Drug council campaigns for designated drivers

| 15/12/2010

(CNS): The National Drug council has called on people who intend to go out drinking this holiday season to appoint a designated driver and take care of them. Encouraging people not to drink and drive over the holidays, the NDC said several local restaurants and bars have agreed to provide customers complimentary soft drinks in return for being the agreed driver for their party. The council also reminded those hosting private parties to make sure there is a choice of soft drinks for those not drinking alcohol. By appointing designated drivers and taking care of them the NDC said they will in turn take care of everyone by keeping drunk drivers off the road.

“Designated Drivers are hugely important to keeping our roads safe during the holiday season”, said Joan West-Dacres, Executive Director of the NDC. Designated drivers only need to identify themselves to the server at participating bars and restaurants to receive free soft drinks for the evening.

“This programme would not be possible without these types of private partnerships. We are appealing to all road users to take responsibility and to always put safety first. Don’t make this holiday season one to remember for all the wrong reasons. Designate a driver, and let’s all work together to prevent further deaths and serious injuries on our roads over the festive season,” added West-Dacres.

She also called on hosts to be responsible and to ensure those who are designated drivers are looked after at office and house parties. For those parties with no designated driver, the NDC recommended booking a taxi before going out.

The NDC also reminded people who are drinking that they can still be over the limit the next morning. “Even if you feel okay to drive you may still be over the legal alcohol limit and could risk a fine or imprisonment, the NDC said in its holiday survival tips. “Remember your body gets rid of roughly one standard drink – that’s one beer, standard mixed drink, or a glass of wine — per hour.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s sad, but drink driving will never be eliminated on this island until taxis become affordable.

    I believe it was 1996 when the law was passed to mandate meters in taxis, but incredibly enough, nothing has happened since…

    Most of the people who drink on SMB, live on SMB.  To think that some taxis charge per person and you can spend$40 for a 5 minute ride is just crazy.

    There should be a $5 cap on rides within SMB (not per person).  This would go along way to reducing the level of drink driving.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would but all you’ll ever get here is shorted with a bunch of stems, no value here either

  3. Anonymous says:

    Drinking is bad for you. Go green, smoke ganja instead!

    • Frank says:

      Funny you say that. Legalizing the use of marijuanna would actually benefit Cayman in the long run. A lot of the gang activity would stop due to lack of demand for marijuanna and there would be no need for something to be smuggled into the country if it is readily available. Also many studies have been done worldwide and it is a reported fact that not only is marijuanna less harmful for you than alcohol, there have been no reported deaths ever directly related to marijuanna use. That being said i do myself enjoy a good drink so whatever you do this season whether it be smoke your face off or drink till you cant talk, enjoy yourself but dont drive!

      • Anonymous says:

        Frank the number one way to control crime is as you say stop calling it a crime. Now everyone would be high on marijuana and we would live happily every after.  NOT.

  4. Chaka Waka Waka says:

    Well this was generous of the person(s) who came up with this idea; because as we all know they are alot of young both born Caymanians national and Foreign nationals who over time drink and drive which leads to their own death and or the death of someone elses.


    And I do believe the punishment of drinking and driving should be more strick! This will diffinately lower the risk of drunk drivers on the roads and also lowering the risk of anyone being in a serious accident.


    Like for example if you are caught drinking and driving they would suspend your liscense for 3years and up depending on how serious the matter actually is … and this will also lowering the amount of young people who drink and drive and if they were to lose their liscenses for 3 or more years then they would hopefully learn from their mistake of drinking and driving while under the influence of alcohol.

    • Pending says:

      Perhaps the NDC, Police, Government etc could do a bit more to combat the obvious problem down here with DUI instead of using the same old "designated driver" / "be responsible" chat which clearly does absolutely nothing for the majority of drivers who choose to drive having had numerous drinks.

      Here are a few ideas;

      1) Have a public transport system i.e. buses, that run throughout the night like every other country in the world. People might then use them instead of getting in their cars. Nobody walks home nowadays for fear of being robbed.

      2) Installl meters in EVERY taxi on the island to control the obvious theft that occurrs. People might then use them instead of getting in their cars. Nobody walks home nowadays for fear of being robbed.

      3) What happened to the purple ribbon buses? They only operate on NY Eve? Since the month of December seems to be the RCIPS only month throughout the year when they are concerned about DUI, perhaps they could have purple ribbon buses every night for the month of December? People might then use them instead of getting in their cars. Nobody walks home nowadays for fear of being robbed.

      4) Have roads blocks all the time instead of just the month of December. If they are regular occurrences, people might actually stop taking the risk as readily as they obviously do.

      5) Put a police presence at the nightclubs every night when they close. Teach the RCIPS to observe those who are intoxicated and obviously leave the premises driving their cars.

      6) Give soem sort of incentive for those who go to bars etc and don’t drink i.e. free sodas / juice/ entry to club etc

      7) Stop saying the same old crap and be proactive in changing the obvious problem, it called getting it done, instead of sitting down and pointing a finger.

      8) Same old sh*t, just a different day. The story of Cayman.