Doctors want to create fear of fat with graphic ads

| 04/01/2011

(The Age): Graphic advertisements showing damaged vital organs or people drinking liquefied body fat should be used to shock people into giving up junk food and sugary soft drinks, health groups have said. The Australian Medical Association says campaigns promoting healthy eating habits and exercise have failed to curb the obesity epidemic and shock tactics are now needed. In a submission to the state government the AMA describes obesity as ” the most pressing public health issue”, and calls for a $25 million advertising blitz to help tackle the crisis. They want a campaign modelled on recent New York City health department ads, which showed a man drinking a beaker full of body fat, and shovelling down 16 sachets of sugar.

Health Minister DavidDavis said he would consider funding the AMA’s proposal as part of its next budget and it recognised ”the importance of tackling obesity as a significant public health issue”.

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Category: Health

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