CCTV will spot witnesses

| 03/02/2011

(CNS): It won’t just be the criminals that will be under the watchful eye of the country’s CCTV system when it is rolled out over the coming weeks but the witnesses to that crime as well. With 140 cameras due to be installed in crime hot spots and vulnerable areas shortly, the police have said that the electronic surveillance equipment will be used not just to record the criminal acts but the people who were there to see it. The police commissioner said that, while criminals cover their faces, those present at the scenes of crime don’t, and instead of law enforcement having to wait for people to step forward, if officers can identify witnesses, they will be able to seek them out to persuade them to assist.

Police Commissioner David Baines has said that he believes the first tranche of cameras to be installed in the $2 million project will begin to make a positive impact on the level of crime quickly and be a great help to officers during investigations. As well as providing an invaluable recording of crime taking place, the cameras will also record witnesses to crimes, which he says will be of great assistance to investigators, especially when criminals wear masks or have their heads covered.

Given the difficulties the police have had getting witnesses to come forward, Baines said he believes the CCTV will help officers trace witnesses who may have a better idea who the criminals are from being at the scene. “It will stop people who have witnessed a crime from being able to step into the background,” Baines stated, as he explained that at the moment the police are at the mercy of the people admitting they were there and voluntarily coming forward.

“People now have a personal choice as to whether they step forward and say what happened,” he said. “CCTV identifies the witnesses as well as the offenders and victims. They will allow us to identify people who potentially saw something and be proactive in seeking those witnesses out instead of waiting for them to come forward.”

He said the public has an obligation to assist the police in their investigation, and while they can’t force people to talk if they know who saw the crime, it gives the police an opportunity to persuade them to assist with the enquiry and if necessary offer witness protection.

The police commissioner revealed at the recent Chamber of Commerce ‘Be informed’ series meeting with the business community last week as well as a press briefing revealing the current crime statistics that the cameras were expected to be in place within the next six weeks and the priority locations were being identified.

He explained that some cameras will be placed on the streets in hot spot areas, others overlooking vulnerable properties such as banks, and those cameras designed to capture number plates will also be strategically placed at road junctions to view vehicles that could have been used in crime. Aside from picking up stolen vehicles and getaway cars, these cameras would also allow the police to track suspects and known offenders. The cameras store number plates so the police will be able to plot where people have been. “That’s important, not just to show where people were, it will also show where they were not,” Baines added, explaining that would be a useful tool to help confirm people are where they say they are during enquiries.

The cameras can be set up, he explained, to trigger an alarm when a certain number plate passes through but that would be used mostly for stolen vehicles. He offered some reassurance to the wider driving public when he said the alarm would not be set to trigger when cars with out of date coupons or insurance pass them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good move Commissioner, turn law abiding citizens into hunted criminals and further increase the divide between the RCIPS and the public.

    The role of CCTV in the UK (where you came from) is to direct law enforcement to the problems as they develop not to waste resources clearing up the mess afterwards. The object is to catch the bad guys in the act, removing the need for witnesses.

    If this really is the proposal you are onlydoing half the job.



  2. KPowery says:

    Good that they will finally be installed after much debate and politics and needs to be done ASAP. That being said the CCTV need to be a part of the solution in solving crime in Cayman so that means the RCIPS have to do more monitoring and target the crimminals. Laws have to be implemented that will put more pressure on the crimminals, stiffer sentences and the Judicial System has to be revamped. Purchase a Naval vessel that will train Caymanians and will be used strictly to patrol our coastal lines and borders. This will provide an opportunity for 100-200 jobs and also be an alternative measure for young repeat offenders similar to miliatry service which would help instill discipline and order which is seriously lacking at the moment. Many countries have a National Guard who also perform as duty similar to Police officers and help during disasters.

    Install more street lights, have Police onmore bicycles and motor bikes ( dirt bikes for off road), trained dogs and horses. We have to get tough with these punks and make their lives as miserable as possible, harrass them. Cayman could very possible be on the road to recovery or destruction so we have be focused about gaining control. Get more neighbourhood watches and put in place a 11pm curfew for people under 17 and clamp down on late night sessions which is a haunt for drugs and violence. Too often you see 12 year olds out on the streets and this shouldn’t be allowed as this is due to parental guidance. Let’s all get Cayman back to the most beautiful and best place to live.

    Stay positive and blessings from all.

  3. Rorschach says:

    The CoP should not be commenting on this, period.  IT IS NOT the RCIP(s) that is going to be monitoring and managing this system, it is going to be done by the 911 center.  If ANYONE should have been releasing information about how this CCTV system is going to be monitored and the data and information that is captured and how it will be utilized, it should be the head of 911…NOT the Police Commissioner.  XXX He has wound everybody in the community up by implying that the Police will have control and be monitoring this system, when this is a TOTAL MISREPRESENTATION!!

  4. Shepherd says:

    I agree with the CCTV cameras. It is a start. A picture is worth a thousand words. However, we also need a firmer method of policing, which means Police presence and action.

    If you boost the Uniform shifts and get them out on the streets in all hours, you will need less people in your CID departments. Simple and proven.

    If you live an honest life, than CCTV shouldn’t bother you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Here is the thing, the situation is that we are all blogging and most are against it or WORRIED , but they are going to do it as no one has a pair to be heard.

    With the Police knowing and looking now on CCTV people better watch all of thier actions as there will be many people on the CCTV food chain seeing and hearing about what was done to/with/how/when to who, man.woman or animal. While crimes will be recorded and that is great other things will too. (Better not be running slippery with a man or your wife could find out). Will those things be used to show people the need to step up against the criminals? The implications are there. If Baines said ask for them to step up, that is one thing but he did not. The company that is watching them, how can your trust them?

    Who is watching and manning this program? Are they able to erase certain things for fear of the above? Has real background checks and CHARACTER checks of peoples personal life been examined under a microscope to make sure it is not comprimised? What is the chain of command on this program. It if not watched this program can be compromised.

  6. Anonymous says:

     Cameras are great to have installed around the island or specifically in town, but how valuable the information is going to be.  After they are installed and there is cause to refer to the tape to help solve a crime, you will hear or see that the tape is blurred and we are back to square one.  Money wasted.  Spend taxpayers money wisely and get high resolution cameras. 

    Increase prisoner term to match the crime.  The laws should have been drafted and passed in the LA long ago.  Do we still need to increase the population?  Time to think seriously about the aforementioned.  If their are only a certain number of punks causing problems, how can we eradicate them.  Business people, knock heads and come up with a strategy.  

    I am hoping that they will knock on the right door and have a perfect welcome.

  7. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    CCTV should not be implemented without a proper law, so I do not consent.

    • Kung Fu Iguana says:

      And guess what, your consent is not needed.

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        I have full political rights to vote, so I do have a right to disagree with the process.

  8. Anonymous says:

    By crime hotspots I assume they mean on a CUC pole at the end of the streets where the criminals live.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lets start with a crackdown on the basics. No point in having CCTV if the cars have no front number plate, if the cars have the number plate covered in dark plastic, or if the front windscreen and front windows are too dark.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Camera footage of the crime is worth more than eyewitness testimony. Eyewitness evidence is among the least credible evidence a prosecutor can produce.  We need more of the former and less of the later if you want to build solid cases to put these crooks away.  

    • Anonymous says:

      disagree.. they have camera footage of the night club shooting and almost all the bank / gas station / store robberies but how many crooks have been put away for them? The problem with CCTV is the resolution / video quality and if the crooks are disguised then there is not enough evidence to formally charge them.

      This would be good for us to see who is witnessing these crimes and keeping quiet so can formally charge them!

  11. Anonymous says:

    How very, very sad this story is. There is not much more to say about it. A plague on the authorities who thought up this press release.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My only comment would be is, if the RCIP can clearly identify hotspots throughout the Cayman community, why not conduct more patrolls by the police, dogs etc in these areas by foot or like another post said, hidden cameras throughout.

    I am sure that most people living on the Island will know where these CCTV cameras are and avoid the area all together.

    There are so many persons living witin the Cayman community who can point directly to where are the bad guys live and hang out or even do drugs. So it puzzels me why trained police officers are unable to catch these bad guys. A radical change must take place within the RCIP and sometimes I believe that the crime level can be reduced or even resolved but it is just a matter of structure and enforcement!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes the stupidity of the police really humours me. If the camera cannot tell who the criminal is, because he/ she is wearing a mask, how will I? I recall watching the footage of the man stealing the charity can from the Book Nook. He wasn’t wearing any mask and the camera seemed to have gotten a pretty decent shot of his face but yet, when the tape was aired for the public the image of his face was scrambled out! Yet the police are appealing for wittnesses? Solving these crimes cannot be left alone up to the public, when the police are so inactive. If fotage is available of a robbery, why wait two weeks to air the tapes to the public? Are they giving these culprits time to escape, or for me to forget what I may have saw, and not come forward?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hope that any footage caught on the cameras of the witnesses will not be aired on CITN any quicker than the ones with the robbers, because that may only put the witness’ life in danger.

  15. Anonymous says:

    perfect…. cant catch criminals… now harrass witnessess…..good job RCIP?????? 

  16. A Positive Caymanian says:

    ‘persuade to assist….’ should we all line up for showers and tattoos next? Baines is sounding like a little Hitler. This Caymanian has his eyes on the exit – this place has finally gone to hell

  17. Farkov says:

     As a member of the public, I am delighted to say I will be happy to assist any member of the Royal Cayman Islands Police FArce when they come threatening me with pictures that I was close to a crime – NOT!!!


  18. Real World says:

    CCTV cameras simply push crime into different areas. Hot spots go cold and new hot spots emerge. CCTV cannot replace police on the beat – period.

  19. whodatis says:

    I am on the fence on this one.

    I have experienced the wayin which CCTV can encroach upon the average law abiding citizen’s personal freedoms, however we do have a criminal element in our society today that clearly requires a new approach.

    Obviously the tools at hand are not very effective when it comes to securing charges – much less convictions, so perhaps this is worth a try.

    Furthermore, one of the strongest attributes of CCTV technology is the doubt of a clean getaway that it implants into the conscience of the criminally minded.

    As the situation stands many of our bad boys and coke-heads appear to be quite fearless. Maybe we will see some results. I am willing to give it a go.

    All the best Baines.

    (I guess I am not really on the fence after all. Still a bit cautious nonetheless.)

  20. mmokay says:


    "CCTV to spot witnesses…" Great way to get the public on your side.Harass, threatening and mistrust. Good job.

  21. ANONYMOUS says:

    It is a good start in dealing with a complex problem. It has worked in many places successfully and hopefull should help us here too.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Baines might have had his input when this scheme was being devised but the final decision did not rest with him, he is only the messenger.

    This CCTV scheme has been used to make Britain the most ‘spied upon’ nation in the democratic world and that is an acknowledged fact, not personal opinion.

    The next stage of this program is meant to pass petty ‘revenue earning’ criminal legislation to tax the law-abiding citizens by criminalising them for every conceivable petty offense known on earth.

    This ‘spy system’ does deter some minor crimes and does serve some useful purpose in identifying trouble spots and potential law breakers ‘if the police use it effectively’ but with Cayman’s police’s record at the moment, who would be stupid enough to think that they will use this system any better than they use the resources they already have ?

    Welcome to the world of Big Brother British Spy Government, Cayman.

    And, the police will not be ‘persuading’ anyone to testify as witnesses; there will be criminal charges awaiting those who refuse or are not forthcoming.


    If I know Cayman as well as I think I do….

    Cayman can prepare for some serious witness intimidation and worse, once this system is in place and running if the cameras survive 6 months of operation that is…

    Just a little warning, Cayman.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Another complete waste of money. London has some of the most watched public via CCTV in the world, yet it has proven to be ineffective there. Once again policies that fail there are being pushed here as the key to solving the problem. Will these be like the helicopter-must be british made and incapable of performing the required function?
    Have a feeling CCTV will be a costly project with little results then we will hear a new excuse.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are wrong, CCTV does work if monitored properly, and supplies the evidence of what happened WITHOUT having to rely on witnesses – which we never have in Cayman.  Oh, and I think you may find the helicopter was made in Germany, and therefore is quite efficient.  Sorry, couldn’t resist

      • Tobias Leron says:

        Aside from your gut feeling that you are right, do you have any evidence to back your statement up?  Because the criminological research conducted to date indicates that CCTV is not an effective crime fighting tool. 

        Rather, like gun amnesties, they have a calming effect on middle classes wanting to see something done on crime.

      • Anonymous says:

        So if they don’t work, you can just say they weren’t properly monitored and everything is ok? CCTV has been proven not to be as effective some people would like to believe.

  24. TreeFourFiveLowe says:

    Okay, my first question is……if the police cannot identify the criminals using these new cameras, what makes them think the witnesses they want to “persuade” can? If the criminals are dressed in full black, masked and running from the scene what more would someone witnessing be able to tell them?

    Secondly as someone prior to me asked…..Are these cameras bullet-proof, FUTHER to this are they fire-proof?

    I also agree with the submission by

    “Scrap the cameras.
    Use police eyes instead.
    Get the police out of their cars and helicopters and require them to patrol on foot. This is the way to combat and eliminate crime.
    And it works in countries which utilize it.”

    I can honestly say I DO NOT respect the Police here in Cayman….coming straight from my dear Caymanian lips, BUT…I do my best to support them. Needless to say they need to stop being cowards and get out their cars and stop cutting in front of me when I’m in line at the ice cream shop with my kids!

    Well nothing beats a try out but a failure……so let’s go and see how this master plan will work out for you.

  25. Lost the plot says:

    Mr Baines,
    Something is not quite right here. If you know an area is a so-called hot-spot, why don’t you install hidden cameras and catch some criminals.

    These CCTVs are aimed at controlling the people and you know it, I know it and many others who are not the brain-dead sheeple know it too.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ta! Now I am convinced that the Commissioner here is just trying to “pass the buck” – What about all those bank employees who “witnessed” the banks being robbed, in broad daylight, and ah forgive me for saying this but “aren’t the banks equipted with cameras in every corner of the bank? Duh Huh ….. how come these crimes still haven’t been solved Mr. CCTV Cameras Money down the drain Baines!

  27. Anonymous says:

    A step in the right direction. However, $2mln/140 cameras = $14,285.71 per camera.  That seems a bit pricey even on this island – are these things covered in gold leaf, or does that also include the operating/monitoring budget as well?  

  28. Anonymous says:



    You are all slaves to the system…Give up you freedom and civil liberties for protection!   Cameras can’t stop crimes!  all they will do is serve to enslave the innocent who refuse to come forward and rat out some thug!


    WAKE UP! 

    • Where Ya From? says:

       Unconstitutional?  Where Ya from??  Sorry, US laws do not apply here, we are not South Miami.

      I am ALL 100%  for CCTV if it catches or deters these darn punks and gang crooks.

      Even if our police force was doubled, these hoods know they can get in and out  of robbed shops without being caught.  **And when they DO get caught, their mammas and aunties are on the jury, say they were "such good boys back when" and they then get released!  (WTF?!?)

      I am sick of local favors and family connections letting these criminals back on our streets.  The CCTV will provide EVIDENCE that has always been LACKING to lock these guys away.

      Sorry "Aunties" the CCTV cameras showed the robbery.  The jury will now HAVE TO convict.

      The price of CCTV is about right, it is not cheap, but I welcome it!!!  What else can we do?

      Bring on the CCTV and get it going fast and far reaching, and allow local biz to link in to link in and lets just END these punk’s crime spree!!!

      Video the evidence please!!! 

      I have served on two juries here and was sick to see the "I know they were boys" walk as their family friends swayed the rest of us on the jury panel.  HURRAH for final evidence….bring on the video tapes!



      • Dennie WarrenJr. says:

        There are many things I could say to you, but for now I’ll limit my comments to the following.

        Re: "Unconstitutional"

        The Government can only act by the authority of law, so under the authority of which law will the CCTV be installed and used?

        Re: “The jury will now HAVE TO convict.”

        Maybe they will be convicted, and maybe not.

        I don’t have a problem with installing CCTV, but it should NOT ever be installed until a proper law has been passed in the LA to prevent misuse of the information by those who will have access to the information regarding crime and information which has nothing to do with crime.

        Re: “I have served on two juries here and was sick to see the "I know they were boys" walk as their family friends swayed the rest of us on the jury panel.  HURRAH for final evidence….bring on the video tapes!”

        I have been called once, but never had the privilege to serve.  Makes one wonder how people are selected.

  29. Legal Beagle says:

    Sorry to get all freakonomics on everyone, but there is an increasing and consistent body of evidence that CCTV systems do not have any material positive effect on crime detection, save for a slight benefit in vehicle crime (not a big problem here).  If anything the evidence tends to support the conclusion that CCTV schemes have a negative effect on crime prevention and detection when the opportunity cost of the installation, monitoring, upkeep ad data retrieval/review are factored in.

  30. Bruce Lee says:

    Will they put my family in 24-hr protection? Cause if not, i’ll say I had a bad pink eye that day/night. Or better yet, I was not wearing my glasses/contacts etc.

    • Protect the bad guys? Be ashamed! says:

       YOU are why we cannot convict these criminals!  Jury members are scared.and intimidated

       The CCTV will eliminate your wimp ass- won’t testify- yellow belly self.

      We NEED the CCTVs because our own people PROTECT and KNOW these crooks.

      This is FINALLY a way to convict these criminals….witnesses are too afraid to testify so let the crime scene tapes do the job.

      By the way, we have some great choke points on this island to catch the crooks…..Four way stop, Hyatt roundabout, Hurleys, ….JUST A FEW CAMERAS THERE AND WE CAN STOP THIS CRIME SPREE AND CONVICT WITH EVIDENCE. **show the cars at the right time leaving the scene of the crime.  

      Go CCTV cameras…..get em, lock em up….

  31. Big Brother says:

    Strap on a pair Cayman. If you cant stand up against the criminals and help then you cant criticise the police.
    To the naysayers who feel witnesses should not be put at risk they are already at risk. The perpretator of the crime may have already seen them. Also with the criminal staying on the street they or or someone else could be a future victim of the next crime.
    We are on a small Island. The criminal element is winning. Often eyewitness testimony is the main piece of evidence the police can obtain. At the very least being able to interview the witnesses earlier in the investigation will give them a headstart in catching the bad guys. A witness can help the police privately so they can further their investigation. The dont always have to be put on the witness stand like on the TV.

  32. Anonymous says:

    How dare you suggest that Caymanians have a civic duty to assist the police in any way they can. This is an outrage! You are out of order! If weare part of the problem, then we are not part of the solution!

    • Protect the bad guys? Be ashamed! says:

       Until we stop protecting the bad guys, we will never win.

      Sorry, these "boys" may have been nice when you saw them growing up, but now they are thugs.

      Let the cameras convict where the juries have failed to do for decades.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Am I hearing right or am I dreaming.

    Those of us abroad are being told that the Comissioner and his RCIP law enforcement are driving around hiding in cars, or helicopters most of the time while the citizens are at the mercy of the criminals attacking them !! this is preposterous and unacceptable. They should be ashamed of themselves. They should be on horseback, or motorcycle, or bicycle going into the areas that a vehicle cannot go ALWAYS WITH BACKUP awaiting to move in.   Baines is not humble enouth and is not trainable, so replace him. Poor guy and poor Caymanians, its a pity you all have to live under this colonialist mindset that has failed and CANNOT WORK IN A  21st century world we live in.  THE COMISSIONER OF POLICE NEEDS TO BE REPLACED BY SOMEONE LIVING IN A REAL WORLD.

    No disrespect, but the man is not performing and its time the Governor and the Legislators make plans for replacement.

    • Anonymous says:

      No,14.03, you are not hearing right, and you probably are dreaming. If you form your opinions solely from these blogs, then you will be badly misinformed and  prejudiced. If you have any depressive tendencies, they’ll be exacerbated, and you’ll make ridiculous assertions such as that Baines should be removed, whereas there are those in the community with their finger on the pulse, who believe he’s the best Commissioner we’ve ever had.

      These cameras have license plate recognition software, which will help  in tracking vehicles involved in crime. The criminals can’t avoid passing them by, simply because of the limited roads.  But then, as you probably have never attended any Police information presentations, or had the opportunity to talk with some of the highly professional and, I may say, frustrated, leadership, you wouldn’t know this. 

      Perhaps one would be justified in asking the Judiciary why so many cases, particularly of illegal gun possession, are thrown out of court. (I think the figures are that just 3 or possibly 4, out of the past 43 cases have resulted in a conviction. And perhaps one should ask why, when a man was shot and killed  in a crowded nightclub, no witnesses came forward. How can the Police make a case without  witnesses? The alleged perpetrator, who has now been arrested,  is facing charges of subsequently shooting the young Jeremiah Barnes boy in West Bay. How do the shy witnesses of the nightclub murder feel about that?

      • Concerned says:

        The people are not coming forward because they are scared. The people know who the criminals are: they are a brother, father, uncle, cousin, acquaintance…..they will not turn in their own. They are scared because their own is showing no sense or remorse, therefore will pull the trigger on them too! Gang life is horrible for the middle class people. The gang members don’t fear anything, except guns! Look at the stuff that is happening. A woman goes missing, while her husband is being beat by 10 men. Sounds to me like this is intentional! She didn’t just disappear. She probably ended up leaving the landfill in one of the wagons. These robberies are crazy, and so are the people committing them.

        Cayman is smalland therefore everyone knows everyone, or has some blood line. Cousins, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc. they all know someone…in the police force – those police won’t do anything because they KNOW the criminals. They are more than likely getting a kick back, just like they do in the states. There are more “higher” up people involved in Gangs than anyone would want to know. Bring in external police and see how quick the problem leaves the Island. Once the criminals have no one to turn to, they will have to leave. Don’t prosecute little billy- he is susie’s cousins brother and he is a good boy. Believe me, that is what is happening. Bring in people not associated with the Island people at all and they will fix it. No favoritism can be shown when there are no personal ties!

        Who wants to go to Cayman when they are going to be on videotape. Personally I want to come to Cayman for peace and tranquility, not to be recorded on CCTV. If I want that I should just stay at home!! The food and beverages are definitely cheaper.

  34. Police Supporter says:

    We all need to pull together and support this effort by the police to catch criminals and make sure witnesses do their Christian duty to put thugs in jail. I’m just concerned that 140 cameras won’t be enough. I hope we have at least another 200 – 300 cameras all around the island to record everyone every second they are in public. Good, Christian people have nothing to hide so no one should be worried. Let’s support our police!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see there is something happening, however I think we need to make prison a little less inviting for the inmates, so i suggest that when the dump is moved, the prison is also moved right next to it, down wind of course. Then rather than paying people to man the dump, these idots can work there all day, see how many want to live and work at the dump!

  36. Anonymous says:

    This man is taking away the basic freedoms of the citizenship that these Islands enjoy. The Police as a whole are ineffective, and the fact that the Police will now push people to testify and with this new tool hold people as material witnesses without the means of protection is beyond a normal persons mental capacity of understanding. The Police are like the Three Stoogess leaving evidence at scenes, never securing convictions etc only now to have the means to push innocent people into harms way. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED BEFORE IT STARTS. The fact that he has proven ineffective I see no reason to give him more authority to endanger the public that he is sworn to protect. His own charge will not stand up against these criminals, but yet he is enpowering his charge to force people to do what he himself or his body of dead wood will not. THIS IS NOT RIGHT nor is what Police work should be. If you are caught on film and you seen a crime happen, you can bet that word will be on the street soon enough that you are a threat to the person committing the crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well if people like you did your civil duty and came forward voluntarily, there would be no need for the cameras. The police are only as good as the support they get from the public. If people like you refuse to come forward, the Police cannot get a prosecution. The problem is not the police, its you.

      Cowards mean the criminals win.

  37. Annoymous says:

    " if officers can identify witnesses, they will be able to seek them out to persuade them to assist."


    I like the term used ‘persuade’, I am concerned about this action on witnesses,  because everyone is fearful of being a witness to a crime, simply because we have no ways and means of protecting witnesses in this country, the criminals know this, the police force is unreliable when it comes to the protection of persons, so this is an infringement of a persons civil right.  These policies being put in place by the Commissioner is senseless, and merely puts persons at a higher risk.  I’m not completely clear on the Commissioners motive here, but it spells that he has an incompetent force to begin with, he refuses to address their incompetence and now he has to put policy in place to force the average citizen in this country to be a witness?!  

     Please can we either get a new Commissioner of Police, or handcuff every citizen and make room for them in the prison system because that’s what is going to happen when you cannot be ‘persuaded’ to assist.

    • NJ2Cay says:

      I really have to agree, I wonder just how far this persuasion will go. I do believe the RCIPS need to get a grip on crime, but it should not be at the sacrifice to good people’s safety. I would hate to see officers harassing people they consider witnesses that are afraid for the own safety and as result want to stay out of it, this should be their right. RCIPS,do not get into the business of blaming citizens for your failures and creating a society where it’s them who suffer and not the criminals…


      What do you think will happen when you show a video of a masked gun wielding bank robber on TV along with an Unmasked Witness..  They will be scared to death and rightfully so because you have now made them a target.


      • Rorschach says:

        “RCIPS, do not get into the business of blaming citizens for your failures and creating a society where it’s them who suffer and not the criminals…”

        …………Too late…………

  38. truth hurts says:

    its funny, i was a suppoter of cctv, and always have been, until i read this article. now it scares me. what idiotic comments by baines

  39. Anonymous says:

    Scrap the cameras.

    Use police eyes instead.

    Get the police out of their cars and helicopters and require them to patrol on foot. This is the way to combat and eliminate crime.

    And it works in countries which utilize it.



  40. IRON CLAD says:


    One thought about these CCTV Cameras is that they had better have BULLET-PROOF casings and glass in front of the lenses as I am ALL too SURE that there are going to be criminal vandals who will simply shoot to destroy these cameras or shoot/knock out these cameras prior to criminal activity.

    I say these cameras should have remote controlled UZI Machine Guns attached to the same poles with the ability to revolve 360 degrees…. with about 5000 hi-velocity rounds… and with ME at the controls.

    Of course it’s only criminals that would "Make My Day".

    Definitely IRON CLAD.

  41. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to state that these cameras will also record the RCIP officers and investigators and detectives to see just how professional they are in handling the evidence, DNA etc, or will they run a loose show  leaving crime scene evidence on the ground unguarded, unattended and in addition have the perpetrators trample the crime scene removing all the evidence?!  The WITNESSES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CRIME, THEY CAN TESTIFY IF THEY FEEL LIKE, BUT THE RCIP ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROFESSIONALLY AND EFFICIENTLY,  AND SKILLFULLY HANDLING THE OBVIOUS EVIDENCE NOT LETTING IT GO TO WASTE! This is crucial to the prosecution.

    WE Got you again!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Persuade them to assist?  Why so the criminal can come after them when they get out or better yet have someone they know take care of the witness?  Been there done that.  Do you not think that if a person witnessed something, if they wanted to come forward they would???? So, hence what is going to happen now when the police see someone who witnessed a crime, and the individual doesn’t want to identify the suspect?  Are they going to put them in jail?  I guess they will charge them for obstructing.  The police can’t due their job, so now they want to endanger the general public. 


    I can also see that CCTV has done a lot of good….three bank robberies, no charges….

    Who will be monitoring the CCTV?  Who will be monitoring the people monitoring the CCTV??????

  43. Ezzard Miller says:

    CNS I hope the statement in the last para ” He offered some reassurance to the wider driving public when he said the alarm would not be set to trigger when cars with out of date cupons or insurance pass them” is a miss-quote.
    There can be no justification for this if the staement is correct, why would the police be promoting the breaking of the law by drivers, certainly this detection along with speeding tickets could pay for these cameras in a few short years and would reduce the need to have several police standing on the road side holding up law abiding citizens looking at people windsheilds.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because setting up cameras for this reason would be considered entrapment.  

    • Pending says:

      These cameras should be utilised to monitor the horrendous driving on this island which happens continuously, everyday, without any enforcement by the police.

      People breaking the law on a road should not just be confined to out of date coupons and DUI. Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, overtaking dangerously, speeding, etc etc can be seen continuously yet nothing is done about.

      With these cameras in place they could have the potential to correct the many problems we all face on the roads these days with the many incompetent and unlawful drivers that are out there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard, while I am no fan of the police commisioner, I think he was just trying to reassure the public that the primary use of these cameras would be to assist in solving major crimes. We need to prioritise here. What is more important, catching murderers and theives or stopping "Joe Smoe" with an expired license tag? Focus, Ezzard!

  44. Concerned says:

    Hopefully the CCTV cameras will have better luck in ‘catching the wittnesses’ than the actual criminals!

  45. Concerned says:

    Money well spent, Now all those persons who witnessed these crimes will be seen. Good move, so lets see what the complainers and moaners will moan about now.