Still no trace of Anna

| 29/01/2011

(CNS): Update Saturday 5:30pm – The RCIPS said that police officers and volunteers continued a search of the landfill site today (Saturday 29 January) for Anna Evans, who has been missing for two days. Periphery areas such as dyke roads to the rear of the landfill (bordering Camana Bay) and towards Industrial Park were also covered, police said. Her home address and the area surrounding her home were also searched as part of the ongoing enquiry, but as yet no trace of Anna has been found. The enquiry into her disappearance is continuing. Anyone with information which could assist in tracing Anna is asked to call the dedicated telephone number 526 0911.

On Friday police said that BBM messages circulating round the islands suggesting that the body of Anna Evans, who has been missing since mid-day yesterday, has been found are false. "These insensitive and inaccurate messages have resulted in numerous calls to Anna’s family from people asking for confirmation. The calls are obviously causing the family members some distress," a police spokesperson said.

She said the search for Anna is ongoing and that she has not been found. If there are any significant developments to report the information will be relayed through the normal channels to the media and public.

Friday evening police said that the search for at the landfill site was being scaled down and that police and volunteers would leave the site around 6:00pm that night.

Thirty-seven-year-old Anna Evans was last seen by her cousin at the George Town landfill, where they both work, sometime between 11.45am and 12 noon Thursday, 27 January,) and has not been seen since. When Anna, a director of wagons at the landfill site, did not meet up with her work colleagues at the end of her shift yesterday (around 4:30pm) they became concerned for her safety and well-being. Friends and family members conducted some local enquiries, but when it became apparent to them that no one knew where Anna was, they contacted the police at around 6:10pm last night.

At a media briefing Friday morning at the RCIPS Command Unit, which is currently located at the landfill site, Acting Superintendent Richard Barrow said that shortly after the police received the missing person report they also received a report of an ongoing disturbance at the home of the missing person in July Street. Police attended and found that her husband had been assaulted by a group of about ten people. He was taken to hospital, where he is currently detained with facial injuries. His condition is stable but Barrow stressed that, contrary to media reports, Anna’s husband has not been arrested by police.

Police have conducted various enquiries in an attempt to trace Anna, Barrow said. They are interviewing family members and friends to try and ascertain her movements over the past few days and they are working closely with staff at the landfill site to search the area where she was last seen. (Right: police officers at Anna Evans’ home in July Street Thursday night – photo by Dennie Warren Jr))

Police arrived at the site around 10:00pm Thursday night and overnight worked alongside Anna’s family, friends and around 200 volunteers to search the landfill site. Superintendent Barrow thanked those volunteerswho came out last night and said their assistance in covering a vast area of the site was invaluable.

He said the RCIPS also deployed the police helicopter to search the area, using heat seeking equipment. The search was called off around 4:00am and early Friday morning the helicopter undertook a sweep of the area.

Police were working with volunteers – Red Cross, cadets, members of the community, and many of our special constables – in a continuation of the search, and the Marine Unit would also be searching the shore area at the rear of the landfill site, Barrow said.

So far no further sightings of Anna have been reported. She is described as 5’7 " in height, dark complexion, slim build.

When she arrived for work Thursday she was wearing blue denim jeans and a dark jacket. She was carrying a black and white handbag. On arrival at work she changed into her uniform – grey pants and a grey and orange shirt.

The RCIPS has set up a dedicated telephone number for any information regarding Anna’s disappearance. That number is 526 0911.

Updates will be provided as and when available. (Below: the scene at the dump Thursday night – photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

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  1. Seaside says:

    My prayers and hope go out to the family of Anna in their search for their loved one.

  2. Cat says:

    Have they expanded their search to the surrounding dykes,the shore lines behind the land fill, the auto junk and metal yards in industrial park? Have they taken a chance and maybe checked the Barkers area, just in case there may have been an unfortunate possibility, that this foul play did not remain in the George Town area or landfill , despite the cameras not seeing her leave the compound?(Regular good natured people use this place for recreation and fishing and legal, safe activities,but we all know that there are some unsavoury evil characters that would use it to dispose or hide their evil deeds.) It would be nice for CNS to give more detail as to what is being done in this search, so maybe CNS readers, could maybe put their brain and man power to work,and assist those who are already searching for her.

    It really saddens and even scares me to know that even though our country is pretty small, there is still the possibility of an innocent person going missing and still not being found after all this time. I really hope and pray that she can still be found safe and alive despite the odds being stacked against her. I also really hope that if someone out there actually had something to do with dissappearance, that they will not be able to sleep soundly and the conviction and guilt will rage inside them and drive them to come forward and confess.

    My hopes and prayers are with Anna’s Family.

  3. anon says:

    I have to ask… is it just me who is wandering what the assault involving 10 people at Anna’s home is about?
    There isn’t much on here about that incident, but it is indeed worrying that there are ‘undertones’ which have produced such anger.

    Thanks and thoughts with all people involved in this search for Anna!

    • Anonymous says:

      “….is it just me who is wandering what the assault…”

      Yup, you are the only one wandering about the assault. The rest of us are wondering where you learned English.

      • Anonymous says:

         Speak for yourself.  Personally I am wondering if the ‘rest of us’ agree how rude and unnecessary your post is – particularly given the seriousness of the topic under discussion – you come across as petty, foolish and ignorant.

        • Anonymous says:

          "you come across as petty, foolish and ignorant".

          Ignorant is confusing "wandering" for "wondering". You are correct, it is a serious subject and I do hope that this poor woman is found safe.


  4. Concerned says:

    Are there any updates on this poor woman? Has the search been called off? I’m not hearing any more about it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is so sad. Trying to think of solutions is it possible to work with other Police Departments within the region to borrow a search and rescue dogand a handler? All costs would have to be settled by the DOE because at minimum it appears that the safety of their employee was compromised…………

    This is a huge task and the possibilities are endless. I really hope the Police have more of an idea as to her final movements than what they are reporting and are dilligently following up on those leads, otherwise I find it all very stressful and heartbreaking.

  6. Annonymous says:

    Have the police double checked all of the 911 calls on Friday lunchtime?  At the same time that Anna was last seen, the explosion at CUC occurred and all of emergency vehicles were heading in that general vacinity of the dump and CUC.  Maybe Anna was trying to make a call to 911, but because of the explosion, she did not get through. Or worse yet, the operator at 911 did not think of it as serious because of the explosion.  Has anyone checked this out?

    • Wake up! says:

      Anon 22:20
      Anna was last seen on Thursday noon, NOT Friday.
      Wake up!

    • Anonymous says:

      The explosion happened on Friday – Anna was missing from Thursday.

      • Trueblood says:

        That’s why I gave the author of that ridiculous 911 message a perfect 10 on the idiot scale.

    • Trueblood says:

      On the”idiot scale” of 1-10 ur a 10!!!



  8. Anonymous says:

    I trust that they find Anna alive and well. We don’t know what has happen so let’s leave and try to help the RCIPS to understand the circumstances before we all jump to assumptions without proof and evidence. Too often in Cayman people listen to idle cossip and think the worse of others so please pray for her and her cildren that she’s safe and in good health and will soon be found, stay positive.

    Blessings to all,

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m not one to lose hope & I am grounded in my faith in the Lord Almighty but as each day passes the prospect of this young lady coming home safely seems dimmer. I do not know her, but I know her sister and her brother, I can only imagin ethe heart break her family in suffering all while trying to remain strong and continue searching. As a nation we need to unite in circumstances such as these, none of us would want to experience what Anna’s family are dealing with. I encourage everyone to lift Anna & her family up in prayerespecially the 5 children. As a mother my heart breaks for those kids, as a sister I dont know what I would do if it was my sibling who was missing, as a daughter I can only imagine what her mother is experiencing. Pleas elet’s all empathise with this young ladiy’s family and atthe very least offer our moral and spiritual support.



  10. sp says:

    my warmth blessings goes out to anna and her family i know anna to see her on the go an to seen her to be a loving mother to her kids.i pray nite an day that we will find her an find her alive no negative taught ppl nuff respect to the family an her cousin u know urself u a mi fren an we will all be searching with u tell we find her thanks to u all who have been of help for her search

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why are the dogs not looking.
    Dogs are trained to do certain things. Drugs, explosives and food items etc. Most Search & Rescue dogs are trained to find a living person. While I hate to point out this fact it might help you to better understand. Dogs are trained by using certain scents. Living vs deceased.
    Training such dogs and handlers is very costly. I would not be surprised to know that our government does not have such a dog that has been trained in this area of rescue. I’ve worked with Search & Rescue for years and I will tell you that there are not that many trainers that chose to trained for such. So the dog in the AC car is more than likely a Drug dog and simple would not know what to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why ! The Police have not brought in a dog like the one’s the use after earthquakes!!!!!!! I Hope the family find a way to ask for help to overseas people that would help!!!!!!

      Let’s find this Mother of FIVE (5)

      To her family I would say!!!!! seek out via internet the people that can help and would help.!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am praying for Anna and her family, May God bless all the people that are out there searching for her and give them strenght and patience in this time of distress….. God will help her. He is our refuge and strenght, an ever-present help in time of trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea. He says, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted in the earth."…..The Lord Almighty is with her the God of Jacob is her fortress.

  13. Concerned says:

    Has the surrounding areas been searched as well, there are small off shoot roads along Harquail Bypass as well. My prayers are with Anna’s family and friends.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Has Lime tried locating her cell phone? (or whatever it’s called)

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is sad!! Have they deployed the search dogs?!?!?! If not why hasn’t this been done yet.

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s apparently not healthy for the dogs!! ever heard the life??? the dog was nice and comfortable in an a/c car all night on sight….

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you begin to imagine what it smells like out there? How useful do you think a sniffer dog is going to be at a trash dump? The police know what they’re doing, and I commend everyone who has been out there searching for Anna.

      • Anonymous says:

        First of all how come it took the police four hours to respond to the call.  The family called after 6pm, the police didn’t arrive until after 10pm.

        I am an animal lover, but for goodness sakes, you have people out there searching for this woman and they can’t use the dogs to search for her????? This is totally unacceptable, unless they are afraid the dogs really can’t search, which is what I am guessing.  The more people walking on the landfill, the less likely any dog will pick up her scent alone.  They are destroying what little evidence of her scent there is or was, if she is there.

        If they can’t handle it, they should just man up and bring in a SAR Team that can get the job done.  Every second counts.  It is now 24 hours since she was last seen!!!  This is someones life.  XXXX



      • Jackie says:

         Sniffer dogs can detect the slightest traces of just about anything they are sent to find. Their acute sense of smell allows them to smell drugs being smuggled within a human body. They have been used in landfill searches countless times, worldwide. So, good question…where are the dogs?

        • The sniffer dogs are trained on a specific scent.  They do not alert on what they have not been trained on therefore narcotic sniffing dogs would not alert on human scent and a search and rescue dog would not alert on drugs.  I do not think Cayman has any search and rescue dogs here.  God be with the searchers and I pray Anna is found soon.

      • Just Commentin' says:


        Our local dogs are pretty much "narc dogs".

  16. Anonymous says:

    Accidents happens…Maybe she had positioned herself to maybe pick up some thing ,fix or maybe just crossing from one side to the other in the landfill ,at the time that one of the trucks had to dump the garbage.

    I’m sorry but maybe they need to ask the truck driver that last seen her or any other truck driver that would have ben there at that time: where they last seen her…

    Just pray that nobody intentionally hurt her and that if maybe she is in need of help,that she is found soonnnnn.

    To our royal Police serching and working out there,please inform us the public how you all want us to assist.In times like this,we all can help make things better and safer for all of us.

    Unity is strenght.Together we can help search easier for all.Let’s make a diference.

    Prayers out for her safety and the safety of all the good peoples of the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is there an entrance gate with a Guard or someone logging in and out these trucks or vehicles license numbers and drivers names. If not. It will be difficult to determine who saw her last.    Running a slack show always cost us something. tighten up Cayman Govt, stop running a loose show.

      • Anonymous says:

        yes we were told there is video footage showing her coming on the compound but not leaving, and her handbag was left behind….not something any woman would do!

  17. Beach Bay says:

    Please do not jump to conclusions about  a crime surrounding this lady’s being missing, or about being with a boyfriend.Let us pray and focus on finding her that her children,friends and family can be comforted

  18. Anonymous says:

    It’s times like these when everyone needs to come togethor! I’m 19 years old and never met this woman but yet was out there til 5 this mornin assisting in search and still at work this morning, people want to point fingers at the young people but no one’s showing us any different. So stop pointing fingers and get up to the dump to assist in the search in any way! bring water for other volunteers something!!

    I’m praying for the family and shall be back out there as I get off of work….

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice to have a 19 year old say that and be there! Proud of you.

      • Anonymous says:

        See it’s people that have the nerves to put a thumbs down to a comment encouraging the youth why they have to be the way they are. They need our support and guidance and without that things won’t get better. Great Job Sweetheart!

        My prayers go out to the family at this time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you from those of us who are unable to help in the search. God be with you and all who are searching.  Thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family for her safe return.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Dear Lord, I hope they find her okay

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is sooo horrible! I hope they find her soon. To Anna’s family : Keep your heads straight and your hopes high.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The news in this country makes it seem like Florida not Cayman. What is going on here? Has everyone been taking crazy pills?

    Crime, violence the old timers here must just shake their heads in disbelief and wonder what went wrong with the young people these days.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you know what is wrong with our young Caymanians?

      They are being neglected! They no longer have people that identify and show appreciate to the positive, good things in them. They are only put down, told that they are stupid, they are worth nothing, they will make nothing of themselves. Backs are being turned towards them. They feel helpless and feel like they are left our there to make a life for themselves.

      As adults when we were children, teenagers or young adults can you remember how you were scold and spoken to by your parents, teachers, leaders or people in your community I can assure you it was not like how it is today.

      Our young people need empowering they need guidance, they need love, they need proper leadership!

      Let me set the record straight “DON’T LOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID START AT THE TOP” that’s where the problems starts or rather is. At the head, the tip, the top of the pyramid!






      I hope you see and understand the pyramid and now know where the problems starts and stops!

      • Anonymous says:

        What on earth has this story got to do with these two comments.  The young lady is missing………………….???????????????

      • Young Professional says:

        I think you have that pyramid analogy wrong… order to build a pyramid you have to lay the first brick at the bottom….in order to climb the pyramid you start at the bottom. Just like if you climb and try to conquer a mountain you take the first step at the bottom….building a house you start with it’s foundation. The problem I think you are trying to get through to the readers is the system that these kids are going through today, starting with education. For instance has any parent inquired about the subjects that thier teenage kids are learning today, Extra PE, Basic Science, Sewing….When these kids come out of school and try to go further in thier education, a lot of institues in the US do not accept those type of subjects as High School passes. Have you ever sat down and talked to a sensible teenage and asked them what they want to study or do in life, then ask them what subjects they studying in school now, and when you ask them, well why are you doing those subjects then, all they say is “that was the subjects given to me”. They have no counseling. That would be the first step. Also to educate your kids that in order to have a well paying job here, there is more than finance, law and medicine, which not all people are cut out for those jobs. That is why a lot of them turn to crime, which i am not saying that all do so. So it burns me when someone starts a comment with “Do you know what is wrong with our young Caymanians?” or talk about “the older people shaking their heads” or “Cayman is like Florida”, because I am a young Caymanian in my 20’s, I am an Engineer, I do not have a criminal record, but all of this was instilled in me through my parents, and my teachers. There is nothing wrong with young Caymanians as per say. Now you are right that they need better guidance and are being neglected in some senses, not all, because as long as they have guidance from their 1. parents and 2. teachers they can succeed at any task in life.
        As far as Anna Evan’s, I pray for her and her family.

        • Anonymous says:

          only well digging starts from the top. all other things must start from th bottom.

    • Anonymous says:

      it would have been better for you to offer some kindwords. Where is your humanity?

      I pray she is found alive and well, well wishes and prayers to her family during this difficult time.