Cayman’s Stingray City to get UK TV exposure

| 06/01/2011

(CNS): A celebrity documentary programme airing on UK television on Thursday evening will be giving the Cayman Islands’ Stingray City a welcome plug. British comedian, actor and scuba diver Martin Clunes will be starring in a show where he fulfils his own “burning ambition” to swim with Stingrays firstly in Cayman then in various other locations around the world. The show will air on one of the UK’s leading channels at 9pm considered a primetime adult slot. The new documentary "Man to Manta" which shows Clunes kissing one of the fantastic sea creatures at Stingray City will be seen by millions of British viewers as ITV is the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster.

Go to website for more details on the show

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am reliably informed it was only very brief coverage of stingray city – 3 or 4 minutes at best. Nothing about the Islands generally, nor any shots of SMB, George Town etc. – very anonymous. Clunes was filmed taking a boat trip alone with a Cayman "captain", who picked up and showed off a stingray etc. The programe was mainly about mantas in the Indian ocean. Unfortunately, the CI exposure was really minimal.

  2. Observent says:

    Are those gloves Mr. Clunes is wearing?!

  3. Swine says:

    Good news! I’m sure this will be good for a little more international exposure for Stigray City!  Best wishes for your new show Mr. Clunes! Hope you enjoyed your stay here, and hopefully more to come!