Freak accident in Cayman undermines golfer’s game

| 07/01/2011

( A freak accident nearly forced Iowan Zach Johnson to withdraw from the season opening Tournament of Champions in Kalapua, Hawaii, on Thursday. The Cedar Rapids Regis and Drake graduate tore the toenail off the big toe of his right foot when he tripped on a step this past weekend while in the Cayman Islands. In an interview with the Golf Channel, Johnson said the injury occurred as he ran up the steps “trying to save my family from a fire in a garbage can. It hurt so bad.” Johnson shot a 2-under-par 71 Thursday, thanks to a wardrobe adjustment. The 2007 Masters champion cut a hole in his right golf shoe to take pressure off the toe, then wrapped the shoe with a plastic bag to keep his foot dry since the Plantation Course received plenty of early rain.

The injury did affect Johnson’s distance off the tee. “I lost about 40 yards,” Johnson said.

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