Still 16 territories on decolonization 50th anniversary

| 15/12/2010

(CNS): Presiding over an organization that has surged from 99 members in 1960 to 192 Ban Ki-moon said yesterday that it was the United Nations declaration on indpendence, made fifty years ago that helped to make this virtual doubling possible. He said that in 1960 only four African countries were represented at the UN, compared to more than 50 today. While many events helped shape the change few were more important than the adoption of the declaration on decolonization. However Ban said the process of decolonization is not complete. 16 Non-Self-Governing Territories remain on the list of the Special Committee which includes the Cayman Islands.

“Finishing the job will require a continuing dialogue among the administering powers, the Special Committee, and the peoples of those territories,” he said. “The United Nations is committed to fulfilling the Declaration’s great promise.
In 1960 over 100 million people lived in conditions of colonial oppression and exploitation, denied their fundamental human rights. “The Declaration was a light of hope, but making good on its promise to end colonialism seemed like a far-off goal for too many locked in the struggle for independence. Now, 50 years later, the vast majority of States have achieved this goal,” he said at a meeting to celebrate the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.
The Declaration affirmed the right of all people to self-determination and proclaimed that colonialism should be brought to a speedy and unconditional end. It states that the subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights, contravenes the UN Charter and impedes the promotion of world peace and cooperation.
Two years after the adoption of the Declaration, a Special Committee on decolonization was established to monitor its implementation.
Ban cited many lessons learned from the process, including the need for commitment and persistence, the spirit of solidarity that travelled across the globe, and the realization that independence is part and parcel of global interdependence, which now requires a new kind of solidarity to eliminate poverty and hunger, protect the environment and deal with violence in and between societies.
“Decolonization re-made the world – in our minds and on the ground,” he concluded. “It showed the tremendous power we have to shape the world for the better. Let us continue to build on that remarkable achievement, and realize in full the spirit of the Declaration.”
Speaking on behalf of General Assembly President, Ambassador Sylvie Lucas of Luxembourg said since 1945 more than 80 former colonies had become independent, joining the UN as sovereign States, and she extended a special greeting to those nations today but she said the world had yet to turn the page on colonialism once and for all pointing to the remaining 16 Territories. The Special Committee, she stated, should continue to promote cooperation with the administering Powers and, in consultation with the peoples of those Territories, develop innovative, tailored approaches to ensure the right to self-determination.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Islands needs to continue telling the Decolonization Committee to ‘shove it up their  a******..

    This UN commitee has done nothing but stir up trouble by interfering in other countries internal affairs for their own ends.

    The question of Britain’s politicians interfering or undermining in Caymanian interests is a moot point; Cayman’s politicians are doing a great job of screwing up Cayman all on their own; they don’t need any help !

    ‘Independence’ has been used as an emotional trigger on other colonies before and what has the result been ?

    Failed states like Jamaica and Zimbabwe, hocked up to their necks to the IMF and riddled with crime and corruption.

    I have to say, Jamaica is in itself a special country; despite all that  is wrong with Jamaica, Jamaica is still a thriving democracy and a vibrant country; it is the spirit of the Jamaican people that keepsJamaica bouyant.

    Caymanians biggest problem is disunity and lack of collective responsibility to and for each other and independence would only excaberate that problem; if Cayman was to go independent tomorrow, they would be ripe for a takeover from a unfriendly foreign power who needs a foothold in the strategic Caribbean Basin.

    Where would national security and defense come from in a population of 50,000 people ?  Independent countries need their own army to protect the country, where would Cayman raise an army from ?

    Cayman has had the best of all worlds in its relationship with the UK although things have not always been smooth runnings but it is the better of any set of alternative options.

    The Cayman Island is largely self-governing already with minimal interference from the UK; the UK has its own problems to contend with so any theory of a ‘conspiracy’ against Cayman is mere fallacy.

    Caymanians need to see the common bond between each other and think and act more collectively; in that way they can address Cayman’s problems and stop worrying about other people’s vis a vis this Caymanian vs Expatriate argument that continues to rage.

    I believe they should scrap the work permit system and fall under current British laws that give the right to residency after 5 productive years in thecountry; let all who wish to become Caymanian for the good of Cayman become Caymanian and build a solid country; the USA has used the Green Card system to build their nation with all well-meaning people from all nations who wish to become American and aid America’s cause.

    Canada, New Zealand and other similar progressive countries have relaxed immigration policies that are meant to attract the right kind of people to help to build their nations; why cannot Cayman adopt the same policie ?

    In any event, the military structure of the United States and the UK cannot allow total independence for a place like Cayman;

    This is a very strategic area of the world and whether we like it or not, Cayman is at the behest of the major foreign powers in this respect.

    Caymanians need to stop quarelling and start working to build the Cayman they  want and quit blaming other people for the Cayman that they don’t have.

  2. Really fed up,aren't you! says:

    That would be nice but don’t count on it. The UK will simply take over if this comedy of not proper accounting do not get resolve real soon. I agree with you libertarian but unless we get a real Leader De colonisation or take over is inevitable, and I will add 1 cent to your 2. And for what it’s worth I don’t know which will be worst. We had our cake and our Premier is eating it all by himself and I have to includr the rest of his Govt. for their lack of ANY criticism, to me that means they agree with everything going on. Who would have tought ! Did I get it WRIGHT.

  3. Libertarian says:

    Anyone who opposes Caymanians from seeking equality and uses the word "indepedence" to scare them and hush them up, endorses Imperialism! We do not have to become Independent in order for our citizens to be treated EQUAL like the citizens in the UK. 

    EQUALITY is a very important principle that needs to be understood. For too long we are being look down on by Mother country with no regard that we here have rights just like the people in the UK.

    "I believe in the EQUALITY of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow-creatures happy." – Words by Thomas Paine during the American Revolution.

    The British will do well to respect the people of its remaining colonies like the Cayman Islands. Our law-makers need to stand up for the people and stop pursuing their own self-interest.

    • My2cents says:

      And the peoples of the Cayman island would do well to respect the peoples of the United Kingdom as well. Respect works both ways.

      Remember the UK gets very little out of this relationship – the Cayman islands appears to be the one which benefits greatly from the continued relationship with the crown.

      But as always, feel free to become independent anytime.

      • tim says:

        "And the peoples of the Cayman island would do well to respect the peoples of the United Kingdom as well."

        lol… man before you comment, think about what your commenting on!  What an ignorant statement!  Where do you see people in Cayman disrespecting UK citizens?  If this is the case, why don’t you go back to the UK, desist from swimming along our beaches, and file a petittion to your Members of Parliament on how prejudice and bias Caymanians are to UK citizens?

        lol… I mean you got the nerve to make such a statement!  :o)

    • Pete Mitchellta says:

      wow!, I guessed this wrong. I was expecting a load of ‘Cayman the brave’ comments, but in fact, the comments so far are pretty well rounded. They have pin-pointed the main issue though, and that is that local politicians and government are just like ants at a picnic for the UK, just an irritation. There is very little value in the relationship for the UK, except the occasional laughs when the ‘premeeer’ comes visiting the UK pretending to be a world leader.

      You want to go independent Cayman? Knock yourself out, the problem being, as already stated, that you have as much threat from within as you do from outside your miniscule borders.

      The only people who can control the destiny of Cayman is the Caymanian residents, not caymanians, but Cayman residents. Face it Caymanians, without expats, in what ever form, your country would not be either as bad, or as good, as it is today. You have the power to change this. Demand better politicians, officials, Immigration, police etc etc.

      If you go independent, who will save you when the invading forces sail over the horizon to steal your coconuts?

      • Sarah says:

        Pete with all due respect, I don’t Libertarian was talking about Independence. But rather our alienable rights as born and raised Cayman islanders.

    • Kung Fu Iguana says:

      I think Libertarian was exercising his libertarian values by smoking a big joint with this one. 

      • Sarah says:

        I think so too… that is why I’m with him 100%.

        Good joint!  Should try it some day.

        However, I believe the ones in the UK (pertaining to how the see us) are alot bigger and harmful.

        Peace 😉

    • Judean People's Front says:

      I am not one for Colonial or Imperialist tit bits but give the Independance a go for a couple of years and see how it goes.

      If it works out, great. We get an extra bank holiday, possibly unique currency with a lot of zeros on it and maybe the gun ownership regulations may be relaxed a little if not discarded. We may even get a new national anthem that we can jog along to.

      If not, put up a 99 year lease on an internet auction and wait for  the highest bidder to arrive.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I see their problem. As a Caymanian I have never felt subjected to "alien subjugation, domination and exploitation". Maybe they need a Special Committee for Special Cases like ours, rather than trying to force people to do what they think is best for us.

  5. CaymanianFirst says:

    We the Caymanian people need to set a date for independance.

    We can still retain a special and positive relationship with the UK just as the USA has, (another former colony). 

    If the appropriate resources are put in place and the proper plans for education and preparation made, we should be able to achieve viable independence by 2035.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Another bit of dribble from a toothless organization that is riddled with corruption but which makes pronouncements which ignore the wishes of the people who choose to remain a colony which is something Mr Boon and the UN  just don’t want to understand.


    Wire to Mr Boon … put your house in order first then worry about other people.

  7. Libertarian says:

    Apparently, the Cayman Islands have two main options: 

    1. To go Independent, a complete break from the United Kingdom; and,

    2. To remain under the United Kingdom as a dependant territory.

    If Cayman goes Independent is will definitely be a risk we may regret taking, because we still don’t have a transparent government, we don’t have the infrastructure and security like other countries would have, and there is nothing to buffer the possibility of a local dictator ruining the country.

    If Cayman remains under the United Kingdom, there will always be the worry that the UK will attempt to undermined the democratic representation of the people of the Cayman Islands whenever they want their "Majesty’s Interest" pursued over the local people’s interest. In the Turks and Caicos they took it a bit further to having the Governor dictate the wishes of the UK over the inhabitants of the island, declaring full British Rule.

    So by Independence there is the danger of being ruled by a local dictator, and by remaining as we are there is always the possibility of our socalled democracy being override by the Governor and FCO to pursue their own interest, whatever interest that is.

    We are in a fix!

    The only solution I see is for our own politicians with a brave heart and a love for their people, remain under the United Kingdom. I do not recommend Independence, because we are too small to fend for ourselves. However, our politicians can fight for us in having laws in place that will prevent LESS INTERFERENCE from the UK against the people’s democratic freedom. They can fight to reduce the powers of the Governor as is stipulated in the Constitution, and they can fight to ensure our democratic representation is immovable! They can fight to ensure that UK interest is not placed over the people of the Cayman Islands’ interest.

    Apparently, how I see it, all our politicians have not stood up fully to represent the people’s right to full democracy here. Whenever someone has attempted to stand up, they are either threatened or branded as someone who is trying to bring the country into Independence. The word "Independence" is used as a scare tactic to undermine the people’s rights. And that is sad! 

    My 2-cent


    • Anonymous says:

      If you would just run the place half decently, you wouldn’t hear anything from the UK.