Armed robbers swipe laundry takings

| 14/01/2011

(CNS): Following an armed robbery of a woman carrying the takings from a small business last night, police are advising business owners and staff to vary the methods and times of carrying cash as much as possible and say more than one person should be present when cash is being transported. Police say that just after 10.00pm on Thursday,13 January, the woman, an employee of the Quick Wash Laundry in Eastern Avenue, locked up and left the premises. She then walked towards the Cayman Trade Centre. Suddenly two men, armed with what appeared to be firearms, came from behind the Trade Centre and grabbed her bag containing a sum of cash. No shots were fired and no-one was injured in the incident.

The men were last seen running towards Churchill’s Funeral Home and then into Bodden’s Road. One of the men responsible is described as around 5’4” in height, wearing a camouflage jacket and black hooded top. His face was covered with what appeared to be a bandana. The other man is around 5’11” in height wearing dark clothing and a hooded top.

Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said, “Although the victim was not injured she has been left shaken by the ordeal. Eastern Avenue is a busy road both with foot and vehicle traffic. Therefore, if you were in the area last night and saw anything suspicious, please get in touch with us at George Town police station.”

Bodden went on, “This incident further highlights the need for business owners and staff to take all possible security steps to ensure the safety of those carrying cash. Our advice is that the methods and times of carrying cash should be varied as much as possible and that more than one person should be present when cash is being transported. The best case scenario would be to employ recognised security or cash transit companies to carry cash but we recognise that for small businesses that may not always be possible.”

If anyone needs further information about cash handling and transportation, they should contact their local police office.

Anyone with information about this crime should call George Town police station on 949-4222 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Different times and methods make sense. Additional people only means more people to be assaulted or killed with the existing policy of not licensing law abiding citizens arms for defense. The private security / cash carriers are no better off being unarmed themselves. For a business its additional cost with no benefit other than putting someone else at risk in addition to employees.

    The usual BS and promoting of failing policies

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eastern Avenue at night is EXTREMELY dark, as are most of Cayman’s roads. I have no idea why the concept of well-lit roads seems to escape our government. This will not eliminate crime, but it can’t hurt and might deter some of it. 

    Think about the constant robberies and people getting hit by cars; the areas where a lot of these things happen are some of the darkest spots on the Cayman’s roadways (South Sound, Crewe Road, Eastern Avenue, Walkers Road, even the north end of WBR). Shed some light, in more ways than one!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good job on getting the public informed RCIPS with the right description in a timely fashion to help catch these culprits. Now lets see if it helps. Were they fat or skinny?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What geniuses to rob a laundry mat! *note the sarcasm* hope the low lifes only got away with quarters! disgusting fools! 

  5. I think it is time for the police/politicians to allow people to at least carry pepper spray.  Something needs to be done and done fast.  Don’t blame it on the economy because there are many people without jobs and only a handful committing  these robberies. It is beyond ridiculous and needs to be stopped.