Local beer brings home the gold

| 17/12/2010

(CNS): Cayman’s local brewery has won the title of the number one beer in the Caribbean thanks to Caylight. With over 45 different brands of beer made in the Caribbean, top contenders made their way to Barbados for the Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival last month to vie for the 2010 CAB (Caribbean Alcoholic Beverage) Awards. The Cayman Islands led a delegation to the event in hopes to showcase one of the few products manufactured locally in the Cayman Islands. After two days in which the public could taste Caybrew, Caylight, and Ironshore Bock Beers, all made in Cayman, as well as the other Caribbean beers, the results were decided in a blind taste test.

The four judge panel, which included Mark McKenna, author of McKenna’s Guide to Caribbean Beers, picked Caybrew Light above much larger and more long standing beer brand names.

Caylight, produced at the Cayman Islands Brewery, was named the 1st Place Gold Winner of the Caribbean Alcoholic Beverage Awards. Caybrew, the original brand launched by CIB, also scored with an impressive 3rd Place Bronze win in the 2010 CAB Awards, beating out competition from larger brands such as Red Stripe, Heineken, Piton, Banks, Carib and many others.

“We are very proud with this impressive win,” said Matthew Leslie of the Cayman Islands Brewery. “The Cayman Islands should be proud that their own brewery has won such a prestigious award to become recognised as a top beer brand in the Caribbean. Our emphasis on quality has definitely paid off.”

Commercial Manager of the Brewery James Mansfield, who headed up the delegation, was equally happy, stating that the festival was well attended by many and the attraction to the Cayman Islands booth was really a great experience.

“Many people did not even realise we made our own beer here in the Cayman Islands,” said Mansfield. “I guess they do now.”

The future remains bright for the brewery with plans for further expansion in the North American market and the Caribbean region. The brewery is gearing up to expand its facilities and is now looking forward to introducing a Caymanian into the world of brewing as its new apprentice brewmaster. “Maybe our new Caymanian brewmaster will develop us a winner for 2011,” Mansfield added. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Caybrew is the number one beer in the world!  I support Caybrew because…..

    its our local beer and it tastes great!  More restaurants and local functions should support it as well.  Come on Cayman, promote and support a local product made here in the Cayman Islands!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Caybrew, Cayman is coming of age and its talents showing on the regional and word stage.

  3. Anonymous says:

     and now it’s Cydonie, the Killa, the Fraser bros., Selita and Caybrew!

    • Matthew Leslie says:

      We just wanna thank all you guys for all the love and support we have gotten from everyone!!  It is a great feeling to win such a huge award especially coming from a small island like ours and going up against the big boys from other countries.  Cayman needs to be proud that it has another CELEBRITY to brag about and this one taste so dang good!!

  4. silencekills says:

    and you can recycle the bottles!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations, Caybrew Light isn’t my favourite beer but I’m not much of a light beer person.  I do find Caybrew quite a good beer however, especially coming from Cayman and the days of Stingray beer….  Hope you keep up the good work!

  6. TRUTH says:


  7. Thankful Again says:

    It will be interesting to see if our local Hotels and Resort showcase and decal their facility promoting the local beer as having won such an award.  Positioning it as a must do thing when visiting the Cayman Islands. 

    The local brewery should simultaneously, capatilze on this by ensuring their pricing strategy is bent on sweezing out the imports.  So that if they do not want to acknowledge the prestige afforded to the Cayman Islands brew, they will because it’s cheaper to purchase.  If the savings are passed on to the consumers….they will buy a $2.50 can of beer instead of $4.00…especially since it tatse good.

    And no am not a beer drinker!

  8. Karyll Iton says:

     Awesome result. That’s why it’s all I drink (beer-wise). It’s great to know that while having fun and doing something simple you can be helping the local economy as well!

    Congrats guys and continue to give us a GREAT alternative to an imported product. Company of the year in my opinion.