Strike a blow for press freedom

| 16/12/2010

(Jamaica Observer): Today, the Parliament of Jamaica will take a decisive step forward in advancing the cause of freedom of expression, without which we might as well retreat into the Dark Ages. The Joint Select Committee reviewing the pernicious libel laws of Jamaica is scheduled to sign off on the report of the Hugh Small Committee that was mandated by Prime Minister Bruce Golding to delve into the largely outdated laws and recommend ways of removing the shackles that protect the corrupt.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "Very often all that remains between democracy and dictatorship is the media. No society has ever progressed without a vibrant free press."

    Ezzard, they are talking to you.


  2. Anonymous says:
    Isn’t a "Media Complaints Authority that will monitor the ratified Code of Practice and enforce sanctions for breaches" exactly what the Premier was calling for?


  3. EyesWideOpen says:

    I see this man is not out to control and dictate.  Sorry I can’t say the same about the Govt of the Cayman Islands!!