New Year’s Eve purple bus finds sponsor

| 31/12/2010

(CNS): In an effort to keep the roads safe this New Years Eve the NDC is encouraging everyone to take advantage of the free purple ribbon bus for their journey home tonight. Having found a sponsor for the programme the National Drug Council said the bus will be running every 30 minutes along scheduled routes throughout Grand Cayman from West Bay to Bodden Town with hourly buses to North Side and East End from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am. The programme has been sponsored by local law firm Walkers. Major terminals will be Morgans Harbour, Public Beach, Cayman Falls, Lobster Pot, Grand Harbour, Kaibo/Rum Point.

Buses will passing by all the major New Year’s Eve events which are planned across the island and passengers merely need to flag down a passing bus and the driver will help you get to your destination. To hear a voice recording of the routes call 949-9000.

“Without private sponsors like Walkers we couldn’t operate this programme which has proven itself in getting drinking drivers off the roads on New Year’s Eve,” said Joan West-Dacres, Executive Director.

“Walkers is delighted to support the National Drug Council’s New Year’s Eve Purple Ribbon Bus Campaign," said David Byrne, Chief Marketing Officer with Walkers. "We hope that everyone in the Cayman Islands enjoys the festivities this year and has a happy, prosperous and safe 2011."
For more information on becoming a sponsor please contact the National Drug Council at 949-9000.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Good idea but next year why don’t they make the BARS the terminals….hard to stagger up the road to Lobster Pot!

    • Anonymous says:

       why not just put a cooler and a bucket by your bed and drink yourself to sleep?

  2. Anon says:

    Dungbat, do you consider getting buses to take home alcohol abusers proactive? The NDC could get a lot of people to listen to them, but they have to speak sensibly. I would expect you to listen!


  3. Do The Right Thing says:

    Personally I think the bars serving the drinkers should be sponsoring the buses on New Years Eve. Year round they make money serving alcohol to clientel . They should step up and sponsor the buses so those same clientel can get home safely, all be it once a year.

    • Anonymous says:

       absolutely! they should also pay for a percentage of drink induced carnage on the roads.  Their profit, their responsibility. To my mind, they are really no different than drug dealers.

      • Anonymous says:

        yep and burgerking should pay for heart by-passes…zzzzzzzzz

        • Hay no one told me this was dangerous says:

          SHHH everyone the drunk has fallen asleep halfway through his/her point however i believe he/she was trying to say that bars are only responsible for profits not lives! I’m scared to think that you might be a registered voter.

          While i believe you are using the adult thing excuse you are missing a huge point, Alcohol as cool as hollywood makes it look is in fact a very destructive and addictive drug as such I would imagine that any establishment that is allowed to serve it would have to adhere to requirements focused on the safety of their patrons.

          Stupid and uncool idea huh!

          Party on Knuckle Heads.


          • Anonymous says:

            I still love (and Marvel at) the car on MB that says Drinks 8 buckets of beer and win me.  The winner is just the kind of person I want to see coming down the road towards me. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is a good idea and maybe the police can finally catch someone rather waste time with road blocks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t the National Drug Council adopt a programme of restraint and abstenance? Do the NDC not realize they are just encouraging people to get drunk and abuse alcohol. This is a terrible strategy for this organization.

    • write drunk ;edit sober. says:

      Why ‘don’t’ the government adopt a programme of restraint and transparency? Do the GMT not realize they are encouraging people to spend with no accounting.This is a terrible ‘strategy’ for this organization.


    • Truthseeker says:

      I guess you also think that lecturing teenagers not to have sex before marriage is the most effective way of preventing teen pregnancy and aids?

      • Anonymous says:

        dumb argument… 

        • Truthseeker says:

          What an articulate and well reasoned response to my question which, while perhaps rhetorical, was not, per se, an argument!

          • Anonymous says:

            well, I will bow to you on whether or not it was a mis-use of the word ‘argument’.

            And I will say that your well reasoned question was loaded. 

            • Truthseeker says:


              I suspect you really care about this subject, and I regret if my response was somewhat abrasive.

              Peace, and best for the New Year,


              P.S. Why not take a pseudonym so we can debate without confusion?



    • SchtupidpeoplesayWHA!?!? says:

      Dingbat, people are going to drink EVEN if some do-good organization tells them not to…duh! This is the biggest night of the year for alcohol abuse…do you reeeeally think people are going to listen to the NDC tonight of all nights….seriously?!

      Do you also sneer at the program to put condom machines out there to prevent STD’s and pregnancy because people should be abstaining in the first place…helllloooo…they’re going to do what they are going to do…regardless of what good common sense dictates.

      The NDC is being P-R-O-A-C-T-I-V-E. They KNOW people will drink, get drunk, try to fly, walk in the middle of the road and worse yet…DRIVE. Drunk people are stupid. I guarantee you…if you walk up to a drunk person and tell them they are drunk they will deny it AND to prove it they wil try to do something stupid. Stupidity kills.

      So, instead of slamming a responsible initiative put on by a responsible organization and aimed at irresponsible adults who can get themselves killed when left to their own devices, how’s about you zip your lip and take another swig of that stupid juice you’re drinking!

      Have you not been paying attention?? People + booze + automotives = death. I would love to see your campaign to stop that from happening, will even hold a sign for you too. In the meantime, leave the NDC alone and show some support. They’re just tryin’ a l’il ting.



      • Anonymous says:

        So schtup,

        Do you think it’s wise for the NDC to save peoples lives so they can continue their addiction?

        Your response is presumptive and your name calling is rude.  Are you drunk now? 

    • Truthdestroyer says:

      No matter what it is a good thing to keep people who drink, and the people around them, alive.

      The world has choices: you can drink or not, have sex or not, do drugs or not, and society has to deal with each group of people. 

      You might choose not to drink but you have not right to tell me that I can’t.  I might handle it very well, or I might not, but still you cannot choose for me.  You don’t have the right.  Neither does the NDC.

      The NDC does however need to respond to the world as it is.  Booze and drugs exist and will be abused (as opposed to used properly) by some.  Everyone should be helped when they need it, and the help should not be withheld simply because having a drink is not for you.

      In any event, innocent bystanders are often hurt by drunk drivers.  Protecting them is reason enough to provide the service.  Besides, it might help people think that they are playing with fire if they drink so much as to need the service, but in any even better to keep them off the road by any means.

      I also refer to the comment about teenagers having sex which I wholeheartedly approve of.

  6. Anonymus says:

    Good On Walkers

    • Anonymous says:

      I am glad that they have this in place, this should be in place every fri & sat night, that way the police can concentrate on other things rather doing road block.