. Anonymous says:

    What a disgrace, attacking the elderly.  Most of them don’t have a lot of money either.  I really never thought I would see this day in Cayman.  When I first came here I was really impressed at the respect people had for their elderly and the handicapped. 

    I leave home at around 5.30 in the morning. There are always 8 – 10 people hanging around at the end of Beach Bay Road. They seem to be just hanging around.  What they are doing, I have no idea.  This is just down the road from where these two people were attacked.  At one point, you would see droves of them walking up Beach Bay Road in the mornings. I don’t know where they were going because there’s not much building going on.