Cayman college generates six new ‘Masters’

| 11/01/2011

(CNS): There were plenty of family and friends on hand to congratulate the 24 students who were celebrating theirgraduations from degree courses at the International College of the Cayman Islands recently. At this year’s graduation four individuals walked away with their Master’s in Business Administration a valuable tool for today’s job market and another two post graduate students also earned Master’s degrees in the fields of HR and Education. The remaining 18 graduates were celebrating their bachelor’s degrees in a variety of arts and science based subjects.

For many of the students the achievement was even more hard fought as they gained their degrees while juggling full-time jobs and families with their studies and attending evening classes. In his key note speech Cayman National Bank President Ormond Williams challenged the graduating class that their education should not stop when they received their degrees.

“Today, you are not only competing against your fellow student, but also against a student in India, China or some other part of the world who need not move from their home country to seize an opportunity right here,” he said. “While you are encouraged to think locally, you are destined to barely achieve your full potential and to grasp the opportunities that abound unless you also think globally. Be a productive and creative citizen of the world.”

Representing many of the graduates student speaker, Roshenara Khan, talked about the challenges of going to school, working full-time and being a single parent of a young child, but in the end, getting an education was well worth it. She also encouraged her fellow graduates to continue to find ways to continue their education.

“Don’t let this be your last hooray,” said Khan echoing the sentiments of Willians. “If you decide to never step foot onto a campus again, let your journey continue elsewhere. Find your passion. Explore the world, whether you do so through books, the Internet, travel, even sitting listening to grandmother’s tales, continue to learn.”

The class of 2010 coincided with the schools 40th anniversary and college president, Dr John Cummings, said that made the graduation ceremony particularly special.

“This is our 38th graduation ceremony. For our graduates, these degrees mean better job opportunities, but for our college, it is another milestone for quality higher education on this island,” he added.

The evening also saw 29 students begin the first step on the path to academia by having completed an associate degree course.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     Congrats to all of the grads and well done.  I was surprised to see that the majority and I mean all but about 3, were women.  Good for them, but where are all the men in this?  It’s a bit disturbing and I would also find it so if it were the other way around by the way!